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  1. Sounds like the category in which it was claimed.
  2. The VBA and VHA are two different offices. What the VBA does likely won't cross your doctor's mind The VBA will assess disability severity on their next scheduled exam- IF there is one. You can ask your VSO or your VA office for that date, if it exists. Then you can start to worry!
  3. Why is it a reconsideration if the deferrals weren't processed????? It should be a 930- Local quality error. Things are simply too complex. There's dozens of things to keep in mind, and 100% all the Service center manager does is scream for more production. You don't see too many deferrals, so I imagine they just got missed.
  4. Not familiar with rating- See if you can find the disability in the CFR- Also militarydisabilitymadeeasy has rating cheat sheets
  5. If I understand, yes. Say you 'reopened' hearing loss. And they rejected based on N&M- Nothing stops you from filing for PTSD, for example. This is a good time to complain about VSOs telling you to file for frivolous disabilities- Say they put in for Hearing loss, and you didn't quite meet the hearing loss threshold, and were denied. Later- you DO meet the threshold, but you can't get an exam because it's been previously denied. Hopefully you understand the scenario
  6. Did your VSO file or complain on your behalf? Quality does go through a small percent of claims. Sometimes they actually do their job.
  7. LoL. I'm sure they're just waiting to send us that- Maybe all at once
  8. You likely won't see any results. For a VSO to get into the weeds of what a VSR does makes it nearly impossible for someone without training and experience to schedule an exam correctly. There's multiple programs involved, and each takes getting used to- If you come back three- four weeks later, you'll forget and miss something. A VSR can just ask the group of VSRs sitting next to him on uncommon situations- This is a really, really bad idea. Respectfully, VSOs shouldn't be doing this, they should be ensuring the VA does it's job, not doing the VA's job!!!! The VA is a huge bureaucracy, their job is to grow their bureaucracy, not help Veterans. So when a VSO messes up that makes MORE VA work, and delays the Veteran's claim. This does exactly that, while cutting Veteran's short. Yes, there's a page in my notes of 'exclusions', just like FDC. The biggest lie here is the thirty day talking point. This 'Thirty days' is after the VA gets the completed exam, so the process takes just as long as going to the VA, because they're not including the time from VSO filing an exam request to completion!!!!!!!! And guess when the VA will start the effective date, if the VSO doesn't ITF?
  9. They called me today, sais they'd be issuing a refund of all med copays!! Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Yes, we had a DRC briefing. Didn't like q's!!!! In short, they're putting the VA's job onto VSO's. it's just plain silly- VSRs order exams all day and are good at it. VSO's ... The main complaint here is they aren't good at what they're supposed to be doing already- not to be snarky. Last, if you send in a DBQ on your own, the VSR will simply mark your claim 'RFD'- it'll go right to a rater- In short, why would their DRC take so long??? 30 days????
  11. and the lady who answered said she'd have an audit conducted- She understood the retro and priority group one no copay- Said the audit would probably be 2x months
  12. Here's a little primer on apportionments from a Lawyer!! It doesn't mention the hardship thing- So maybe that only applies to spouse. Apportionment
  13. no, he's talking apportionment, not child support.
  14. Thanks again. I went to Means Test and they gave me the number for billing, is KS I think. He said my % and eff date are already in system, so that'd make it easier (LoL. we all know nothing is easy at the VA!)
  15. The VA will tell the court to blow. What she's asking for is called an 'Apportionment.' You are already providing support through SS, If I understood correctly. I did read you helped out of your own free will. Send this info in to the VA, it should kill her claim. If not, you can claim the apportionment will cause extreme hardship, this will also kill her claim. If you're still married SHE can claim an apportionment for herself- But you mentioned marital infidelity and that will also kill her claim. An attorney has zero idea on how VA apportionment works, you could try a VSO, or County agent. It's among the most complex claims a VSR can get, so doubtful anyone will know anything :( Provide the support info and the hardship info to the VA, they will be more than happy to deny to get it off their desk. Please read a little further on your own- They had me doing apportionments at two months onto the job; then they took us all off because- Well, they're so difficult no one knew what they were doing- So I'm no expert.