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  1. @brokensoldier244th I had a FOIA request into my VARO for my exam notes from telecon exams done in April & July. I know va.gov isnt gospel but the request was listed as "closed" on 9/25 and i havent received any paperwork or even a letter syaing it was denied. Same as my C-File request that has been in since april (and i have pending claims so i didnt think it would be closed until after claims are finished) which was closed as of 2 weeks ago. not sure whats going on if i should refile the requests or what.
  2. I agree, but i would imagine theres some vested interest in examiners making sure they arent "overly favorable" to too many vets making claims since they might lose their contract. I know this strays into tin foil VA hat stuff, but I would imagine that if a examiner had a higher percentage of "more likely than not" findings compared to the average it might make them not long for the examining world. Comparatively i dont think someone who was below that average would be looked at as harshly.
  3. So i dealt with the almost same thing back in 2015. I applied for an increase and ended up getting a letter stating that they were going to decrease my PTSD. It was my fault since i freaked out during a C&P and jsut wanted to get out of there and said i was ok, etc etc After i got the letter I contacted a VSO and got on HADIT. In truth the HADIT folks helped me 100x more than the VSO did. I learned about IMO's and got a Psychologist who went over my VA records, treatment records and history. After this was all submitted with a NOD the VA unofficially contacted my VSO and said th
  4. @deedub75that is great. I know vets find it hard to find local docs/specialists who will do this sometimes, and i have had the same experience often. Alot of docs look at these requests like your asking them to help you in some insurance fraud against a gas station for slipping outside the door. If you dont have the money for the IMO then you may have to ask around, pay the co pay for a initial counseling and just lay it all out. Alot of doctors dont know how the VA system works and are totally unaware that they will use NP's to determine a neurology issue and without their help thats basic
  5. exactly, i think the important thing to always remember is that alot of what we do in a claim is less about ENSURING WE WIN THE INITIAL CLAIM and about setting ourselves up for an appeal if it happens. It is perfectly possible a VA NP can say your headaches arent that bad, and your neurologist says they are really bad and they go with the NP. upon appeal that isnt going to fly. Yes we should win when the evidence presented meets the requirements for SC or a grant level but the world is as it is. on the issue of IMO's/confusion on hadit @broncovetis on this. I am in a position finan
  6. I cant say what they reviewed or didnt review but the veterans claimed in service incident were both singular events directly related to a illness unrelated to the claim. If i was making a IBS claim and in my service record there were two GI med visits but those doctors notes said that i came in complaining of diarrhea and was diagnosed with the flu they arent going to consider that IBS related but flu related. I may be giving the VA too much of the benefit of the doubt, but they arent lying when they say there isnt any service records or complaints in service. They are looking in the recor
  7. If i remember correctly the two incidents were related to related to hving a cold and another from the heat. Im not denying this veterans claims of vertigo, migraines being service related etc but from whats been written its quite clear the headache incidents that are on record dont have much to do with vertigo and was clearly stated as being a result of a cold (normal symptom) and heat stroke (common symptom). Im not one to tell a vet not to make a claim or appeal, but i highly highly doubt this is a case of unmistakable error that the rater looked at claim for headaches being secondary to v
  8. for your C&P exam, who did it? were you at a VAMC (va medical center) or was it a third party like VES or QTC. if it was the latter you would have gotten a letter from them with a scheduled exam date/time, etc. If you went to a VAMC you would find it in your bluebutton report on ebenefits, if it was a third party youll need to... 1) contact your VSO/rep and ask them to print them for you 2) go to your VARO and get them in person (not all VARO's are allowing visitors due to COVID) 3) Request it via FOIA (i did this and it was marked closed but havent gotten the exam no
  9. to get better advice we need some more information like what is your current rating, when were you prescribed these medications, what is in your medical file in relation to MDD already, etc. Medication not working doesnt effect your compensation % level at all, however if you arent seeing a therapist and arent taking a Rx for it at the 50% + level it can effect you (I will say that this is anecdotal from people ive spoken with). Also medication helping you also doesnt effect it either. lets say that you had severe MDD (suicidal ideation, no friends, couldnt work, bad hygiene, troub
  10. I know not everyone has access to Adobe PDF, but they have a nice highlighting feature you can use in tools. I dont manually highlight anything in my records i highlight it via pdf and send it. Will it darken that way as well? i never thought about it
  11. @brokensoldier244thanother reason why i always include in my claim the copies of my SMR and VA Med records that pertain to my claim.
  12. 99% of Tinnitus claims are for Subjectivie Tinnitus which cannot be tested so often as long as the claim is made and the MOS matches they grant it. sometimes they require you to go to a audiologist to say "yes i hear ringing" or its mentioned during a hearing loss exam.
  13. absolutely you can, but as said above i dont think they are letting people just walk in. I sent a FOIA request for my C&P exams on 9/1 and on 9/25 they closed the "claim" on va.gov. As of today, 10/2 i havent received the information, but as you know sometimes it takes a bit for information to arrive in your mailbox. because i havent gotten it im not ready to say 'do this it works' but so far it seems to have at least been seen and closed
  14. If i had to guess they believe there was something the VA overlooked, as mentioned in previous comments it could be EED or SMC issues, if you ask for a copy of the appeal from them it should tell you as they SHOULD have referenced what the specific disagreements they had with the decision. I recently filed a HLR for a EED (dropped it because when i looked back the EED claim wasnt right on my end), but you should know that a HLR isnt specific it opens the case back up, now it doesnt mean they will reduce you, but they can. They can find that a EED is correct but they can also re litigate the e
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