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  1. I read it as they want to specifically target those situations where doctors are providing the equivalent of a "mail order degree" with a "DBQ's for Dollars" where it is fraudulent. Having spent the better part of a year educating myself to the VA process, understanding the DBQ from a vet's perspective is paramount, not for any nefarious reason but so that the vet can understand the "VA medical language" and be able to translate the description of their condition/symptoms into the language that the VA understands. It also helps educate you on things you should be reporting, e.g. painful scars, that I had no idea were eligible until I started this process. Properly done, IMOs and private physician completed DBQs are veteran's friends and a valuable tool to hold the VA system accountable to provide benefits where they have historically been neglectful. They have had decades to master their craft of denials and only with each vet committing to educate themselves as much as possible to the process will it keep the scales somewhat balanced.
  2. FYI VA is going no longer accept DBQs from external sources and will remove public facing documents. https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USVAVBA/bulletins/2849db0
  3. The exam is for a single condition/single C&P. The 2 other C&Ps that document the severity of the condition were done earlier in the year and are and have been in the system for months.
  4. VA says they haven't gotten the report either. The C&P was done at the same facility as the last 4.
  5. Hey Everyone, I've had 6 C&P exams in the past year and the first 5 (2 of which were very involved with numerous conditions) had all of the results released within 7 days to my MyVAHeatlh.gov reports. The last one the C&P guy posted a note after 3 days that said C&P results will be made available 30 calendar days after the completion of the exam. The exam was for an increase for a condition that 2 previous C&Ps had already documented the evidence for the increase. Truth be known, I don't know why they didn't just use the Acceptable Clinical Evidence (ACE) method to approve it since the exams literally proved the exact condition severity for the increase. The examiner appeared a bit snippy so I was curious if this guy is just yanking my chain making me wait or were my 5 other results just very quick? Thanks, Randy
  6. Just got this email: ************************************ Thank you for contacting the White House VA Hotline. I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your Veteran concern dated, 2/7/2020. Your feedback is currently being reviewed by a VA team member for prompt resolution. Below you will find the case number and expected resolution date. If you want to follow up on this case at a further date, please have the case number ready to give to the White House Hotline team member at 1-855-948-2311. Case Number: 02422949 Expected Resolution: Approximately 21 Business Days Concern Type: Delay - APPEAL - Appeal or remand pending with Regional Office, Appeals Management Office, and/or Board of Veterans AppealsIn service, White House VA Hotline Team *************************************
  7. I actually called the White House VA complaint line and they said they will have someone reach out to me to ensure I have my call before the final decision on the HLR is registered. Not sure if that is going to change anything as it is apparent they are using the HLR to flush things through as quickly as possible and not really do any meaningful review of a decision. Regardless, I'll continue to shoot, move and communicate! :)
  8. I submitted an HLR for the CUE decision and requested an informal conference call ... not to my surprise, no one called and when I followed up with the VA today, the HLR is pending decision. I am going to assume it was a rubber stamp and not a real review of my case. I will wait for the formal letter and then submit the Board appeal.
  9. I'm not sure about the provision. However, with no medical records, no treatment records, 3 entrance/airborne exams in the negative spanning 4 years, and the documented statement that there were no lingering issues, no medical treatment sought and I returned to school the next day, I would think coming up with a "torn ligament" diagnosis would not be acceptable. I also told them the only reason I remembered it was because I was teased by other students when I didn't go back to football tryouts the next day.
  10. No .. I didn't annotate any defects on any of the 3 different entrance/airborne exams I had. The C&P examiner in an earlier exam in 1991 asked me if I had every played sports and had any injuries. I explained that I wasn't sure if it counted (yes trying to be honest about it) but I tried out for high school football and on the first day of try outs I was tackled and it hurt my left leg. I left the practice with no residual issues, never went to doctor, no medical treatment or records. Turns out the doctor wrote "left knee injury prior to service, ligament injury" on the exam notes with out any medical evidence. So that is what has plagued me from the beginning.
  11. Crazy thing is in the original denial decision letter Oct 4, 1999, they denied me for a pre-existing condition (unsubstantiated and without any medical evidence to show it). This new decision stated "After reviewing records, there is no evidence on the enlistment exam of a prior left knee injury, we we conclude the left knee was considered stable on entry into the service." Basically they said in their own words, the previous decision denied you because you had a pre-existing condition, but we found that it didn't exist, but we are going to deny you anyway .... WTF.
  12. Yes I spelled out the errors, provided supporting evidence and logic. They even eluded to the fact in the "Positive Findings" that I am currently service connected for those conditions.
  13. They did not respond to each point of contention I made, they just disregarded that, retyped what the original denial said. I quoted the laws in effect, referenced the exact code and stated that they did not take into consideration presumption of sound condition nor probative values of the evidence available at that time, (e.g. doctors reports, airborne training etc) The documentation says I can do HLR, Supplemental and Appeal to Board, same format as all of my other claim decisions.
  14. I don't have an IMO but I am now service connected for the 2 conditions in the CUE (right knee disorder, left knee disorder). The CUE is for an EED.
  15. I wanted to send out an update on my CUE claim. As I suspected from the process and response, I received a denial decision letter today. They denial almost verbatim regurgitated the same statements from the original denial in 1999. It's like the reviewer simply read the original denial, retyped it and said too bad without addressing the issue of probative values and presumption of sound condition. My question is for next step, should I go through the process of Higher Level Review to see what they say before going to the Board of Appeals to exhaust every option before hand. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Best, Randy
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