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    It's one thing not to have disability records, but having them hidden by the VA for 45 years should be a criminal offense with extreme damages awarded to Vets. Thanks to those at DAV. Complete Corruption.

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  1. Victor Ray

    Expedited Claims without cause?

    Navy04, I don’t like it either, and didn’t want it, but for now I am at their mercy. I believe they realize that this was a case of terrible judgement and wrong doing, beginning at my return and medical documents being rewritten at that time with false information. One document is laughable, and others are missing form numbers, signatures, dates, so I am hoping for simple honest resolution. They have used Executive Privilege from 1971 to present, and I didn’t want this ridiculous injustice to drag out any longer, but I want to believe the VA is attempting to make this right. It has been really ugly so far, and total redemption is in order from the VA. I was told they are going to work my appeals and current claims all together, so that has things looking up for me finally. It’s really depressing knowing they intentionally withheld my records and all benefits, while admitting exposure to A.O. and while staring at the DA3349, but ignoring the P-3 Permanent Profile for defects in my “ physical capacity and stamina “. For 47 years to present the door to the evidence has been locked. I couldn’t even file a claim while not knowing the diagnosis for any of my conditions. Were the migraines were from a TBI, Malaria Encephalitis or other Tropical Disease, or Dioxin. I wish I had your good fortune and been given my records, but no FOIA Request will ever get my records. They have been held in “ anticipation of litigation “, but I was never even told that. My records have been kept top secret it appears, and I no longer have that clearance. It has always been a one way effort all my adult life, but I think finally someone listened, and for what it’s worth, I am going to try and enjoy what I have been left. Thank you Navy04. Victor Ray
  2. Victor Ray

    Expedited Claims without cause?

    Berta. The claim was for Al Amyloidosis and I have all the symptoms, which started in Vietnam and continued to develop all the remainder of my time on active duty, and afterwards. The swelling was not normal for a 19 year old healthy guy, and I think the Army knew my chemistry had been altered, and thus, the reason for all my medical records being withheld all my adult life. I still can’t get them and may never get them, because FOIA Requests alone won’t recover any records at all. Yes, the 30% is for Agent Orange, as far as I know. I complained in the service, but couldn’t believe I was having chest pains at 19/20 yrs old. I also complained of feeling I was getting shocked, and pins and needles, and after going through puberty once already, started it again. I felt the pop in my brain and knew my entire being had changed at that moment, and believe that’s when the migraines started. I have old dead white brain matter now, and believe it showed on X-rays as a stroke. My calcium score is off the charts too, and was 958 four years ago, and eight years ago had total artery occlusion that’s inoperable, but having 24 polyps removed so far, enlarged prostate, benign and malignant skin cancers removed, I do hope for vindication. The P-3 Profile issued in Vietnam was for permanent defects in my “physical capacity and stamina”, which basically involves every organ and body process, and I think the mistakes were caught by the more skilled raters at the BVA. I think my whole claim including appeals is being worked together, and may not need a doctors opinion for the strokes and TIAs being secondary to CAD. I think they have all the evidence they need for everything. I am hoping for total vindication. thank you for great advice, and the encouragement too Berta. You ALL are great! victor Ray
  3. Victor Ray

    Expedited Claims without cause?

