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  1. I just found this: Gallbladder Removal Surgery Injuries Cut Bile Duct Lawsuits https://www.millerandzois.com/gallbladder-surgery-bile-lawyer.html the VA got an IMO against me that says (the BVA has it to fight my 1151): From the college of Gastroenterology. The cutting of my bile duct was a foreseen injury, causing necrotizing pancreatitis. The VA says when you sign the papers before surgery, you agree that if little things happen it is normal for things to happen. Of course they make you find an IMO, to fight the b.s. Of course I have already had my case move much further along.. but thought I would put this in here,,, just for posteriority, maybe someone else can use it... IMHO I am not using their info as an ad for them,, but what they say about their disclaimer you sign before the surgery is b.s. because when they cut these part it causes life long hell.... and is a blunder,,, not just a little forseen mistake... I decided to not copy their info,,, but left the link,, for those that want to know about what happens when there is a surgery gone bad, and a cut bile duct, and the doctor and or hospital says it was forseen and not their fault... well, when you read this, it sums it up pretty good for it being b.s. when they try and wiggle out of being responsible...
  2. well too far along... it's in decision phase supposedly,, again.... and I am not sure what to submit, as it would be the job of someone that know what to submit, plus it would slow down what it already a mountain... too many different ways to think of this,, maybe waiting had one benefit... that I submitted more documents showing wrongdoing by my doctors... but decades of my life destroyed and gone forever... I cannot take any more delays... I feel I already had enough evidence before.... but they are so corrupt enough may not be enough... for all I know I still have years to go,,, I don't know they are to flaky.... and i am guilty until proven innocent... like all I have been through I am not going to submit copies of stuff I find on the internet... only thing I submitted was the info that directly related to me because it was my doctor and near the same years, and same symptoms.... same injuries... I had more first hand knowledge.. I am not even sure if what I submitted was understood , read, or if they cared,,, already knew... who know? did I do it right..... I am done...... they are suppose to make decisions.. I gave them info they needed. Now to find out if they really are going to do it 10 years late, or if they even read it,,,, or maybe I was clear.... or? or? Time to sit back and shut up and no more posting babble....... more info may come about the corruption of my doctors, but my claims need settled while I am alive.. I can't delay them, as they have for decades... so,, this is it... next info should be good news or screw it, stick a fork in me... more info is coming about more clarity on the corruption, but I am not waiting for more... it says it is in decision phase,, please, please,, decide before I die,, get sicker... so sick and tired, thanx all. bye... next things are my eyes, glaucoma taking my left eyes and cataracts too.... life needs money to keep thinks from falling apart,, daughter has huge college bills.... life goes on and I get closer to the end.... byt till later... next news, in the coming months or years,,,, win or lose....
  3. my claim at the bva may have move up back to decision soon... was like this in the past over the years... before being changed to getting more info and back to decisions. This time my appeal additional info sent to the bva includes the info on my pancreas/liver doctor who is trouble, and info on my 1151...
  4. Unfortunately (I hate this word!), my main concern is getting my decisions,, I just am not sure if the BVA will look up more info, already knew about the scandal, or just the small bit i sent them was enough... I feel that I could have sent more info, if I kept digging, but then I would be doing a job, like digging into places where i have no access.. just what I find that has been published as true and reliable, plus what I know to be true. it is too much for me,, I am too sick... to go through this crazy insane fight with the va, and then finding out my doctor was cutting us up for samples.. Event though I talked to him for at least 30 hours over the time I lived there and as an out patient also. No one told me if They could get away with it! But, maybe the other patients who had him work on them also filed, before during after. They might have already known and not told me. I will probably never know and they could deny me even knowing what the doctor did. I may never know .they already knew of the scandal when I did the bva hearing for the claims and denials. They do not tell us anything, they just abuse us in the claims and appeals process. Imagine they find out a doctor does things to patients and do not give the veteran who files any info, or still denies them, and the veteran never finds out.... Or when we find out, are we suppose to give them tons of info on the investigation, or just some links to the stories and info about the type of care you received from the doctor? What are we suppose to do? What happens if we make a big effort to get the tv news to listen to your story? Will it hurt your case? will it help? I have had some smaller veteran new organizations publish pieces of my dilemma with getting sick on active duty the nightmare ten years of appeals. I tried to get them to do an update with what I have learned but so far nothing. No response. maybe the nightmares with VA for sick veterans has become so common they no longer seem outrageous, scary and crazy just at that thought..
