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  1. I removed my post so not to confuse anyone. I am WARNED and leaving lol. I am xxxxxxx 100% PT all on my own, no help from you all........and I am NOT a guy.
  2. I have severe migraines, very severe as well as PTSD and I requested the noise canceling blue tooth headphones for both my migraines and my ptsd, I use them to listen to audiobooks when I cannot do anything else when I have a really bad migraine for days and I am awake but also for the noise canceling for my migraines and my ptsd, I went with really great pair, you have to be very specific or they will buy you cheap crap. I also asked for a tablet to use for emailing, texting, etc. because I don't go out much at all, and to use for my audibooks, I didn't want a laptop just a tablet and I pic
  3. Did you read what was posted, they basically have until forever to implement Vietnam era veterans and then 2 years later the veterans in between........disgraceful.
  4. AANNNDDD We are all still waiting.............seems the VA has a get out of paying our caregivers till hell freezes over free card. Maybe we need to get in our wheelchairs, have people haul us up in front of some Federal buildings and be allowed to paint VETERANS CAREGIVERS MATTER? NAH, that won't work either, not enough money in it.
  5. Wow, I was in ILP and it should be unique to each individual and their disabilities. They should also be coming to your home (didn't happen in mine either) but I fought like the dickens to get most of the things I needed to make my quality of life better. I did have to get a letter for every single item I requested from one of my providers and how it would help me, ridiculous but it didn't have to be my VA providers necessarily and I finally had an outside provider just sign off on things because my VA primary care doctor wouldn't even sign that I wasn't employable, she said that is obvi
  6. Hate to say it but some ROs are shady as heck, I was sent a proposal to reduce after my neuro was ONE of my providers who sent in paperwork for my aid and attendance, I had over 13 years of history of my migraines being so bad. History of them being not helped with medications, the list goes on AND I had held my 50% rating for my migraines for over 10 years. They still tried to reduce me. I was IU PT at the time, by the time I was done with them I was 100% PT with my SMCs. I did not pas go, I did not appeal, I did not ask for a DRO hearing, because they were breaking their own rules. I
  7. I wonder how this is going to work when we have to travel and stay overnight for outside care? I have to get it pre authorized now for places where the VA doesn't have hoptels (or whatever they call them) and we are soooo lucky to get reimbursed 1/2 the government allowable rate. As if that isn't bad enough already, and often I don't get paid at all and it is a 3 hour drive each way. Then I have to call the whitehouse hotline and complain because we are never paid no matter how we process ours within 30 days. Travel is a hot mess, like most VA crap.
  8. We have had the same experience and have purchased many items when remodeling our second home and working on our main residence. Never an issue at HD or Lowes.
  9. precisely and many service organizations are helping veterans, especially post 9/11 veterans right now, and I thought your were getting SMC as well as SSDI? Your spouse can be attending school on Chapter 35 and using your post 911 if you transferred it to her OR the many scholarships that are scholarships that are available to her and then she will receive the ~ $1200 a month from Chapter 35
  10. I am rated as a primary condition and it is rated by how many pads/liners you use daily. Definitely have your primary refer you to the urologist and have it documented how frequently you need/use the absorbent materials and have the VA supply them as they can get costly over time and make sure that you ask your urologist to note in your record the cause. Then I would file a claim secondary to your sc condition. It was pretty simple for me really, I have in service notes and even though I waited over 2 decades I am rated the maximum you can be rated.
  11. SS takes into account what your level of education is, what that degree is in, whether you can reasonable be accommodated to do it with your present disabilities, etc. If and when you have a hearing I highly suggest you have an very good attorney. There will be an occupational specialist who will testify about if and why you can or cannot perform all sorts of jobs. Very few people are awarded SS without an exam by a social security examination unless they have the few automatic conditions that you are awarded SSDI or SSI for. Most have to fight and go through the appeals process. I have a
  12. I was awarded SSDI before I was awarded IU PT for the exact same stuff from the VA and used my SSDI award to gain my IU PT from the VA, I did have an attorney and was awarded at my hearing fully favorable in Feb. of 2013 with a date of disability of Jan. of 2009 so max. amount of backpay from SS and then used that to gain IU PT. The VA has always been a huge hassle for me, my attorney was very good not a crappy social security mill. He told me that he had only seen twice in his career the judge award during he hearing and not make someone wait for the results. Yes, it took a long time, ss m
  13. So, the VA can send us to incompetent providers (you know NP for complicated things they aren't even specialists in), yet my specialist that I have been seeing at the VA no longer can fill out a DBQ for me? I understand some of these vultures who are charging thousands of dollars for an imo crap to get veterans awards, not my place to judge but my VA or everyday provider who sees me all the time, they should be allowed to fill out my DBQ for more than the quacks that are often hired to do CP exams. You know, the ones who write in their reports that you "waited to long" which is definitely no
  14. I have only had to call CHAMPVA 3 times and only once was the person actually helpful. Thankfully, in 5 years we have only used it 3 times for my husband and 2 children. I am the only one who goes to the doctors.
  15. I do and I am rated for them separately for them, I won't lie it was a huge battle. Mine are severe and I was seen during AD for an episode which was misdiagnosed as eustachian tube dysfuction. My first claim was denied and the CP examiner didn't even conduct a proper exam and also called me a malingerer. It took not only an official diagnosis of vestibular migraines from both the VA as well as SHANDS but also my neurologist stating that not only was my initial diagnosis most likely in error because no tests were performed but that my vestibular migraines are more likely than not caused by
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