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  1. Received decision today. Sleep Apnea secondary to PTSD denied. Reviewed records from 2012 to 2018. C&P exam on 10/18/2018 not mentioned. The results from C&P exam are listed on the Blue Button site. The results acknowledged all sympoms of sleep apnea. Should the C&P exam results been included in the decision? Thank You GBA
  2. I understand. Just a Question.No expectations. The VA cannot/should not make decisions based on assumptions. Cracking down sounds like made up minds.. Thanks for your response
  3. I made an error. It is the debt management center of Dept. of Veterans affairs. I am life time member of both VFW and DAV. Thank you for your rapid response GBA
  4. Had DRO hearing for Sleep Apnea secondary to PTSD (70%) in 2015. Claim sent to BVA in 2016. Invited to RAMP this year. Completed claim but recognized duty to assist was not included. Last month, I received a call from VA hospital informing me of a scheduled C&P appointment with a doctor from the regional office. I have a VA supplied C p machine. I had three sleep studies at the VA and a letter from a private sleep therapist DR. Anyone familiar with the procedure involving sleep apnea C&P. thank you GBA
  5. Office of management and budget audited my account. A waiver request was denied. The VA claimed that retro payment in error. They began deducting 1000 out of my benefit pay. Because I was doubtful of the audit results, I reviewed my pay history on e-benefits and discovered evidence that contradicted the audit. The VA claimed that the decision was based on my claim folder and previous award letter. A review of my pay history and the recent awards letter was not mentioned as a evidence in the decision to attach my monthly benefit. Because I had outstanding appeals, the retro payment made sense. I contacted the 800# who verified that the payment was legitimate. I payed outstanding debts and payed off my car note. My joy was interrupted by the Office of management and budgets' claim that the pay was an error. I have crunched the numbers and I am certain of the VA'error. I have completed the form 9. Should this form be sent thru the usual system, This would mean a long wait for any decision. Meanwhile I am in deeper financial waters. My credit score has dropped. My benefit includes aid and attendance. The reduction erased that allowance. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you GBA
  6. gba


    thanks for the clarification
  7. gba


    What is P 1? E Benefits shows that I am at the P-1 level. My benefit is L 1/2. I cant find P 1 on the chart. Any clarification is greatly appreciated. Thank yu.
  8. After 6 years, BVA approved claims forPTSD increase (50% to 70% ) and A&A. Recieved documents from BVA on April 7,2016. I had decided to wait for award letter from Regional Office. Paranoia awakened after discussions with fellow Vets who carry loads of VA induced doubt and suspicions. Mixed reactions regarding amount and time frame of retro payments. The claims are approved for the entire appoliate period. I have tremendous respect for friends who are "counseling" me. However, they cannot offer untainted advice. I have been told that it will take months before my award is processed. Is this a reality? I am grateful for the decision but paranoia is awake. thank you gba
  9. Absolutely! Every piece of submitted evidence was supported by 38 cfr regs. Its amazing how raters ease those decisions around and thru the regulations. Veterans have died on the streets, on mental wards and prisons because of indifference and downright meanness. Hopefully, my outcome will inspire others to hold on a bit longer. Remember, its a waiting game. If you are a VV--some may feel that you are on your way out. Say no to that. Stay around until you have to crawl to the bank. GBA
  10. In 2009, claims for PTSD increase and A&A /Housebound were denied. Today, I recieved notice of approval for both claims. Claims were approved for the "entire appellate period". It was not my endurance alone that made the struggle worthwhile; the Hadit community offered support and superior guidance during a very difficult period. thank you gba
  11. Two claims in pending dispatch phase. Appeal is closed. VLJ made decision. Not remanded -- is a good thing. Had solid evidence for VLJ to review. gba
  12. Your detailed response is appreciated. A prime example of veterans who continue to serve their fellow vets. I will follow your suggestions and will post the results. Thank you GBA
  13. Yes! The meeting DRO was in Nov 2015 and the Video hearing with BVA was held in Jan 2016. The DAV was aware of the BVA hearing when I met with him in Nov. Because the claims were seperate and different I would have to have seperate hearings. My question is it possible that both claims wiil be reviewed at the same time. The claim from the BVA hearing is with the VLJ gba
  14. Will the VLZ, who presided over the hearing, continue review of the claim during the remaining phase? Thank you GBA
  15. Will the VLZ, who presided over the hearing, continue review of the claim during the remaining phase? Thank you GBA
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