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    It's one thing not to have disability records, but having them hidden by the VA for 45 years should be a criminal offense. All medical evidence withheld from me since January 1972 per FOIA Exemption 5. Genealogy, coins, guitar

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  1. Wayne TX. Hey, if you’re comfortable with it and don’t mind giving up what you have already invested then go for it. I probably would too if I only had a short time invested but the VA has screwed me around by lying, cheating,manipulating records, hiding the records and all evidence for 47 years, completely avoiding the agent orange issues that caused them to evacuate me out of Vietnam. Most of my time was spent in the hospital and they say I didn’t even complain, so it’s impossible for me to lay down and let this go. Young guys just now getting discharged and old guys just now having a problem should probably go this way. My medical care was refused by the VA and all service connection since 1983 and they were completely in the wrong. The VA is still withholding my records. Why would they? I will see in the next month or so what my rating is, if it changed, or if legal action is required. I would use it for new claims, and it just depends what you don’t mind giving up. You gave up two years or what ever time you’ve been waiting, but heck, that disability may kill you tomorrow. good luck brother...Victor Ray
  2. Yeah, I heard enough. They have reworded the process calling it lanes, and eliminated any process that benefits the veteran, kind of smiling at you while they twist the knife in your back. The VA is as trustworthy as ISIS, but just slower. They are corrupt, deceitful, and manipulative, destroying or hiding evidence and I am sympathetic to those that believe in the VA judges to. The BVA is just as corrupt as any organization, maybe worse. These are just words and a waste of paper because nothing is enforced. The old system was good enough, but the law was misinterpreted and misused to uphold one goal, deny the truth. This backlog is self made and unnecessary; all these appeals are due to corrupt raters kissing the rear end of higher up corrupt officials overseeing the disbursement of benefits, and the judges pervert the law in favor of the government in most cases. The most corrupt VARO has to be St. Louis, home of the records centers. They hide the evidence when told to and release it when told to. They are biased and corrupt, another way of calling them liars. I have 0 respect for the person running it too. I guess I despise the VA for its lies and deception, and hiding the evidence concerning the phony medical board and lying about my records being lost and withholding results from Japan and six months after my return, and the refusal to treat me after issuing the P3 on DA3349. It knew I was forever screwed and made me get by without acknowledgement of those conditions being incurred in Vietnam. I don’t trust anything they do. Nothing. I don’t need any response, I just wanted to give my opinion of the way the VA thinks.
  3. PS. Agent Orange was one of if not the biggest cover up in American History. I was sacrificed because I was a documented case. The DoD is still withholding my evidence of stroke, brain damage, Rheumatic Fever, Permanent blood and organ damage documented by a Permanent level 3 Profile, but they all lie and ignore its existence. Don’t wait on the liars like I did. I didn’t file within one year, so they say it’s old age now. In 1983 they just said my Evacuation wasn’t service Connected, neither was the exposure, malaria, the lung damage, the brain damage, the liver, the intestines. They have the proof, but they are all liars and deceivers here to deceive you. If you are dealing with St. Louis, you have my utmost sympathy. They will screw you when the VSO’s are done. Never use DAV or VFW in St. Louis. Again, GOOD LUCK.
