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  1. Congratulations! i just got my 100% P&T recently as well and I know the feeling
  2. roger to all @brokensoldier244thsaid Can the VA get most/all of that information, sure. But if you have it why make the process take longer than it needs to, claims take enough time to finish why add to it with dragging your feet on anything you have. As he said they pull your military/VA stuff anyways, but when I make claims i always pull my own copies and insert them into my claim with a explanation on the cover page of what that evidence shows in support of my claim. I try to make it easy for raters to see what i want them to see and they can verify the authenticity of that document s
  3. After a couple of failed claims early this year i bit the bullet and forked over $1500 for Dr. Anaise who wrote the nexus letter that my PTSD aggravated my Sleep Apnea due to nightmares and other sleep disturbances that caused me to rip off the mask during the night. I filed as a Supplemental Claim in April and had the decision letter, granted, by June.
  4. With a Supplemental Claim you need to file as soon as possible. The date its received is the date the retro clock starts, however whats most important is to have all the evidence you need when you do file it, so my advice is file as soon as you have everything you need. Also remember that the effective date starts the following month so if you file December 1,2,15 or 30 the date is 1/1/2021. so you have over three weeks to get it in. I would make sure you send it before the christmas rush so its received before Jan 1. And with ALL claim stuff make sure that you always send evidence
  5. @broncovet so i understand DIC correctly, now that im 100% P&T, if i die between now and 2030 of cancer my wife wouldnt get anything, if it was related to a SC condition she would. if i die after 2030 of anything then she gets DIC payments
  6. Thanks! Maybe i was misinterpreting that statement, I think it pertains to the kids that they cant be claimed as dependents on the DIC/payments it they are over 18 and are apply for CHapter 35
  7. I was recently given 100% P&T and started filling out the Chapter 35 benefits for my wife as she has wished to continue her education, however i noticed that it says "If you are over the age of 18 once you receive either the DEA or FRY SCHOLARSHIP benefits, you will no longer receive payments of Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) or Pension and you may no longer be claimed as a dependent in a Compensation claim. If you are under the age of 18, on your 18th birthday you will lose eligibility for DIC or Pension payments and you will no longer be claimed as a dependent in a Compensat
  8. @sailorgirl80 Im so sorry that what happened to you happened. I have no MST claim experience but I just had my claim close that i submitted back in April, C&P's in May & June for a MH related issue. I also second @broncovetadvice here. Theres a reason that there are multiple cliche sayings like "a watched pot never boils" and its especially true with VA claims. I dont always follow my own advice, but checking1,2,3 times a day on ebenefits will drive you crazy. Set a specific day of the week you will check ebenefits and stick to that schedule. Also while the money from a
  9. its easier to produce a series about a fictional woman than bobby fisher and his preoccupation with antisemitism
  10. Raters arent social workers you follow a case for years and years, each claim is worked by multiple raters throughout its life
  11. whoops my bad. I wasnt expecting or requesting P&T so how does that work exactly, is it automatically considered once you reach 100% schedular or otherwise? does it apply to all my disabilities or is it just 1,2?
  12. until i can see the letter i wont know exactly, they are showing on the letter summary on ebenefits that P&T started on 4/24/2020 which was when my supplemental for OSA 50% was won. the claim i just won now goes back to 7/2019 which would make me 90% from July to April and then 100 from April on. Im guessing the P&T is based on my PTSD which has been 50% since 2011 and now 70% since 2019
  13. Yesterday was a great day. I have been working on these claims for awhile and this last year i really decided to do it right and spend the money and time necessary to win that last few claims i had been denied over the years. I was checking my status on va.gov and ebenefits and noticed while va.gov showed it as "gathering evidence" still ebenefits under pending disabilities when you click "check pending claim" it had been listed as "preparation for decision". As a sidenote i realized that ebenefits had alot more steps in it (gathering -> prep for decision-> pending decision approva
  14. I was never in the guard so this is speculation, but if i understand title 32 you were activated (on active duty) during the specific time period that you were diagnosed with asthma & OSA? if so then as stated above it shouldnt be a hard claim. If I were you I would make sure you spell this out, in the evidence that you submit. In my sworn statement i would write something like this 1) I was activated from 4/15/2011-5/26/2011 and considered on active duty 2) I was diagnosed by a US Army Doctor on 4/29/2011, during my active duty, with asthma and Sleep Apnea, as noted in fol
  15. that reduction 5 years ago was eye opening to me and lead me to HADIT which i learned a full education on what does and doesnt make a good claim. I know what to look out for etc. in the past the exams for my increases i knew what they should be asking and i came out with a positiive attitude as i knew my 50% rating was severely underrated for years but after looking at the exam notes after the fact i realized that even though we talked about a bunch of things that were going on with me barely half was checked off or mentioned. Which is why i went the IMO route this time.
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