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  1. Brocovet thank you so much for your response and yes I have requested my C-file either paper file or Disc and I have gotten responses but yet no file and let's see it has been going on 6 yrs since the first request and 4 months for the last request with no response. I have been at this for 9 years now and think I have done fairly well I just need direction that I can follow and it looks like Alex is willing to give me some and I am very appreciative of yours and his input, you guys are really a blessing to Veterans who pretty much do it on their own with help from you guys and for that I give
  2. Can I please get a response to my post?? I realize everyone is very busy but I am on a deadline and need to get this in the mail. Thank you for your help thus far and please take care... Dolphin25
  3. Ok let's see, I was granted Aid and Attendance at the L rate back in 2003, and then after I appealed for a higher level of Aid and Attendance I was granted an L 1/2 rate but on CUE they raised it to the M rate in 2012 because I had a 100% rate and a 60% rate. "Entitled to SMC-P(M) on account of entitlement to the statutory rate payable under 38 USC 1114(l) with an additional disability or conbination of disabilities, bladder incontinence, degenerative joint disease, lumbar spine, left lower extremity radiculopathy, left upper extremity radiculopathy, diabetes mellitus, degenerative joint
  4. In January 2015 I was granted a SAH housing grant and my higher level of AA was remanded back to the RO for more documentation b/c they stated Veteran may be entitled to a higher level if they get information from a company I hired to come in a help take care of me but unfortunately I could not keep them as the cost was way too much so instead I rely on less expensive means, family and a nurse I hired on a 24hr care as needed basis. My question is since I was granted the housing grant and from what I can read, the requirements for a higher level of AA, R-2 are the same as it is for the housin
  5. My claim was filed in 2008 heard at RO in 2010 and denied, appealed and a decision was rendered on one part of my claim and remanded on the other. I was granted SAH and remanded for a "Higher Level of Aid and Attendance" on January 16, 2015. Had another C&P in September 2015 for the Higher Level of AA. I think I have a good chance of getting my Aid and Attendance moved from an "M" rate to a higher rate of either R-1 or R-2 and would like someone to read what the BVA requested from the C&P examiner to look at and the decision he rendered at my exam. Here is a link to the BVA decisio
  6. I filed for a higher level of AA in 2008 along with a Special Home Adaption Grant. In January 2015 the BVA granted me the SHA Grant and remanded the higher level of AA back to the RO. A request for a new C&P was granted and in September 17, 2015 I was seen by the VA Hosp in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The examiner was a Nurse and still in the Military, he was really kind and nice and since I was taken to the VA via a wheelchair van and had no one to push me he did so with out any problem. I couldn't do anything, like stand, walk and needed physical help to get on the gurney. I am unable t
  7. "So, the next time your PCP or any other doctor tells you that you might get addicted you tell him to do some research that shows people who have chronic pain does NOT get addicted, period. The stats are online." You are right about not getting high on pain medication after so long, I have been on my methadone for the past 12 years and don't get high but what I do get is pain relief. To me this is the best pain medication I have ever taken and I have taken the whole gamut of that stuff. Been on the Gaba and other stuff that makes you goofy as hell, something I don't need in my life so
  8. The pain clinic at the VA Hosp in Albuquerque N.M. put me on Methadone in 2002 and was successfully on it since then with not one problem until last year when I was told I would be weaned down, well they did and now they are taking me off Hydrocodone completely, so I went to a Methadone clinic and also had to tell them I was addicted to narcotics just to get on the program but they knew I was on it for Pain control but they can't treat pain at a methadone clinic. I did what I had to do and they will give you a 28 day dose if you are clean for however long. I ask the VA to pay for it but they r
  9. I received a letter from the VA Medical Center in Fayeteville, Ark stating that on May 6, 2013 the VHCS is looking at the safety of prescription narcotics. Your primary care team will work with you and review the narcotics you are taking. This may result in a change to your medications. The goal is to reduce the side effects that occur from narcotic use including: Depression Impotence Suicidal Ideation Decreased ability to breathe We want to find a plan to fit your needs. VHSO has many ways to help you with this goal. The first step is to review the pain medicines you are taking
  10. I have two claims on appeal and need to file a new claim. Can anyone tell me if this would be a detriment to my current appeal?? I don't want to have to wait forever how long my appeal could take to file this....it's not really for me but for my wife, I want to file for AA for her. I heard but don't know if it is true that if I file they will stop my proceedings on my appeal and send my file back to the RO where I would file the new claim...any truth to that...seems logical. Thanks for any help here...
  11. Thank you Berta..if you could help me understand something...all along I have been seeking an increase in Aid and Attendance simply for what it implies that I need someone inside my home to help me in all phases of living and taking care of myself...so I ask for an increase but then I read about an increase in SMC..am I requesting the wrong thing?? Are they both considered the same, SMC and AA??? I know I should have a higher rating than L 1/2 but I am unable to get the RO to read the file where it documents a loss of use of my lower legs and loss of use of an upper extremity. I mean th
  12. Can someone tell me whether I have the SMC P rate or the SMC L 1/2 rate, as this is what is stated in my decision...and what would be the next rate available should I prevail on appeal?? I have been rated for numerous conditions since 1999 including Aid and Attendance at the L rate but was recently rated a higher percentage, so I now have a 100% P&T for PTSD and a 60% rate for incontinence plus the other conditions for my back, legs and diabetes all rated at 40%. What they did in effect was increase my monthly compensation rate $69 more dollars per month and that is for the increase fro
  13. I contacted Patient Advocate and she stated to write everything down that happened and submit it to her office. She said this Dr. has had numerous complaints filed against her. I then wrote to the OIG Hotline and filed a complaint also but also am looking at the State Medical Board to file also, then on with a TORT claim against her. I want to file a Medical Malpractice but have to check with attorneys.
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