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  1. Hello I just need some clarification on 100 P&T disability. I have been 100 P&T since Sept 2015 and have read this is not a protected rating and the VA only award you this to give you additional benefits. But I also have read that you are protect from future rating decrease if you are awarded 100 P&T. So my question do I have to be concern about the Possible of future rating Decreases or not? Thank you
  2. Hello, I wondering if I could pick your brains on what is going on here. Well the Good news I s I did win My Claim for PTSD awarded 100% P&T. This was effective as of 25 Sept 2015. But what I can not figure out is that the VA withheld $457.91 starting 1 Oct 2015 and then it changed to $459.73 Starting 1 Dec 2016 until 1 Jan 2017. I don not really understand why they withheld this money but I think it might have to do that I retired from the military. But if that is the case, Should withheld since I was over the 50% rating wich automatically qualify for CRCD( Concurrent Retirement Disabili
  3. It seems that you have invested a lot of years towards your social security claim. Yes, the job is good money but it won't be if you are unable to do the job. It is also a lot of back pay that you will be giving up if you win your claim. If you take the job you will lose your social security claim and then if you are unable to keep the job you will have to start all over if you choose to file your claim again. Just some thoughts to think about but ultimately is going to be up to you to choose what route you want to go. I wish you good luck and a Merry Christmas.
  4. If your not allowed to ask questions on your health over Secured messaging then what good is secure messaging. Sounds like a bunch of BS run around. I would submit a complaint to the patient advocate. I do not know if it will do any good, but at least your voice would be heard.
  5. Buck52 is correct. The VA in el Paso tx refused to fill out a dbq or any other paper work. When I ask all they do is refer me to the compensation and pension office. Fortunate for me I am retired from the army and was able to use my Tricare to see private doctors. They had no problem writing a medical opinion or filling out a DBQ. Good luck. Bill
  6. BrokenSoldier244th I do not have a lawyer, I submitted my SSD claim myself. I will call SSA and have them mail it to me. I already uploaded the SSD decision and when I get file SSD file will upload the basis for that decision. Thanks Bill
  7. I just want to update my posting. I think I have found the answer on how to obtain my SSD file by surfing the internet and would I like to share with others that may be in a similar position. I found it on this web link http://www.disabilitybenefitscenter.org/how-to/obtain-social-security-disability-file . Basically, all have to do is call SSA or go to the local SSA office and request for my Social security file. It is approximately a two turn around time. So I will submit the initial letter now and my Social Security file when I receive it. Once again, Thanks Bill
  8. Thanks for the advice. I submitted my SSD claim in the middle of July. I won my claim with the initial application. It was easy since I was gathering evidence for my VA claim I was able to use that evidence when I submitted my SSD claim. I definitely will submit my SSD approval letter. But I agree it would be better if I had the ruling notes from how they came up with the decision. I do not Know if the SSA has something equivalent to the VA C-file. I am not sure how I go about to get that information. I guess I will call the SSA on Monday and ask how I can get that information. I do know that
  9. Hello, Hadit Community. I was told that the VA and Social Security are separate identities. But I was also told that if you get an approve Social Security disability claim that is based totally the same of your VA disabilities that it could help your VA disability claim. Well, I got a letter in mail today stating that my Social Security Disability Claim was approved. But the letter was not specific on the reason it was approved but said it was approved based on the information I submitted. Well the information that I submitted to SSA was based on my current VA disability and the new one which
  10. Thanks Buck for your opinion, I know how slow this process can be. Hopefully, I will get a decision in the near future, Thanks
  11. Hell0, I had a C&P Exam on 18 October, I finally got results. Would mind giving me your opinion on the exam. Date/Time: 18 Oct 2016 @ 0900 Note Title: C&P PTSD, INITIAL EVALUATION Location: EL PASO VA HEALTHCARE SYSTEM Signed By: HENDRY,KARA MATILE Co-signed By: HENDRY,KARA MATILE Date/Time Signed: 01 Nov 2016 @ 0831 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOCAL TITLE: C&P PTSD, INITIAL EVALUATION STANDARD TITLE: MENTAL HEALTH C
  12. I am in the same boat. I was let go from my federal job for PTSD on 2 July. I put my disability retirement package in around the end of June. I received a call from an ABC counselor about a week after I put my package in and he gave me my initial counseling over the phone on what to expect. I was told the average time it takes is six months. If that is true I should hear something back around December. Good luck. I hope this helps, Bill
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