    Navy04. I just wanted to say thanks to you, and everyone here for the advice and support, and give a little update. I have been increased to 90%, GERD 10%, Tinnitis, 10%, Esophagus 10%, CAD 30%, PTSD 70%. That’s what I have right now. I have another exam coming at the end of the month, and am hoping for vindication. I was disabled due to strokes, 100% blocked inoperable carotid artery, a couple brain infractions, broken tailbone, weakness in limbs, vision issues. I was granted SSDI the first time too, but my cardiologist must be on DAV’s payroll, saying I could play football, full round of golf, mountain climbing, jogging for several miles. I called his office and told them what I thought of him because anyone could tell he was a liar, which I have found in many doctors cases. I thought it was mostly lawyers and judges that did the lying, but doctors take the cake, unless they are just inept. the bottom line is things are looking up. I hope I live to enjoy a little vindication, but I can’t do hardly anything, and at times can’t walk 100 ft., and can’t be in the sun but briefly, so it’s depressing not to be able to mow the lawn, climb stairs well, hand wash the car, or do anything that really takes much effort, and I think things are worse than I know. yes, I do have a copy of my medical exam, and it’s noted that I had chronic cough and wheezing, and was hospitalized in the Army for it being systemic, and cause “undetermined “. My hearing had a profile of 2 and more testing needed. I had to mark everything as good, in order to be discharged, and when I was told my records were lost, I gave up and marked things as good, to get out and get reputable medical care. I was ill the whole time after Vietnam wit periods of almost normal ness, but it never lasted. The thing is, what has made this so difficult, is that I was and still am denied access to most of my medical records. 20 to 30 FOIAs did very little, but I did get some of them showing hospitalized in Vietnam 21days before Evacuation to Japan for more tests, then to U.S.A., for a total of 28 days straight the first time. The results from the tests done in Japan and for the six months following my return are still withheld to this day. The only reason given for me being medivac’d was “urticaria due to Chloroquine ingestion, which was totally false and I have the doctors own words in writing proving it. I forgot to say too that I wouldn’t have wanted severance pay either, because I had 3 dependents and insurance has always been an absolute necessity, and I had documented ongoing conditions myself, and V.A. benefits meant everything. TOO BAD they were all deprived of me and my dependents, because tomorrow, May 18 1971, will be 47 years to the day that I entered the 3Rd Field Hospital in Vietnam and my life was altered forever, and not for the better. I don’t have the time left either and they probably know that, so the VA may become nicer since they kicked me in the teeth all my life, lied to me for decades, withheld the evidence for 47 years so far, and never ever gave me any benefit of doubt, even with the evidence written in black and white on paper. No, I do not have the medication history and anything I do get, if anything, would now be hard to believe it’s true and correct. I submitted copies of medical records the V.A. or NPRC gave me, and the V.A. said they looked tampered with or altered. That is exactly what I had been telling “them”. I felt all along that they were manipulated, altered, missing form numbers, signatures missing, parts of the scan missing, and some information totally made up. DAV just expedited a guy’s claim that denied his PTSD CLAIM ONCE ALREADY, but DAV in a matter of days got it expedited, and got all his retropay (Gulf War), plus other claims, and got him a job with DAV sitting right beside his VSO that expedited his claim! It’s featured in DAV’s newest magazine. DAV threw my claim in the trash the first time. DAV is corrupt, and probably everyone of the VSOs are as well. Sorry for rambling on, and I appreciate everything you said. I believe they are working my appeals and requests for increase all together. I don’t think I am as well as I think, and they know it. Thank you very kindly Navy04 Victor Ray
  4. Victor Ray

    Expedited Claims without cause?

    Jfrei. Finally, things are starting to move. I asked for an advancement on the BVA Docket, stating the reasons, and they found good and sufficient cause to grant my wish. I hope to see resolution before long, as it has been decades of withheld evidence. I am anxious for that day. To answer you, Yes, I did contact a number of Congressional people, but they could do nothing in my particular case. They probably could in 95% of all other cases, but mine is pretty unique. Thank you for the input though, but finally I have hope for vindication. victor ray
  5. I have a similar question to Greene’s. In my case, the VA, DoD, or in that family has my medical records locked away for 47 years now and 30 FOIA Requests have been a joke and meaningless. I finally got some records just by asking, but not for the following six months after my medivac’d return from Vietnam with a P3 Permanent Profile for permanent damage acquired in RVN. I carry a P3 for permanent defects in my physical capacity and stamina and denied all service connection til recently, and am at 90% now, with 70% being PTSD. ANOTHER WAY of denying spouse benefits if the vets commit suicide. By the time I get 100%, there is no way I will live another 8 or 10 years, but I should have been 100% since 1971. The VA has lied, cheated, manipulated documents, openly deceived me all in order to screw my dependents. I guess the only recourse is the courts, but I feel that they too will sell you out like VSOs do. VSOs are government employees and you will never convince me otherwise. I have watched them for years, and they are the VA. victor ray
  6. I hope it is. I still cant get my Service Treatment Records per executive privilege. The VA has misled me my entire Adult life after medical evacuation out of Vietnam. They have lied the last four years and are probably lying today, and the VSOs are ignorant or VA employees, or both. A WARNING: any surviving spouse must have their own individual autopsy on their passed spouse or you likely will be screwed. Hire a lawyer and have him arrange the autopsy and you communicate with the lawyer. the VA will have their own done and try to say it is anything but a service connected condition that killed your loved one. I have been lied to for 47 years and can’t get my records. Now, if I do get 100 finally, I will never live the 8 or 10years they require. They did this to screw my wife. I will have to sue to get my medical records and have to sue for a lot of things to have the law squeeze a little honesty out of the VA. Pure corruption in St. Louis. You can’t trust any of them to do right!
  7. Buck. I just saw this, and agree with you totally. Veterans exiting the Military Service need evidence of any injury, illness, or disease that they were diagnosed or treated for while in the military. Refuse Discharge until you have them, or you will eternally regret it. I tried to get mine but was told they were lost in transit from Vietnam. Now, the US Army would not lie would it, just like the FBI wouldn’t lie. The FOIAs I submitted either rendered another lie, or a service record, like for military drivers license, or nothing at all, even a response. Now I just get told that they are withholding all of those that fall under the “ Deliberative Process Privilege “, which is every medical record for the immediate six months after my release from the “ infectious disease ward “. I had a number of conditions that are now presumptive, but the records are withheld per FOIA EXEMPTION 5 [ 5 USC § (5)(b) ]. 47 years later and they are still withheld, but I did get enough of them from Vietnam to show hospitalization for a month before being released for a period of “OVER 120 DAYS RECOVERY “, that I never got. The Army sent me 700 miles away, sprung a surprise medical retention board instead of the Disability Evaluation Board, without any notice, without any legal advice, without any of the “ over 120 days recovery time “, without any records, and without any idea what they were doing to my future. I tried to get the medical records ( I have the request copy from 1972 ) before discharge, but they said they were lost, and didn’t give me any of them. They will not give me any diagnosis or treatment records still, following my immediate return from RVN. Now, most things are going to the BVA so I will die without resolution because it will be 6, 7, 10 years. I ask to be advanced but didn’t get a response. They may surprise me and do something nice, like a review of everything, but i’m not holding my breath. Getting any medical records before discharge can change lives, and if you don’t, you will forever regret it. victor Ray
  8. Victor Ray

