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  1. It is okay. I just wondered if you knew. I sometimes cringe when I see all caps, like I am literally expecting my ears to hurt. My eye sight is not too great either, even with glasses.
  2. I mailed my HLR on 2020-06-02, got called on 2020-10-24 and the VA made a decision on 2020-10-28. Hope that is helpful.
  3. I did a search for "m21-1 cue". The very first item found is - M21-1, Part III, Subpart iv, Chapter 2, Section B - Revision of Decisions It discusses finally adjudicated and binding decisions. It plainly states binding decisions can have CUE's. You do not have to wait. Happy reading.
  4. IMHO - Welcome to the VA and their continued stupidity! Sounds to me like you get to keep appealing. Welcome to the Hamster Wheel.
  5. When you are posting at the bottom of the box around your post it has "Drag files here to attach, or choose file... Hope that helps!
  6. So I am in Virginia. Roanoke is the VARO. The director is Robert T. Reynolds. Is this who I should be sending it to?
  7. How do you go about filing a formal complaint? Who do you send it to?
  8. Well that's too bad. War's cost money and taking care of the veterans of war should be a very high priority. I had an uncle with boots on the ground that always complained about AO. He died before 65 with a heart attack.
  9. They are well aware of them, but I am afraid when someone dropped the paper files and then mixed them up that the VA didn't have enough sense to request them again and fix the mess. They haven't exactly ignored them. In prior decisions the VA claims that they took the SSDI and VR&E denial into consideration but that other evidence shows I am not unemployable. That is a big reason for searching this C-File.
  10. I did down load the Adobe Acrobat but I wasn't able to get it to find anything. I will probably play with it some more but just don't have time right now. It sounds like it will be helpful. The Mac is just an Apple PC versos most PC's being Intel. Slightly different operating system and software written for the Intel PC must be modified to run on the Mac, unless you run a program that emulates an Intel PC. Most information is stored as 0's and 1's. Even pictures. I don't understand much about picture storage. As Broken was referring to sometimes documents are scanned but not as tex
  11. Buck, why do you keep shouting? Do you not realize that all caps is shouting? The M21-1 has procedures for the VA to make corrections when records are found in another vets file. This issue with my SSA records has been going on since 2007. The VA had a partial copy of my SSA records in my last C-File from 2016. I am wanting to see now what they are looking at. Several decisions have SSA records in the evidence section, but that doesn't tell me what they are looking at.
  12. I don't have a CD reader on my Mac. I took the CD to Staples and they copied it to a thumb drive for me. Charged all of $.27 because it was only one file. So I can search the C-File on the computer. I called Peggy(1-800-827-1000) and got a helpful person. She said that the SSA records are in my file, but she had no idea how to find them other than to search just like I am doing. She said I could send in another request for the SSA records. I guess that is what I am going to have to do. I downloaded Adobe Acrobat but it is not finding anything with a search. I will play with it more
  13. That is one of my major problems. The VA lists SSA records but when I got the 2016 copy of the C-File the SSA records were a mess. The VA lists other times they have received SSA records in my decisions. My problem is what are they looking at? If they are denying me because evidence overrides the SSDI and VR&E denial I want to see what that evidence is. The VA telling me that they have verified my SSDI payments doesn't tell me that the VA have verified that I receive SSDI solely for SC disabilities. I just finished using Apple Mac preview to search for "social security". I didn't fin
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