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  1. Thanks John, good to know. Yes, I filed for SSDI without an attorney and got it almost immediately.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering about a letter I received from the VA. It says for IU that "The Veteran must periodically cerify continued unemployability, but if there is no scheduled future reduction or medical examination required, he/she may be considered by some states to be permanently and totally disabled." Does anyone happen to know what states those are? I have TDIU and was wondering if I should expect a C&P in the future, even though its been 4 years without one. Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much for the information! I'll save my money. ;)
  4. Hi all, I couldn't find an answer to this anywhere, so I'm posting this topic. Sorry if I've repeated some other post. I'm wondering whether the lifetime membership at the DAV is worth the $250. Do they: 1) Give you better representation 2) Work harder for you 3) Give you any other benefits besides discounts I'm a 70% SC with IU at 100%. I might want to start working. In that case, I want to be sure that the DAV fights for me to retain my 70% SC. Thanks, Scythis
  5. Thanks for the great replies, about that one-year window that the VA gives, where can I get some documentation on that to protect myself?
  6. Hi everyone :) I'll get to the point with my question. My monthly income is now $2673 + SSDI. If I try to work part-time, will my VA income will be halved to $1228 or less? If my working didn't pan out, it would be a personal financial credit meltdown, with other fallout...that is a lot of money. I currently receive 70% SC with payment at TDIU for severe depression. I was awarded 70% SC and was convinced that if I could work again, it would be far, far in the future. So, I filed for TDIU with the DAV and got it, several years ago - after a long battle. My depression and anxiety got much worse lately, before and after I dropped out of school due to anxiety. I want to try to work since I don't think that this lifestyle is for me but I haven't worked in over six years (as the resume gaps widen) and feel like if I fail, I'll get nailed. I'm really not sure if I can stay at home with horrible social anxiety every day like this and I can't go back to school for another year. VA therapy is going to take several months (optimistically) before I can restart it at my new VAMC. I've decided that I need to treat myself (I'm 33) by working toward getting a real job, but its a damned scary thought gambling over $12,000 a year. Is it set up to be a giant gamble or do I just lack information? It may not sound like it, but I'm grateful, VERY grateful and I realize a lot of vets want or need TDIU and it has helped me in ways I know and in others that I can't even identify. However, am I the only grateful one that feels mired in it, now that I have it? Would the VA really cut a vet's income by over half just for trying to work with no offer of a 'probationary' or 'trial' work period to the veteran?
  7. What agencies besides the OIG provide external oversight for VAMC's? I've seen the OIG put sheets up around the VA, they usually say something like "CONTACT US....HERE'S HOW". The one time I saw them, they were everywhere in the hospital. A few weeks later, when I returned, they were all gone. Problem is, I only saw those OIG contact info notices once and the OIG online form for submitting a comment or complaint is down. Initially, a congressman or the OIG comes to mind. I am curious to see if the community here has tried anyone else with success in resolving an issue that stagnates at the patient advocate or director level for too long. Thank you!
  8. scythis