  5. I know this situation I became part of through no fault of my own, it must be extraordinary (I don't see how it can be seen as ordinary and even expected, and only possible through crazy and bad decisions made by people at the highest levels of our medical care), and even though the VA is a scandal in itself what it does to many vets. I have a, let me just call it a question, instead of calling it a call out for an opinion on how I could have handled this better, since I am not a lawyer and only have a VSO. I would have gladly taken a lawyer, but none would help (me in my case for claims for disability for my injuries an illness from working my jobs in the USAF on active duty and already rated at 60% for chemical and a bad knee) in all of the years of asking for help, in person, by phone, email, and referral, they all basically told me no, they all want their money fast, and a sure bet, so they all told me to pound sand. Even though I had already won some of my claims for the chemical exposure. because the USAF doctors on active duty had already made a case for my illness from chemicals for causing extreme welling, headaches,, and more. So, in the 1990's I got the 50% for the headaches, but the va claims denied the initial intestinal problems, even though I was hospitalized for gastritis on active duty.. Then it turned out the suffering that caused me to stop working in my early 30's turned out to be at the very least gastritis and this lead to pancreatic disease, and then the failed procedures to help relieve, remove, work on a huge cyst on the head of my pancreas. The procedure failed, a second procedure failed within a couple day, and more time in the ICU fighting for my life, the doctors/surgeons were suppose to use a needle and rain that cyst, but instead cut into part of my pancreas and liver. Needless to go on six months in the a hospital fighting for my life, and permanent inoperable pancreas and liver disease. I also had a lot of unexplained internal bleeding and many, many issues, that left me on feeding tube and unable to eat, and no muscles left to walk and Parkinsons took over my body. Plus, much, much more. all permanent. I will never get better. To bring this to the crux of this entry, it turns out my main doctor who cared for me before during and after, who specializes in the pancreas and liver, was doing some unauthorized medical procedures, and I just found out when I attempted to contact the VA GI clinic that cared for me for a couple decades and also while I was an inpatient for six months. The clinic wrote me an IMO stating that 'it is more likely than not the fault of the VA procedures that caused me health problems in regards tot he pancreas. Also through more research, it turns out the doctor that worked on me for so very long, with a very close doctor patient relationship, well this doctor because the subject of a congressional investigation or causing veterans great harm for doing things to their livers and such while employed with the va (in the GI clinic) at the same time he care and worked on me. I also had unexplained internal bleeding and injuries under his care. I submitted a little information about this to my BVA appeal case, with references tot he story about this doctor, and the IMO from the GI clinic too. But, I am not sure if I should have gotten more references about this investigation, the congressional investigation for his wrongdoing while I was his patient, and much, much more. I do not know anyone personally, I only see what it published for al to see through the typical news sources, Internet, news papers,, forums. Should I have gotten more of these stories and printed them out whole, I only took out an excerpt with some references about the doctor. I do not know if the BVA will actually dig into this, look at only my info, etc. I don't know if the BVA is aware of this through their legal channels when a VA doctor goes bad, and the leave it to the patient to explain, or they use resources, or if they even care. I am just a sick patient, And it turns out that a doctor that worked on my for along time was doing bad things at the va to veterans, with my condition and a possibility I was a victim in different ways. Wil the BVA look at it this way, or say I didn't provide enough information about a doctor who went bad at the va, who was my doctor. Also (along with several more claims), I filed an 1151 claim (see differences between 1151 and a federal Tort) before I even found out about the doctor doing bad things, because they cut me up, when they were not suppose to and tried to call it a foreseeable accident when doing the procedure they do on the pancreas like mine was done. So, they just denied it at a lower level before it went up in the VA courts to the judge. Now it is at the top of the appeals, with judges. And also with more proof that the doctors who worked on me (for a very long time, months and years) were doing bad things, and the IMO from the VA clinic, is a medical opinion in my favor. Plus many other