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  1. Yeah I have a CUE in right now for a 1999 decision that would change my 20% to 60% so it is well worth the effort. I haven't investigated CHAMPVA yet but will be doing that as well.
  2. I here ya about making sure things are right. I walked away from the VA for over 25 years and was stuck at a 20% rating. I picked it back up in Nov 2018 and as of April of 2019 went from 20% to 100% P&T. It has a direct impact on my family, my kids college etc and is only right that the VA do the right thing.
  3. Thanks for the details bud ... I think you are right about the VA laziness. On one hand they took the time to go back in my previous decision, call 4 CUEs on themselves, give me EED on conditions that provided a year earlier effective date than the original claim. I knew when I added the "sympathetic claim" element to my HLR that it may not be approved but I wanted to test the waters and see how it would be handled. All of this doesn't have any impact on my overall rating because I'm 100% P&T but I want to make sure every condition is rated properly. I will be filing a supplemental claim on this once I get the decision letter.
  4. Thanks Vync. In my case I have a previous SC condition 20% radiculopathy upper left and 20% radiculopathy upper right based on a "MILD" paralysis affecting all 3 radicular groups that was approved March 2019 with effective date of March 2018. In August of 2019, I had a C&P for another condition and during that C&P they rated my condition as "MODERATE" for all 3 radicular groups. I received the decision for the original condition claimed and then filed a HLR requesting, in part, that they consider the C&P report with documented severity change to be a sympathetic claim for increase on the radiculopathy conditions Upper Right at 40% (dominant) and Upper Left at 30% given that is the rating given for moderate severity. My HLR has been closed and there was no change in the radiculopathy ratings so I am assuming they have denied or ignored it. I am waiting on the decision letter now to know for sure which. I'm trying to get clarity on what the VA's responsibility is in a situation like this where another SC condition's severity has documented increase during a C&P for a completely separate condition. Are they required to consider that as a claim for increase in their requirement for Duty To Assist? I guess I'm just not clear as to what they are required to do under that Duty To Assist law.
  5. I'm trying to get a better idea of what the VA's obligation is under the "duty to assist" veteran's with developing and adjudicating their claim. Scenario: During a C&P exam for condition "A", tests performed also proved that a previously service connected condition has worsened. Question: Does the VA have any obligation to view that evidence as a sympathetic claim for increase for the service condition that has worsened? Thanks as always!!!
  6. Thanks Berta .... the 4 CUEs they called on themselves are in addition to the CUE claim I have open so I am hoping they will decide on my open cue that everyone helped me with which would be awesome!!! Keep up the good fight!
  7. Yeah vets need to know that if they don't take the responsibility to do the research and see what is available, no one from the government is going to hand hold them and they will miss out on bennies! We have to take control of our own destiny from a claims, benefit perspective.
  8. Don't know about other states but yes MA does pay $2000/yr. I definitely recommend searching for benefits in your state for vets and researching what is available. There are some nice bennies out there that many vets don't know about I would imagine.
  9. Definitely ... I researched and found that MA has a $2,000 annuity for all 100% vets (paid $1,000 in Feb and $1,000 in Aug) of each year along with real estate tax, free college tuition etc. so definitely going to leverage that.
  10. lol actually at 100% the college fund is already kicked in ... this would be grad school and a great vacation
  11. It's sorta weird in that I sent my CUE in on 9/17 and I had 2 other claims going, 1 was a supplemental and the other was a high level review. The decision letter actually combines parts of both of those claims. I did confirm with VA that they are in receipt of the CUE that I sent in. Though one of the agents I spoke with asked me if I had filed it on the standard form and when I told her that there wasn't a specific form required for CUE, she said that most of the CUEs that she sees are sent in on the 21-526EZ so she was wondering if they would kick it back or not. The other agent I spoke with confirmed it was in the portal awaiting to be entered into the system and assigned so it is a wait and see. With now the scars, arthritis and meniscus now all SC, I'm hoping that all of those will also be awarded all the way back to 1999 which would take the rating from 20% to 60% for 20 years with wife and 1-3 kids. That would be life changing.
  12. Yes but not related directly. It is great precedence given that my cue is exactly what they did here except I want them to date it back to 1999.
  13. Thanks GBArmy ...I'm actually now 100% .... the 90% lasted for about 1 month before another decision came down that bumped me to 100% P&T.
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