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  1. Destia22, There are many MST Survivors who don't play well with others. I am one of them. I believe it is mainly because people believe that you should be able to "Just get over it." I like to use this scenario, Say most people can close their eyes and transport themselves to permanent memories of previous Christmas or Thanksgiving Holidays. They cheerfully remember the taste of Grandma's yams, Aunt B's stuffing and even Uncle Bob's Cajun Turkey. They can remember smiles from family, friends and other pleasant events regarding those holidays for life. Now on the other hand, in an MST Event(s) you will not close your eyes because trust is always an issue. You don't want to be transported anywhere near where the MST Event occurred. You don't ever want to remember the tragic hurt, smells, sounds, feelings, tastes, sights, locations, textures, looks, people (etc.) associated with the MST for life. I hope this info will be a blessing to you. Setting Boundaries, Setting Boundaries and Setting Boundaries is key. Setting Boundaries is not easy, includes making changes for you and others and takes time, but keep fighting. Boundaries help YOU flourish and grow by keeping all weeds, bad soil, unproductive water and dead wood out of you Minds Garden.
  2. I would suggest you get in touch with your local Vet Center. I have been in MST Group at my local Vet Center for 8 years. I have gained much strength from being in the group.
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