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  1. Hello! Anyone have any knowledge of how cysts are rated? I have recurrent cysts that started in service. I had two cut out while in and have had 1 cut out every year or so since. I received a positive service connection on the DBQ but can’t figure out how or if they will be rated. Any input is appreciated!
  2. Mine took exactly one week from the time I saw my rating in ebenefits 5500
  3. Wondering if there are any members that have had success claiming ulcerative colitis secondary to ptsd? It seems to really aggravate my colitis, just wondering if anyone had any success or has heard of successes cases? thank you!
  4. About 5500, so at least weeks not months! Will be watching my account-thanks again!
  5. Any idea on how long it takes to receive back pay/first payment. I read fifteen days. But not sure if that’s from seeing it in ebennies or fifteen days from receiving the letter. Dated back to December 1, so it will be a nice & needed payment!
  6. I received a combined rating of 60%-10 for tinnitus and 50 for PTSD. I had a few things deferred. I am a bit of shock right now and thankful. I appreciate everyone that took the time to help! Hope you get this update
  7. Oh, wow! I have not actually received the decision yet. However, the TBI CP exam showed that the doctoe states no TBI. So you think don’t wait for denial letter, just put in for the correct diagnosis now? thank you!
  8. Wondering if anyone can offer info or advice i filled out a claim with my VSO in November. One thing I wanted to claim was a neck injury I had when the hatch of an Amtrak hit me in the head and knocked me out. I have head neck an upper back pain ever since. My VSO Put in the claim for TBI. Well I had a c & p for tbi and this came back as less likely than not (I never thought or mentioned TBI to VSO). Well when I had my gulf war registry exam around the same time they found I’m riddled with arthritis in my back and neck. So my question is will I have to put in a new claim for the arthritis, or will they connect it on there own even though it wasn’t entered that way... thank you!
  9. Thank you. I have chronic sleep impairment with sleep study in two weeks. Will keep you posted
  10. i looked up my C &. P exam for PTSD. One section states Occupational and social impairment due to mild or transient symptoms which decrease work efficiency and ability to perform occupational tasks only during periods of significant stress, or symptoms controlled by continuos medication does this sentence make it an automatic 10% or could the listed symptoms make the rating higher? symptoms listed are anxiety, suspiciousness, chronic sleep impairment, difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationships, and difficulty in adapting to stressful circumstances (including work or a worklike setting thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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