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  1. Yes Buck its on my to.do list. Been dealing with a new house, getting married and working on Immigration for the wife. We hope to be home around September at the latest from Asia. We will get her CHAMPVA when she gets to America, and i plan to get us both a DoD ID. Plus, after we get her Permanant Residency taken care of she can get some College Education through my Chapter 35. It's a slow process all together for us, but we've learned patience is key.
  2. My Commisary letter has disappeared from Eben as well. Good thing i.printed out a bunch of them for my records. As we all know, Eben is a horrible website and it's new counterpart Vets.gov aint any better
  3. Its almost a year now since i was approved 100% for IU and Total and Permanent. should i be expecting this form in the mail from the VA or should i be proactive and fill one out and send it in? Opinions would be appreciated, or even better, a weblink to the appropriate regulations.
  4. EBennie is, and always will be, a form of self-inflicted torture. Your stuff looks good otherwise. Keep us posted.
  5. Robert Friedman out of Everett Washington got me everything i have. Took about a year, very thorough and no BS.
  6. This right here is another way to look at your Claim as well. If they want to give you the ammunition for Aggravated by Service then start building on that. We should use all the tools available when fighting for our Claims. Sometimes an Examiner or the VA itself inadvertantly gives these little gems to further our battles. Keep an eye out for them. Once again, i just want to say, if you go the IMO route i HIGHLY suggest reading up on IMO's and making sure your specialist does it how the VA Rater wants to see it.
  7. Hey man, Take a deep look into what goes into an IMO when it comes to PTSD and Mental Health Exams. The VA rater is looking for Very Very VERY specific terminology. If this Psychologist(and you WILL meed someone with a PhD) has no experience writing Opinions for the VA, it may not even help you if he doesn't know how the phrasing needs to be. I am sure others here would be able to point you to good resources on how these IMO's need to be laid out, wish i could be more helpful.
  8. No idea where you heard all those weird statements. Im 35 years old, T&P, IU, Mental Health, and on SSDI, so yeah thats a weird set of statements mate.
  9. Welcome to the Horrors of the VA system brother. You have a solid Claim, my suggestion, hire Robert Friedman and Assosciates. They specialize in PTSD and TDIU Claims, took them less than 2 years to get my Full Benefits win. Once again, just a suggestion, but 20% of your back pay if you win, but better than 0
  10. Strange, i could have sworn M.E.P.S. generally denies entry to anyone admitting any kind of drug usage, hell, maybe there were waivers involved but i find that hard to believe... more info would be appreciated if an opinion is being asked for
  11. Love how you said you use the VA 's own bullshit against them. I had a Psychologost who pompusly told me, only a PhD can diagnose a MHD, how did i use that against them? Simple, i refused to see a psychiatrist or counselor, i would only use a PhD, helps when you can pick up those little tidbits of info to strengthen your case, and i know it helped me win my SSDI as well, sent them a load of my medical files, they sent me to 1 exam, from start to finish my SSDI only took 4 months. To the original poster, keep fighting, you Win or you Die, anything less is unacceptable imo
  12. Some reading material... https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2018/06/21/the-withheld-hhs-study-on-base-water-contaminants-is-out-and-its-not-good/
  13. Just a little added information for ya. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2018/06/21/the-withheld-hhs-study-on-base-water-contaminants-is-out-and-its-not-good/ My father is now adding his Thyroid Issues to his Claim because of this article. He was a Fireman at Grand Forks AFB from 79-83.
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