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  1. Any thoughts on this? Veterans with 100% PTSD rating with uptick in symptoms while housebound in fact due to Wuhan virus(COVID).
  2. Thanks! He wanted to continue working when he was granted service connection, as he owns a business where he didn't have any superiors and could work alone. But now he says he can't deal with people at all and only made $11,000 last year. I will relay this information to him...
  3. My friend is rated 70% for PTSD but feels he can no longer work due to worsening of symptoms. What does he need to do to apply for P&T? He stated that the VA asked him if he wanted to apply for P&T back when they awarded him service connection in 2015. I'm guessing his previously submitted evidence showed he was eligible for a P&T rating at that time. He would need to apply for TDIU right? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you...
  4. Exactly. I have yet to put this claim in out of fear getting insanely aggravated with the VA again. I don't leave the apartment much anymore. I might be "housebound in fact" at this point.
  5. I'm glad your C&P is done Buck. Wishing you all the best.
  6. Make sure you mention thoughts of hurting self or others if you've experienced that. I know a dude who failed to mention his suicide attempt and stay at the happy house. He ended up getting lowballed and wondered why.
  7. Today, November 9, 2015 I received VA Form 21-4192 in the mail. It says it was mailed out October 30, 2015 from Philadelphia Regional Office. It does not take over 1 week for mail from Philly to get to my apartment. But I guess VA mail does.
  8. If you cannot leave your house to work because you are TDIU, you are housebound and "substantially confined" to your immediate premises as defined by Congress. Plain and simple.
  9. You ain't alone Buck. Hadit is the extent of my social life as well.
  10. bionoce

    ptsd SMC (S) Confused

    If a veteran is TDIU they should be authorized SMC (s) because it keeps them from leaving home to earn an income. TDIU by it's very nature prevents veterans from leaving home to earn an income. Plain and simple. You and I Buck52 fall into this category, with all due respect. The Secretary, citing to Senate Report No. 1745 (June 27, 1960), notes that in passing section 1114(s) Congress intended to provide additional compensation for veterans who were unable to overcome their particular disabilities and leave the house in order to earn an income as opposed to an inability to leave the house at all.
  11. I'm guilty of this as well. Live and learn, learn and live.
  12. bionoce

    ptsd SMC (S) Confused

    Exactly. That's why I want to get this claim right the first time. I'm writing a personal statement and quoting Howell Vs. Nicholson and the regs.
  13. bionoce

    ptsd SMC (S) Confused

    For shits and grins I spoke with a VSO about SMC (s). He proceeded to give me beat info pertaining to A&A, not housebound. I almost hung up on him when he said "I wouldn't put in for that." This is one of the reasons I do not associate with other human beings. This should not be a difficult endeavor.
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