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  1. I received the following letter about my election to participate in RAMP. Several days later I received the following letter about a new exam to determine my level of disability. I have yet to receive the BBE - big brown envelope - since my last exam which was done in September 2017. Anybody have any thoughts about what might be going on? I applied to VR&E and have received the following letter from them. 2019-01-11 VA Evidence Intake Center Janesville, WI RAMP Acknowledgement from 24 May 2019 Redacted.pdf 2019-01-11 VA Evidence Intake Center Janesville, WI Exam to Determine Current Level of Disability Redacted.pdf 2018-12-18 VA VR&E Unable to Work Redacted.pdf
  2. A little confusing. Sounds like your PCP, which sounds like is at the VA, would have nothing to do with medicare. But I do think you need to contact the physician you wish to visit and see if they accept medicare. Hope this helps.
  3. You misunderstood my post. I haven't worked in 18 years. I am still working on getting TDIU.
  4. It doesn't work that way. I haven't worked in 18 years and am still working on TDIU.
  5. I have a decision letter that doesn't address all six of my remanded issues. Only three of them were. I checked with DAV and they tell me I am still waiting for a RAMP letter that won't be here for two to four months. I opted into RAMP back in May of 2018. My decision letter stated that after 30 days my appeal will be certified to the Board of Veterans Appeals. All very confusing.
  6. kanewnut

    RAMP questions

    Looks like my RAMP case will take a lot longer than 125 days also. More like 180 to 270 days. 11/10/2018 - 02/20/2019 Estimated Completion Date. 2018-10-06 VA Decision letter 2018-07-19 VA Deposit of $ posted to account. 2018-07-06 Call from Washington, DC 1(202) 530-9000. Ask if I have any new evidence. Will get a letter out in a couple of weeks. 2018-05-29 USPS Receipt for RAMP OPT-IN ELECTION form signed by STEVEN FIELDS 2018-05-21 CERTIFIED MAIL RECEIPT for RAMP OPT-IN ELECTION form 2018-05-16 RAMP OPT-IN ELECTION - filled out form choosing Supplemental Claim 2018-05-01 VA letter to opt into RAMP
  7. The below is a conversation I have been having with the DAV. Me - My recent Decision Letter only discusses three of the six items from my Remand. Is this correct? Shouldn’t the Decision Letter have listed all six with reasons for each grant or non-grant. Any help is greatly appreciated. DAV - According to the VA data your RAMP is still active even though you’ve gotten decisions on some issues . The status is ready for decision so hopefully you will receive a decision to all issues in the near future. If I'm mistaken I apologize , but the VA data doesn’t reflect the RAMP is completed. Me - What is so confusing is the paragraph that talks about withdrawing my appeal. It states that if they don't hear from me that my appeal will be certified to the Board of Veteran's Appeals. I hope you can clarify some of this. Any help is greatly appreciated. DAV - The letter is confusing because the letter dated July 16, 2018 was completed by the Appeals Management Center before they review you had opted into RAMP. The language is incorrected based on your RAMP election. The RAMP team will render a decision on all your issues which were on appeal and send you the notification with the proper election. Does this make sense to anyone?
  8. My only experience was positive. My records show that the VA put a note on my records that there was Congressional interest, and the note was to stay on top of my records. This was years ago. I would do it again if need be.
  9. I don't see anything that says TDIU was deferred. After reading through all this a few more times it looks like they just didn't do what they were supposed to. I am now in RAMP, so I don't think they are using SOC or SSOC, are they? If this goes back to the Board and the RO has not done what they were supposed to don't I just get remanded again for the RO to do what they were supposed to do the first time? Any help is greatly appreciated as this is so confusing and frustrating.
  10. My BBE - Big Brown Envelope which was actually a BWE - Big White Envelope arrived this past Saturday. Attached are the decision letter and the rating letter. There were 6 issues on the remand. Only three are addressed in this decision. Are they only addressing issues they could grant an increase on? Am I supposed to get a SSOC to tell me what is going on? Thanks. 2018-10-06 VA Decision Letter Redacted for Hadit.pdf 2018-10-06 VA Rating Decision Letter Redacted for Hadit.pdf 2018-10-13 VA Remand Issues Redacted for Hadit.pdf
  11. kanewnut

    Vocational rehab letter came today!

    Not necessarily. They are two different programs. You should go ahead and apply for SSDI. You will have to go through the SSA's own examination process for them to determine if you are disabled according to their rules. Please let us know if your letter helps in any way.
  12. This I don't understand. Isn't it in the regulation in black and white whether you qualify or not? This is what I hate about the whole process, too many - you are likely to need -
  13. I thought I have read somewhere about vets getting massage therapy. I pay $60 an hour out of pocket for it. With the nightmare I have seen my acupuncturist go through to get bills paid by VA, the massage therapist would have to charge $120 an hour to make up for all the lost time spent billing.
  14. Shouldn't you ask this question of the tax office in the county you live in?

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