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  1. Thank you. I'm going to go and price the trikes.
  2. Last night's podcast was really good. I had always assumed that Voc Rehab was only designed to get someone back to work. I never thought that I could use any of the benefits of the program to help for the betterment of my quality of life. In a previous post I talked about I am having vertigo and balance issues. I would like to see if I could get Voc Rehab to purchase me an adult three-wheeled bicycle. It's called a tadpole trike Could I have some suggestions on how to organize a strategy of how I should go about making the case, and what information I should provide?
  3. Okemos_Veteran74

    Hadit Members In Michigan

    Hello, I would like to meet other Hadit members who live in Michigan. We have at least two major VA Hospitals (Battle Creek, Ann Arbor). Or maybe you go to the the John Dingell in Detroit. I like Ann Arbor. I like the fact that most of the doctors there are also at the UM Hospital. I don't like how uickly they seem to turn over though.
  4. Yes. I am unemployable, TDIU and SSDI.
  5. I also noticed that there were 19 users in the East Lansing area. I am in the Okemos area which is 1-2 miles from East Lansing so I imagine it includes East Lansing also. I wish there was a way to make contact with more users who lived in my area. Is there any way to start a sub forum based on locality?
  6. I'm really surprised that there weren't any users that showed up in the Augusta Georgia area. Fort Gordon Georgia is a happening place now.
  7. Thanks for bringing those points up. The report gives me the impression that the doctor is saying both things. To me it seems like he's saying he's capable of doing these things, but at times he has problems with vertigo and falls. I am glad he mentioned that I am not driving. I am under doctor's orders not to drive because of headaches dizziness and double vision. Which are all service connected.
  8. i don't think i posted the second page, but i'm things are gettinf blurry. i will look later. i will try again.
  9. I found a way to scan with my Surface 3, but it's page by page. i hope it's clear.
  10. Yes, i have ptsd rated at 70%. i was assigned a TDIU rating of qualifying 100%.
  11. My primary care doctor filled out a 21-2680,. A comment he made on the form confused me a little "Patient is at times limited in ADLs, secondary to vertigo and subsequent falls. I did not have any boxes marked "no". (unable to do an activity) Under Question #28 (med mgt) it was stated that "impaired memory from TBI may be impacting his ability to adhere to his medical regimen". How would this comment be interpreted? I apologize again for not having a scanner I do the best I can with posting what I can.

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