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    lied To in Vietnam, denied further malaria treatment at infectious disease ward Chicago, lied to at 2nd medical board, deprived of board notice, all treatment records, all legal assistance, denied all 120 days recovery time to stabilize, denied requests for records to file for disability before discharge, denied treatment for undetermined lung and blood organisms, denied antibiotics for Group A Streptococcus with Pharyngitis, denied all medical care, and all evidence hidden since RVN

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    trying to make sense of VA’s reason for lying 47 yrs.

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  1. Recondo@53. Do you really believe that the VSO, the Attorney, and the BVA with its dozens of attorneys, “ all missed it?”. Well I don’t. I do believe they all work together, and every one of them screwed you over. They gave you a fraction of what you deserved figuring you will take what they gave you, or have to go through tons of irritating events and finally give up anyway in the end. Time and everything else is on their side, and you cannot trust anyone, even your own lawyer, because they will sell you out once the VA offers any settlement amount, or effective date he thinks he ca
  2. Thank you. I should have been medically retired and they know it,but will deny everything that I say. They still are withholding the information and I am hoping a lawyer can get it. The VA is simply abusing its power, denying the known truth! Thanks for the encouragement, but I do not have hope for justice in my life time. What a mess. Prayers are appreciated. Thank You! victor ray
  3. I wish I knew the reason for the VA misleading us as we are pushed along the paths to our end. I completely believe that DAV is actually DVA. They are the worse liars of all so called VSOs. No VSOs actually fightfor you and none actually know the law. The VA trains all of them to do what the VA wants. Believe it or not, because you will anyway. file your claim, and if the outcome is lowballed, get an attorney, especially if the VA has Lied about your records. They will make sure I die before resolution, and I have come to see that I will always be part of the Agent Orange cover-up.
  4. ShawnKatt1. my two cents is to use the search capabilities of the internet, if that’s even trustworthy. Who knows what lawyers will sell you out when they see an easy payday. Everybody I know that has ever been to a leagal hearing before a trial always say, “This is the best we can do, so I would take it.” Immediately, my first thought is you have been had. You were screwed, and the attorney needed a new Porsche or house, or waterfront real estate and you just handed it to him. After he gets his cut 20-40%, or what ever he can con you out of because that’s just the beginning. After
  5. Ha slice and 63Charlie, you are absolutely right. All of you have been right. I believed the Army, then the VA, then the VFW in 1983, then the POS DAV, and dumped those (undercover VA employees), after their lies, then I went back and thought maybe the VFW was smarter than it was in 1983. NOPE-NOT AT ALL. They are practically useless, but stock a lot of forms instead of getting them from the internet. When I get over this illness, and if I can, I will actively seek legal representation. The scumbags have ruined so many lives, and there is no wonder the country is a mess. The whole
  6. Asknod. You have great abilities and I wish I had some of them myself, but I am too brain damaged to know what to do. I have been lied to by the BVA down, and if a BVA judge is a liar, who do you trust. I would like to get in Wilkes face and demand truthful answers, but he’s more likely than not, a liar as well. There may be good employees in the VA, but they have “0” authority, and no ability to answer to the veteran anything other than what the government (VA) tells them to. I have talked to those over the VBMS and they have assured me I have all the records that exist. They are to
  7. Vetquest, Buck, Berta, Asknod, everyone else! Thank you and everybody for all the help and advice. It was all good, but when you are up against the establishment that is full of corruption, well, you know. They will never admit I had a stroke at 19 while on duty, that Migraines developed encephalitis I contracted in Vietnam and they would lie about every record on record, and what ever takes to avoid paying what was rightfully due. I have no respect for Army Regulations, U.S.C., or the BVA. They are all as corrupt as you can get and are a stepping stone to the court, where you only h
  8. Thanks Buck. Thats great advice, but i’m Afraid it’s too late. I am looking for legal representation now and have filed the Notice of Appeal against Wilkie. I don’t think he is a friend to Veterans, but I don’t really care anymore. It will go where it will go, and that is where they direct it to go. They are liars and thieves, forcing thousands to die annually, one way or another. They are Antiffa, they are everything we don’t want in this country, they are the LAw manipulators, they are the rigged elections, they are the swamp. It’s hard to respect liars and thieves who Deceived you and
  9. Buck, I cannot fight liars anymore. From the BVA down they are corrupt, perverting and twisting the facts in favor of the government’s interest. They do not say that I tried to get my records before discharge, but was lied to by them. They do not mention that I tried to get the medical records again in my 1983 claim, but the BVA did admit “the VA used my medical treatment records in the 1983 decision. I didn’t get a copy, but they did. Instead, they say I waited 40+ years to apply for disability, Forty something years after discharge. Total bull and lies. They intentionally hid my m
  10. Thank you GeekySquid. i get it now. I did get that straightened out with the VA after I had paid for it, but I had been 50% rated for four or five months and still paying for my other meds, and at 50% and Vietnam Vet I had no co pay, but my doctor nor my nurse knew. I thought I had a copay because I also had outside insurance. I still do because I am married and the VA screwed me whe I should have been medically retired 46 years ago last April at 100% Service Connected, medical for life including spouse, 100% Pay, PX and all that stuff. They lied for all these years and it pisses me
  11. Yes, I believe it. Our priorities are so f’d up it’s unreal. Our President had two scoops of ice cream a year ago and it’s still talked about, lol, but marines or cops getting murdered hardly make the news even once. They will say two cops were gunned down today when they responded to a family dispute. The temperature today will....... I may not do squat, or I might. I know what I want to do, and that would be to see VA crooks go to jail, forever if they cause one single suicide. These scumbags are killing vets, but blame bureaucracy, but THEY ARE THE BUREAUCRATS. It makes you feel good
  12. I’m pretty sure you are talking to me. I went to a fee based dermatologist for both the Agent Orange Registry exam. We discussed my spots on the lungs, and the Atopic Dermatitis. He didn’t mention the lung conditions, red dots all over except it was part of the Dermatitis. In the report he said I had Dennie Lines, but never said a single word about it. Every examiner I have seen has twisted the discussion to fit what ever the VA wants. I think they are the absolute worse medical people on the planet. Certainly the worse in America. I had developed the lung conditions after Vietnam and w
  13. Buck. That’s what I thought when I read that article of the Vet Getting $480K. They would have had to pay him ALL at the 2013 rate, from what I understand. I figure they have crapped on me for over 47 years already, screwed my dependents as well, lied about every decision they’ve made, used ignorant or corrupt nurses on exams (probably corrupt instead of ignorant, because no one is that ignorant, are they?), withheld all my medical Records, the evidence that proved a connection back to military service. There is something they don’t want out to the public. They tried the syphil
  14. The VA certainly did have my Service Treatment Records, but let me believe they were still lost. We did file for those records(me & VFW) and they were suppose to come to me. Four or five months after I was denied I move away because my employer had called me back to work. The records never came and the DA 3349 profile from the Vietnam Medical Board Proceedings was the only record I had. The VA said I submitted no records in support of my 1983 claim and remember the Army told me my records were Lost in 1971 intransit from Vietnam and never changed that fact despite the requests for th
  15. Buck. it appears they are paying him at the current rate in 2013. If they paid me at today’s current rate for 568 months, it would be $1,784,088.00. That’s the disability wages, and includes nothing I paid out over the last 568 months. It does not include my kids compensation pay or what they lost. That does not consider the dirty dealings by the VA, or any sufferings by me, by them, future problems or early death, or anything else. I had a lot of issues. Lots of them. While still on duty developing more and more all the time, and suffering from organism in my blood and lungs, and h
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