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  1. The crappy VA mh CLINIC? Tallahassee, I had an amazing psychiatrist here for almost a decade and then horrible care. Now, I have a psychologist who is in Pittsburgh, she is amazing. I have no psychiatrist right now, I have been renewing my meds by having my outside provider write my prescriptions until I figure out what to do. I just won't go into the Tallahassee mh clinic period. I had provider after provider dismiss me, treat me like crap and even tell me that MST doesn't happen. Once I even told my psychiatrist I needed my meds adjusted that I wasn't doing okay, and her response was, well are you suicidal? okay, no? then knock on wood, literally she knocked on her desk and said see you in 3 months and changed nothing........I was in horrible shape. The clinical pharmacist was the ONLY person I trusted in that clinic at she no longer works there. So, I have a choice now, be drive 6 hours round trip to another VA or nothing. Right now, I have nothing. Even though I had fee basis care and was recommeded for telehealth when that provider closed and they couldn't find another provider who would accept VA payment. I was even given non va primary care..........when I live 25 miles from the VA which was processed and there is an authorization in the system but I never received a letter for, since October. MY VA system SUCKS. I know why veterans kill themselves in VA parking lots. Not that I would, give them the satisfaction. They want us to kill ourselves so they don't have to pay us anymore.
  2. Yes, I get klonopin from the VA I have been on some sort of benzo for over a decade, the martazapine you should talk to your psychiatrist about a very low dose like 7.5 mg or 15 mg at bedtime, low doses of it help with sleep and don't impact you so much on the other side. I have pretty complex mh issues and multiple diagnosis including PTSD, severe anxiety disorder, panic disorder with agoraphobia and bipolar II all which are service connected. Makes meds VERY difficult
  3. I take klonopin and a small dose of martazapine, I still don't sleep well. Without them, I would be up more than twice what I am now. I have taken ambien and have an outside provider (i pay cash) who will prescribe it if I want. I have serious sleep issues coupled with mh issues so it is what it is....as far as the libido part. Ha, tell the VA that that all those drugs impact your libido, guess for guys it may be easier cuz there is a blue pill solution but for women they just ignore us.
  4. I had a clerk playing a game on her phone while I stood there with my walker for over 10 minutes, I finally walked across the building to another clerk and asked him to check me in and told him why. He has been working there forever and remembers me and he just shook his head and said he took care of me. I told my clinical pharmacist about it later and she said they have been giving that guy a hard time lately. The best clerk they have, he always treats every veteran with kindness and they give HIM a hard time? disgraceful.
  5. I think many of us would choose to go elsewhere (I know I would and gladly pay a copay) if I had insurance, I can't even get anyone to see me here other than one walk in clinic for cash and that is only because I know the NP who sees me.
  6. This is exactly how I feel about this, I live 24 miles from my local clinic, it takes more than 30 minutes to get there but if you google it drive time always says 29 minutes or something a bit less so they will use that or some crap similar to deny veterans like me the 30 minute rule for that one........I definitely will take advantage of the 60 minute one because I get sent 5-6 hour round trips for all of my specialty care. They wanted me to go to gait and balance once a week 3 hours away, I can't drive more than 30 minutes on a good day, can't take the van and as a pre 9/11 veteran my spouse sure as heck can't afford to be taking time off work every week to bring to to that many appointments so often I go without care. I also find it hysterical that MH is not a specialist??? Well played, well played. I sure as heck hope they start giving caregiver stipends to the first round of those they are supposed to roll into the program, I will be the last to be included but that is fine with me.........older veterans getting screwed over and over is absolutely beyond reproach. I was trying to work with adaptive sports, they referred me to all these organizations that receive grants from the VA, so I contacted the only one in Florida that helps with what I needed, guess what? They only help post 9/11 veterans. Seriously? So, the Va is giving them grants but not all veterans can get help??? This has to stop.
  7. I took note of the word PROPOSED in the beginning of this..won't believe any of it until it is more than a proposal. The 6 hours round trip for specialty care, honestly I go without care often because of that burden!
  8. yes they are and it varies from RO to RO and even from rater to rater!
  9. I had to fight HARD to get my SMC added after my TDIU rating I held for years and then added separate sc one at 60%, I did get it finally.........but with a HUGE fight.
  10. seminoles

    SMC S??

    not unless you got a very generous rater
  11. question....if you are denied sc and can submit new evidence does that still give you the same date of claim as a s CUE?
  12. I am just trying to make sure I understand you correctly, IF a veteran is already IU PT and then receives an additional single rating of 60% then the rater is supposed to infer the SMC housebound? If that is true, can you show me exactly where I can cite that?
  13. The only reason my children are ineligible for Tricare at that age is because they do not meet ALL the criteria, their father (the sponsor) provides ZERO support and part of the criteria of receiving tricare after 21 is that the sponsor is providing at over 50% of their support. I have no idea how that would pan out with two married parents, one tricare eligible and one champva eligible. I will say it is a huge pain for my kids. I have to have someone at a Rapids ID site send something to his command prompting him to remove that child from his DEERS after their 21st birthday (because lord forbid he do so on his own, hasn't done a single thing even when court ordered without another fight typically since 2003......grrr and he is a CW04!!) Yeah, nice guy.
  14. Also, I have had at least one child on tricare for the last 28 years and never once have they set foot on base to be seen. Their father and I were both AD, we always had them on Tricare standard (now select) and after I was out and we divorced he was court ordered to keep them on standard because they had always been on it so they could see any provider and never need a referral. I love Tricare standard/select and it has been fantastic has a great catastrophic cap. our other 2 children have champva and our older children transition to champva at age 21 ........trust me, it is a cluster F%^ck to do. But it isn't a choice for us. They cannot be on both and if they are tricare eligible they cannot have champva, older children (from my first marriage) lose their tricare eligibility at age 21 and have been picked up by champva which they then lose at age 23.
  15. I am 100% PT and also receive SSDI My children do not receive any sort of medical other than Champva and they do receive some part of SS that is awarded to them until they are 18. I believe he is saying his children are over 26??? Chapter 35 stops at age 26. Some states do have education benefits for those children of disabled veterans rated over a certain percentage, some of them have to be wounded in combat, have a purple heart, have served post 9/11 etc. Every state has different criteria or has no benefits at all. Each state is different and it is up to the individual to do their homework. Kinda shocked that someone would assume that after being awarded 100% that the free fairy would swoop in and pay for everything. NOPE if you are a family of 5 and have no other income which it seems like this person does seeing that their spouse is being medically retired they aren't in the poor house at all. Research is your best friend, sorry you didn't do your due diligence and actually read the regulations on chapter 35 before announcing to your children what the benefits would be. If they are over 26 then they should be out on their own unless they are disabled anyway in reality but hey all families are different. My older kids didn't have chapter 35 and they were just fine without it for the first few years in college, they worked and we helped them as best we could. It is what families do. Best of luck.
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