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  1. I've never been IU nor have I applied for it
  2. That's just it. I haven't received my notification letter yet. I'm just trying to determine the unemployability part based on what the letters read that I can retrieve
  3. The letters in EBenefits say P&T but no reference to unemployable so I'm trying to figure out if that means the VA did NOT deem me unemployable, just P&T
  4. to further clarify, I was already and continue to be 100% schedular
  5. I'm trying to determine if the VA decision was to have made me permanent/total AND unemployable, would my letters in Ebenefits include reference to unemployable OR is the letters written as I described in my original note tell me they just put me as total & permanent
  6. Based on Ebenefits, they have closed my open claim and awarded me additional ratings. I was already 100% combined; however, when I go to Documents/Records and retrieve a VA benefits summary letter, it shows YES for 'You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due soley to your service connected disabilities. The commissary letter goes on to say it is permanent and not scheduled for any future exams. Here lies my question......would any of these state unemployable if the VA decision was that I am total, permanent and unemployable? I realize this will be all spelled out when I get the yellow envelope in the mail but thought others with experience might be able to let me know what I should see on these. Thanks!
  7. I'm currently combined rated at 100% with 10% for right knee and another 10% for left knee. I'm scheduled for bilateral TKR in a couple of weeks and trying to understand what changes I can expect to my disability pay during my recovery. A representative with Veterans Services indicated that although I am paid at 100% currently, I would also draw another $400/month for up to 13 months. I can't find where or how that is the case. The only thing I can find is potentially SMC for A&A but that's not $400. Anyone educated on this that can help me?
  8. I've been told conflicting information but can't seem to find clarification in my research. Does total knee replacement (bilateral - both knees) qualify for special monthly compensation?
  9. Unfortunately I didn't get p&t. They have me scheduled for review in November 2015. I'm trying to determine if they would be doing that to determine if my condition has changed and if not improved make it p&t then. I was awarded 50% for ptsd in 2009 and now raised to 70%. Since that's more than 5 years it seems I could request p&t but still working (although barely).
  10. I filed in March 2014 and received decision July 2014. Mine went from prep back to review evidence May 22, then to complete July 15. They didn't update anything in between.
  11. Sorry for typo. I meant does P.&T. Make me unemployable
  12. I received my decision letter this week, whereby they increased PTSD to 70% which granted me a combined 100%. They did not make it permanent and I am scheduled for a follow up appointment November 2015. Does anyone have any experience on this to know if there is no improvement, condition remains same, will they change me to permanent? Is this the VA method to put it off? I have extreme memory loss that will unfortunately only continue to deteriorate.
  13. It shows in ebenefits that I am now 100% rated following completion of my claim but I've not received my notification letter yet. Is there a place in ebenefits that shows if they put me total and permanent?
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