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  1. The Lowe’s in Lansing only give a 10% on Veterans’s Day. The Home Depot gives a 10% discount for veterans all year. It sounds like we are missing something here in Lansing, MI. I like Lowe’s but I go Home Depot more because they give the Veteran’s discount year round.
  2. I recently went from 90% to 100% schedular. My VSO told me that I lost my TDIU 100%. I hope I'm explaining this right. In June of 2014, I was granted a rating of 70% PTSD. This rating allowed me to have a TDIU rating at 100%. Because my highest disability is 70% I am no longer eligible for SMC-S. What does the law / regulations say about losing t d i u when you move to a 100% scheduled rating. 70% TBI 70% PTSD 30% Migraines 20% Diplopia 10% Tinnitus
  3. I had a c&p scheduled for me also. I callled my VSO, and she wrote a letter to the VA. The letter stated that since I was p&t for PTSD, I should not have another exam. The VSO told the VA to cancel the exam. My situation might be a little different. Originally , I had asked for an increase of my PTSD rating from 70 to 100. I decided to withdraw my claim for an increased rating, but the VA wouldn’t cancel the exam.
  4. No I wasn’t working. I was approved in late 2016 for tbi and depression. It may be the case that since I was granted disability for depression, it should have gotten better. Or at least that might the logic behind the decision. Thank goodness for my 100% p&f rating from the VA I was approved in December 2018. Hmm,..... Is it possible that because I went from TDIU to s hedular 100 - that might have triggered something?
  5. I just received notification the other day that social security had found me no longer disabled. This happened after I met with a psychologist of their choosing for 45 minutes to an hour. It was a complete surprise. I immediately filed paperwork to appeal this, and hired an attorney to help me. I lost social security after what is called a "continuing disability review". Has this happened to anyone else?
  6. When I first went to the Dental Clinic at the Ann Arbor VA, the receptionist told me that I was only listed as 90%, She then looked further at my récord/file and saw that I was listed as P&T. That is what made the difference for me. So then I was approved. It is a long wait time at the Ann Arbor VA. I hope Saginaw is better.
  7. I would imagine there are some very hard working people who get an undeserved bad ranking because they are working at a VA that was substandard. I wish there was a way to highlight the parts of a VA that we’re doing a good job.
  8. Can a secondary condition be rated higher than a primary condition? For example, let's say someone had a traumatic brain injury that was rated at 40%. Could someone have PTSD secondary to TBI rated at 70%?
  9. To follow up on my question. Are there any instances where a secondary condition cannot be higher then the primary condition?
  10. Can a secondary condition be rated higher than a primary condition? For example, let's say someone had a traumatic brain injury that was rated at 40%. Could someone have PTSD secondary to TBI rated at 70%?
  11. Thank you. I’m not exactly sure of how I will file it. If it is secondary to TBI, would it be pyramiding?
  12. I was on ebenefits looking to file a claim for Vertigo. I do not see it listed as a separate condition. I know that I have it, and I know that my VA doctor told me not to drive because of it. So it wouldn’t hurt to file. How would I list it?
  13. Does anyone have an opinion one way or another on which is better VA or private dental service? I'm not talkin about root canals or any expensive surgery or anything like that. I mainly go for X-rays and having my teeth cleaned every 6 months. What I notice any difference between a private dentist office and the VA?
  14. Background:I am rated at 70% for TBI. The doctor performing my C&P stated that he did not expect my TBI to improve because of the interrelated PTSD symptoms (which are permanent and total). I went to the traumatic brain injury clinic at the Ann Arbor VA. The doctor there told me that he did not believe that I was having any symptoms related from a traumatic brain injury that occurred over 20 years ago. He stated it was not just his opinion but it was the Medical Science Community behind him. I went to a VA social worker and asked to go to a different VA because I said I wanted to be seen by a VA doctor that believed they could treat me. Or I said I wanted to use veterans choice to be seen at a local brain injury Clinic in my area (which is also a private facility). Both requests were denied. I guess I'm a little bit of a loss because if I'm rated at 70% for a brain injury by the VA how can a VA doctor disagree and say that I am no longer experiencing symptoms from the TBI. What am I missing here? Another social worker tried to explain it to me by saying that he believed the VA doctor was saying that my conditions were being caused by mental health concerns not necessarily by traumatic brain injury symptoms.
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