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  1. I have a 20% rating for binocular Diplopia ( not correctable , photophobia, and 4th nerve cranial palsy). I have been told by a VSO that because my vision is at least 20/40, 20% is the max I could get . i am telling you this from memory before I have checked my “ebenefits” account . There might be other conditions listed but that is all I remember. I hope my experience can shed some light. I know it’s not exactly what you are asking .
  2. I have read the VA’s schedule for 70% and 100% PTSD rating. It is still not completely clear to me. Could someone give an example ( real or imaginary) of what specifics a veteran with a 100% PTSD rating would exhibit?
  3. I had a psychologist write me a referral, but I’m not sure if this service is covered. Has anyone had recreational therapy approved for outpatient services?
  4. I kept messing with it. The scan document attached to the very first email should be readable. This wasn’t an attempt to have a popular post. LOL
  5. My iPhone is supposed to take a picture through the app “Notes”. It scanned the entire document one time, but then I took it down to remove my ssn on one page.
  6. This is a test to see if I figured out how to scan a document from my phone and post .Scanned Documents.pdf
  7. The Lowe’s in Lansing only give a 10% on Veterans’s Day. The Home Depot gives a 10% discount for veterans all year. It sounds like we are missing something here in Lansing, MI. I like Lowe’s but I go Home Depot more because they give the Veteran’s discount year round.
  8. I recently went from 90% to 100% schedular. My VSO told me that I lost my TDIU 100%. I hope I'm explaining this right. In June of 2014, I was granted a rating of 70% PTSD. This rating allowed me to have a TDIU rating at 100%. Because my highest disability is 70% I am no longer eligible for SMC-S. What does the law / regulations say about losing t d i u when you move to a 100% scheduled rating. 70% TBI 70% PTSD 30% Migraines 20% Diplopia 10% Tinnitus
  9. I had a c&p scheduled for me also. I callled my VSO, and she wrote a letter to the VA. The letter stated that since I was p&t for PTSD, I should not have another exam. The VSO told the VA to cancel the exam. My situation might be a little different. Originally , I had asked for an increase of my PTSD rating from 70 to 100. I decided to withdraw my claim for an increased rating, but the VA wouldn’t cancel the exam.
  10. No I wasn’t working. I was approved in late 2016 for tbi and depression. It may be the case that since I was granted disability for depression, it should have gotten better. Or at least that might the logic behind the decision. Thank goodness for my 100% p&f rating from the VA I was approved in December 2018. Hmm,..... Is it possible that because I went from TDIU to s hedular 100 - that might have triggered something?
  11. I just received notification the other day that social security had found me no longer disabled. This happened after I met with a psychologist of their choosing for 45 minutes to an hour. It was a complete surprise. I immediately filed paperwork to appeal this, and hired an attorney to help me. I lost social security after what is called a "continuing disability review". Has this happened to anyone else?
  12. When I first went to the Dental Clinic at the Ann Arbor VA, the receptionist told me that I was only listed as 90%, She then looked further at my récord/file and saw that I was listed as P&T. That is what made the difference for me. So then I was approved. It is a long wait time at the Ann Arbor VA. I hope Saginaw is better.
  13. I would imagine there are some very hard working people who get an undeserved bad ranking because they are working at a VA that was substandard. I wish there was a way to highlight the parts of a VA that we’re doing a good job.
  14. Can a secondary condition be rated higher than a primary condition? For example, let's say someone had a traumatic brain injury that was rated at 40%. Could someone have PTSD secondary to TBI rated at 70%?
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