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  1. Look at your documents in Ebenifits to see your percentage of disability. It should be updated there by now.
  2. Possible CUE?

    Thank you Berta. Yes, my medical evidence does reveal multiple joint disability. To include, both ankles, and both knee. The only citation I have is what the VA cited in their decision. In their decision that a 20 percent evaluation was not warranted unless X-ray evidence shows involvement of two or more major joints OR two or more minor joints groups with occasional incapacitating exacerbations.
  3. Possible CUE?

    On appeal, the BVA awarded me service connection for my left ankle, right ankle, and lower back strain. Question, when they awarded me conditions was the VA required to review my other disables such as my right knee for an increase? The reason I ask, I am currently rated 10 percent for right knee disability but the regulations state if a veteran has multiply joints infected they will be rated 20 percent or higher.
  4. Now ebenifits my estimated completion date states at this time, your Regional Office is unable to provide an estimated completion date for this type of claim.
  5. Yes, it is. Thank you very much. My claim remains in pending decision approval phase.
  6. Checked ebenifits and my claim for specially adapted Housing grant has moved to pending decision approval. Since, this is not my first rodeo with the VA I called the 800. Granted, nothing is certain until the vet receives the brown envelope; however, the rep did tell me that the decision approval is pending a senior signature. I believe that suggest good news, we shall see.
  7. Question Pertaining Cue's For Berta

    Thank you very much, Berta. This is an RO decision, not a BVA decision. I found the decision rather odd that no laws were cited. I guess concluson of laws may not be apllcable to RO decisions
  8. Berta I read some time ago about a CUE and Conclusion of Law (I believe) that all decision need to include. I can not locate that posting, I was wondering if you could direct me to that post. I just recieved a decision that did not include any conclusion of law and just need more guidance. Thanks in advance.
  9. Gemini88, I have a feeling they may do the same to me claims but I remain optimistic. That's certainly some tangled up mess.
  10. Jeff, that's very interesting. I may try your approach if if takes too long to receive my SOC. Knap, an 1980 case?? WOW!!
  11. It appears that the time line is all over the board. No rhyme or reason. I remember in the past, I received my SOC much sooner. I just wanted to know if I should start shaken trees or just wait patiently. Based on the. Response thus far, I will just wait patiently. Thanks everyone.
  12. I sent in a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) to to Veteran's Affair 9/14. I Have not received an Statement of the Case (SOC) thus far. This appears to be like a rather long wait and just curious to know how long other veterans have waited to receive their SOC after filing an NOD.
  13. Additional Benifits Eligible For:

    Thank you very much Chuck, much appreciated. I had no clue about SMC until I noticed I qualified for it through Ebenefits, then I read up on it through the forums. Thanks again.
  14. I was reviewing Ebenefits and I noticed that under additional benefits it stated I was eligible for SMC rating. I have a pending claim under review, requesting SMC rating. Does this eligibility mean that my claim is likely to be approved?