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  1. I’m 100% P&T and my son’s mom recently passed away. I now have to get him covered with health insurance and do not know how CHAMPVA works. Is it like regular health insurance? I don’t understand the cost sharing thing. Is there a co-pay? Thanks
  2. Any thoughts on this? Veterans with 100% PTSD rating with uptick in symptoms while housebound in fact due to Wuhan virus(COVID).
  3. Exactly. Funny how they make you connect the dots on your own claims, they don't automatically award anything even when it's clear, at least in my experience.
  4. I need that 100% + 60% criteria thing broken down...does that mean 2 separate disabilities?
  5. The fact that a veteran can't leave his place to work is sufficient for SMC "s"?
  6. Who are these VA people think they are to make things already difficult to struggling veterans. Give them a fight they'll never forget. That's what the military taught us.
  7. What I do in cases where they play games, I go straight to the top with medical evidence and pictures of scars, blood from self injury, etc. Copies of the email go to the Secretary of VA, director and assistant directors of RO and even the examiners. Their email address is their first name.last name@va.gov. Also send that email to all the news networks in your city. No time for games.
  8. This is the kind of stuff that gets examiners thrown out of windows. So the VA examiner's purpose of not diagnosing PTSD when a veteran clearly is displaying symptoms is so they don't have to compensate?
  9. Why doesn't VA accept private doctor diagnosis for PTSD?
  10. Tell them what you have and what you experience daily. Use anger to get your point across. Those VA docs aren't the brightest of their class. With a GAF that low they keep toying with you? You said you have a documented stressor....submit for PTSD claim
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