  4. What I have found is that the VA has the most dishonest employees on earth working in the VBA department. They think nothing of perverting the facts, destroying evidence, withholding your records, and causing the murder by suicides of thousands of vets every day. They lie and deceive a vet they have wronged or owe a large settlement. I just had everything denied except “hives” after being medivac’d out of Vietnam with a skin disease 47 years ago. 47 freaking years they lied, and the BVA, the “Board” itself in on the deception, the masters of deception. I have 0 respect for the VA. None. Everything they do is deceptive, and designed to benefit the government, NOT YOU. Every change is dreamed up by a moma’s college boy that is a professional kiss *ss, and will one day run the VA. Call the White House hot line because they are screwing you. Call them immediately. 1-855-948-2311. They have screwed you for 4 months already, after the 30day guarantee. Imagine having 2 or 3 years of waiting then going with RAMP. It’s all thrown away. GOOD LUCK
  5. Martell, i believe the RAMP is good for new or recently filed claims, but no everyone is eligible. I take it you must have a certified appeal on the docket before the BVA to qualify. I just got there and it’s taken four years. Also, you can not submit new evidence and you can’t go back. You keeping your effective is a shady statement at best. What effective date? It sounds like you keep that one you filed 7 years ago or what ever, but i’ll Bet you anything that that effective date is the new one you get for signing up for the RAMP Process, not the one you had for years. Thats my take on it and the call center don’t even know the facts. NO WAY, would I agree because I was lied to 47 years ago, deceived all that time, so distrust is ingrained in my blood and damaged brain. I would rather die and my kids pick up where I leave off, and each one file a suit, for each condition, in separate cases, and include hundreds of others in a class action suit. I’m hoping I am close, but I won’t wait years. Lawyers can work it out together and make an offer or go to trial. Thanks for the reply. victor ray
  6. Me too Buck. I’m not waiting long either and shouldn’t be waiting now, and wouldn’t be if I had not been deceived in 1971. It was dirty on the VAs part, but now that it’s in front of the judge I will give them a bit and think it is moving. No, I don’t have the years to wait, and supposedly advanced, so I am going to call Washington to see if I can get some information on it. I really think something may be done soon, or it won’t. If it’s not, I will go public and have a law firm, or several of them, help me out, along with the press. I am anxious to see what the VA considers honest, and soon too.
  7. Thanks Buck. i’ve got His phone number now , but I’m going to see what the Board says before I do anything. I hope they come around, and I hope they do have the missing records to review, but from what I understand, the only way I can possibly see them is through a malpractice lawsuit. I think the would have to use them in order for a fair judgement. If they don’t use them as evidence, then I am getting the shaft and will call to see where this can go. Thanks for the info though Buck. I’ve got it, and need to hear some of his podcasts too, and kinda get to know him. Thanks Buck victor ray
  8. Buck. Yes, I was well over the 30% needed to qualify for 100% retirement because I was 100%. They knew, and I believed in them, that they would not lie to me. I never thought the VA was deceptive, but I was young and gullible. glad you finally got 100% and SMC K . I FILED FOR E.D. and developed a painful enlarged prostate about 6 months after returning, and am still taken meds for hyperplasia. They documented it in 1972 but denied it as being service connected aft being medivac’d out of Vietnam. the Army lied about my records in 1972, but I filed in 1983, and still couldn’t get any medical records, nothing until 2015. Twenty or so FOIA REQUESTS got nothing, but finally in 2015 a phone call got some of them from hospitalizations in RVN. Enough to prove boots on ground. I’ve inched my way along, but I hope the judge is straight at BVA,,
  9. I looked up the car 4.16 Buck, and mebeing 70% PTSD and 30% CAD, should have qualified me, but other issues that were more than 30% were hidden while I was still on duty. If you looked up the conditions that the “P” in P U L H E S covers, I had all of them, except the female issues of course, and never recovered from them. I should have been a P4, but they left themselves some wiggle room to not pissoff their superiors I guess, or just didn’t realize the depth of the permanent injuries. They knew they were permanent, and bad, just not how bad, at the moment. They realized later, probably as more results of deterioration developed. Hiding the evidence cost me a lifetime of anguish, and I hope it’s made right. That CFR was helpful. T You victor ray
