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  1. Service connected at 0 percent due to service connected medications.
  2. Recently received my rating for ED rated 0 percent but I did not receive SMC for it. Turned down even though I thought it was automatic.
  3. I retired from the AF in 2003. I have not used space A since I retired. I do not see a reason not to give it to 100 percent SC Veterans. As a Cat 7 they would be behind retires. It hurts no one, I was a flying Crew Chief on C141. Most pilots I flew with would go out of there way to take space A passengers, We would drop seats and try to take as many as we could. Questions for people out there smarter then me could they write the regs saying no wheel chairs?
  4. Well Out of work due to SC meds this time for good

  5. I was told by my VSO that as long as you do not manage the rental property you are good to go. I also have rental property but I have hired a managment company to rent them out and collect the rent. Then its no different then income from investments. If you do not have a rental company get one ASAP.
  6. Went on line to ebenfits aka epeggy. Applied for Voc rehab. Went to my appt on Wed and was approved for Voc rehab all this in under 45 days. Go back Monday for some time to test, I wish the rest of the VA moved this quick.
  7. Well I am 52 and a FAA lic airframe and powerplant mechanic. My average is 60,000 before OT. I never wanted to quit working. I am out on short term disabilty now. I am also retired AF so it took me about 35 years to get where I am now. I hare it was on the top of my profession and now its over
  8. I applied for VOC Rehab in the middle of Jan. I used ebenfits aka epeggy. I have a appt tommorow Feb 6th. I don't think I will ever work again but I want to go to the NLC.
  9. If you find out any info on that recent court case for tinnitus. please let me and others now. I hace been SC for tinnitus in both ears since 2004 and been told no matter what it is 10 percent for one ear or two. Has anybody else heard about this court case? Thanks, Jim
  10. I due have just one question for you. Are you currently useing a CPAP machine? If you are make sure you let the VA know that. If you do get SC for Sleep Apena use of a CPAP machine is a rateing of 50 percent. Good Luck Jim
  11. This will be a easy one for the Hadit fammily. 2 quick questions my daughter is 18 and still in High School I know I have to send a form in so the VA does not cut my disabilty check does anybody know what form I need to use? I tried to search for it and I also tried the 1800 number. Also one more quick question how due I change my profile to say 90 percent. Thanks for reading this Jim
  12. Hey all I went from 80 to 90 percent. Wrote a long story about it at the DRO thread Jim 50+50+30+10+10+10 = 90 boy no wonder why I did so bad in math I thought the answer was 160
  13. Good morning all Have not been on here for a while. I took a break from my claim and waited for my DRO hearing. The issues were increase for spine now rated at 10 percent increase for sinuius now rated at 10 percent and a origanl claim for headaces (sorry spelling is bad tthis morning.) The last claim was on the percent of disabilty for my cancer had been cut off to early. I thought I had my ducks in a row had a cat scan done by the VAMC showing how bad and blocked my sinuis were I had copies of my FMLA paperwork filled out by a VA doctor for my back showing the limits I am under. Let me s
  14. Thanks all for your input. I guess I was pancking. I thought my PC appt was this thursday it is the 22 Of March. I let you know what I find out Jim
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