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  1. VA staff do change but a lot of these examiners are in their position for years ... the main goal of the list would be to at least give someone a heads up that there have been issues before so they could do additional research on the facility. Had I know what I know now, I would have never gone to the Bedford VA for any C&P.
  2. Yeah I do like to go to the top as well so I can get a sense of whether it is just an unknown issue or apathy at the top that allows this to go on. In my case, the person who I met with is the overall C&P dept head. They first heard it from the assistant medical chief who has been my main contact and has been following my case and then from me. The dept head said that they used it as a "training opportunity". Well if someone needs that much training, they shouldn't be in the position yet ... especially when it has such a huge impact on someone's life.
  3. I guess in my case it really makes/made a difference because the Bedford facility only has 1 primary examiner for the entire facility, where as JP has numerous. Even one of the examiners of mine at JP said that there isn't uniform training and expectations across the board. JP has a great head of the department who stresses quality, thoroughness and look for every detail to help the vet ... if it isn't there then it isn't there but not to leave any stone unturned.
  4. Completely agree with @GeekySquid. I've only been on the site a few months but have mad respect for @Berta and @Tbird. I had the bad C&P and the person is still there screwing up other's exams. I have pondered whether to take it up with the administrator or not since I did take it up with her direct supervisor who is the head of C&P at the facility.
  5. I completely understand and get if a person is slandering someone .... that would be stupid on their part and they should be held accountable. However, if you are not using anyone's name and only list facility locations then that is no longer an issue overall other than some individual who can't articulate what they need to say without going overboard.
  6. Hey @TBird ... completely understand. Wonder how the "Rate your MD" do it. To me knowing this information is as important, if not more than knowing info in your c-file. You can have the best info possible but if you have the crappy examiner, like I had in Bedford, your results will be horrible. Also, would it still be considered slander if no names are used, only locations?
  7. I wasn't able to pick my examiners but I WAS ALLOWED to pick my C&P location which made all the difference for me. If vets are educated on the best places to go then it will help avoid the BS examiners and reduce their impact.
  8. Hey @broncovet, @Buck52 what if the information is used to show the incompetence to the facility staff administrators? They are all on edge because of the latest rounds of gross negligence (ie. poor dying vet covered in ants 2 times in his hospice bed, or the multiple sexual assault cases). Now the administrators are thinking how to keep their assess out of jail and the more information that we publish and make public the more potential for positive change we can have.
  9. I have used the public MD site to rate doctors in the past. I think it would be very helpful, and telling to see a list by state of vets experiences with c&p examiners
  10. I don't know if there is a place on here or not but is there a place where we can list both good and bad examiners ... for instance in my case the examiner in the Bedford MA VA is HOOOOOORRRRRRRIIIIIIBLLLLLEEEEEE and completely not qualified as proven by my 1 and ONLY C&P there that I documented 14+ errors and even had her boss agree that she f'd up so bad that he asked VA for a new C&P for me. Conversely, Jamaica Plain VA Hospital in Boston has absolutely the BEST C&P examiners in the area. They are thorough and veteran friendly. I've had 3 C&Ps, 3 different examiners, at that location this year alone and EVERY SINGLE ONE has been veteran friendly and each extremely thorough in actually reading my entire file as proven by the pieces of doctors hand written notes that each one found that supported my claim. That's something you can't just search for because the searches don't pickup hand written items at all or well so it proves that they actually read every single one.
  11. Yeah during a recent C&P for other conditions, the examiner completed a DBQ and on it noted that my radiculopathy was "moderate" severity for all three radicular groups. I was previous rated for "mild" severity. I had an issue with the claim decision where it had ignored a rating for painful scars of head/face/neck so I requested a Higher Level Review (HLR) and noted the discrepancy and on the same form noted the new severity of the radiculopathy and requested that they consider that a sympathetic claim for increase for radiculopathy upper bilateral extremities 38 CFR 4.124a (code 8513). I sent that on 9/4/2019 along with the copies of the relevant pages of the associated C&P so we'll see how they respond! It pays to read your C&P and any test results THOROUGHLY!!!
  12. I'm actually trying a sympathetic claim on an existing claim and will post the results when they adjudicate the claim.
  13. I have heard of the VA treating a condition noted as a "sympathetic claim" and then adjudicating that with an open claim that discovered it. They did that with my tinnitus because when I filed it was for "hearing loss" and I got SC and rated at 0 but they noted I had tinnitus and told me to file a claim for it. I filed the claim and when they adjudicated the claim, they noted that my original claim for hearing loss should have been considered a sympathetic claim for tinnitus and thus approved the earlier effective date for my claim.
  14. UPDATE: CUE Final edits done and it is not certified mail on its way to Boston RO!!! NOW WE WAIT!!!!!!
  15. Not sure what you are asking here @Vet Dog and wife. If you provide more information perhaps we can assist.
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