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  1. I would think having a SOUTHWEST ASIA SERVICE MEDAL would be enough along with a diagnosis?? NO? I guess I am confused, do you not have both?
  2. YES!! I have a walker and then had a scooter order behind my back, refused it, and then a few years later I now have both my service dog and a custom rigid wheelchair with a smartdrive that was added later that I can use when I need it, it is amazing and allows me to use my manual wheelchair on days that I can and days that it is too much to push or days that I am just gonna have to go too far for my shoulder to handle I can throw on the smartdrive assist and it goes up to 5.5 mph and is easy peasy!! All of these items were requested either by my primary care doctor or my neurologist. referral was sent to physical medicine as Richard mentioned
  3. Yes, I agree ask for every single item that you can think of that will make your life better that has been impacted by your disabilities. ILP only has less than 3000 veterans a year allowed into the program, compare that to traditional college bound voc rehab route where students are paid a monthly stipend which can be as much as 3500 a month if they still have post 9/11 gi bill, or they could receive the voc. rehab. stipend which is much less and around 900 if you have a dependent or two per month plus all their tuition, books, computer, and anything else they may need to attend their classes. ILP veterans are veterans who are costing the VA far less and honestly the ILP is a much shorter program (unless extended) and serves the most disabled of our veterans. Think about every single thing you do each week, day, month and how hard those tasks are for you to do, what would make them easier?
  4. Yes!! I have received things from being in the ILP that most people would think, seriously??? They are directly related to my service connected disabilities and the impact they have on my daily living so yes they were approved with tons of hassle but approved, some examples are a roomba, stationary recumbent bike, vitamix blender, noise canceling headphones, I chose a samsung tablet/keyboard instead of a computer because I don't need a computer and the tablet is something that I can use for my audibooks (that I use for when I am often bedridden but cannot do much that involves using my eyes), a weighted blanket, and other items. I am STILL fighting for my hobby items, which is absolutely ridiculous but that is a story for another day. You would think I was asking for a helicopter
  5. You shouldn't have any issues getting a scooter, your primary care doctor can order one for you or any other specialists, it doesn't need to go through your ILP, my old primary care doctor tried to order me one found out and had it stopped, I wanted to maintain my mobility as long as possible and have a service dog for my mobility needs, and for bad days I have a custom wheelchair that the VA paid for, my VA primary care doctor didn't want to sign ANYTHING for my ILP, thankfully voc rehab didn't seem to care who the provider was so I had an outside provider sign for most things, except dental, and mental health, and maybe my neuro signed off for some things. They just put a note in my records and your voc. rehab. counselor can see them. You should absolutely get the desk/computer set up you need as well as the scooter if your disabilities justify them, cost doesn't come into play until it is fairly high honestly, then it just has to go outside your region for approval. You are doubtful to hit that amount at this point. ILP is honestly incredibly frustrating and I hope you have a much better counselor than I do.
  6. Unless you are deemed incompetent you shouldn't have your right to bear arms taken away, period. I am rated at 70% for MH and honestly the last way I would choose to go out is with a gun and I own enough. I have never once in my life wanted to cause harm to others, so taking away my guns only takes away one of my hobbies I love. Makes sense, right? only to idiots who don't understand that we all don't fit in the same box.
  7. There are also some States that extend free or reduced entry and camping to disabled veterans even if they are of residents of that state.....for example Oregon offers 15 days of free camping every month to disabled veterans. Maryland also some benefits, check with every state you are going to travel to!! Including your home state, state parks are also amazing
  8. Here is a link to the best information on the VA's service dog guidelines. My service dog was approved because I have a mobility disability and I know veterans that have ratings less than 100% that have been approved but have mobility disabilities as well. https://www.prosthetics.va.gov/ServiceAndGuideDogs.asp
  9. The VA will not assist with the cost of training or paying for a service dog, if it is decided by your providers that a service dog is an option for you, then a packet is sent to prosthetics and there is a huge process and your service dog MUST come from either a guide dog international or ADI accredited organization and only then they will approve travel and lodging for you to attend training to go and be matched with your service dog and its veterinary care as well as any equipment it may need according to your disabilities will be paid for. I have a service dog from an ADI organization and I did not wait years nor pay anything, the VA pays all of his veterinary care and for all of his equipment. It wasn't an easy or short battle with the VA mostly because no one at my local VA had any idea what the heck they needed to fill out or what to do. I had to find out myself and fight. If you are training your own dog then you will not get the VA to pay for anything.
  10. That is great, my counselor never even bothered to send anyone to do one when I was put in the ILP, my counselor is horrible I hope you have a much better one who actually does their job!! I was Ben's group for a long time and sadly not many counselors know how to or want to, not sure which honestly, deal with veterans in the ILP. I have seen veterans receive the help they need and then others nothing really but a ton of drama and fighting for the simplest item.
  11. seminoles

    Dental for son?

    There are various plans available to you and your dependents that are eligible for CHampVA, we have the Met Life high option plan because it has no waiting periods for anything except orthodontics which is 24 months (and most of the other plans have waiting period for most major work and don't cover orthodontics at all), it also has a higher maximum per person per year. We haven't had a need for any major work yet but we have 5 people using it and 2 children that will need braces (our older children are already done with theirs) so it really pays for itself with cleanings and xrays and even I got for extra cleanings so 10 cleanings and xrays a year. The premium will go up to $157 a month in Jan. I am sure a lot of folks will say is insane but each cleaning would be that much or more so for us it is a not a big deal.
  12. Sadly, there is very little information in that group about ILP.
  13. Currently only post 9/11 veteran's caregivers are allowed in the program that allows them to receive all of the benefits of being paid etc. The rest of us have to wait, until when well.........Vietnam era and earlier vets were supposed to be implemented June of this year but they have been stalled, surprise surprise and are projected to be hopefully implemented into the program in June of 2020, the rest of veteran's caregivers will be eligible 2 years AFTER those veteran's caregivers have been given access to the caregiver program. The VA saves a lot of money the longer they wait, so why bother, right? No one is fighting for pre 9/11 veterans.
  14. People buy houses with only their VA compensation or SSDI as income or both, so this is absolutely not true. Of course you do need to have the needed credit score and debt/income ratio to be approved for loans, etc.
  15. My membership just renewed last month and I still did it and it extended my membership to October of 2021, great deal!! I had seen it before you posted but in case no one realized you can truly extend your membership that you may have just renewed to save 40 bucks it is a great deal.
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