    Expedited Claims without cause?

    Navy04. thanks for the input and advice. I am basically doing it all on my own since DAV lied to me on several occasions as well as putting my claim into the trash for almost 5 months before I caught it. I filed in July and in November was not even in the system. I now have the VFW, who I originally used in 1983. My records are good, the claims are good, but I got caught in the wrong place wrong time. The Army was completely lost or knew exactly what was wrong, but used the Chloroquine Rule to get me out of their care to not look like my conditions was over their heads. I was never granted anything in the service except a P-3 Permanent Profile on DA3349. I was well over 30% and I would say 100%, but never told about disability, never given legal advice, no representation, nor PEBLO, no notice of any Board of any kind until in front of it. I was told several things to intimidate me and it worked. i suffered severe migraines after Vietnam which eventually led to convulsions/seizures, violent vomiting, extreme fever over 106, and many ice baths in the ERoom, making me comatose for almost a week. I kept the bed full of puke and pee that week, and this was a couple months after my discharge. I believe these migraines caused a stroke while I was still on Active Duty, because I felt the snap in the brain, and that moment is when they began. I believe that’s why the VA won’t release the evidence for the immediate 6 months after my return. I have been going down hill ever since Vietnam with periods of almost normal ness, but it never lasted very long. One thing after another after another because my immune system was trashed. I retired because I was too weak to do my job and six months later I had a stroke, it was a bad one with god recovery over time, but I have been totally disabled and on SSDI for the last eight years. I had another stroke 2 years ago and have dead white brain matter and am 100% blocked in my left carotid artery, lung opacities, enlarged prostate, GERD, tennitis, esophagus problems, too much to go into, but I finally am at 80%. GERD, tinnitus, esophagus issues 10%, CAD 30%, PTSD 50%. The PTSD is actually the brain damage from Dioxin in my opinion. They are working on my claim as we speak. In a month or so I will know what I need to do, and am hoping they make this right. I will give them the benefit of the doubt, that they never gave me, and if that doesn’t work, you will see it on the news. I will keep you posted, and thanks for the information. victor ray
  9. Victor Ray

    Expedited Claims without cause?

