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  1. Does va.gov ever show the status of a supplemental claim? I have been showing ‘status unknown’ for a couple months now. Thank you
  2. Anyone have success at connecting UC secondary to service connected PTSD? I have found a few successful cases online, just wondering if anyone here had experience. Always helpful to here a real example. Thanks for all the assistance!!
  3. Third - I know this is old, but it popped up when researching ulcerative colitis. I am trying to get mine service connected. You ever have any luck?
  4. Couldn’t agree more with that last statement. The worry/stress during this process is enough is unbelievable!
  5. I have heard that. If you have a PTSD rating and you do come up for re-evaluate, that there’d would be qiestioms if there were no therapy records..,
  6. I see . I am going to try not to sweat it. ultimately I want to feel better so I am just gonna continue with therapy and if I get re-evaluated in the future, so be it. Thanks to all who always reply!
  7. I checked, and it didn’t say any about reevaluating.
  8. How often do PTSD ratings get re-evaluated if they aren’t permanent? thank you!
  9. Oh, okay. So you suggest the path where you can submit more evidence?
  10. Wow, thanks! This is really interesting! I will go and read the whole thing. Thanks again.
  11. I have such bad luck getting my VSO to respond to me....guess I’ll have to make an appointment. I was thinking of appealing on my own, but should probably get help. Such a process
  12. I think higher level review. My colitis they denied because it is not part of gulf war syndrome, but I think they should have considered it secondary to my rated PTSD. And my cysts, they completely ignored three documented in my records that I turned in. Any thoughts or experience wit the new appeals?
  13. Thank you! I will get my appeal in! Appreciate the assistance!
  14. Hi all! I originally filed for about eight things. I have received a decision on all but one. The last one was deferred. My question - can I appeal a decision on a couple conditions, even if I still have one claimed condition deferred? thank you!
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