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  1. Service connected at 0 percent due to service connected medications.
  2. Recently received my rating for ED rated 0 percent but I did not receive SMC for it. Turned down even though I thought it was automatic.
  3. In August 2004 I filed my claim and was rated at 60 percent. With the help of hadit I filed my appeals form 9 NOD. Along the way I went to 70 percent then 80 then 90 finally IU with P+T. I have 3 claims that went to the board of appeal been on the hamster wheel and I will fill get a hearing June 17th by Video. The 3 claims are a increase in my shoulder due to degenerative disk Sinus both rated 10 percent. Last claim was a denial for headache. C+P dude said it was not migraines PCP said it was migraines (in the last 4 months.) I filed under gulf war illness. I keep you in formed. I cannot believe it took almost 12 years to get a hearing wish me luck. PS can someone who knows how to do this change my rating on the side to IU Jim
  4. I don't know what others would do but I would go om lime to ebenifts start my claim. That gives you one year to finish it and keep your effective date. The problem with waiting on the board is it can be 5 years or more. I have a claim finally going to a hearing on June 17th. This claim dates back to Aug 04. Been on the hamster wheel remand back to RO now back to board
  5. Well I Joined yout ranks today. Sent a secure message last week to pick up my pain meds on Friday. Friday comes and could not make it to the VA. I get there at 10 am today. No pain meds told to see the Doctor. Check in at the front desk. Two hours latter the nurse comes by. She is a nice older nurse been working for the VA a long time. I use the Salem VA very nice people there. I have in the past talked her out of transfering to the Hampton VA. She got me in to see the Doctor same bullshit. They were going to cut me off today. I explained that I have already been trun pain management and have taken ever drug test and the only drugs that show up are the ones the VA gives me. I stayed calm, The Doc asked me if I would go back to pain management again? I said sure. He gave me my meds. I seen friends go thru opiate withdrawal cold turkey { he tested postiive for pot} its not pretty.
  6. Going thru this now awarded IU in Jan 2015. Called DFAS they said they received the letter from the VA on Jun 2nd. They sent it back to the VA on July 28. Lets see how long it take the VA to do this. I don't Understand the audit especially for those who retired after Jan 2014 when there was no longer a phase in on CRDP.
  7. My claim closed is Jan 2015 still waiting on the audit.
  8. Are you retired? If you are the VA does not always give you all your back pay.
  9. Please try emailing emailing allison.hickey@va.gov a good friend of mine was in a bad way not as bad as you but he was in a divorce about to have his car repoed the VA owed him over 7200 in back pay for dependents he received his money in less then a week. Please try this. Jim
  10. I like calling when I know they are closed. Then the computer (peggys helper) makes a time to call me the next day works great.
  11. Ok I am trying to help a fellow Vet. He is SC at 50 percent for his upper and lower back. He applied for sleep apena and was turned down because it is not in his military medical records. Is there a way to SC sleep apena because he can no longer do any type of workouts? Has anybody ever had any luck with this? Thanks Jim
  12. Congrats take a moment to enjoy then look thru the big BBE and make sure you were not lowballed on any claims
  13. Happy for you brother I know the feeling.Now I hope that ahole lawyer does not try to take a cut from you.
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