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  1. Anytime you submit a claim for hearing loss,VA will schedule you for a c&p,VA have there own scales, they use for ratings.
  2. where to find dro appeals on ebenefits
  3. where to look for "DRO" apeal claim on ebenefits?
  4. If you are being treating at the vamc,go by the release of information office, where you are being treated at and get your medical notes.
  5. Once claim reach notification phase,you should be getting a letter from VA in a few days,they just making sure everything is correct,don't no when it will show up on ebenefits ,but keep checking
  6. Not necessary,if the veteran is order another C&P exam,his/her condition could have worsen and get a increase in rating. mobie
  7. I understand what you are saying Papa,the VA is a different animal,there only concern is with the veteran,and sometime it don't seen like it,just trying to help you get what you deserve,and when you do ,your wife can still handle your business. mobie
  8. Papa, it will be somewhat of a PTSD type exam,you will be ask question about how you handle your business.On your last C&P exam,you was not founded to be incompetent,but the examiner stated that he/she was not sure, whether of not you could handle your funds.If i was you.just in case,i would take along my utilities bills,mortgage papers,bank statements.with your name on them showing that you handle your own business. I hope this helps and good luck. mobie
  9. Like i said on your other post,my guess is,you probabaly will be getting a competency exam,to see whether or not you can handle your own funds mobie
  10. OEF21B,If you had a C&P exam,Oct 2010 and haven't heard anything,something is seriously wrong,maybe you need to take a trip to your Regional Office and see what is going on.If you still have your C&P results,could you download them. mobie
  11. Like Carlie,claim look good for increase. This is just my opinion,the c&p examiner stated that he/she wasn't sure or not you could manange your funds,and they might be schudeling you another examination to see if you are capable of handling your own funds mobie
  12. If i was you i would go ahead and file for Individual umployability on the form that you received (21-8940) from VA and you should have received another form in your adward letter,(21-4192) Request for employment Information,This form should be filled out by your supervisor and get he/she (supervisor) to write a letter for you,stating how your PTSD affects your ability to proform your job daily. This will save you a lot of time,because The VA aint that fast getting evidence. mobie
  13. You could get service connected anywhere from 50% to 70% . If you are ganiful unemployable due to PTSD,you could get a 100%. mobie
  14. You should be service connected for fibro,because it is a,condition of Gulf war service and your C&P examiner stated that in your medical notes mobie16r
  15. Sound good John, it is now how the rater see it,the C&P examiner stated that sedentary work was limited,in "Essence" you are totally and completely disable,and it seen like a 50/50 posibility and if the rater look at it like that,you should be rater IU because when the evidence is balance,it is in favor of the veteran. GOOD LUCK! Mobie
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