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  1. They haven't ever given me anything but Lyrica, and that was a fight. Tricare is the same or worse. When the "rich kids" started OD'ing on Mommy's pills 10-15 years ago, they started this war. As usual, the first casualties are those of us that can't afford to go to someone else.
  2. I 'back doored' the SSA site and downloaded my letter, like you can do with ebennies sometimes. Award granted, SSDI c/w...now waiting on a back pay check sent yesterday in the mail and I guess arguing the onset date with them to get the 10's of thousands they shorted me. Feeling very, very grateful to have this finished as well. Now, I am going to try and use the SSDI award as justification for making my 100% Permanent so that my kids can use the education benefits. If I can get that done, I can also quit looking over my shoulder and concentrate on getting as much quality as I can out of this life I have left.
  3. Mine says about the same, 2018-2019. I submitted several months before yours. Complete BS! I tried in person, and they said my file is "too big" to just print out for me. Meanwhile, I have several contentions which will hit the one year mark since the decision in just a couple months. How can I/we argue what they decided without knowing what they used to make the decision?
  4. I received notification today that I was "medically approved", but nothing much else, and the start date was wrong...which, by my figuring, will short me $10K. Wait and see, I guess, I am glad that I may be able to put this chapter behind me, too.
  5. I was also denied the first time, pretty sure that is the Norm for SSDI. I have filled out their packets more than 5 times now as well. I received a call about my answers to when I stopped working today, since I was confused on whether my Terminal Leave upon retirement counted or not. They gave me the contact info to my 'decision maker' to explain to him, called and he was a Contractor who dealt with the Medical-Side and could care less. He said they were "playing ping pong with me" and that he would annotate it. He said he 'couldn't speak about the decision' but proceeded to speak in the past tense as if it were a done deal, so that was encouraging. Honestly, I don't think they would keep worrying about the date unless they weren't figuring backpay. Wish me luck! Not sure how I can reach a "natural" 100% and not get my SSDI money back from Uncle Sam.
  6. Honestly, I am not sure. I received a disc when I retired, so...I have not requested them from St Louis, I cannot say. Many here have had experience with this, so I would wait for one of them to chime in. Good luck!
  7. I believe that this would establish the SC, and the 'prescription' of the CPAP by the VA meets the 50% criteria, without having actually seen any of the evidence. That shows an in-service diagnosis and a current diagnosis. I think where many Vets run into problems is that they never get the diagnosis to begin with, while in service, so they are forced to rely on 'Buddy Statements' or have to try and tie it in as a Secondary. DEFINITELY order a full copy of your service medical records (if you haven't already) and start gathering any other private medical records, etc. I think you are now in the 'waiting game' stage of the process, and there are too many variables to pin down exactly how long this stage will take you. It varies by location, claim, etc, etc. Next, you should get a C&P exam. Do not get to 'wrapped up' in what Ebenefits says. It is a useful tool, but it does not accurately portray the internal process of the VA, so it can cause a lot of frustration. Good luck!
  8. I haven't read the proposal, but it sounds like they want it to be SC BEFORE they will C&P; so my first question would be who establishes/verifies the SC? Will they need a whole new department now? Sounds like bureaucracy at it's finest once again!
  9. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/va-secretary-facing-bipartisan-firestorm-over-disney-comments/ar-BBtpLjB?ocid=spartanntp
  10. Well, I got my denial yesterday. I guess, according to them, even with 70% PTSD with 'all the boxes checked' except being involved in altercations with the police, I can "still be around people", lol. It is almost like they WANT you to get into legal trouble before you get help? I guess the fact that I don't leave my property except for medical appointments does not factor into it. They do state that Age was a consideration, and I personally believe this is discriminatory and should not be a factor as to whether or not I can have MY money back! An award does not indicate permanency, so how does Age become a deciding factor as to whether an injury or disability exists? If I "refile" as they suggest, you loose the back pay. Also, the fact that I have not worked in two years, so that would affect what I have 'paid in'. Oh well, that was why I got an attorney for this. They can deal with it. I can't. I don't think they would have taken the case if it wasn't worth fighting. Good luck to anyone else fighting the SS for services.
  11. No, I think the pilot hammered on the brakes too much, because he didn't compensate enough for the reduced reverse thrust with the #2 engine shut down and rolled it out too long. It was our last flight before heading home. I can hit him in the head with a flashlight, but I can't reach his feet, lol!
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