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  1. Thanks USMC_VET. Everything you wrote is pretty much the GOLD standard for getting a Migraine disability claim approved. In my award letter from the VA recently, they specifically called out my Migraine Diary, my private Neurologist DBQ, and my visits to the VA Dr. treating me for Migraines. I was originally awarded 30%, then for some reason the VA decided to look deeper into my claim/evidence about a week later and issued a CUE and increased it to 50%.
  2. ok here is a really weird situation, I received notification through ebenefits a few weeks ago and via va.gov that my claim for increase for migraines was granted and went from SC 0% to SC 30% (even though my evidence showed I deserved 50% for migraines frequency , severity, and time off work). when I received the actual letter from the VA in the mail it indeed matched what ebenefits and va.gov said as far as 30%.....fast forward about 2 weeks later....yesterday I logged into ebenefits just to just something and ebenefits says I am now 50% for migraines? my total combined increased to 80% as well to reflect the 50% increase. I checked the VA letter generator in va.gov and it also says I'm 80% total which is right if they gave me additional 50% FOR migraines. is that weird or what. any thoughts would be greatly apreciated
  3. I saw today ebenefits has my migraine claim granted at 30%. Very good! However Effective date in ebenefits shows April 13 2020? I believe the effective date is wrong. Don’t I have a year from the date of my last letter to file if I disagree with the my original rating? Original claim for Service connected with zero percent was granted on 1/17/2020 with an effective date of 3/26/19. I filed for increase on march 17 2020 it got denied, then again April 13 2020 it got granted. So I should have been granted 30% effective 3/26/19 because I filed again within a year of my initial decision. I will wait and see what the letter in the mail says before I submit a NOD for assigning the wrong effective date. Unless you think I’m wrong.
  4. Peggy informed me today that the VA was going to mail me a 5103? why I already had my VSO send in all my medical evidence, and I had a C&P about 10 days ago. is this just routine? should I mark the box that I have no more evidence to support my claim, or should I resend in everything and risk more delay.
  5. I'm CURIOUS how it turns out for you. I have the same issue. I'm 60% now. waiting for the migraine decision, currently rated ZERO. Based on my C&P exam and my supporting evidence I should get 50% according to 8100. but I'm really only expecting 30% maybe even 10% knowing the VA is going to say they don't have enough proof of financial impact to grant 50%.
  6. GBArmy nothing makes me think he wouldn't screw up again. He would not call me, even after I asked him to, only email. He Promised me this time he would send in everything. I think he did actually do his job this time because QTC called me for a C&P exam (which I talked about in a different post) and they did have my civilian Dr. DBQ and notes from my Dr. this time.
  7. May 4th I had an over the phone c&p exam. The examiner said he was looking at my neurologist DBQ that I submitted with my claim in April. So I think the VA is still accepting the DBQ`s from private providers.
  8. It turns out my VSO dropped the ball. He sent in one document, one! I GAVE him 7 documents. I have already resubmitted and made sure he sent in all the documents. This was the first time I ever used a VSO. I felt like I GAVE up control of my claim. Never again.
  9. I just had a phone call from the Physicians Assist working for QTC. He asked the standard DBQ questions and when we were done he told me he was going to give me a positive evaluation. Are they allowed to tell you that? I'm definitely not complaining. just seemed odd? like he was sympathetic towards me, the veteran.
  10. So my VSO told me i was going to get a letter from VA saying the following... “We received your medical evidence which discusses the symptoms of your medical condition. Review of your claim file shows you submitted private medical records labeled headache diary received March 17, 2020. These records were available for review but could not be read due to poor quality.” I don't know if they are referring to everything or just the diary being poor quality? in any case they closed my claim over an unreadable diary? 6 other medical evidence items like the VA form 20-0995, private Dr. DBQ, Private Dr. notes, VA Dr. Notes, and MRI, should have been way more than enough to show increase in frequency.
  11. Three weeks ago I sent in new and relevant evidence to the VA to support my claim increase for a single disability via my VSO. I had Dr. notes, a Private dr. filled out DBQ, and VA Dr. notes... I just received an update on va.gov saying my case closed and to contact my VSO for further details? I have an email sent to my VSO as of a few minutes ago. does that seem a little to fast?
  12. does anyone have a link to what VA's position on C&P exams during this pandemic?
  13. how much weight will a migraine diary carry in a disability rating for migraines?
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