issues, including the Parkinsons that left me unable to care for myself, for along while. Plus, much more. As I see full benefits, at 60% going to 100% plus special compensation for extraordinary health issues which often mean you need at least part time care with help from others, including nurses at home. Or, at the least another person helping you with life. Seeing as to how they are dragging my appeals out for more than ten years. With a high possibility of dying before the VA makes a decision on my benefits. The doctors who kept me alive and help me get better told me many times, most people with necrotizing pancreatitis do not live more than a few years, and the next step in the disease is pancreatic cancer. Yet, they drag their feet, the years go by, waiting for the final decisions. The decisions on my veteran disability claims by the lower levels were done by people who don't care are overworks, have no medical training, and have a bad record, as far as getting their decisions right in a very small percentage of the claims they decide. Note, I saw the BVA judge in person in a hearing, but a Veteran's Law Judge. As I wanted to now risk a video hearing or such and not get my case across. Time is wasting, my health is horrific. I cheated death. I had this hearing almost four years ago. The VA/BVA does not communicate, they only communicate if there is a deadline for some document, in fact during the whole va disability claim filing process they do not communicate, there is not person to communicate with, you just send document to them. There is very little proof they read anything or understand anything submitted. They give the veteran strict time limit to be met, but they have no time limits at al to the extreme. The VA only has to explain a ruling, after a decision, and it usually written in stone, but if you have either the legal ability and know how, or legal help, lawyer, etc, they system can be navigated, not always, but sometimes. And, or course to make it even harder, a lawyer will not help unless they are absolutely they are sure you will win and in a short period of time. And they make good money, one way or the others. The VA has service officers to help with filing claims, free, but you know what free gets you. The doctor who was my pancreas and liver doctor at the va in this investigation and Scandal (San Diego LaJolla, V.A. California ). https://timesofsandiego.com/military/2019/02/26/inewsource-san-diego-va-liver-study/?fbclid=IwAR0Dosm8cI7ZMMFiAOhcurVDKYZT-WGcsVWOefTBdfWER79Qo5HGKO4bk3o https://inewsource.org/2019/10/01/veterans-affairs-investigation-san-diego/?fbclid=IwAR3dIVQi4xECowjvEJpaaJYKBdq7M-hK9_mCCgw-6wWLrs7xkzTAl8-KjKg This doctor left the USA and will not answer to anyone about this case. This is also to posterity, no matter how this turns out. Plus my question(s) should I have done more research on this doctor and the congressional inquiry and the damage I suffered. I hope that the VA/BVA looks into this and take this care into account of me being a possible victim. Should I have dome more than an excerpt and link, and more names and tries t get more medical opinions, as I tried very hard, as the BVA gets medical opinions against you. They have deep pockets and resources. It has been forever, years, since BVA hearing, and decade plus since filing VA disability claims. Actually, my first claims were from the 1990's. Yes this is scandal section, but I am part of this being this doctors patient for a long time. I read about a Writ of Mandamas , but no one said do it, or at least pushed, as usual it is scary filling out forms and wondering if you might hurt your case in some way. I have no way of knowing if I am weeks or years away from these decisions. I have a VSO here in Oregon, She specializes in the VA claims, in the appeals process, that at the BVA. I have no spoken to her for about 3 months. She helped me send in the info about my doctor in the scandal and much more. But, I have had my claims going for so many years, I have had problems 10 VSO's on and off my case, from people leaving, moving, retiring, and more. So, each on had to told my case from scratch and has been hell, being so sick and having so many documents they fill large boxes. To move them it take a wheeled dolly.
  6. it actually went from seeking info, to making a decision, back to seeking info... and 4 years later..... and I gave them an IMO during this wait and also found out my doctor was doing bad things and under congressional investigation, they said about 6 months about I had 60 days, but I signed a do not wait 60 days and make the decision... but again,,, it only says looking for info... 'again'... bva hearing, in person hearing, was March 2016. if anyone wants to know why am so damned angry with the va...
  7. 4 years since the bva hearing with the judge.... and this is where it stays 'The judge is seeking more information before making a decision'' it takes 4 years? they are shopping for the decision they want, not the answers they received... crooks..
