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  1. Thank you sir, let them do what ever I am going ahead with the express appeal. I have nothing to loose. I will fight till the end whenever that is. Now its the point. Thank you again.
  2. i Was told by a VA employee that requesting a express appeal could have them take away my 70% P and T rating and put me down to 50%, because he said if they send me to a C&P who knows how bad a day the examiner may be in. Iam 70 years old. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Iam claiming on appeal vertigo and sleep apnea. Just asking
  3. I just found out from my VA doctor that I have prostate cancer and because of my exposure to the spraying back in 66 and 67 I must get a byopsia to see the stage am in. Am 70% IU but payed a 100%. My question can I claim this medical problem even though I already at max pay??? Thanks any info greatly appreciated
  4. Can some tell me what form do you use to reopen claim. I was denied by BVA but now have Imo which I should have sent the first time from VA doctors????????????
  5. The post started like this unusual decision showed nothing is impossible with the VA and At first the premise seemed to me to be a denied claim but as read on The post was in regards to vertigo and aggravation that the aggravation of vertigo resulted from effect i.e. dizziness of ptsd medication. It also stated that an ENT va examiner physician reviewed the vets records and on his review vet won at board. It was a article or post dated september2008. If I can fine this revie of the vet by the va ENT physician I can use that case to forward evidence to board. I have looked all over maybe some one can help??? Thank You MOJO
  6. He is doing a great job, don't care what some say. He help me and may others with just a phone call . Now its time to give back and help other vets
  7. well as I promise got EED back to 10/2010 on IU was asking for 8/2012 extra 12 months and the judge threw in vertigo which was denied back in 10/2011 as a gift ???? never ask for it . Soooo sent in NOD for EED with some paper showed effective date was incorrect and they gave me a better deal. So good luck all its been a 5 year fight but its done and now I will chill. Good luck chief. Never say never don't give up
  8. Same here chief, remand back too RO on my EED NOD. Its only one item so who knows. My VA decision package look pretty good, the VLJ looked as if she is fighting for me like she did on my appeal which granted me IU. Remand better than a denial. Well let you know how things work out.
  9. Still waiting chief but now advance to VLJ Alibrando for her decision Congrates
  10. You and I chief are at the same date at the BVA. I sent a NOD on the EED. They low balled me 12 months. My appeal was granted but at a higher EED, should have been lower. They gave me from 8/15 but should have been from 8/12 So chief lets see how long it will take us. I just got notice on Eben date of LVJ 5/26/15 judge Alibrado same judge who granted my appeal. Good luck to you
  11. Same same here, low balled me by 12 months. Put NOD right away to BVA with evidence, its presently in stage two on E-ben in 14 days. will let all know what gives.
  12. I support BOB, he help me when I needed help. lets all remember all the vets he help without us knowing.
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