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  1. Sorry for the grief y'all have experienced with this- please email Bob & Alison!
  2. T- I was wondering if it had to be an either/or deal on the site. Still think it would be good to have the Paypal etc buttons at top of every page to make it easy for people who don't even realize this needs funding. Sure appreciate you!
  3. I see they deal with prepaid cards; someone may have diverted your check to a card to use.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that - missing a payday would hurt most of us. i'd hold your bank's feet to the fire to give you all info on who did this ASAP as well as submit an IRIS inquiry telling the VA you need all info from their end ASAP as well. Choose Ask A Question here: https://iris.custhelp.com/ Keep us posted!
  5. Are you sure that was SSDI and not just SSI? SSI can be determined on the spot by income; SSDI takes longer.
  6. My biggest beef with the VA benefits process is that it's a 1-sided black hole where you Really never know where you stand until a decision is reached months/years later. There is nothing fair about this system. The fact that so many veterans end up being awarded benefits on appeal shows the flaws in their own system. And think of the entitled vets who don't make it through the appeals process due to death or giving up. it is a travesty to advertise that the VA is putting veterans first.
  7. I'm not a big fan of the shoutbox, although I see some benefit to having it. We've posted Search items inadvertently, (See "FDC Timeline, Failed Back Syndrome, Fibromyalgia currently on board") I often am trying to scroll down page but end uip just scrolling the shoutbox. Maybe if it was half as wide and pushed to left side.
  8. I like it, T - you have a lot of great info/links in a small space without a bunch of distracting graphics like so many sites have. NavyWife- this isn't the new forum page; that's why no View No Content (which I also use daily). This is just the main web page where you can link to the forums.
  9. LOVE the menu at top. I've gotta test if I can post screenshot before making any further suggestions. 1st is current, 2nd is suggestions. It won't hurt my feelers if you don't follow all my suggestions- this is Your site Instead of drop-down boxes, I'd post all those categories in their own box. They have a wealth of the most commonly needed information. Lookin great, T!
  10. Love the Google Search claims box- worked well on test search for PTSD and Apnea. I even modified to Apnea 2014 and it brought up posts including that. Great idea having Ebenefits Questions and FAQs under VA Claims Forum. I also like the Tips for Veterans Applying for VA Benefits near the top. You probably already give newbies info on posting but some tips I see which could help are: 1. Post a clear title like 'Need help preparing PTSD claim' or "VA med center won't schedule my surgery" instead of 'I have a question'. Knowledgable people who don't have time to read all posts may s
  11. Saw your shout T and figured I'd give feedback here. Hadit is chock full of helpful information but can be overwhelming for new visitors. When giving driving directions to someone I try to think as if I was driving there for the first time: what would be helpful for me to know, use as landmarks etc. 1. "Where To Start" at the top for newbies who are walking into the VA labyrinth for the first time. Can have brief synopsis of The Process, what is 1st priority like deciding whether to use a VSO (pros and cons), ... 2. Claims and Medical Issues could be separate sections with their o
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