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  1. """"" Since VA says they "own " the farmed out C & P exams and pay some non VA medical entity for the exam, The VA will not release QTC or any other farmed out exams until they make a decision. ''' ONE HELL OF A CONFLICT OF INTEREST wouldnt ya think. ? They play it both ways for example my wife got a VERY FAVORABLE letter from her primary doctor whom she has been seeing for years, regarding a claim that is ongoing. the VA refuses to send her for a C$P exam, because they would first have to try and contradict thier own VA doctors opinion. that in iself would look really bad on them, if they try to send her outside the system to get an opposing opinion. . The RSVR also disregarded buddy statements from officer level troops she served with. The raters want to pick and choose what evidence they use and dont use, in order to get the desired outcome, which is usually denial. We did a formal hearing request and told them when we got there what we wanted, yet they still kept turning the mike off, and were trying to refuse evidence we were submitting. I bet that MANY of the senior raters and rsvrs with some longevity , are going back and trying to "correct " the sins of thier past, inserting information that they previously omitted, and many other shinanigans. I would urge veterans to review your claims files and look for things that have been added or omitted. YOUR FIRED isnt just a tv show anymore, its reality for ALOT of miscreants that have been running wild at the VA for years. And its about damned time.!!! Good men and woman have died by neglect, suicide, and suffered needlessly because of the dirty deeds being commited at VAMCs and ROs. I dont feel sorry for those who get fired at all.
  2. anyone know why there is a new line of info on disabilities that says.. 'ENVIORMENTAL HAZZARD OF GULF WAR. Example.. disability - fibromyalgia.. service connected- no 'ENVIORMENTAL HAZZARD OF GULF WAR. disability-chronic fatigue syndrome- service connected- no 'ENVIORMENTAL HAZZARD OF GULF WAR. Its just fascinating me how the VA is tapdancing around the Gulf War issues. Ive never seen an entity that could say YES YES YES you are affected,, but NO, NO NO we will never compensate you for it. But just look at how damned hard were trying. And the fine job were doing!!! One day, once your mostly all dead and gone, we shall make it right though, and pay a dozen or 2 widows and surviving veterans, therefore we can forever say.. WE PAID THEM... Just as they did the vietnam vets with agent orange. They tell the gulf war vets that thier conditions are presumptive yet they still deny them as service connected.. Only the sharpest of the demons can construct slide of hand and smoke and mirrors of such effective deception. Lies and trickery at its finest. If fibromyalgia is a presumptive and im a gulf war vet, than how can I NOT be service connected for it? same with chronic fatigue,?
  3. the facts are that most VAMCs dont have specialists inside the VA system, and they dont want to send veterans outside the system for fee based care, so many times, your PCP will downplay your problem, or ignore it and not follow up with it. You may be prescribed something that doesnt work, and you tell them this, and they take no action. Heres an example. friend of mine is service connected for exema.. has terrible outbreaks and is embarresed to wear shorts in this burning texas heat. friend was RX some bullshit cream, that did nothing. Friend told primary that it wasnt working, and primary took NO action or follow up. Friend kept bugging primary for follow up, then primary calls her in and they tale a photo of the outbreak and send it upstairs to dermatology. NO action is taken. Finally friend goes outside the system and sees a real dermatologist. a ointment was RX ed and friends exema is almost completely healed. MOST primary care doctors are internal medicine docs. They are general doctors and usually dont have the expertise to diagnose many things that come to them. Further more, many doctors that work at the VA that come from middle eastern countrys do not have an actual MD. \They go to various millitary style training facilities for abt 8 weeks,and get issued a certfication. The VA accepts these certifications as a reciprocity in lieu of a real MD sheep skin.. So what do you get? a questionable medical entity from a different country who likely cant care less about an american veteran. a foriegn entity who isnt required to carry insurance. a foriegn entity who cannot be sued, because he works for the government. A foriegn entity who is likely not to be fired, because there is a shortage of doctors inside the VAMCs. Ever wonder why there arent many american doctors inside the VAMCS, you would think the VAMCs would be full of american doctors just knocking down the doors to get in and help thier american brothers of nobility, Well the reason there arent alot of american docs in the VAMCS in my opinion is that american docs just cant stomach screwing veterans over. Ive seen several occasions where docs were hired at the VA and quit the next day or less than 2 weeks later. now why would they quit so fast.. I think its because when they are told what to do and not do for veterans, they quickly decide that they want no part of the activity.
