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  1. again.. the data from the va doesn't help at all.... my claim appeal waits it much longer.... but similar question.... hamster wheel between bva, judge, remands, ro, and the circle goes around and around.... the years are going by years after the BVA judge hearing... I know only the VA knows, but there must be some good news, or else by now they would have completely denied my claims and appeals. If they were going to deny me, they could have done that along time ago.. so they must be trying to rate it by now, or rate all the sperate issues.... (or they are all tied together...) The BVA Judge hearing was I believe march 2017. Then the remands came....
  2. Richard,, the data from the va doesn't help at all.... my claim appeal wait it much longer.... but similar question.... hamster wheel between bva, judge, remands, ro, and the circle goes around and around.... when they do this people are left to speculate on what craziness must go on behind those walls...
  3. this, I think, is what is going on with mine,, the RO refused to comply with BVA remands... but the years tick by.... congrats!
  4. my claims go back to 1997, then the update and second set of my claims/appeals were 2009.... Now, still at BVA and several remands.... while insane I think anyone who gets resolution in less then 5 years is the luckiest sob ever... more years than that is either a poor dead sob, or too old to remember... etc... the people running the VARO scams and denials, know they will be long gone when the VA works on your claims and anything the people at VARO are long retired, and al they did wrong is buried....
  5. I have a couple things to try. I really wanted to get a doctor I asked for at the clinic I asked for 5 years ago, much, much nearer to my home. Again, I am on some waiting list for that clinic that opened after I put my request in for it. (6 years ago/my written request was actually fall 2013 for that clinic which opened Summer of 2014). I have SSDI. I am not going to change to an outside doctor because it took 30 years of finding what works and what doesn't . Maybe before my doctor leaves, he can put in a word for my old request (waiting list) for the clinic near my home. I trust he would try. I have to use specialty clinics, my problems are extremely rare. 1:5,000,000 and 1:10,000,000 and combined astronomical. So, I am really stuck, because of having rare diseases. That is what screwed me up, my rare diseases were not understood by the non-experienced doctors who misdiagnosed me so many times. If I had more common issues it would help.
  6. let me boil this down.... 5 years ago I requested a clinic closer to me, and about the same time, a new clinic opened less then 20 miles away... I was put on a waiting list. Meanwhile I have to go to a clinic 75 miles away. The doctor there is retiring soon and I am going to end up with a new doctor anyways. The VA told me I am still on the waiting list 5 years later for the Salem clinic, near my home. They told me I don't have to renew it, I stay on the list. Meanwhile, I am scared to death of the problem if they give me the doctor that treats me horribly at the clinic that is run my current doctor who is retiring. I will never see this guy again if it ends up the va give s to him, I would rather die and get it over with, this guy had no compassion at all for a person in severe agony with my diseases like I have. This waiting list is a joke.... I have to either stay on this phony bogus list (decades waiting list), to the clinic near my home, or ask to be put back in a clinic at the main hospital 80 miles way, across from the Washington border. As After my doctor is retired I am not going back to that clinic where doctor mengele is working. You guys have no clue what is like to be going through a very bad flair as the acids eat through your guts as they dissolve your pancreas and liver (yes) that is a real thing with necrotizing pancreatitis. And to have this scumbag looking at you like you are just a wimp who can't take pain and is a phony asking for more pain relief. My doctor who runs the clinic confirmed that doctor doesn't have compassion for his sick patients. I tried to say this in the first post, but apparently I did not get through on how serious this is, at least to me and my family.
  7. I am in the Oregon VA system, and before that was in the San Diego VA system. When I changed to Oregon several years ago, I asked for a primary care doctor, clinic, closer to my home. I ended up with a doctor 75 miles away. meanwhile the VA opened a new clinic 20 miles from my home in Salem. MY doctor I have at this clinic further away is good to me. he has a back ground in one of my major illnesses, pancreatic and liver diseases. he treats me well, and tells me inside news on how the politics makes him do things he doesn't like because that is the way the VA is. So he tried his best to help me. Sometimes, if he is on vacation, I see another doctor at the clinic and he treats me horribly, I am scared to death after my doctor is retired later this year they will give me the horrible doctor. I called the VA a few times and asked what happened to my request for a doctor closer to my home, and they told me I don't have to keep requesting it, I am on the list. meanwhile the new Salem clinic is growing fast with patients and services, I do go there often for blood draws, eye exams, etc. I feel like there s some type of system in place where someone in the chain decides which patients they will accept and see how bad of shape I am in and don't want me to be a nightmare on their watch and in their life. It is hard to believe that after 6 solid years my name is still in limbo for getting care much closer to my home. I need the hospital because I need specialty clinics, but most of the time I can get my care at the clinics. Help!.. what can I do to insure I am not screwed and given to a doctor that is bad to me. Even if he wasn't bad, I still would rather go 20 miles than 75 miles on lots of heavy meds in pain and sick. What department can I talk to? how do I know if I am truly on the list I asked to be put on 6 years ago. I mean I know I am on the list, whatever that means, but I think my doctor is only going to be around maybe 6 more months. He said he could not longer work for an organization with so much pressure to do things that harms his patients. He has tons of experiences deeply cares about people and is very good. But life goes on. I need to avoid the other doctor, badly. I cannot emphasis the dilemma I am in unless I get moved tot he Salem clinic as I asked 6 years ago. If I need to I will ask them to use the hospital primary care, instead of the doctor that horrible to me. What a mess. I have been under the VA care for 24 years, have lived in a hospital for 6 months as an inpatient fighting for my life. I have no choice I need meds to live. I need a doctor who cares. I would like to sign this 'in deep **it'. ** and if no one knows, or has bad news, lay it on, I have to figure this out, time is flying.... Thank you !
