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  1. Notorious Kelly


    "Oh wicked and perverse VA - how long must we suffer ye!"
  2. Notorious Kelly

    Strange Call

    I believe the criteria is either distance OR too much time til appointment; I'd go for it.
  3. Notorious Kelly

    Prayers For Jerrel Cook

    I wish Jerrel all comfort and a speedy recovery.
  4. Dashboard 4 looks more like the old way - I think folks should try it. Thanks, T!
  5. Notorious Kelly

    Va Comp Reduction Proposal

    Many of us also find out the hard way that changing your address at "The VA" (hospital) does not change it in DEERS or with the VA disability process. There may be even more places to check but be sure at least those two are separately contacted and verified for address changes. You can verify DEERS info thru ebenefits.
  6. The VA must be a cartel more dangerous and powerful than the mafia, which is why congress and the president fear it.
  7. Notorious Kelly

    100% P&T - Merry Christmas!

    Bravo, Just!
  8. Yes, they still play musical chairs with the C-file and it can be at C&P docs or elsewhere. At my viewing appointment the VA clerk was a bit impatient sitting there but made copies of the few papers I wanted. More numerous copies would have come later or with C-fie (which took me years to get).
  9. Notorious Kelly

    This is Shameful

    One of my biggest gripes with VA is broken, battered and senior veterans and their families enduring long and dangerous drives to keep the union workfare facilities open.
  10. Notorious Kelly

    Living in Florida now

    Be sure to contact your state and local offices for exact details and caveats. This is a general idea of what MIGHT be available by state: http://www.military.com/benefits/veteran-state-benefits/state-veterans-benefits-directory.html
  11. Notorious Kelly


    Glad to hear it, BV!
  12. Notorious Kelly


    Happy for your win, Wes!
  13. Notorious Kelly

    New PCP problems

    There's far too much 'creative writing' in our medical and claims files and, regardless of How you choose to do it, I agree that it's best to take action in writing to get it corrected. They seem to hate Secure Messaging so I Love it for the paper trail. I would copy any messages from there to another medium (print out if needed) so as not to have to rely on them being there later. It's good to hold their feet to the fire but, like USMC_VET said, start out cordial then increase the flame as needed. If you do change docs, it might be good to float to them, "I love MyHealtheVet too - I can look at my lab results and all the notes after every visit." Subtle way of saying, 'WE ARE WATCHING YOU.' Good luck in your claims!
  14. Notorious Kelly

    Sucess Story

    Very happy for your success!

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