  8. 3.5 years ago, I thought he BVA live hearing meant my appeals would be moving along....... then after a few years of false starts,,, it sits collecting dust again... (I don't know if the VA status updates are current or not, but my case just collects dust...) AGAIN.. ***sigh*** while I have had the opportunity to submit new IMO and evidence of wrongdoing by the va and doctor in my 1151.... my case just sits doing nothing.... also, I don't quite understand why they put in some diseases when I suffer from other diseases.. like I have necrotizing pancreatitis, yet they list the disease as IBS. Two different diseases, one is mild and just sucks the other is horrific and next step to cancer totally disabling. maybe they want to go back to the very beginning when I was first hospitalized in the USAF, when it was gastritis. Later turning to necrotizing pancreatitis. of course there is no one anywhere except the BVA judge who could explain what is going on while the years tick by. Also, besides the IMO from the VA saying they caused the issues... but this about the doctor (Dr. Ho) that cared for me for along time, and now under investigation. very same doctor for along period of time as both as an inpatient and outpatient. ===== source article in news about the San Diego VA. https://inewsource.org/2019/10/01/veterans-affairs-investigation-san-diego/?fbclid=IwAR3dIVQi4xECowjvEJpaaJYKBdq7M-hK9_mCCgw-6wWLrs7xkzTAl8-KjKg =====excerpts about my liver and pancreas doctor who was my main doctor during my 6 months as they worked on my pancreas and liver disease.+++ ....... continues at this point pertaining to me... by the Doctor in the article being my doctor for a long time. Seven years of whistleblowing After learning the latest on the congressional hearing, Buck told her story for what seemed like the hundredth time. She was a liver researcher at the San Diego VA in 2013 — and a member of the VA’s research safety review board — when Dr. Samuel Ho proposed a study on veterans with alcoholic liver disease that would examine leftover biopsy tissue from the ill patients. As Buck read the research proposal, she grew concerned that Ho planned to perform medically unnecessary liver biopsies for the sake of research, putting the patients at risk of internal bleeding and other complications. Buck contacted her supervisors, warning them not to approve the study. It was approved anyway. “I was hopeful for like, I guess 15 minutes,” Buck said. “But when I started talking to the people that could have stopped this, they just kept patting me on the head pretty much and telling me, ‘It’s okay. You convinced us. We’re not going to do it that way now. But now we’re going to do it this way.’” Over the next five years, she and Chojkier reported their allegations to at least three federal agencies, were interviewed twice by the Office of the Medical Inspector and sent complaints to other research institutions involved in the study. Months after the medical inspector’s office issued a report on her allegations in early 2018, Ho retired from the VA and took a job at a university in Dubai. He and the VA researcher who took over the project, Dr. Bernd Schnabl, would not comment for this story, nor would a San Diego VA spokeswoman. The OMI’s investigation concluded that “no substantial danger to public health” occurred at the San Diego VA. But when the special counsel’s office reviewed that investigation, it said the OMI hadn’t fully addressed the whistleblowers’ allegations. The OMI had already issued two reports, but the special counsel’s office told the OMI reinvestigate and produce a third report, which is not publicly available yet. “These reports focus in so narrowly on small questions and miss the big questions, and it’s seriously concerning,” said C.K. Gunsalus, director of the National Center for Professional & Research Ethics, after reviewing the OMI’s investigation into the liver study. “They all have most of the hallmarks of really bad investigative reports that miss the mark.” An internal report from the San Diego VA obtained by inewsource in February verified Buck and Chojkier’s main complaint: medically unnecessary liver samples were taken from sick veterans without their permission. The report said “serious noncompliance occurred” during the research, which put patients at risk — contrary to what the medical inspector’s report had said. “It wasn’t professional,” Buck said about the OMI’s investigation. “It wasn’t what the veterans deserve. It wasn’t what the whistleblowers deserve. It wasn’t what the country deserves. I can’t imagine what they were thinking.” inewsource intern Natallie Rocha contributed to this story.
  9. not to beat a dead horse but my diseases are permanent with no cure ever... but I know what you mean, and thank you...
  10. I have been dealing with this VSO nightmare since the 1990's. Not counting the time when I left the USAF because of medical (and feel if I have been advised properly, I probably would have been medically discharged...) in the 1980's.
