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  1. Does anyone know what the current DIC is for the widow of a 100% disabled vet? Thanks
  2. Actually it all comes down to Congressional Intent if it isn't spelled out clearly in the authorizing legislation. If an Agency makes a determination in how it will interpret authorizing legislation an individual or entity still has the ability to seek a legal determination outside the Agency.
  3. Update - it took about 6 months but I was ultimately granted Social Security Disability with 7 years until I will be reviewed.
  4. Through the years I have never submitted a request for mileage reimbursement until today. I was reading the write-up and it stated there was a $3 deductible each way but that the deductible may be waived based on the previous year's income or "if you are in receipt of a VA pension". I have no idea what they mean by this? I'm rated at 100% and obviously receive disability pay, but I had never thought of it as a "pension". Any idea what they are talking about? Thanks!
  5. I've now been waiting 4 months and haven't heard a peep from Social Security or the State Disability Determination people. I wonder what is going on?
  6. I'm a 100% P&T vet and applied for SSD the end of March. My application is still noted as " Disability Determination Pending". I was wondering if anyone else is in Oregon and can let me know how long it took to get an initial decision? Thanks!
  7. Thanks to you both, I guess I'll call Peggy and make sure they processed it and it is in the right hands. I'll also ask why it isn't showing in Ebenefits. Green
  8. Question, when you have asked the VA to CUE itself regarding an obvious error, was the action noted on ebenefits? I sent the letter and all the supporting documentation to the intake center. I have a return signed receipt so I know it was received prior to a year from the decision. I however can't find any mention of it on ebenefits. Thank you
  9. Curious about the VA Medical Center in Oregon and how they deal with disabled Vets needing specialized equipment? I'll be moving shortly and am wondering if they will support my Insulin Pump that I received in Montana. Would appreciate any feedback. Green
  10. I'm going to head to the medical center records department on Thursday and ask for a copy. Once I have it I'll go to the patient advocate and ask what is going on.
  11. Not trying to be paranoid but I'm wondering why I can't find my treatment notes on blue button. It used to be that you would be forced to wait 3 business days to see your notes but it's been a few weeks for 3 different doctors. Anyone else having this problem?
  12. I'm not advocating poitics, but if I'm gonna have someone fighting for Vet rights this gal is at the top. http://www.theblaze.com/video/final-thoughts-fighting-for-veterans-and-the-fair-treatment-they-deserve/
  13. I have it Berta, was smart enough to make a copy in 1995 when I filed my claim for increase (what I can't locate is the PN rating criteria). So I was notified about my recent request for rating on new secondary conditions about 10 months ago. Do I file a NOD on the dates they used and point out the records they didn't consider and ask that they backdate to 1987 (or 1995 at the latest for the PN) and 1995 for the SMC-K award? Do I ask in the NOD form that they CUE themselves on this matter (after I attach the documents and the rationale)? Additionally I have PN awarded in the current award but they only provide a rating for the peroneal nerve when I have nerve conduction study evidence that the tibial nerve is also affected. As the peroneal and tibial nerve separate at the back of your knee, and I have zero refexes in my ankles and knees, I think they should have rated my feet using the sciatic nerve (in fact that is what the nurse practitioner filled out on the C&P form. Is this a CUE or a NOD or should I fill out the NOD form and ask that they CUE themselves (I would provide the data they didn't consider as an attachment to the document)?
  14. So the issues are that I started claiming peripheral neuropathy in 1987 as you can see by the attached records. I claimed it again in 1995. neither time was it granted. Certainly if award is based on subjective symptoms I should have been awarded all the way back to 1987. In 1995 I have a diagnosis (in the C&P) but it still was not awarded. So, in 2015 I applied again and it was awarded but they only went back to 3/2003. I also applied for an evaluation of impotence, an K-1 award was given back to 2004 but as you can see I have a diagnosis back to 1995. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Green UploadHADIT.pdf
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