  8. I just noticed this thread.., I was also labeled as having aids and they tested me and said I didn't it was a mistake, but the VA kept re-entering it into my records, so over many years I kept having to be 're'-tested, and they kept changing my diagnosis to other diseases not the ones I have, and I had to keep asking them to correct these crazy unconscionable errors... this stuff went on for ages and continues,,,, so whenever I went for help or appointment II was greeted by a nurse of doctor talking to me about diseases I never had. Or they would write down a disease that was much lesser and not near as serious version, and place it in my records, one something is in your records good luck on a correction.
  9. They whole system is rigged with either bad doctors of people playing doctor in va claims with no medical experience or training, all deciding veteran medical issues and outcomes... of course if the va had to put doctor in the seats who decide claims while the outcomes would apt to be correct instead of rubbish, the government would say it costs to much. But when it comes to their healthcare the sky is the limit. So, we continue with people who have no medical experience or schooling deciding who gets what health care and for what. And it is massive job security for the va claims hamster wheel workers.
  10. still no word since last spring/early summer 2018. Been with the BVA judge for going on 3 years.... original claims 1990's, later 2009...., later 2013, then 2014, 2015, 2016... 2017... BVA judge had an in house hearing live with me in I think 2016. went through two remanded to regional VARO. I submitted more evidence, some of which they had for many years, but apparently didn't read, for whatever reason... (liars they are, as they really do not read all of your records....at least the VARO are liars, I found the BVA judge to be professional and trustworthy, but only saw him for a two hour meeting). HOpe I hear something (good) before I die....
  11. I was stupid enough to think that I saw light at the end of the tunnel. The claims I started in the 1990's. Well, I re-opened one as my conditions gave me more and more evidence. That was 10 years ago when I re-opened the claims they denied 20 years ago. They finally got to the BVA judge after the farce at the VARO. The judge kept remanding it back to the inept crooks at the VARO. I was stupid enough to think they read evidence. To make sure that the records were in the package, I sent the same copies of summaries from the VA hospital to the BVA judge after some remands. Maybe they didn't actually read any of my records? At least I tried to spoon feed the summaries from the doctors and surgeons. Going forward a couple more years.... The latest 6 months ago was they the BVA sent out for an Opinion. That was on the 'e-benefits' website for my claims with the BVA. The BVA judge seemed like a really good judge that cared and listened. I am afraid he will be gone and a new judge will end up with my nightmare and lose everything as far as info and the personal meeting with me will be left on paper only. I thought the BVA would end the hamster wheel. Instead, it is only another black hole. So added 3 more year to my wait with the BVA part of the appeal lingers.
  12. With ME: the VA threw all TRUST away, pissed it away with reckless abandon.... so I just am afraid anything they offer is to screw me... I am not being paranoid, It is from bad experiences.... had they been honest, they would not have us so distrustful of everything the VA does. They could offer me everything, all I could think is how are they going to screw me. Send me RAMP, and it goes into the trash, I think I did get one, and threw it away., can't remember. My case is too far along and am afraid of them finding away to screw me out of any chance I have left. Anyone else feel like it's too little too late.
  13. in my last c&p, after 3, then 2 repeats, the last c&p, the psyc got angry with me when I asked what info he had so I did not know where to start. I had already been through several failed c&p with doctors from India or Pakistan, could not understand a word... then I go back on a 2 hundred mile drive sick and malaise... the head doctor shot back with a $hitty mean attitude saying 'are you going to kill yourself !? as both an attack and a meanness. I know I failed that one. I was so angry..... I could barley speak... I don't need the abuse from them.. I see no point in complaining, the fox guards the henhouse... I wonder if they pull this shit with generals... and admirals... or lawyers... or ????? disgusting......
  14. the a-holes at the va threw this at me, demanding to know if I drove there, and my wife attended 2 out of 3 c&p exams, but then the VA made me repeat 2 exams. the way they demean a person if they can make it to an appointment is disgusting. Also have been treated badly when I walk some days on morphine a few feet without a cane. But when I was a quadriplegic, and in a wheel chair or bedridden, they overlook that. My daughter said this to me when we discussed her future when she was going to start college. I will not go into the military for the way I see they treated you. She is very young, mid 20's, working on 2 master at the same time, and is a senior analyst at a Fortune 500. The military will not get people to serve if they screw around their parents. We had little help from the VA as they fought me the whole way. She has a lot of loans to pay for schooling. meanwhile, I was unable to help her as I lay sick in bed most of her childhood. I did what I could, but was too sick to function properly. Not going off subject, just saying the VA takes advantage of vets and twists everything in their favor. Duty to assist == >> 'My Ass'.
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