    Navy04. Thank you for your reply, and let me explain a little better than I have previously. My records WERE NOT LOST. I was told they were when I tried to get them because I wanted to file some claims, if I could, before discharge. I posted the request letter. I got no medical records at discharge. I had no records at the second medical board, no PEBLO, no legal assistance, and no notice of it going to take place. I don’t need buddy statements to prove anything because I have medical treatment records from a month being hospitalized in Vietnam and Japan. It not a matter of having the proof, except for a few things, but it is a matter of the right person seeing any of the evidence. it has been suggested twice that it is the VSR that prepares your evidence to be seen that is possibly the problem. The evidence may not get to the team it is supposed to for a proper rating. If the rater never sees the documentation, it means absolutely nothing is rated. If for some reason the VSR doesn’t like what you have said, or you personally, they trash your evidence, lose it or some of it, hide it or what ever, but it is not used. I have some treatment records from Vietnam, but none for the treatment for the immediate six months after my return, or the tests results from Japan. I continuously deteriorated all the time on duty, but many records are missing. I have the P-3 profile issued in Vietnam for permanent defects in my “physical capacity and stamina “, but even that was ignored in 1983, when I first filed. Again, the VA ignored our (VFW and me) requests for medical records, and I was denied service connection in less than 90 days even with the Permanent DA3349 Profile. I think there may be an investigation coming into why my records were not viewed by the raters and I now realize just how corrupt the VSOs, VSRs really are. The corruption is deep, and the manipulation wide, but the VA does have some honest employees that have not been bought and are not owned by the VA, and eventually, this will get to those people if I live long enough. I may have to advertise for a lawyer that isn’t owned, but I didn’t want to go that route. I became disabled due to strokes, Agent Orange residuals, heart disease and others 8 years ago. I was taken off SSDI and put on regular SSInwhen I turned full retirement age. SS sent the the hospital for my records and approved it first time. The VA has finally given me some records and some service connection, but I should have been medically retired, bit I had kids, a permanent profile from Vietnam, was non deployable on a world wide scale, was medically unfit to serve in certain areas because I had a blood disease, respiratory defects, gastrointestinal defects, endocrine defects, skin disease, liver issues, chronic abdominal and bone pain, Migraine headaches, Group A Streptococcus with Pharyngitis which became Rheumatic Fever, esophageal issues and it’s documented, so I don’t need anymore evidence. What I need is for the right people to look at what I do have, but it would be nice to have the X-rays of the stroke I had at 19 yrs old on duty.
  10. Victor Ray

    Expedited Claims without cause?

    Broncovet. Excellent advice. I tried, but not hard enough. I haven’t gone to the media, which I didn’t want to do, but depending on this last outcome, I may. They might just surprise me too, and make it right, but I don’t have hopes of that happening. I only tried the hotline once, and I don’t think the young man knew the VA was a part of our government. I will try again. Thank you Broncovet! victor ray
  11. Victor Ray

    Expedited Claims without cause?

    Buck, yes, I have claims going to the BVA, which means I will never see them through. I will be dead in a year or two, so the VA planned it very well. They are pretty much experts at deception. They do not need anything. They have everything and that’s why I was denied. I was a test subject, injected with their measure of Dioxin they figure most vets would ingest, to watch the effects manifest. It sounds like a science fiction movie, but some of us were selected as human subjects because they needed absolute control, hard science with no guess work like was he exposed to AO or not. Animals weren’t good enough because thousands were reporting that after being sprayed on, they broke out like I would come to do later. Civilians were getting ill too and the DoD wanted facts, hard undeniable evidence, because it knew what this could mean. I was supposed to be separated but was held on duty to observe. They told me in Japan they couldn’t do anything or treatme, just the symptoms. Ah, heck with it Buck.what I am saying, they know everything and have always known, but just the last couple years service connected me. They are 100% aware of the entire situation. DoD called me 3.5 years ago, asking why I wanted my medical records, and I got some, but will not get the rest without a malpractice law suit. There words, not mine. DAV got claims ahead of me and behind me expedited and closed, both getting their back pay in one week, one was for 12 years, Mr Stephen Kelly in 2012 by Mr Edwards and the other was Mike Franko this year by Dan Knabe. All in St. Louis. Google Kelly and Franko was in the last DAV magazine. I will see what they do. The other article will not upload for some reason, but I took this pic, so it did. I will wait and see if BVA will advance me or if I go the media route. Thanks
  12. Victor Ray

    Expedited Claims without cause?

