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  1. I have had to get my congressman's office involved for other things, not a claim and they were somewhat helpful. I have had better success with issues I have with the VA that aren't being taken care of in a timely manner, or things that the VA just tried to give me the run around about, ie . voc rehab, then I call the whitehouse hotline and start sending very informed emails with documentation attached to back up my issue and holy crap, those people who have been ignoring my non va authorization for mental health seem to find me a new provider after bugging them for months. They can't really deny that they haven't taken care of their part when it is all documented in secure messaging, etc. Voc. Rehab was giving me crap about my ILP, telling me I had to volunteer or I couldn't receive anything else which is total bs...........anyway the whitehouse hotline and emails have given me much better and faster results than my congressman's office.
  2. This is exactly how i was TDIU then 100% schedular, I am not able to work and my disabilities have gotten worse as well as added some since my original award of TDIU, I do understand that there are many people rated at 100% and still working, I will never be one of them and having been IU before 100% kinda shows that I am unable to work. The va doesn't make sense all the time that is for sure, but the tdiu is definitely helpful when you cannot work and have a high enough rating to receive it, I felt comfortable going for the increase and wanted to be schedular if possible because they always seem to want to throw around taking away IU from veterans........who are the most vulnerable of us all imo.
  3. yes, they will only count the 2 days, that will not count as a month against them............they should have taken a summer class as those who were already in Chapter 35 receipt will receive the full 48 months still.
  4. If you are married and your spouse has earned income you can contribute to an IRA or Roth IRA, we do it every year.
  5. I have never mentioned anything like that to my mh providers, they are horrible. My neurologist will help me with anything I need. He has had my husband trained to give me injections at home so I don't have to go to the ER, written letters for me, etc. He is the head of neurology and it isn't uncommon for him to secure message me on a Saturday or call me to check on me. Some providers are amazing like that and then there are the 75% of the crappy ones.
  6. seminoles

    Posting here as closest related topic

    I opted out of B for the same reasons, you did........I have A, which is at no cost and have since 2009. I am 100% PT through the VA, and have never had anyone messing around with me about canceling appointments. The only problems I have are when providers leave, etc. Keep your A and when you get to retirement age add the B (you won't be charged the penalty then) if you choose, that is my plan if things haven't changed giving us more choices. I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars a month for service connected disabilities through medicare plus the copays and meds. THAT is a bs scam imo.
  7. It is near impossible to find a doctor to even see us without insurance, let alone fill out an IMO. Sad state of affairs really. I hate using the VA more than anything but have no other choice. Veterans like me are screwed, if you get a back doc, well that is how it is. Fighting is futile really until you get enough ammo together to get someone involved to fight for you that has more pull than you do. Now, if I were a post 9/11 veteran I would have all the resources available to me, from the VA as well as organizations that ONLY cater to post 9/11 veterans, who btw will never get a single penny from anyone in our circle of friends, family or veterans. So, I just fight another day and tell them if they refuse to provide me care, fine I won't set foot in a VA mh clinic or hospital. I will be dead first. I trust them about as much as a trust a crack head with a bowl of crack. ZERO.
  8. Not sure about the L but don't be surprised if/when they decide you need a fiduciary.
  9. I am as well, and AFTER prior to 1975 vets are started in the caregiver program sometime in early 2019. Then the plan is for the rest of us to be eligible 2 year later, so basically as happy as I am for Vietnam Vets and those from prior eras still living I think it is totally xxxxxx that as usual Desert Storm vets get the shaft.
  10. I received a proposal to reduce before and it was a very clear package and gave me all my options were. It looked just like any other brown decision package and no one ever called me to tell me I was getting a reduction. It was a total BS proposal to reduce and I had it fixed in less than 2 weeks but that is another story.
  11. If you didn't get an envelope how did you find out what they are proposing to reduce? This seems very odd. St. Pete is so screwed up but I at least get the envelopes. I have never heard of this being done over a phone call.
  12. I was awarded SMC L and I am not missing any limbs, my husband does work but he is self employed and works from home and can stop work/work any hours he chooses. It did take very detailed writing from my neurologist to explain my need for aid an attendance, I don't qualify for caregiver as I am not post 9/11. No one is in our business as far as assets or anything else. It is no different than with my 100% or SMC K honestly in our experience.
  13. You might want to go through your tricare eob and see if you can find any records. I am an impeccable record keeper and have every record and eob since every child was born and keep them for at least 10 years then toss them unless it is something important. If was a visit for a cold it gets tossed, a broken wrist, everything is kept. Do you happen to keep things like that?
  14. My Va dentist is one of my favorite specialty clinics. He is the only dentist at our location and is very busy but always takes his time and gives me outstanding care. I have been sent to the large VA to have dental implants and cannot say how great both the oral surgeon and the prosthodontist were. I still have a family dentist for emergencies and extra cleanings. My local va dentist also sends me out for fee basis treatment for my severe tmj and a few other things as needed. If I get a cleaning I make sure it is only with the hygenist on staff and not the damn students, they are rough as hell and rude as well. I complained to the college about 2 of them they were so awful.

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