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  1. I know we have to file by a certain day of the year the first time and then they send us a renewal now every year in our county, I would call the county appraisers office and find out what you need to do.
  2. My kids have taken classes online some semesters at their college and have been fine as long as they are certified by the VA certifying official at their school all is good. They get their full amount if they are full time. It isn't like post 9/11 gi bill and having to attend at least one class on campus for BAH for your area. Chapter 35 amount is the same no matter what as long as the VA certifying official at the school certifies the classes, she will get the amount for full, 3/4 or 1/2 time whatever her schedule is.
  3. When you are up against an government entity like the VA that doesn't bother to follow their own rules, well then I choose to do whatever I have to in order to ensure that I don't get screwed. Plain and simple.
  4. I filed for aid and attendance on the advice of my neurologist who filled out the proper paperwork, as did my primary care doctor. I did not know that filling out that paper work would then send me to new CP exams FOR EVERY SINGLE THING I am service connected for. As soon as I realized this I was like okay, wanna play that game, I am going to file for the things that I haven't filed for that I should have. I was IU PT and all my ratings were over 5 years old, most over 10. The condition my neuro filled out my aid and attendance for I was sent to a general pracitioner for and he also did an exam for a surgery that was also already sc for a finger. That exam lasted less than 5 minutes, outside provider through I can't remember who. I as denied any SMC and sent a letter to propose my rating from 50 to 0, which my neuro for over 8 years was saying I needed aid and attendance for??? and this quack was saying is rated at 0% YEAH okay. I freaked. Another exam for a new condition I hadn't claimed the examiner at the VA filled it out as if it was horrible and not only fit the rating criteria for 60% but would impact my ability to work. NOT SERVICE CONNECTED, why? I had too many babies........except I complained about it in service BEFORE I had children. I freaked out, I had 2 kids in college using chapter 35, I have severe PTSD and going to a hearing isn't something I can handle honestly. I got out my evidence of my in service treatement of conditions, my cp exams, the proposal to reduce and I attached them with a very well written and clear email written to every high up person within the VA I could think of and emailed it to every single one of them. I had an email back within days telling me I would hear from my RO wtihin 2 weeks. I received an apology, my proposal for reduction was stopped and my mh cp exam was thrown out and I was given a new one by an outside provider, which increased it to 70%, they added the 60% rating as they should have. They deferred a couple things and I ultimately did get sc on all but one and I am filing a CUE about another. My first objective was to stop the reduction which was clearly bs and not within guidelines. If I had listened to all the people giving me advice I would have been a basket case honestly. My VSO honestly after it was all said and done was impressed that I was able to get done something he had never seen before. I don't bother with my congressman, his staff is useless and they know less than I do and he is a veteran and a physician. How sad is that? They actually don't give a crap about us except for talking points and votes, we don't have enough lobbying money to care about. It is kinda pathetic that if a post 9/11 veteran has their caregiver apply for benefits their entire claim doesn't get opened up and scrutinized but the rest of us, somehow we have to then prove yet again that we are still disabled, for a few hundred bucks. OH and they still haven't opened up the caregiver program to those Vietnam era vets and older yet, no one seems to be upset about that???? We should be! That was supposed to happen 2 months ago. They can come up with all sorts of social media crap and apps but not a program for caregivers. I don't buy it for a second.
  5. I had a mh cp exam which included PTSD conducted by VES at a non va location after disputing the VA CP exam as inadequate and inappropriate in nature, which was very evident in the comments of her exam. She made comments about my wealth??? I am far from wealthy but even if I were it would have no bearing on my disabilities or whether they were service connected. It wasn't just that I could pay my bills and didn't need a fiduciary it was FAR beyond that and bizarre to say the least. I already had a diagnosis for PTSD by the VA so there was no question about diagnosis. I was already sc for mh as well.
  6. I have had horrible experiences at a VA facility but I don't discount that facility and refuse to go there. I refuse to see the individual who treated me horribly, but thankfully after 10 years that person is no longer there. I also choose to not go to one particular clinic at my local VA, I choose to be driven 3 hours to another VA after they could not find me care in the community after my community care provider closed. That va clinic was subject to an IG investigation in regards to my care and I do not have to be seen there because of that investigation and the horrible care I was given, I am paid travel. CP exams are a different matter and well I doubt you will find even half of the staff still there from 15 years ago. I hope you can take someone with you, PTSD exams are never easy but sadly we have to put up with the crap. If your exam isn't handled well, you can ask for a new exam, always remember that. I have had to do that in the past for an inadequate exam, I was then given one by an outside vendor.
  7. As far as the education debt, for 3k I would not ask for forgiveness for that small of an amount, you can ask for income sensitive repayment plans, and other plans while you are having a financial hardship to defer payments until you figure out everything else. Federal education loans are forgiven after 10 years of payment so even if they put you on a $10 a month payment plan for 10 years it is gone. You may find that at some point you want to go back to school, your disabilities improve, etc. Also, you may want to look into voc. rehab at some point and that would make you ineligible for many federal programs for additional money. Think ahead. Best of luck!!
  8. I have had amazing dental implants done at my VA in Gainesville, my oral surgeon and prosthedontist were absolutely the best. They did them right and it is a long process with having them properly done but definitely worth it! Lots of people don't realize how much time and effort goes into dental implants, from having your teeth pulled, bone grafts, proper healing, then the implants, healing some more then the crowns, it take 12- 18 months from start to finish but will last a long time and the results are amazing.
  9. I had an exam from a contracted provider, I can't remember which one honestly but it was at a fitness center. They had a back office and it was in there, I thought it was kind of strange but I was thankful it was the only exam I haven't had to drive 3 plus hours away.
  10. lots of folks don't know they can go into that section and see if permanent and total is an option to choose or even how to navigate through it I understand where you are coming from too and the VA sends those pamphlets out by mistake often sadly. Hopefully in this case it wasn't a mistake.
  11. I am not talking about the commissary letter I am talking about when you go to generate letters on ebennies you will either have the ability to check the box that you are permanent and total or not........if you aren't P and T that box won't be there to check when you are generating letters to print.
  12. easy enough, just go on ebenefits and see if you are permanent and total............there will either be a box for you to check it in the generate letters section or there won't be
  13. Social Security and the VA do not have the same criteria necessarily, there are many veterans rated 100% PT and work full time jobs for the federal government as well as every other job you can imagine really. The only way to determine whether you are eligible for SSDI is to apply, you will not receive SSI, your income will exceed the guidelines so if you don't have enough recent work credits then you will be pretty much out of luck. You can look up the difference between SSI and SSDI on the social security website but if you truly cannot work then you should apply.
  14. I had to file paperwork to decline it
  15. I have been thinking about applying, I am in a wheelchair part time for a sc condition hmmm
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