    Father Needs Resources

    Thanks everybody for the information :) I'll get him to file for SOMETHING at the VA this week - wasting money is not an option with me, at least. I wonder if I can provide any leads that will give him some peace of mind as to future shelter while he waits for what he definitely has coming. In the meantime, his former employer is giving him the shaft, financially. My father has a combination of ailments, just counting the physical ones, that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. He needs some immediate help for housing and security so he can recover properly without the looming eviction and shut off notices that are a few months off. So far, the best I've got are the DAV and a homeless coordinator at the VA Hospital who might have some insight. PS: His 30% for an accident had occurred just prior to him leaving for Vietnam, literally putting him in traction at the time (1969, I think). Therefore, he is not a war veteran. I'm going to count on the DAV counselor (my father is a lifetime member) for a best COA, my Dad is already overwhelmed with 'what-ifs', and he seems pretty overwhelmed by the social security process alone (I can't blame him!) And then, I could barely decipher my own claim process when I was stressed out financially.
  9. Hi all :) , My father is a marine corps veteran. He's 60 years old, had a heart attack a few weeks ago and has depression/grief and numerous other health issues. His SSDI is a sure thing, but he is waiting for word from the intermediary company handling every aspect of his claim. He doesn't want to take on the process of increasing his 30% Service Connection because of the additional stress involved. He has to move soon because his income only covers 80% of his rent and he is burning through his savings, which is small. I've been trying to find him a place, but his income only allows for the 'shadier' apartments and he feels pretty vulnerable. Since this is probably temporary while SSDI makes its determination, but he may have access to and eligibility for programs he qualifies for through his age and veteran status. Are there any programs or agencies that could help him find housing or piece of mind? I plan to take him to the VA hospital and to the VA Regional office this week, but since I'm in my 30's, I have no idea what else might be available to him or who to talk to at the VA, which is a pretty big place once you're inside... Thanks :) Scy
  10. I appreciate the replies but my question was really if anyone has had any success using medicare, even though they have VA services available.
  11. Hi all :) I was on the phone the other day looking for a civilian alternative to mental health care but I need to use my medicare benefits to use civilian care. I was told by two different hospital billing agents and two different mental health care referral agents something very interesting. Although they weren't sure about this, they said that they are almost 100% sure that if you get VA benefits for something that you cannot use medicare as insurance with them because you can go to the VA. I know that VA benefits (both financial and medical) are not considered insurance. Has anyone had any experience with having VA benefits and successfully using Medicare to access civilian services (even if those services are covered by a VA benefit), without any issues? Thanks!
  12. scythis

    Had It!

    Thanks everyone for the great replies, you really saved a lot of time in paperwork - I'll just forge ahead and compare prices. Just a note to anyone who reads this thread- you CAN go to another VA (if you switch your primary care there), just in my case it isn't practical to switch everything. And they can be very good, even excellent - too. I had surgery at a VA and it was absolutely flawless, not to mention a ton of great service that I have received and am thankful for, otherwise. Sometimes it just depends on what you are going for and if you want to wait while they "switch" doctors.
  13. The unprofessionalism, rudeness, and wait times at my VA are too much! I am 70 sc and paid at 100. What do I look for when I look for a civ doctor? I've never done this before... 1. How do I know if it's expensive when looking? 2. How much will the VA cover? 3. What forms do I need, or who should/can I talk to within the VA about getting outside care? I would really appreciate any help, even if it's a link. I have had issues with EVERY SiNGLE provider here and even the patient advocate is inaccessible or on 'vacation' Thanks Much, Scy
  14. Hi all - I have been going to the same VA for over 5 years now. I've already requested fee-basis once, and the VA hospital changed tone and got me appointments. I am back in the "queue" again of inadequate wait times and care. I know that I have to write a letter at this point because they will try to tell me that I am getting the care already at the VA when I am not. It is time to go to fee-basis and get out of the hospital care here. But I have two questions having never done this. Has anyone else successfully done this? 1) What should I include in the complaint letter (if I need it) and who should I give it to before I go up the chain with it. 2) If you are on a budget, is it possible to comparison search for an outside doc with some idea of what the VA will cover and what the out of pocket will be? If so, how best to do this? I can't afford to just walk in somewhere and have them say "OK your copay is 2 grand" because I have to get this done in a timely way. PS: Some issues that I have to bring up in the letter: - I have been denied community resources because I technically have insurance already (VA). Insurance that isn't doing so much in that department. - My doctor is overwhelmed at the VA but my meds take 4-6 weeks to begin to work. My appointments are a month apart if I can make them all. I have to try each medicine, one at a time, to find one that works - so I'm still not really treated. So really, it is 8-10 weeks between just the attempts at a new med. - When I go walk-in, I am referred to my doctor who will not schedule me early for an appointment for meds because the doctor would have to "double-book' everybody if she made an exception for me! - I have a ton of issues with some of the staff's decisions and I don't know if I should include names in the letter because I don't want to get people in trouble for following a broken instruction book. I would really appreciate any advice, I'm tired of believing the folks there when they tell me something only to find that within 3 weeks, the whole process is stagnant again.
  15. That's great! Much appreciated!!!

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