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  1. Congrats, outstanding, we never give-up!
  2. Wayne TX, Dr. Anaise, IMO/Nexus are very good, and he has the medical certifications backing him! ($1500.00)
  3. I agree, Dr. Anaise, really do a good job on his IMO/Nexus!
  4. yes, PTSD. I have not received a decision, we just recently filed the claim for IU, we just received a copy of the C&P exam, and I was very disappointed. Because just looking it over, I can see all of the symptoms that were left off, and I truly believe, it is not going to be granted an increase.
  5. I'm currently at 90%, my representative recommended I apply for IU, for increase in service-connected disabilities, so I did, I recently had all of my C&P exams, and of course the examiner did not put down all of the correct medical info and issues that were in my medical files that were clearly available, and could have a impact in the raters decision. As I looked over the C&P exams, I see the errors, and important medical symptoms that were left out. I informed my representative, about the C&P exam, and asked, should we get an medical opinion to correct these errors. My repr
  6. I've used a VSO for most of my claims with the VA, obviously I always did all of the work and research, to get my claims approved. I'm at 90% right now. I currently have appeals in, on my OSA denial, and my Chronic kidney disease the varo approved, but the awards effective date was off by 10 yrs, that is a lot of retro, and I did not agree with the ratings. It is without a doubt time for an attorney, because if varo approves my OSA or my Kidney disease for the correct ratings and the correct awards effective date which is 10 yrs back, and would be 100% ratings 10 yrs ago. NO MATTER HOW MU
  7. I agree with you about VSO, even the very few that try, can only take you so far in your claim and appeal process and get you the benefits you deserve!
  8. Decision by the BVA (Docket No. 11-09 193, Feb 28, 2014) the BVA granted service connection for Obstructive sleep apnea secondary to PTSD. Another Board decision (Docket No. 11-01922, Mar 28, 2016) Obstructive sleep apnea granted service connection to PTSD.
  9. www.danaise.com---office (520) 219-7321, fax (520) 844-1452
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