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  1. If you didn't get an envelope how did you find out what they are proposing to reduce? This seems very odd. St. Pete is so screwed up but I at least get the envelopes. I have never heard of this being done over a phone call.
  2. I was awarded SMC L and I am not missing any limbs, my husband does work but he is self employed and works from home and can stop work/work any hours he chooses. It did take very detailed writing from my neurologist to explain my need for aid an attendance, I don't qualify for caregiver as I am not post 9/11. No one is in our business as far as assets or anything else. It is no different than with my 100% or SMC K honestly in our experience.
  3. You might want to go through your tricare eob and see if you can find any records. I am an impeccable record keeper and have every record and eob since every child was born and keep them for at least 10 years then toss them unless it is something important. If was a visit for a cold it gets tossed, a broken wrist, everything is kept. Do you happen to keep things like that?
  4. My Va dentist is one of my favorite specialty clinics. He is the only dentist at our location and is very busy but always takes his time and gives me outstanding care. I have been sent to the large VA to have dental implants and cannot say how great both the oral surgeon and the prosthodontist were. I still have a family dentist for emergencies and extra cleanings. My local va dentist also sends me out for fee basis treatment for my severe tmj and a few other things as needed. If I get a cleaning I make sure it is only with the hygenist on staff and not the damn students, they are rough as hell and rude as well. I complained to the college about 2 of them they were so awful.
  5. When I called the woman who answered the phone told me to talk to my patient advocate. I laughed (inside) as if I am that stupid and hadn't taken every other route to remedy my problem and she did nothing. I finally said f it and called my congressman again and his office had it straightened out within a few weeks. I don't bother anymore, if the VA and the folks I know there can't fix my problem fairly quickly, in less than a month because that is how often I see that specialist. I call my congressman's office and they stick a boot up someones behind and I get another year of non va care approved.
  6. Not everywhere do they get tuition paid, my kids do by the state of Florida but chapter 35 doesn't pay it.
  7. seminoles

    Tricare New Changes cost WAY MORE!!

    Actually not true, I have a child on Tricare and have never had a problem with any doctor every seeing them. Champva they won't even see you as a patient, they simply don't accept it. The big hospitals and such do but none of the pediatricians, etc. do. If they aren't accepting your insurance you can't even pay cash here. Currently I have one child at one doctor he has Tricare, the rest of my family is at another doctor because he accepts United Healthplan (private plan we pay for) and then we send the bill and EOB to champva after United Healthplan sends us the EOB. Tricare also covers more, Champva covers nothing for children with autism.
  8. I agree with you wholeheartedly, I am a Desert Storm era veteran and have no issue with Vietnam Veterans being phased in first. The program never should have been post 9/11 only in the first place. It should have been for our oldest veterans first.
  9. seminoles

    Tricare New Changes cost WAY MORE!!

    I have had implants done and my dental is amazing! We have a private insurance plan, (pre ACA) that we still pay for and use Champva as secondary but it is no where near $700 a month it is a catastrophic plan. One of my children is still on Tricare and I wish all of my family were on Tricare Standard now Select. In over 27 years it has been great! There is a catastrophic cap, and that cap is lower than any other insurance out there. The problem I have with Champva is that no one wants to take there allowable, or even bill it. It is horrible. That is why we keep our other plan.
  10. I am not holding my breath.
  11. If they keep sending you the pamphlets are you absolutely certain you aren't PT, you can't check that box and print it on if you make yourself a letter?
  12. We end up paying around $240 which is for trash and fire.
  13. seminoles

    SSdI review

    don't freak out when you do have a review, they first send you a letter with a questionare to fill out, I filled that out and also send in a copy of the latest years letter from the VA that said I was 100% permanent and totally disabled as well and they then sent me a letter a few weeks later saying they were not going to review me. Most veterans I have spoken to who are 100% PT and have a lot of medical appointments (which is what is asked on the questionaire) have the same result.
  14. seminoles

    SSdI review

    the two are separate and have nothing to do with each other, you can find out when your review will be and how often by calling social security or logging into your account.
  15. I was already having issues receiving mh care and that was why I reached out to her. I finally contacted my congressman's office because, not kidding, it took my VA almost a year to provide me with individual therapy. The only reason I received it then, was because his office made a congressional inquiry and low and behold telehealth had been available the entire time, they just never bothered offering it to me. I now have an amazing psychologist in Pittsburgh and I am in Florida and I then insisted they send me out via fee basis for psychiatry. I told them I will not be seen in that clinic period. After 11 years of using that same shitty clinic and being diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, nightmares (not kidding), agoraphobia, by whichever quack was making the rounds that month..........I was diagnosed with PTSD due to MST by not only my VA psychologist but also my outside psychiatrist within 2 months. It was never about a rating but about proper diagnosis and treatment. The Va was drugging me with benzos like crazy for years and I was getting worse and worse. I would tell the psychiatrists and they wouldn't care, all they cared about is if I wasn't suicidal then everything was great. By the time my husband called our congressman we had called every single psychiatrist in our city trying to get me seen and no one would see me as a cash patient. It was a mess. This is the ONLY specialty clinic I have ever had issues with. I Know not all of them are like this but here, I have even talked to employees that used to use the clinic and no longer do. It is that bad. I am 100% PT I never cared if PTSD was on my rating or not. I have a mh rating already.

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