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  1. I've had similar situations, and to be honest, every C-File request rendered different results. There always seemed to be extra records that were not in previous C-Files and some pages missing. Of course, I also had nearly 100 pages of other veterans records, which took me several years of fighting the VA to remove them. You'll get similar results from requests from the NPRC. I actually received a new NPRC packet the other day and it had 6 pages of records from my active duty days that I had not seen before, even though I had done requests multiple times previously over the years. Amazing. Good luck in your fight and hav a great weekend. Mark
  2. I get the same screen and slowly march toward the end. Mine was decided by a Judge on at the end of October, 2018 with several granted conditions and two remands. However, the grants have not been "granted" at the local VA level, and waiting for a new C&P on the two remands. Meanwhile, the little status bar now moves at a little under a hundred appeals less in front of me per day.....still have like 43K in front according to the status bar. Good luck! Mark
  3. Just one question. Has the VA already done a C&P examination and rated you for Tinnitus? That would definitely be beneficial if you already had that ball in the corner pocket. Good luck and thanks for your service! Mark
  4. Back when I got my IME from him in 2015, it was not included. I looked him up and uploaded the information on his background to the VA to support my claims. I had already been shot in the back by a Nurse Practitioner who worked as a contractor for Veterans Evaluation Services and I wanted to make sure that the VA couldn't ignore the qualifications comparison. Mark
  5. Worth the drive if you can make it. I drove from East Texas for the appointment. Long haul, but went pretty quick once I hit I-35. There's a Springhill Suites that gives discounts to veterans and their families using Dr. Ellis for IME's, and it is literally walking distance from his clinic. Mark
  6. Agreed! Also, side note on the raters not liking Dr. Ellis' IME/IMO reports. Raters try to kill everything they can at their level. However, in my own case at the BVA level, Dr. Ellis' report destroyed the C&P examiner's and rater's opinions. Make sure you upload a copy of his curriculum vitae if you are going to compare his IME/IMO's to the C&P's. Good luck! Mark
  7. Amen, Bronco! Get that effective date locked into the record. Good luck and thanks for your service! Mark
  8. Great idea, Buck! That's true too. The nurses at the VA clinic typically "pencil whip" most of the preliminary questions in the system, and when I get look at my Blue Button report, I see that they provided answers to questions that they never asked me. I also note that different VA doctors will write different things, and sometime tend to berate another doctor for prescribing this or that, then enter a prescription for something totally different. Kind of a roller coaster ride. I also note that the nurses will mention that the veteran turned down a flu shot or TDAP when offered, but had never asked. I asked them about it the last time I was there, and they promptly gave me the vaccinations. Never mentioned why it was shown as denied in the previous clinic visit though. Also, I don't know about y'all. But I seem to get a different nurse each time and just when I get used to one VA doctor, they ship him or her out and I get a totally different one. Ok, off my soapbox! Mark
  9. A good attorney will help too! I know from personal experience that you can miss things or get things too complex when you are looking at it for months and years. Getting a fresh set of legal eyes on it can help and can unwind anything that needs it before it gets to the BVA. Mark
  10. Thanks, Vetquest! I always wondered about how that was determined. Of course, as you mentioned, the VA plays by their own rules, and we all know they change them as they need. Have a great weekend! Mark
  11. Bronco, Excellent information! One question though. Are those 5, 10, 20 deadline dates from the date earliest date the condition was claimed, the date of the last C&P or the date of that the condition(s) were granted? I can see where somebody might sit in a vacuum for 10 years waiting for an appeal and then get a grant, then wonder if they are about to immediately called back for a re-evaluation C&P. Thanks again for the information! Mark
  12. Johnson, that does sound like good news though reference the separate claim opened for attorney fees. Make sure you check your numbers! Good luck! Mark
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