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  1. travarious

    Preparation For Decision

    Congratulations. I guess I'll take your spot on that amusement park ride now.
  2. travarious

    Preparation For Decision

    Did you get approve. I'm getting the run around too
  3. Yes I have 21 years of service with two tour of duty to Iraq both time. 

  4. travarious


    Thank. I'm already at 80%. Ptsd 70% and some more stuff. Already had my C&P back in october. I also have a exam schedule for SSDI on March 12.
  5. travarious


    I been waiting since Sept for them to decide my Tdiu case. They keep saying they need some record from my national service record that they have requested. Only problem is they have requested it three times from them. How many time will they request before saying forget it and decide my claim. They already have all my service medical record on file hat I sent to them the first time I file. What is they specifically looking for.

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