  11. Is the whole VA medical and support system getting worse? Is it just me, or are other seeing the VA getting worse, with help, with medical, with claims, with services, the whole thing getting worse? Or am I just losing it, lost my patience, going mental.... as my medical care is getting worse, help is worse..... support,,, the whole va thing getting worse.. or is it just the stress of the claims taking decades, and really bad health making me so jaded that I can no longer see the good side of the va? Everything is really going bad,, being sick doe snot help, with no chance of ever getting better.... but being told I cannot have another doctor, closer to my home, my care changed, and they changed the schedule , was suppose to do certain tests on me for several diseases, and they have stopped doing the tests unless I get very sick.. not before.. and claims taking many more years even many years after the bva hearing,, years going by... is this with all vets, or just a few unlucky vets? The va keeps promising to fix this stuff, but it never gets better.... or is it just me?
  12. I am sorry, my experiences bring back bad memories for other people too. If someone isn't mental going in they will be coming out.
  13. I gave the BVA judge a (long note) note of this issue with this doctor and the investigation. (I went on a long search months ago looking for him, and the only thing I found out was he quit is job at the va and university and moved to the middle east, then the clinic wrote me an imo, and told me he moved, but didn't tell me about the scandal, I found that out on my own in some veteran forums. I didn't give the BVA judge a lot, an excerpt of the article about his role, and story link, as I don't know who is aware of what, and if they need more info.... funny thing is I wrote to the judge about this doctor months before the scandal became public. My concern was the many months of conversations I had with this doctor as an inpatient, and would see him before my inpatient stay (almost every day for 6 months at my hospital bed), during and after. He was always asking me about what jobs I had and worked with and if I drank alcohol. In the letter I gave to the judge months before the scandal broke, then when I became aware of the scandal I updated this info with him and the IMO. So, I think I gave him plenty of info, and it is out of my hands, the BVA judge either reads it or doesn't. The BVA either knows about this scandal, or doesn't. I presented them with just about everything I can, without looking like a stalker. Also, many of the doctors and nurses may have moved on after all these years as I moved to another state, and am not in touch with them any longer. But, they know I suffered from unexplained bleeding. And saw us together everyday and he decided what my treatments were.
  14. similar issue... it took 20 years of suffering, went through the pain clinics in the 1980's 1990's....2000's..- no help at all. got the best dosage for me, but I moved and some pain doctor jumped into my case... out of nowhere and changed the script the doctors had me on for ages in the previous state. it was just right, and took 20 years to get the sweet spot, this doctor was only interested in her pain clinic non-sense. and took on the pain meds, they compliment each other, quick release then slow release, etc..etc.. she removed on the quick release, that can only last 4-6 hours, the slow release is suppose to last 8 hours. I came to the new state asking for my spinal shots to continue, and she didn't read my charts, and thought i was using them only for spinal disease. Never looked at my charts and saw the pancreas disease. They also give me constipation, but I need them or I have straight diarrhea. I went through 10 years of straight diarrhea, I ate a box of immodium a-d per week, and even then wasn't enough,, was skin and bone. I may get into some argument about pain clinic stuff, but found pain clinic b.s. It a bunch of babble and doesn't help when you are suffering bad. I would rather have the side effects and live then lay in my own sick and suffer because of some crazed pain clinic doctor non-sense. They put you in a horrible situation. No is no guarantee that if you go back that they will raise your dosage back up. They made me go through years of head doctors kept saying pain was in my head, and it was really pancreatic disease, spinal disease, etc. Not sure if you have to go through these head doctors again. If you could taper, they are forcing it on you either way. If the pain stops you from eating, gaining weight, living your life, it can be tangible proof that you need pain relief. These doctors don't really care if you feel miserable, they want some test of other doctor to back them in the pain meds. I am loosing my doctor he is retiring, and have no clue what they are going to give me, as some of the doctors I will not see they treat me terribly. They act like they need to know you for along time, and if you just meet them and come into their view for the first time, they will mess with you chart, scripts, etc... I don't know why, they should see it took us our whole lives to get to this point. and then they just pull the rug out from under us. Maybe do this, ask them for help with the pain, in other ways, tell them it took all these years to find this sweat spot where you can live, and if they want to change it find an alternative for you, You shouldn't have to have do that they are the one who changed it.
  15. the first doctor was indeed a doctor, a Toxicologist M.D. but she refused to use the wording I asked her for. I never went back to there. I asked her up front to use the words more likely than not. nothing I could do, I could not force her. So I ended up witha huge worthless toxicologist report on chemicals and their effect on the body.
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