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  1. The letter states you can't participate in any physically strenuous activity. That leaves sedentary activity. I would not expect IU based on this.
  2. Higher Lever Review only looks at what is already in the record. It didn't do me any good to ask for a HLR. They still denied me.
  3. You might also look into asknod.org. He has a lot of info about AO.
  4. On page 4 it says - Notice of failure to report for VA Compensation and Pension examination dated August 13, 2010. I think they are referring to the letter - Notice of failure to report - that they would have sent out after you missed the 7 July appointment.
  5. If you are quoting someone you should see a little number at the very top of the hadit.com page on the right side where the little bell is. The number is the number of notifications. You can click on the bell and then click on the notification and go directly to the notification. Sometimes it is just a like from the little heart at the bottom of your message. Since you quoted Berta she should have received a notification. Hope this is as clear as mud.
  6. I don't know. Since no one else has answered I would try to contact Vocational Rehabilitation and ask them.
  7. I don't know how to link to a prior post, but below are the relevant parts Is there a special form to file for CUE - Asked by Richard1954 This was asked 5 July asknod's response - DROs beg me to use a 526 EZ to accurately capture the Vet's name, rank, airspeed and tail number in all those squares they are putting on the forms now. You can also file it on anything that floats your boat by law. VA has told us in the last month they are coming out with a new form for that in the very near future. Define "near future". Until then, you can buy one of those metal cutting computer-driven doomoflotchies and file it on 1/64" steel plate. Just keep the sheets down to 8.5" X 11". My favorite is those endless paper towel roles in VAMC bathrooms. Just keep waving your hand in front of the IR sensor until it's long enough... Berta's response - I read this thread too fast- when I posted----- Asknod is correct, they are using the 526 for everything to include CUE claims.
  8. I think when you become rated permanent and total that you don’t get any more C&P exams.
  9. I believe you are supposed to use VA FORM 21-526EZ. I think this is primarily so that pertinent information is filled in in the correct boxes. I think this makes it easier on the VA end to scan or enter that data. I believe ASKNOD has stated it could be filed several interesting ways.
  10. I had an MRI done at Asheville, NC VAMC. I was being seen at Duke, NC VAMC. I called Duke to see if they had my MRI yet. They told me no. I called Asheville and they told me who the MRI was sent to, who signed for it and when they signed for it. I called Duke back with this information and asked them if they thought they could find the MRI now. That took care of it
  11. They want something more than just the qualifying disabilities. Perhaps a doctor stating you can't work or a VR&E letter stating you can't work. I had a doctor of mine to write a letter stating that my depression was caused by my chronic pain.
  12. Since VA likes to deny claims and then you have to go through the long process of appealing them, doesn't it make sense to go ahead and file. While you are waiting you can start building up the case. Perhaps you will get a positive C&P and you won't have to build up your case or miss out on disability payments. JMO
  13. I think you mean page 9 SECTION IV CLAIM INFORMATION. I am not aware of any reason not to put all 20 down. I don’t know what VA VETERANS ADVISOR is. Are you being treated by a non VA doctor? If so and those records are material then they need to get into the VA file. You may have to do some detective work to locate the MRI. There is a case recently that I think disputes that. A quick search for "Pain as disability" turned up this - Pain as a disability Asked by broncovet Posted July 26, 2018 Important take away: Quote It ultimately states “while a diagnosed condition may result in a disability, the disability itself need not be diagnosed.” Id. at *11. Source: http://thomasandrewslaw.blogspot.com/2018/04/saunders-pain-as-disability-decided-by.html You see the VA denying this stuff all the time: The VA says there was no "diagnosis" in service, and denies. There need not be a diagnosis in service, only an "in service event or aggravation". That is different. You need to check back with this doctor. I had my PCP tell me she would write me a letter. I didn’t follow up with her and she forgot. When I found out it was too late because she had switched to C&P Exams. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
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