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  1. I’m going in for disk decompression surgery for the second time in 2 years in October. I will be on 30 days convalescent leave and 6 months for full recovery. I know I will be at a temp 100% for the 30 days, but will this also cover the recovery period?
  2. Mine took about 6 months, but I've seen someone receive their file in 2 months. I think it depends on the Regional Office your assigned to.
  3. Berta, Thank you. I will try the presumptive, but I was medically retired 14 February 2014 and officially diagnosed with diabetes by the VA on October 04, 2016, well at least that's the date on my problem list. Can you claim a secondary condition as a presumptive?
  4. I am currently service connected for herniated disk 20% with radiculopathy 10%, bilateral plantar fasciitis 30%, and PTSD 70%. I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 in 2015 a year after I was medically retired for my back and radiculopathy. I go to the VA for treatment and can not get a DBQ from the VA, which unfortunately has been the norm for me. So I am looking at obtaining a nexus for diabetes as a secondary condition. My question is do I connect it to the physical disabilities or the mental? I'm looking a more the physical i.e. the herniated disk and radiculopathy as the mental seems to be harder to have approved. Does anyone know who I could obtain this nexus from? I live in MD. I've used Valor Compensation before, but in this case they told me they could not connect this condition as a secondary. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Sunnyh, I have used Valor Compensation Consulting and Dr. Valette for my NOD for PTSD. After 5 years of waiting and 2 C&P exams within a month or 2 from each other I was approved. Dr. Valette disputed the previous C&P exams and does a very good job on the IMO worth every penny in my opinion. It took both IMOs to have the VA schedule the C&P exam.
  6. anxiousinMD, Do you work for the Federal Government? If so you can apply for disability retirement especially if your still on FMLA. This recently happened to a friend of mine, which she was out of the office so much due to her disabilities they had to let her go, so they medically retired her plus the disability social security kicked, because they make you file both at the same time.
  7. Gastone, Yes, it did look pretty unfavorable, but after submitting all the notes from my therapy sessions (4 years) at the Vet Center and a recent IMO. I then filed a claim for anxiety and depression since the VA already stated I had it due to military service. When I went to my C&P exam the examiner diagnosed me with PTSD instead then a month later I had a PTSD exam, which confirmed the findings. Yes, you right it will put me around 90%. Buck, I never had sleep apnea in my military records just sinus and insomnia. The VA did the sleep study and diagnosed me with sleep apnea. I'm thinking of a secondary for PTSD or my back pain. I'm currently looking for a certified sleep specialist in my area.
  8. Coastie72, Once your claim is initiated if you have E-Bennies account you can scan and upload evidence to your claims that way as well, so you won't have to drive to the VSO or RO. Never hold on to any evidence I was in the same situation as you are and once I got on hadit.com I've been moving in the right direction on my claims.
  9. Gastone, I am finally SCed for PTSD 70% at the moment they are trying to figure out the retro, so I have not received the official brown envelope in the mail. I saw a copy of the decision in my C-file and confirmed the rating with case management. My SC are: 70% PTSD, 20% herniated L5-S1 disk, 10% right lower extremity radiculopathy, 0% nephrolithiasis (kidney stones), and 50% bilateral plantar fasciitis.
  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I plan on looking for a specialist in my area. I have the diagnosis and the CPAP from the VA, but of course they say its not service connected. I'm going to need a nexus statement.
  11. Has anyone used Medical Opinions Associates, Inc. for an IMO? If so what was your experience and the fees. I'm trying to obtain an IMO for my sleep apnea. The current company I was dealing with has been nonresponsive as of late.
  12. Wablackwell, Not sure if you have filed yet or not, but the DBQ will definitely trigger the VA to complete a C&P exam. Its been my experience after filing with documentation from an outside provider I was scheduled within a month or two after submitting the evidence. Along with your DBQ and the letter if you were deployed you should highlight your campaign medals and expeditionary medals on your 214. it wouldn't hurt to have the orders and order your LESs from DFAS showing you were receiving hazardous duty and or hostile fire pay.
  13. KO1345, Are you retired? If so you can use the MTF (military treatment facility) if you have Tricare and I think if I'm not mistaken for any LOD injury as long as you have the LOD when you go to the MTF. If not then I would pursue the referral in order to receive the pain medication you need. I stopped going to Pain Management at the VA, because of the medication issue and it was hard to be seen and started going the MTF.
  14. I'm not really sure why it would say 100% in ebennies for PTSD. The only thing that comes to mind would be the fact they are basing your TDIU on request on your PTSD.
  15. Osccore9, If you're looking for information outside of what you can pull up on ebennies then the answer is "Yes". The individual will tell you exactly what you already know and if you ask a question they will give you the standard VA line "Your claim is currently being processed if we need any information from you, you will be notified" or something very close. There is a case management number you can call and they are more inclined to tell you what is going on with you claim, but only after it hits the 6 month mark in most cases. Usually the closer the claim gets to 6 months it moves from gathering dust to prep for decision rather quickly, which has been my experience.
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