    Buck. I have my military records (most anyway), except for travel records, finance or pay records, morning reports. No records and test results from Japan, no blood smear slides, no x-rays, and no medical board proceedings from the USA in July 1971, or any records for seven months after my return. I felt the pop in my brain, and may have had a stroke. I have called the hospitals, and most of the doctors are dead or gone or have destroyed the records. Even the VFW from 1983 have destroyed its records, but I got everything I have from the VA, NPRC, NARA. I have called the records management office and all they had are rude employees. I called the White House Hot Line and wrote President Trump. The Presidents office forwarded my information to St. Louis and Mitzi Marsh wrote me in response. She basically told me what they have done (like I can’t read), and added that they were taking care of those that have been waiting longer first. She has no clue, and doesn’t care to know, and I don’t have much confidence in her ability to do “anything”. Yes, something is wrong, and that’s what I have been saying. There are swamp people all over St. Louis, and I have to assume I was part of the experiment to determine the effects on humans. Vets are sacrificed all the time under the covers, and I guess I am one of them. The only real way to know first hand what a chemical does to humans is to inject some of them and wait. As they develop negative conditions they are monitored, but they have to remain on duty to do that. I was retained on duty and deteriorated to the end and beyond. I feel my conditions were used to compare against other vets assertions. They knew without a doubt my conditions and why I had them, so now compare others to me. I was a control sample. I had a number of conditions, any one of which would have warranted medical discharge. A Systemic Blood Disease with undetermined organisms for one, and Group A Streptococcus with Laryngitis, Sinusitis, swallowing problems, fevers, soaking night sweats, severe pain behind the eyes, swollen limbs, thickened skin, unnatural acne(Chloracne), extreme pruritus, insomnia, extreme fatigue, abdominal pain, chronic wheezing and cough, petechia, blistered hands, rashes, bone pain, hearing loss, tinnitus, heart palpitations with chest pains, urticaria and atopic dermatitis. I never had any issue before Vietnam and haven’t recovered since. My lipid level is off the chart and always has been, along with a fatty liver and degenerative bone disease. Something is terribly wrong here, and has been all my adult life. My kids and grand kids have issues that I know is because our DNA was altered. Positively, absolutely! victor Ray
  13. Victor Ray

    Expedited Claims without cause?

    I think you are exactly right. The VA refused to treat me because I wasn’t service Connected. It refused to service connect me even though I had a P-3 (PERMANENT) profile. It refused to give me the medical records in 1972, 1983, 2018, except for “some” hospital records in Vietnam. My calcium score was a thousand 4 years ago. This has been a farce and an experimental joke on me. I’ll see what what happens, and go from there. Thank you! victor
  14. Victor Ray

    Expedited Claims without cause?

    Gastone. I have just briefly spoken to a couple lawyers, because the want $150 from me to see if they want to represent me. I may go that route at some point. where I lived when I discharged was three to four hours to the nearest VAMC and I had insurance. I did not have any medical records at discharge because they were supposedly lost. The treatment records by private doctors and hospitals are not kept longer than 5 an 10 years, so no, I have none, and the VA refused to service connect me in 1983, gave no records at discharge. YES, IT should be a given, and I should have been 100% directly service Connected, and it pisses me off that I was denied and manipulated all my adult life. i don’t know that they conspired against me. I believe I was a test subject more than likely. I was a control, someone that would not likely be exposed, so they made sure that I was exposed to study the effects for comparison to reports from hundreds ot thousands with various conditions. I was intentionally exposed and like clock work broke out with the exact symptoms 2 weeks later and hospitalized for a month after that. I was issued a P-3 profile by a medical board in Vietnam signed by four officers on DA3349, and told I was going home. It was ordered that I have over, “OVER 120 DAYS RECOVERY TIME” to stabilize. I never got any of the recovery time but I was sent “HOME AWAITING ORDERS”, but not separated from the service. I was sent to another station and put before a board of officers. I was told nothing until there. No notice, no announcement, no assistance, no PEBLO, NO RECORDS, NOTHING. I year in the hospital should have been given, but instead I deteriorated. In 1983 the VA fee based dermatologist told me my lungs were scared spottily, and chronic lung conditions were documented in service, but it is not in his record I got from the VA. Now, 20 to 30 FOIAs and 45 years later, I finally got some records, but some have no signatures or form numbers or dates, locations, and conditions are “unspecified “ and others are “organism undetermined”. Just your regular average skin disease causing evacuation and typical permanent disabilities that are documented but denied.
  15. Victor Ray

    Expedited Claims without cause?

    Jeff, Thank you for the information. I think it all comes down to the VSR that prepares the information the rater gets from the VSO or the vet or both. The dirty VSR’s destroys evidence, withholds evidence, and what ever is necessary to screw the vet over, and the VA stands behind them. It is a shame that these people walk among us. I will see what happens in the next little while, and who I need to contact to get the inner workings of the VSO, VSR, RATERS and Supervisors Administrating the manipulation of our futures. They intentionally destroyed mine, but what they do next will shape everything from now on. I may be surprised and get the honest rater who has the ability to correct this mess they’ve made. My records were never lost for one minute but 45 years to get them, or any compensation or benefits? No. It was no accident. 30% or more permanent disability incurred in the Line of Duty means retirement, and they were not going to have any of that, especially for a 20 year old, when they supposedly didn’t know the cause of the disabilities.. Well, i’m Hoping for justice. Thanks again Victor Ray

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