  10. Buck. The VA has just been screwing me over as well as my dependents because I was a documented case, but just haven’t died yet. I don’t feel from it, but thankfully I am still here. I think they know now that I finally have enough evidence to prove most all of my claims, at least enough to prove 100% service connection, but the VA still don’t want some of the conditions connected to Vietnam. I had a stroke at 19 years old, brain damage, abdominal tumors by the dozens, Chloracne, skin rashes, liver problems, kidney problems, peripheral neuropathy, and so many other things including Agent Orange being used every place I set foot, but because of Agent Orange being hidden from the public, I had to be denied and all the traces of evidence hidden as well. Enough is known now that it can’t hardly be denied, but the raters in St Louis(Monsanto’s City), are hard at work lying about Agent Orange and it’s connection to even those presumptive conditions that are now proven. They still insist they are only presumptive, but these raters are the most dishonest spineless people in the VA. Washington DC hopefully has much more intelligent people than the Regional Offices. I do have 2 appeals pending and they will determine what happens in the future, but I am just thankful that I am still mobile. I understand their math, but not their reasoning, or how they can see the evidence yet say it isn’t so. It’s unforgivable that a rater can see it in their face and deny it. They should not have that job or authority. I’m looking forward to honest judges, and at some point the law will show that it’s the male that caries the determining factors in offspring dna damage and disabilities. They chose the female because there were 8k that served in Vietnam as opposed to 2.5 million men. I was P & T in 1971 and they knew it. Thanks Buck. victor Ray
  11. Victor Ray

    TBI claim update

    Buck. i have an appeal that is supposedly before a Veterans (VA) Law Judge, but take that anyway you want, but not with more than a grain of salt. The VFW snickers and says he has now idea how long this could take, another week, a month, a year or three, or ten years. I had 200k ahead of me and asked for an advance on the docket, they granted it due to my age, conditions, and waiting 47 years for the records I have been deprived of. Then I called the VFW and he said it hasn’t changed and (snicker) you just have to wait your turn like everybody else. Now this is St. Louis, the most powerful and most corrupt of all VAROs. They manipulate everything they want in their favor. A few more days will determine when I go public. Thanks Buck. victor ray
  12. Buck. I qualified for disability from the time I was 19. I was 100% by law even then, but the VA is corrupt. They ignore what they want and lie about the rest. I am now over 55, (67) i have the same permanent disabilities I developed in Vietnam and some have worsened, but none are likely to improve. it’s been over eight years without substantial improvement, actually worsened. i am at 90% now, one at 70%, one at 30%, three at 10%. That’s not good enough for IU. The VA is putting it to me like they always have, hiding the evidence. Thanks victor
  13. Buck. I’m no authority either, but there are 3 lanes added to chose from, the higher level, the supplemental claims level, the appeal level in Feb 2019. You have a limited time to submit evidence to the lower two. You can not submit new evidence to the higher level, and you can never go back. The VA puts out two or three letters on the same subject, but all different. I remember reading that you have to give up your right to reopen a claim, as you can with the traditional. this says you have a “POTENTIALLY “ faster & earlier resolution. Maybe yes+maybe no. the same “POTENTIAL “ effective date. It is possible, but you know how the VA moves your effective dates to the most current date possible every chance. I’m the same way Buck. I have thousands of papers and envelopes and letters and boxes full of correspondence and threw away the other part to this letter I guess. This I know, you will not be allowed to submit new evidence, you will not be able to go back to traditional, you lose the “duty to assist from the VA”, in the higher level, and AFTER you receive a decision from the higher level you have another year to review your decision notice. Personally, all this in my opinion is only a stall and delay tactic. The backlog is purposely created. It’s all phony. My claims have been looked at by lawyers for the VA from DAV and VFW, and from Georgia, to Nebraska to Missouri to Texas, and back. It a game amongst the raters and supervisors to “kick the claim” like we did the can. I know what I read and then tossed, because it was a big ripoff. Good luck to anyone using it. Remember, I was non deployable, issued a Permanent level 3 Profile for permanent limitations, a disability in itself, was medivac’d out of Vietnam for conditions with “Cause Unknown” unknown,!!! Lungs infected by “Unknown Organisms” after Vietnam. They are “Withholding information “. Why? Why would they withhold any information from the time I arrived back here to th present time? What reason could they possibly have? Because it proves Agent Orange causes Brain Damage and strokes as others