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  1. I think that is much better.
  2. This is a claim for CUE, Clear and Unmistakable Error, under provisions of 38 U.S.C. 1111 and 38 CFR 4.6. Shouldn't this be CUE under 38 CFR 5109A and they violated 38 U.S.C. 1111 and 38 CFR 4.6.
  3. JMO but I wouldn't think he would get in trouble because you didn't press charges. I don't think they can see what you submit to the Va, but I don't know for sure.
  4. I would think they will have access to it. Did you tell them which VA? Your wife should write up a letter with a lot of detail about this. If you can find any receipts, send copies of those.
  5. With who? You decided to not press charges. The VA needs to know he has a problem. I found it funny that you blacked out your age but left DOB.
  6. I have neck issues and also have right shoulder and arm issues that are secondary to it. You just need the doctor to say as much.
  7. You could submit a claim. Do you have a doctor that will say this is likely caused by the DJD? If your doctor says it is connected you could submit a claim. If your doctor doesn't say it is so then your opinion won't matter much.
  8. I’m on a “Mission from God” to help Veterans (to plagiarize John Belushi). I love it. This has really made my day!
  9. I think you need a doctor to say they are caused by the PTSD.
  10. Can't you now file another or more supplemental claims with the new/additional evidence?
  11. You have not offended or insulted me. I appreciate all your help. I really appreciate the effort you put in to read all of Dawsonatl and my postings and explain what was going on. I probably have a little bit of a sick, twisted, sarcastic sense of humor and tend to get a good laugh out of some of your postings. That is good because after 35 years of chronic pain so bad that blowing my head off seemed like the only out, I don't laugh at much. I have sent off today my "CUE" letter to Cheeseville. I am very interested in seeing what the Puzzle Palace will do with it. I have learned a huge amount from starting this topic.
  12. I have read through this and I don't see how it applies unless "it is discovered that inaccurate information was provided such as service dates or entitlements" and the RO is going to award TDIU. I looked up "Rosinski v Wilkie 2018". This appears to be "ATTORNEY CHALLENGES VA POLICY RE: ACCESS TO DRAFT RATING DECISIONS". I don't see how that applies.
  13. If you can get it fixed then good. But remember that once you are cut on there is no going back. I have had a neck fusion and I don't think it helped.
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