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  1. seminoles

    Dental for son?

    There are various plans available to you and your dependents that are eligible for CHampVA, we have the Met Life high option plan because it has no waiting periods for anything except orthodontics which is 24 months (and most of the other plans have waiting period for most major work and don't cover orthodontics at all), it also has a higher maximum per person per year. We haven't had a need for any major work yet but we have 5 people using it and 2 children that will need braces (our older children are already done with theirs) so it really pays for itself with cleanings and xrays and even I got for extra cleanings so 10 cleanings and xrays a year. The premium will go up to $157 a month in Jan. I am sure a lot of folks will say is insane but each cleaning would be that much or more so for us it is a not a big deal.
  2. Sadly, there is very little information in that group about ILP.
  3. Currently only post 9/11 veteran's caregivers are allowed in the program that allows them to receive all of the benefits of being paid etc. The rest of us have to wait, until when well.........Vietnam era and earlier vets were supposed to be implemented June of this year but they have been stalled, surprise surprise and are projected to be hopefully implemented into the program in June of 2020, the rest of veteran's caregivers will be eligible 2 years AFTER those veteran's caregivers have been given access to the caregiver program. The VA saves a lot of money the longer they wait, so why bother, right? No one is fighting for pre 9/11 veterans.
  4. People buy houses with only their VA compensation or SSDI as income or both, so this is absolutely not true. Of course you do need to have the needed credit score and debt/income ratio to be approved for loans, etc.
  5. My membership just renewed last month and I still did it and it extended my membership to October of 2021, great deal!! I had seen it before you posted but in case no one realized you can truly extend your membership that you may have just renewed to save 40 bucks it is a great deal.
  6. Something to consider is I hope you have enough recent work credits, so many disabled veterans don't file for SSDI and wait too long. I would file ASAP.
  7. There is a difference between addicted and dependent, yes they seem like the same thing but here is the difference......addiction is when you are using something other than how it is prescribed to you, taking it more often, more than you are supposed to at a time but taking a drug you are prescribed and then titrating off of that drug because you have become dependent on it, which can happen with many medications, some anti-depressants are like this, benzos, many meds, even meds that you don't even think about honestly. There is so much of a stigma and even shame associated with those who take and need opioids or any other medication that may be abused in some way. It is perfectly normal to want to titrate off of something that may not be working for you any longer but like someone mentioned above make sure you go to the pain clinic and know what other options are available to you. Sadly, if you do decide to completely go off of them you might not be able to go back on them.........so many doctors are just refusing to prescribe them at all now. I hope it all works out well for you. If you are in a medical legal state I highly suggest you at least try medical marijuana.
  8. I would LOVE to agree with you on this opinion but sadly I had this same R/O PTSD in my records for TEN years, yes TEN years!! Meanwhile every psychiatrist I saw had no problem adding a NEW diagnosis, so I WAS service connected for mental health and it looked like this Bipolar Disorder (general anxiety disorder, panic attacks with agoraphobia, nightmares, sleep disturbances) AS IF that all in parentheses isn't PTSD PTSD is NOW included in my rating but also in parentheses so I guess I have every anxiety disorder possible? NO I have PTSD and I just don't argue about the rest of it. NIGHTMARES??? pretty sure that isn't in the DSM oi vey I see nothing wrong with the R/O PTSD if they actually do something and rule it out or diagnose, but this leaving it in our records for years and va providers being the ONLY ones who can diagnose ptsd for claims, that is a big freaking deal!!
  9. I am sadly of no help to you with your claim but also am battling this condition and it is absolutely awful! On top of all of my other service connected disabilities it is literally the straw that may break this camel's back. The VA is absolutely zero help in treatment, cause, sending me to any specialists other than an allerigst ( hello, ZERO ALLERGIES) so 8 claritin, xolair which the VA refuses to allow my community based care provider through the mission act to give and insists I be driven 6 hours round trip every two weeks to receive? Yeah, yippeee go Mission ACT screw us again........ anyway I don't believe there is no cause, that is bs. My primary care doctor did tell me to fast for 3 weeks on nothing but water and that would reset my system and that would cure me , my 20 year old was with me and told her she was out of her mind basically. My neuro told me that I would end up in the hospital if I tried that for a week let alone 3, of course she never put any of that in my actual medical records........because she wouldn't want to be held accountable.
  10. That is great if you A. want to pay for Medicare part B and the cost is actually worth it but for me, it is far from it! Medicare doesn't cover MH for crap and I have many sc disabilities and no other health insurance including Tricare. I have the VA and nothing else. It is almost impossible to find providers here accepting medicare patients unless you buy an advantage plan (which costs more than just paying for part B). Everyone is in a different circumstance but I am not paying hundreds of dollars a month and still not getting the healthcare I need. As much as I despise relying on the VA at least I am not throwing money away for care I can't receive anyway. I can at least be driven to another VA to receive care or fight for care outside the VA which happens all the time and the VA has to provide it. Some of my medications cost over 4k a month and I know that if I was not on a very expensive advantage plan that covered $$$ drugs I would be screwed.
  11. This is exactly why I opted out of Part B, it is horrible coverage and I would have to purchase an advantage plan which still offers next to zero mental health coverage and there are still significant copays so I will opt in at retirement age and NOT pay that penalty........so many don't know this is an option!
  12. This is great news, I need to file 2 separate CUEs and they both would result in a nice chunk of change, it would be nice if they were handled by a different VARO honestly I hope yours goes well!!
  13. YES, getting my medical records and being able to prove I was seen for some of those conditions is what won me some of those ratings. I don't think the raters at the RO would have caught them, I had a rater call me about my shoulder and ASK where in my medical records I was seen because he couldn't find it? Some don't look too hard
  14. Your "friend" has no idea what he is talking about, my first claim was for two things, both were granted low balled of course but granted 10 years after I was discharged. That was in 2006, since then I have added additional sc issues and two of them as recent as 2018. I am 100% PT when I was first granted SC in 2006 it was for 20%. I filed for not only increase but also new issues. I am adding that I had in service treatment records for everything that I claimed as well as current diagnoses and ongoing treatment for my sc claims being current issues for me as well as any current sc condition having worsened. Many people claim all sorts of things but I had been out over 20 years when I was awarded by last few sc and one of them was a 60% rating by itself.
  15. And yes, the VA sends you a letter, at LEAST one with a proposal to reduce and what your options are. Not only did the veteran not attend the exam he was scheduled for he/she then ignored the proposal for reduction letter thinking it would go away? Yes, it is good that he/she has filed for another exam but a lot of stress and aggravation could have been thwarted by following directions and procedures put in place to protect veterans and the VA. We are best served to use them to our advantage and seek counsel when we don't know what to do. Wishing him or her the best.
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