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  1. Inarticulate&Distorted

    V is for Victory

    Retro hit the Bank before i even got my B.B.E. LoL
  2. Inarticulate&Distorted

    V is for Victory

    Ms. Bird, this website has helped me since the start, i may have been triggered a time or two, but really i've had more good experiences here than i have with the VA. I'm done with my personal fight, but i don't think i'll be leaving any time soon, too many others still fighting.
  3. Inarticulate&Distorted

    Preparation For Decision

    Yes i did, 100% P&T
  4. Inarticulate&Distorted

    V is for Victory

    It's official! After 3 years 8 months of fighting the VA. Now at 100% TDIU P&T. Chapter 35 Bennefits will be a nice addition. I look forward to hearing your success stories too fellow Vets.
  5. Inarticulate&Distorted

    Preparation For Decision

    20%, standard rate hahaha.
  6. Inarticulate&Distorted

    Preparation For Decision

    So, i think i may have been approved for my TDIU Claim, no reason for them to pay my Lawyer if i didn't win right????
  7. Inarticulate&Distorted

    Preparation For Decision

    Wow, it's coming to an end at last....nearly 4 years, not saying i'm done fighting the VA, but this Claim may finally be done....
  8. Inarticulate&Distorted


    Is it Multiple Choice or Essay???
  9. Inarticulate&Distorted

    Preparation For Decision

    Wow, don't think i could pay at an amusement park for the kind of ride the VA has put me through hahaha.... Pending Decision Approval again!
  10. Inarticulate&Distorted

    Preparation For Decision

    St. Louis as far as i know
  11. Inarticulate&Distorted

    Preparation For Decision

    F.M.L. back to Gathering of Evidence again!! Good ol' VA, you sure know how to screw with a Vets' emotions......
  12. Inarticulate&Distorted

    Preparation For Decision

    Getting closer on my TDIU Claim! Hopefully wont be much longer now! Date of completion is between February 15th and March 21st. Getting past the Gathering of Evidence stage i feel is the best step. The end stages tend to go faster i've noticed since i started this whole process with the VA back in June of 2014
  13. Putting all political feelings aside, anyone know if this is gonna hurt those of us with Claims pending?
  14. Inarticulate&Distorted

    Comp & Pen coming

    General rule of thumb, if you are Schedular 100% work is fine, but one of the big things on getting 100% for PTSD is inability to maintain a job. 100% Total Disability Individual Unemployability then no you can't work and earn above poverty line. 100% TDIU is for people who don't have 100% schedular but can not maintain Substantially Gainful Employment.

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