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  1. Hi everyone! As usual I appreciate everyone's input and opinions on all the subjects I read about here. Now on to my question. I have been seeing a VA Doctor for about 6 months now for a couple of MH issues I've had. Some are related to my hearing loss (service connected) and depression and some are related to an event when I was on active duty. The VA doc gave me a diagnosis of "unspecified traumatic stress disorder", insomnia and anxiety. My PCP based off of the phycologist opinion prescribed me a med to control the anxiety, stress and depression. My question is if I decide to fil
  2. Thank you all for responding. I really appreciate it. At this point I have not been "diagnosed" by the VA doctor, just seeing him for counseling sessions.
  3. Evening everyone. I'd like to get an opinion from some of you. Without going into detail I've been seeing a VA mental health physician over the past few months about an issue I have that causes depression for me. Today I dropped on him an issue of a coworker while on AD that committed suicide in the building we worked in one day. I explained to him all my thought's on it and how it's affected me over the years. This happened in 1998 so obviously I've kept it all to myself for a very long time. I had a close friend of mine commit suicide about three years ago that I think kidna compounded
  4. Thanks for the reply. At the moment no I am not.
  5. I am currently service connected at 0% for hearing loss and have an upcoming C&P hearing exam (request for increase) for my hearing in hopes of getting a % of at least 10%. My question is even if my hearing loss if significant but the Maryland CNC test yields decent results (speech recognition is normal) would I have any chance at getting an increase over the current 0%? Thank you in advance.
  6. Thank you GBArmy. You and this site is wealth of knowledge. I appreciate it very much.
  7. Sorry for not knowing but I JUST got my first rating last year (Apr 2019) for hearing, and knees. Not understanding the 5/10/20 rules does this mean that I will be reevaluated prior to the 5 year mark to see if my hearing or knees has gotten better and potentially decrease my %?
  8. Buck, I apologize for the confusion, I am rated for Tinnitus (10%) and Hearing (0%). I should have been more clear in my post. I was referring to the MH aspect as a secondary condition. I plan on going to the VA hopefully in the very near future and getting an eval. Hopefully with that I can file for an increase. Sorry again if I was not clear.
  9. Sorry to drag this back up by I finally got around to setting up an appointment with the VA (actually waiting on them to call me back now) to have a MH evaluation done in ref to my tinnitus and hearing. To say I'm nervous is an understatement because I have never had an exam or talked to a Dr about this type of stuff. I guess I didn't realize sometimes how frustrated I get with my hearing sometimes until I actually thought about it recently. I can see how MH could be be a secondary effect of tinnitus and hearing loss. Any words of advice for me from anyone before I do go to the Dr to talk?
  10. Actually they did and the results were pretty good. I think I was 100% in one ear and 96% in the other. The problem is they turn the volume up and sitting in a quiet booth kinda put me behind the curve. Take me out in public and introduce back ground noise and then I'm screwed. Sounds like I wont be going above 0% now.....hahaha. Those damned beeps are almost impossible to hear though.
  11. I am currently 0% for my hearing but it was services connected last year. I recently went to a private ENT and had a hearing test done by them and filed for an increase for my hearing. I'm hoping they will raise it above 0% but obviously I have no idea what they are going to do. My question is does anyone know at what point the VA decides there is enough hearing loss for compensation? My ENT told me I am at about 40% hearing loss according to my test they conducted so I submitted that as evidence for an increase.
  12. I really appreciate everyone's input on this. Tons of good data. Since I am currently rated for 10% (Tinnitus) and 0% hearing loss am I to understand all I need to do it get a new hearing test (and if showing hearing loss since last tested during my old C&P exam) and submit that as a requested "increase" for my current 0% rating or file an entirely new claim? When I originally filed my claim it was for Tinnitus and Hearing. Both got SC'd but Tinnitus got me 10%.
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