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  1. retre payment

    After 6 years, BVA approved claims forPTSD increase (50% to 70% ) and A&A. Recieved documents from BVA on April 7,2016. I had decided to wait for award letter from Regional Office. Paranoia awakened after discussions with fellow Vets who carry loads of VA induced doubt and suspicions. Mixed reactions regarding amount and time frame of retro payments. The claims are approved for the entire appoliate period. I have tremendous respect for friends who are "counseling" me. However, they cannot offer untainted advice. I have been told that it will take months before my award is processed. Is this a reality? I am grateful for the decision but paranoia is awake. thank you gba
  2. Absolutely! Every piece of submitted evidence was supported by 38 cfr regs. Its amazing how raters ease those decisions around and thru the regulations. Veterans have died on the streets, on mental wards and prisons because of indifference and downright meanness. Hopefully, my outcome will inspire others to hold on a bit longer. Remember, its a waiting game. If you are a VV--some may feel that you are on your way out. Say no to that. Stay around until you have to crawl to the bank. GBA
  3. In 2009, claims for PTSD increase and A&A /Housebound were denied. Today, I recieved notice of approval for both claims. Claims were approved for the "entire appellate period". It was not my endurance alone that made the struggle worthwhile; the Hadit community offered support and superior guidance during a very difficult period. thank you gba
  4. Two claims in pending dispatch phase. Appeal is closed. VLJ made decision. Not remanded -- is a good thing. Had solid evidence for VLJ to review. gba
  5. Your detailed response is appreciated. A prime example of veterans who continue to serve their fellow vets. I will follow your suggestions and will post the results. Thank you GBA
  6. Yes! The meeting DRO was in Nov 2015 and the Video hearing with BVA was held in Jan 2016. The DAV was aware of the BVA hearing when I met with him in Nov. Because the claims were seperate and different I would have to have seperate hearings. My question is it possible that both claims wiil be reviewed at the same time. The claim from the BVA hearing is with the VLJ gba
  7. Will the VLZ, who presided over the hearing, continue review of the claim during the remaining phase? Thank you GBA
  8. Will the VLZ, who presided over the hearing, continue review of the claim during the remaining phase? Thank you GBA
  9. Face to Face DRO meeting in Nov of 2015.regarding appeal for Sleep Apnea/PTSD connection. Had two sleep studies at VA resulting in C-PAP since 2011.This meeting was productive in that the DRO acknowledged the documentantion from the sleep clinic and the fact that I was on C-PAP. Also nexus letter from a provate doctor who stated that psych notes indicate a relation between Sleep Apnea and PTSD. Jan 2016 had hearing with VLJ. That claim is currently under review at BVA by a VLJ. At different stages can these claims impact one another? thanks for the support GBA
  10. When reviewing your claim, will BVA/VJL consider most recent notations or just the entries to the point of your hearing?----gba
  11. Had BVA hearing in Jan 2016. Today, e-benefits show claim is with Law Judge. When compared with previous posts on this topic, this is lighting fast. Anyone with claims dating 2010, take heart. Will post the results. My form 9 was substan in 2010 gba
  12. Had meeting with Law Judge in Jan 2016. Claim substantiated/form 9 in 2010. Currently waiting on review by Law Judge. Since that meeting, major changes in health status. Hospitalized in early March with COPD exarcerbation for three days. Discharged with oxygen and consult for home care assistance. My appeal is for increase in PTSD currently 50% and aid and attendance/housebound. My question--will the judge review current medical records. I am on oxygen with cpap and nebulizer tx. Thanks for your response. gba
  13. The VA did failed to consider all available evidence in the C-file. Results of C&P exam and Mental Health Status Report from Va Dept. of Rehab Services were not reviewed by rating team. My list of medications were not mentioned in the SOC. Social security Disability was approved in part with information from the VA including the C&P exam. My claim for increase from 50% for PTSD was denied. The VA selected a single sentence from the C&P exam to justify its denial. " You have a history of suicidal ideation but itis not recent." There are 4 pages of information in that report This includes a list of psychotropic medications. I discussed this during the video conference. Is there an oblogation for the judge to review this information? gba
  14. I presented additional evidence during the hearing. Will this be considered prior to decision? I appreciate your quick response--on a sunday morning -- thanks again