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  1. seminoles

    What to do?

    Yep, same here I have no other choice either and it stinks!! I only do something if it is causing me a big issue, like what you are experiencing. It isn't worth your quality of life to be living in pain. I would simply be on a trip to a farther away larger facility and happen to go in for a pain visit at the dental clinic and tell them you just can't stand it anymore, etc. No harm no foul, you aren't ratting her out, you are just some dumb veteran who is in pain and doesn't know why..........good grief, sad you have to even think about doing that.
  2. seminoles

    What to do?

    This is why I hate the VA, you can have a great provider or a horrible one like this, my dentist is amazing, one of my best "specialty" clinic doctors............but I have other that are horrible and you are right, it is our word against theirs and when we complain they act as if we are clearly just complaining for no reason?? yeah, okay. Meanwhile, in the "real" world we would have just gone to another dentist and not had to say a word to anyone as to why, this is why I hate that we have to justify switching providers, at least at the VA I use. I would try to see if you can go to another VA dental close to you and hopefully that dentist is more competent and definitely treats you better, not like someone who is "getting something for free" ???? What is that all about, that would really tick me off. Definitely go to a bigger dental clinic maybe at the regional hospital and have them look at your partial, there is no reason for any veteran to be suffering.........why make something at all if you aren't going to do it right in the first place? Best of luck!!
  3. seminoles

    What to do?

    I have had both VES and QTC, both of my QTC examiners were complete crap, the VES one was far better and actually came to the city nearby so I didn't have to travel so far. One of the QTC examiners I had was so bad he could hardly speak English, didn't know how to log into the system and spent less than 5 minutes with me for 3 conditions (I was only sent for exams because I had applied for A & A).
  4. WOW, that is ridiculous I don't put up with the VA's crap. I always use secure messaging and as bat crap crazy as I can be at times.........not literally but when I get frustrated and mad, I cry and ramble, and even with a Mensa level IQ it is incredibly difficult to talk to those jerks when they aren't treating you with common decency. SO, I use secure messaging so that there is a record. There is a rule that requires them to get back to you within so many business days, I believe it is 3. I use that against them if/when they are behaving inappropriately. They do it to us every single day so damn straight I will use it against them. I am within 25 miles of a VA facility but I have community based care for both my primary and multiple other things. I do not see a psychiatrist at my local VA because they got caught NOT providing me care and had and IG as well as Congressional Inquiry that they got busted, so I have telehealth but still with a VA provider for psychology and the last almost year a non va community based care psychiatrist. His office has now closed and they are trying to get me to go back to that clinic and I refuse, the head of that Psychiatry department called me Thursday because he has had the request for a new provider for community based care or telehealth approval waiting on HIM since October which he hasn't signed (electronically of course) and I know that it keeps popping up in his daily "not take care of crap" and he just ignores it. SO, I called on him Monday or Tuesday last week and low and behold........I get a phone call, WOW shocking!! He insists there is no telehealth in the entire country for psychiatry?? BS He did renew all my meds, including my benzos and someone called from that clinic and was trying to schedule and appointment for me yesterday and I refused. I said there is a reason I was given outside care and/or telehealth. I am not setting foot in that clinic. Of course they are all freaking out about me not having care NOW..........but the head of psychiatry wasn't concerned for the 2 MONTHS plus that the sign off was sitting in his in box waiting on him. I don't play their games. I may have a ton of mh issues as well as physical ones but I am not dealing with incompetent providers nor ones that dismiss me and treat me like crap. The woman was asking me, "so you don't want to use the VA at all?" I told her, "not at all, I have some really great providers at the VA and I named the many great specialists that I do have........and said it is the mental health clinic HERE that I have an issue with since my psychiatrist that I had for over 8 years left in 2015!" I am not playing their game in that clinic because I know playing silly games, you will win silly prizes and I have had enough of those for a lifetime with crap care, once I let them be my provider again I will NEVER get outside care again that the VA pays for, I am no fool. I hope you find better care. I know there are great providers out there, my psycholigist is amazing via telehealth. They stopped utilizing here at my local VA, even though there are so many veterans waiting on individual therapy and now she is seeing me via telemed at HOME. That is how the VA should work!
  5. I have been on benzos for over a decade, the VA has always prescribed them and often has increased them. I have PTSD as well as panic disorder with agoraphobia, general anxiety disorder and bipolar II........pretty sure honestly all the crap between the PTSD and bipolar is PTSD but well you know the VA, they don't like to diagnose PTSD and it took them only 11 years to put that as a diagnosis in my records LOL gotta love em...I am actually weening myself off of them, I do not like the side effects, they don't actually work that great (I have gone from xanax to ativan to klonpin and back and forth) currently they actually prescribe them for not only anxiety but SLEEP??? NOT KIDDING. So, pretty sure there is no such thing as the VA saying no more benzos, I have experienced and witnessed the exact opposite.
  6. caregiver program is so screwed up, seriously........if they actually implemented that program consistently from one location to another, I would be raising hell. I know I qualify, and I can drive. Driving isn't a disqualifying factor at all, dude I know was on Quest for Kona and his wife is paid at tier 3!
  7. I thought your wife was also your caregiver? Does she not receive income for that as well?
  8. Asknod, So, after all the back and forth with my VRC.......I still don't have a written ILP to sign. She simply sent me letters twice saying I wasn't in the program, I called the whitehouse hotline back in September and then got her supervisor who then got my stuff rolling again, still refuse my avocation. My VRC met with me AGAIN in October and I had to send her links to every single item that I was asking for and that I had recommendations from my doctors for, but I had to get another recommendation for one item. I sent her an email back saying forget that then, I am not paying my outside doctor for another appointment to get her to sign another letter (no VA doctor seems to want to fill out anything for my mh stuff, I see a non va provider) Anyway, I CANNOT find anywhere that the CFR says the avocation has to be recent, only that I had to have participated in it previously for at least 12 months. I know if I bring it up again, she will just send me a letter that I am not eligible for ILP/voc rehab like before........it took her over a month from the time I sent her the links to actually make an appointment to see me today and I emailed her to ask what was going on, by the time I actually receive any of these items I mine as well have bought them myself. Some of them are things I actually need. I started this in Jan. and this is getting ridiculous honestly. Is this normal??? Thanks!
  9. I have bipolar II disorder, and no medication has ever "worked" for me, I am highly med sensitive and it is VERY complicated, add to that diagnosis PTSD and it is a hot mess of trying to treat with my med. issues. I do not and have never drank so that I cannot say anything about but don't think that just because one woman was fine who had bipolar and took her meds that everyone who has bipolar disorder is the same, we are not sadly. If only it were that simple
  10. Sorry, I should have made it more clear.....exactly what Berta stated. My kids went through their VA rep at their college and the VA education folks directly I did not have to deal with it with the RO, no appeals etc.
  11. I can't answer all your questions, but my oldest two children did receive chapter 35 benefits for the time I was retro IU PT and they would have received chapter 35 and did not, NOW don't forget they will take the money YOU received for them as a dependent over 18 and in school for that period of time.....which is far less but they will take it.
  12. I have 3 children that have used chapter 35 or are using it so far and 2 more to go.....they don't apply until they are going to enroll and the college also certifies them (most universities/colleges have a va rep these days), our kids have scholarships that cover all their costs of tuition and books and use their chapter 35 and any other scholarship, grants, etc. over that to pay their rent, etc. because they do not live on campus. Chapter 35 goes directly to them, not to the school, as was mentioned above.
  13. I am rated for a mental health condition, that condition is listed first and then the other diagnoses are in parenthesis after it.........when I have had c and p exams they take into account all my service connected mental health, mh is currently 70% and I have also just completed CBT, which was very hard!! So many years later.......20 plus for me since leaving the Navy and I felt like I was often going backwards instead of forwards having to put those PTSD/anxiety type things down on paper, going through discussing them etc. was not easy and I will admit that I wanted to quit many times. Just on the other side of it and I will say that it did teach me some great tools I didn't have before and I have no regrets that I did it, my psychologist was amazing. I do not get seen in the mh clinic at my VA, I saw her through telehealth and have zero desire to do group therapy, she hasn't even suggested it to me, we still do one on one therapy and that is a great fit for me. Group therapy would probably push me over my limits on being demanding emotionally and physically. Whichever you choose I wish you the best, we all have personal limitations that we have to weigh!
  14. yes, so true! I used voc. rehab long ago and now I am in ILP and even though I was initially said I qualify the vrc was a pain and kept telling me that instead of item x, which my doctor approved and I was forced to have recommendations for every.single.thing....then she decided I had to volunteer in order to prove "improvement in my interaction with community, etc." I said, No! I am 100% PT with SMC L, I am not and cannot volunteer.........no, not answering phones, no not anything else......Also, they refused to allow me an avocation stating it had to be something I had done in the previous 12-14 months. I had been too sick to do anything other than try to seek and fight for care for myself, with the help of my spouse, my congressman. I gave up on the avocation part because they insist that 12-24 month deal is something I cannot fight?? Guess if you come home really screwed up and end up in Walter Reed for a couple years focusing on surgeries and rehab then you just don't get the benefit of you ILP helping you with a avocation that is suited to your ability and accommodates your disabilities. ILP is a mess, a hot mess, imo and if you get into the program and actually receive some of the things to make you a little more independent and live a more fulfilling life you are one of the lucky few
  15. seminoles