  4. if you are being lied to, denied care, mistreated, misled, delayed care, denied medications , ect at VA facilities, report it and there will likely be consequences for the offender if you can get it high enough up the food chain. The new law is now in place, and no Doctor, lawyer or Indian Chief is safe from diciplinary actions anymore. ALWAYS know who you speak with in person or on the phones if they will say, because documentation is always king!!! Documentation is evidences sword... https://www.va.gov/accountability/Adverse_Actions_Report.pdf
  5. If you have ever wondered why you were not offered certain medication by your VA provider, there may be several reasons. The VA uses something called the national pharmalary list.. check it out here. but first read the rest of this post. http://www.pbm.va.gov/apps/VANationalFormulary/ what I have found personally is that due to costs of certain medications, even though they are on the national pharmalary list, these medications will not be offered to you by your care provider. heres an example. many pain sufferers who have tried various medications such as opiate based,and other meds such as gapapentin, tramadal , ect have not gotten much relief. There is another medication used to treat pain called pregablin ( LYRICA).. If you ask your primary care dr abt this medication, you will likely be either told that it is not on the pharmalary list, or that you do not meet the criteria.. If you go to the link I posted, it tells you what the criteria is, which many times is that you have tried other medications without success. In my experience, the best thing you can do if you want to try a medication, is look on the pharmalary list yourself, before asking your doctor to prescribe it.. YOU LET THEM KNOW THAT IT IS INDEED ON THE PHARMALARY LIST.. Ok heres what they may do.. they may try and tell you that the particular VAMC that you go to doesnt prescribe it.. That would be a lie. so dont buy it. they may try to prescribe something that you already tried that didnt work.. do not go for it. there are MANY MEDICATIONS THAT ARE AVAILABLE TO VETERANS THAT THE VAMCs try to not prescribe, due to cost. Take Lyrica for example. its 400.00 for one month rx. ok lets due some math, thats 4800 a year. in 10 years thats 48000 dollars.!!!!!. CAPICHE? Have I earned that medicine? YOUR DAMNED RIGHT i HAVE!!!! Many veterans who were cut off of opiate based prescriptions the last few years after opiate gate went down and there was a big push to stop prescribing, were offered Gabapentin, or tramadol. Tramadol is killing people right and left, it is a very dangerous drug, and Gabapentin has plenty of side effects as well. often times, once those 2 meds are prescribed for pain, and found to be ineffective, that is the end of it. like bugs bunny said at the end of the cartoon., thats all folks.. well now you know that there may be other options. if the meds you are on arent cutting the mustard, do some research. most of the new, effective, but higher priced meds are on the tv commercials . thats how I found out abt Lyrica. its beed a Godsend. its great for diabetic nerve pain, spinal injury related pain, ect. Do tourself a favor.. if your suffering in pain, have ben invoulantarily or voulentarily been taken off of opiate based meds, have tried Gabapenten, Tramadol, ect, with no relief, plz try LYRICA. IT sure helps me.. the best way I can describe it, is it doesnt let the pain consume my focus. the pain is there, but its like I dont care its there.. weird but I like it.
  6. ya think that might be why nobody calls me back from the VAMC ? I guess nobody wants to talk abt 250 million dollar scams anymore.. .
  7. seminole maybe print that article and bring it with you to your next appointment., maybe print a few dozen and go drop them around the lab area... haha put a stack by the sign in kiosk..
  8. they are stealing from us, the veterans. 256 MILLION.. That is equivilant to the entire yearly budget for the central texas VAMC. Companies can steal millions from veterans, and when they get caught, they just have to pay it back.., like a game.
  9. THE CORRUPTION ALWAYS LEADS TO THE MONEY!!! Now you know why your piss is so valuable.
  10. CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS * Millennium Laboratories Agrees to Pay $256 Million The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced t hat Millennium Laboratories, a global urinary drug testing lab, has agreed to pay the United States $256 million to resolve allegations that Millennium filed false claims in viol ation of the Public Law 97-258, False Claims Act . The agreement was the result of a VA OIG, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Defense Criminal Investigative Serv ice (DCIS), and Health and Human Services OIG investigation that alleged that Millenni um submitted false claims to Federal healthcare programs for excessive urinar y drug testing and pharmacogenetics testing, which were also deemed to be medically unnec essary. VA’s portion of the total civil damages is $723,880.
  11. read this ... http://www.va.gov/oig/pubs/highlights/VAOIG-highlights-201607.pdf
  12. Maybe they will give you an answer if you call and ask them, but they never would call me back, every time I followed up with a call they bullshitted me around and said they were checking on it, blah, blah, blah, its been 5 months, and still no answer. Someone , somewhere is pushing the UA tests, for a specific reason. Same with the FLU shots. You cant hardly get in the door at the VA without someone trying to stick a flu shot in your arm., everywhere you go,m in the entrace, , in the lobby, by the coffee shop, theres nurses with little kiosks set up, trying to give a shot. I would imagine theres a contract, that the VA buys, and they are trying to use the shots any way possible, so that next year, they can pay some drug company a small fortune, to provide the wrong strain of virus again. With the Veterans bill of rights, you as a patient, have the right to take part in your healthcare decisions. If yearly Drug testing is required at VAMCs.and regulation, I will gladly comply, but if its as I suspect, a fleecing of the budget, im not going for it.
  13. ps.. the going rate for a full panel drug test can cost between, 300 and 2200. bucks. so do the math. I guess theres big money in Piss.
  14. I would refuse it if the VA doesnt have you on a narcotic contract. The VA contracts the urine drug testing. In the spirit of chronic historical fraud , waste and abuse, it wouldnt surprise me if there is some company making a ton of money from doing VA drug testing. The VA cut almost everyone off of opiod pain meds, but continue to drug test.. I smell a rat. The last time I went in, they gave me a cup to pee in. I asked the phlebotimist what it was for. I was told drug UA . So I took the cup home with me, and called the patient advocates office in Temple tx asking why I was still being tested after being discontinued from the opiod therapy, for over 2 years. I have not gotten an answer after several follow up phone calls./ Im being ducked, and dodged. If you are not being prescribed narcotic pain meds from the VA , I cannot think of any reason for them to drug test you.

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