have claimed. It opens up another can of worms the VA doesn’t want known, because autistic children, slow learners, mentally handicapped, physically deformed and two and Fifty other conditions are also covered up and records like mine are the key to new suit. If the gowill lie about the records while I am still on duty, and 12 years later, and 40 years later, and finally cough some up 45 years later, but tell me the others are locked away in anticipation of litigation, something is terribly rotten in that organization. They are hiding the facts that many PTSD rated vets had diseases that went untreated, like malaria, filariasis, liver flukes, and other parasitic diseases the military didn’t even know about. These young doctors didn’t know what arsenic would do to a person, let alone Dioxin that they had never heard of, so it had to be allergies. That’s their story anyway, and they are sticking to it. I wish they were looking for more records Buck, but they are altering existing records if anything. They have always had them and always lied about them, period. They enjoy pushing and bullying the vet, “abusing their power”, and in my case, because I was a bonified Exposure case survivor (so far, but it getting scary now). The VA denied every claim I filed, even though I was hospitalized a number of times saying “You never complained in the service, you were never diagnosed nor treated for any conditions, and these conditions were neither incurred in service nor aggravated by your service. Claim Denied. My documented medical treatment records say that’s a lie. Anyone can try what works for them, but I know how they have lied and manipulated me. That’s what I know
  14. IT IS A TOTAL LIE. Do not believe anything the VA puts out concerning new anything because it is all designed to benefit the government, NOT THE VETERAN. AS IT STATES, you give up all rights to retropay, past effective date, and I don’t remember what all, but I do remember thinking you would be insane if the claim had been in the process for any length of time. If you had filed a claim say one year ago, and are willing to give that up, then go for it. If you had a NEHMER claim filed that could go back 50 years and are willing to give up that date, then go for it. You are giving up all retro everything for an immediate resolution today, and if you don’t care about your dependents losing their due benefits and compensation, or a claim that’s been there for several years, you can do it, but you can’t reopen that claim. You probably give up any secondary connection, or any right to future presumptive conditions as well. I don’t know these things, but that is the way I take it from what I remember. Everytime the VA changes something, the veteran gets screwed, and if nothing else, I have learned this. They have lied, cheated, manipulated, hidden evidence, hidden brain damage, tropical diseases, and dozens and dozens of secondary conditions all acquired in LD, to deprive me of benefits for FORTY SEVEN YEARS so far. I can show you most of the evidence they documented themselves, proving 100% what I claim, but they still deny SC. Evidence doesn’t matter if they are not in the mood to accept it, so before you sign your life away, think if the benefit is to award you due benefits, or are you losing benefits! Only you know what is important to your family. After FORTY SEVEN YEARS OF DECEPTION, I am doubtful of anything being done intentionally by the VA to benefit the veteran, just the opposite.
  15. Victor Ray

    TBI claim update

    I’m pretty sure it was Hill and Ponton’s satellite office in Houston, Texas that wanted to Charge me $150 dollars to discuss a malpractice lawsuit or represent me in acquiring benefits due for being lied to, deceived, records withheld over the last 47 years, and I just don’t trust anyone now. My wife and kids are it. My mental health doctor is just a puppet, DAV and VFW are liars, skunks and scum, just like the VA. It doesn’t matter who it was really because none of them are trustworthy. It’s a game with who can deceive you the most with you feeling screwed over the least. It is just hard to accept the world of lies and corruption we live in and are governed by, and the government thinking nothing of murdering thousands of veterans to avoid administering benefits to them because they were poisoned by Agent Orange AND that ABSOLUTELY HAD to be covered up. I feel paralyzed, unable to move for fear of another liar trying to deceive me for the VA’s benefit. Who is the least likely to make a deal under the table with the VA in order to cheat you, and I know these scumbag VSOs do it regularly, and I’m sure the law firms do as well. There is nothing the VA won’t do to screw over you, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. There are no boundaries for them, and the more wicked the faster up that corporate ladder the go. The slime bag from DAV that lied to me got promoted, and isn’t that par for them. How sad that our own government is so dishonest and responsible for so many innocentpeople dying. Unbelievable .

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