    Rogue C&P Examiner?

    I have never filed a nod, screw that.........I have had that RO pull some really dirty stuff, against the CFR 38 and I called them out on in by A. emailing with documented evidence that they were wrong every person I could think of in the VA top to bottom, I had a proposal to reduce my rating go from there to increasing me to 90% IU PT from 70% IU PT, (whereas the reduction would have lost my IU PT) with 4 items deferred, and an APOLOGY from the RO within two weeks of writing those emails, I was called first by a lovely woman who informed me I would be hearing from my RO within two weeks. All of my service connected disabilities were at least 10 years old and none of them had improved at all, which was very obvious by the A and A form my neurologist filled out.......I received that letter to reduce in March, new letter in April and then after all my deferred issues were taken care of by November I was 100% PT with SMC L and K...........far cry from my beeswax reduction to 60% because of some quack who did my CP exam who was a GP and said I didn't have migraines, reduction from 50 to 0%, however my neurologist had my husband trained to give me injections in the year or so previously for my migraines, I am on 4 medications for them and my neuro filled out my A and A because they are so debilitating. I don't mess around with talking to the RO or even my VSO at this point, they just tell you to file a NOD and sit back and wait for the hammer to drop. I even had one examiner put that I may be malingering about a vestibular disorder, which was confirmed and diagnosed by Shands. When you start sending supporting documentation like I had, only an idiot (or a rater) would say that you aren't disabled or it wasn't service connected. I literally had to get on the phone with a guy from the RO and tell him what page in my AD records each issue was, they couldn't be bothered to look up where I had been seen during AD, lazy.

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