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  1. Back from review of evidence to prep for decision again......anxiety & Ebenefits is a poor match. Looks like someone is actively involved today.....that's a good thing I suppose.
  2. Holys*%t.....so, I loaded all of the forms the VA requested and within less than an hour the request showed review complete, back in prep for decision.....never seen that fast of movement before....good or bad!
  3. So, this morning a new request showed up for a 21-4142 form to release medical info from local VA clinic (I already uploaded my entire VA med file in June when I filed FDC), a 21-0781 Request for Stressor (Which I have already uploaded to my claim in June when I filed FDC), along with a buddy statement from a Marine who was next to me when the stressor in question occurred (Uploaded in June when I filed FDC! File was in prep for decision, sent back for review of evidence and now a new request for evidence that the VA has had since June........Makes one wonder if they read anything in your claim......
  4. So, I'm discussing the VA with an associate of mine. He was Air Force, Operation Southern Watch 1996 Kuwait. He comments that he doesn't have VA benefits because he had to get out with a General (under honorable conditions) discharge. He was told this by the local VSO back in 1996-1997. I was shocked that he went all these years believing that he did not qualify for benefits from the VA. The VSO took one look at his discharge papers and said "Can't help you, you don't qualify". Moral of the story.......We are our brother's keeper. If you travel the path, down the rabbit hole if you will, of navigating the maze that is the VA......pay that experience forward and assist your fellow veterans......As we were in the 40's, 50's, 60's, etc.....we are all in this together!
  5. My interpretation would be "clarification" of your previous diagnosis (Actually reading as symptomology of PTSD), he alludes to stressors....I'd say he is saying proper diagnosis would be PTSD, rather that a culmination of anxiety, depression and adjustment disorder. Just my .02
  6. Prep for decision.....back to review of evidence, but hey....movement is movement right! Maybe I'm pessimistic, but I think a denial is looming due to the C&P.....or my failure to re-iterate the "why" instead of the "how" in my C&P.......stupid damn anxiety!
  7. Had a MH appointment yesterday at my VAMC. They upped my meds......which was definitely needed. My therapist strongly disagreed with the C&P doctors assessment/diagnosis. She said, she's been doing this a long time and has treated a lot of PTSD vets over the years......she said "I know it when I see it"! She's a very nice lady, but seemed perturbed < sp by his opinion. Still in prep for decision......funny thing is, I don't care about the money aspect of GWI or MH.....I'd just like the government to have the integrity to admit they knew what we were subjected to and they were willing to sacrifice us for their end goal......like agent orange.....they knew, they covered up, denied, destroyed records........maybe someday!
  8. Yes sir, I have done so. Unfortunate that the success or failures of a C&P exam can and will be decided by a veteran's choice of words, but that is the reality of it.
  9. I scheduled a MH appointment with a local provider, even prior to the C&P for a second opinion. That appointment is August 18th. I told them that I was diagnosed by VA with PTSD and wanted a second opinion. I have already printed all of my paperwork that I provided to VA for my claim, in a folder and ready to go.
  10. Just checked Ebenefits, moved to preperation for decision.......here comes the hammer!
  11. Doc24.pdf Doc25.pdf Christinapg1.tif Christinapg2.tif mp.tif TimVBA21-4138.tif Mom.tif
  12. I can upload my STR's pages 24/25, if you'd care to look at the notes. They are not great in terms of being legible, but with enough strain....you can make it out. I got the info on who I talked to because their stamps are legible with their name and titles. These are the two pages the Doc references, 2 of the buddy statements from family members, 1 from a former employer (early 90's and again in 2002-2007) and 1 from my current employer (Supervisor).
  13. There in lies the question and quagmire<sp.......My "admission" of the two events as a child happened in the "truth" room inquisition just prior to me taking the oath. I was not "evaluated" for or deemed to have a pre-existing condition until they sent me to medical, 2nd or 3rd week of bootcamp......then I spoke to a corspman who wrote down this opinion, his superior who held an Master in Science (counceling) then opinined "significant HX of depression/alcohol abuse" based on the corpsman's notes......last sentence in my STR's were "No current signs of depression present, deemed fit for duty, return to company". Soooooooo, that being said.....is pre-existing condition going to be even possible........if not, is a new C&P possible considering the whole basis of the C&P docs rationale was based on two events, that weren't addressed at MEPS, was noted by two persons in bootcamp, neither of which would probably be considered legitimate to diagnose a MH condition in a 5 minute talk with a corpsmen and the fact that the C&P doctor opined that PTSD (the claimed condition) was not directly responsible for my current condition, but alot of my symptoms were due to pre-existing issues he diagnosed as MDD......not to mention, he used the word for his conclusion as "Relatively free of symptoms" in his rationale.....nor did he answer if he could " without clearand unmistakable evidence to the contrary" if my pre-existing MDD could have been aggravated by war. I'm going to guess.....Denial is imminent, as they would rather let me fight it out with the appeals system and atleast get me off their books....

    The unfortunate part is, what Peggy tells you is often wrong, which was explained to me by a very helpful fellow that answered one of my calls to be the result of laziness....he said, you will get different answers from different people because some will look at the top line of your files and regurgitate what it says rather than look thru the files for recent activity/requests. I could call and they'd say gathering evidence phase "waiting on STR's"....hang up, call right back and be told In Prep for notification phase "got everything they need and decision has been rendered". I've had no experience with QTC, but I would definitely be inquiring as to "why" my exam has yet to be sent to VARO. VARO will probably never answer that, they will simply put out the request for the exam notes per policy, I'd assume like request for other records (request - wait x days, 2nd request - wait x days, etc.) until they get a reply negative response or the notes. I've learned a couple of things in the last couple of years.....YOU are the only one willing to do the footwork on your claim, exams are more about the "words" you use than the facts of your case and yo have to work VERY hard at controlling anxiety, because VA moves at VA's pace......period! I wish you the best and hope for a positive result for you brother! Hang in there and good luck!
  15. No problem, there are a lot of other factors/items/incidents involved and I hesitate to post everything online. If anyone learns anything from my mistakes, learn that the C&P is your one shot to help someone understand how you have been affected.....I should have been re-directing the questioning or tying it to the "why" I have spent the last two decades struggling with relationships, work, violence, etc......I didn't, I simply let the doc lead the questions and I answered them....I was anxious/nervous. I do not compare myself to a Vietnam veteran in any way, shape or form. I have told my therapist that. I have the utmost respect for all of my brothers who have served, especially those who continue to pay the price for freedom. I have minimized my issues for years and denied that I was the problem, because I don't see that....don't understand why people are afraid of me or find me blunt and intense......but I am in no way a hero by any stretch, I just have something wrong.....whether that's PTSD, MDD, or whatever label it might carry, I don't know.....but it took me 26 years to admit and ask for help and irregardless of the outcome on this side of the coin, I'm happier, as is my family that I'm working toward sorting it out. Thank you all for your input and patience with me. By the way Berta, I would whole heartedly agree with what the C&P doc said in refernce to the war not being consistent with my issues, IF, I had spent 20 years between 1991 and 2017 "relatively" symptom free, but none of the evidence from my life, documents, work history, etc points to that....that was an opinion of the doctor ie; (speculation), without grounds in available fact......that is why I took such great oposition to that statement from him......not to mention, what does "Relatively" mean exactly in regard to mental illness or struggles from mental illness? Thanks again!