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  1. I am reading and see, but truthfully,,, I am so sick of this VA mess... I fee so horrible everyday, all day...I appreciate al of the help, I am just malaise in fog of pancreatic disease and morphine for pain. it al needs to end, the pain and disease were suppose to not last this long, the surgeons said that the next step is cancer, from necrotizing. And the hell of the claim process which is horrific on anyone. Again, thank you all. I wait for the end. eVERYDAY IS HELL OINA LOCKED CAGE. i MAKE THE BEST OF IT. i STIL TRY TO WALK, I TRY TO EAT. I thank al of you for your help. The end of the process should come while I am still alive. I don't know, everyday is hell. Thank wonderful people. You helped me try to get through this crooked rotten claims process with crooks running it. Guilty until proven innocent. Yes, I am so jaded that it probably looks horrible to anyone reading this. How much can a person take before they go insane. Waiting for the disability claim or the fatal disease to finish me first. Thank you, wonderful caring people. At least I made it this far, without giving up!
  2. BVA judge has had my documents back from the remand, for 3 months (March 2017), I also included a letter plus a copy of a document from medical treatment I received many years ago, showing the treatment and gastritis that I was treated for, on active duty USAF. was also part of the cause of tooth disease which caused a surgery done at a hospital a few years later to remove all teeth in one surgery because of the damage from intestinal disease. Of course those medical documents were all sent to the VA back then (20 years ago, during my first claim which was denied) and listed but the VA never looked and reviewed these documents. so I included another copy to the BVA judge.
  3. Ok, so, where it al stands, saw my POA. Wrote a letter, added more proof, evidence from the medical files. This evidence was never included, but was sent to the VA in the 1990's. This letter and additional medical evidence was sent back to the BVA judge before the 30 day deadline will be up.. The judge will now determine my fate. The C&P's were of no help. I also have more serious health problem, I had femoral artery balloon up in my leg and groin area a couple weeks ago. I am trying to get help for that, after a bogus and unhelpful emergency room visit, plus 2 more doctors. Plus photos of one more time when the other artery on the opposite leg bleed out into my groin. I have the partially blocked splenic vein. The emergency room totally lied on my visit forms. My primary doctor finally said he will take a second look at my leg, I had clots form when I was in the hospital bed for 6 months. He refused to send me to the proper clinic every other time I begged for help when I told him about the clots, and large lumps in my leg. The whole nightmare is unbelievable. I am convinced the VA , at least up here in Portland is rotten. The regional office (San Diego) only copied their last denial and sent that back to the BVA judge. I suppose sometime this year the BVA judge will rule. I am so disgusted, so sick, so pissed... My POA said the judge will decide. Period. I don't think anything I can say here will help anyone, I can only say thank you. Thank all for the help.
  4. Thank you, I am seeing this, but need to come back in a little while. I need to continue on my list for my next meeting with my POA. In next few days I will be back. This is so hard going through all this.. I am too sick... I have a very hard time thinking... thank you again for looking up more helpful information!
  5. I am meeting with my rep, POA, next week, We are going to assemble and write a letter to the BVA. I am going to take all my records... many boxes of the records. if I have to I will submit all the records the VA is suppose to have. They have all of them already. They have my records and al other medical records going back to my childhood. if I send them my records I would have to hand deliver the boxes, as they fill the trunk of a large car and the backseat. My surgeons talked to me every morning 5-8 a.m. to discuss my prognosis and treatments for several months as an inpatient. (6 months 2008) They were the top surgeons, and also worked at UC SAD Diego medical center. They shared with the VA San Diego. They would ask me every morning about what I worked with that got me sick. I explained my job, and the chemicals. They constantly told me the only way to get the diseases I have were from alcohol or toxic chemicals. It is hell going through thousands of pages, but I will find anything pertinent that was written down in my notes. The doctors and nurses made notes about everything I said and did. I hope that doctors conversations with me are in there. The notes are broken up into each area. Labs, treatments, tests, etc. They are in zerox copy paper boxes. I also have everything else going back to basic training, SMR's, etc... Then at one time Kaiser hospital did some work in the late 1980's to the mid 1990's, then the VA. They kept telling me it was in my head, then they finally saw a 5 inch cyst on my pancreas. the surgeons told me, the only way a person can get these conditions are from drinking or chemicals. They kept digging and digging everyday, interrogations every morning, imagine fighting for life, laying there in a bed, unable to move without someone moving and bathing me, unable to eat for 6 months, and have interrogations every morning. Then to have these horrible people in VA claims trying to get me to die or give up.
  6. BVA sent remand back to regional VA, they failed to follow the judges directions. They only copied what was in the first denial, and did not meet the conditions of the BVA judge. They totally ignored al of the injury and chemicals that got me sick. They did not use any of the missing evidence the judge stated in the remand. I am asking my POA to help me craft a letter to the local VA and BVA, specifically citing areas of failure in the SSOC. I know my case is complicated and very lengthy. I worked with chemicals and got sick on active duty. I had skin disease and was also hospitalized for gastritis, while on active duty. I got sick from jet Fuel, Leaded Gasoline, Diesel Fuel and Trichloroethylene. The denial only listed Jet Fuel, and they never addressed the other chemicals , never, ever, in any response to my claim. Not di they acknowledge my hospitalizations on active duty. All were omitted and never responded to which were also listed by the judge in the remand. I am also the one who spent six months in a VA hospital with a dying pancreas. After I moved from San Diego to Oregon, after being treated for 20 years at the VA in San Diego, the care has been lacking and not nearly as good. I am having more complications, so I don't know how much longer before the next medical emergency. I just had one where an artery swelled up that was blocked and I bled internally. I have budd-chiarri disease, Splenic vein thrombosis, and necrotizing pancreatitis, arteries are partially blocked to the heart. The femoral artery from the leg through the goin swelled up badly and bled inside of me. The doctors screwed that up and try to say I has skin infection. but nothing could be found from a scraping and microscopic inspection plus waiting 6 hours in the emergency room, they told me to come back if it happens again. It happed again, this time I took photos and of course my doctor was gone (vacation?) and the fill in doctor was worthless. It showed a very blood red and blistered area where the artery passes from the leg to the body. By the time I drive and sit the swelling goes back down. and leaves blood inside where the vein leaks. The doctors are clueless up here! The VA is a nightmare here. I would also like to get another IMO. My last one form a Toxicologist doctor was hard to find and extremely expensive.
  7. well, mine is complicated, but my BVA hearing was March 2016, and all issues were remanded.. I had some C&P exams in 2016. I don't know if it will take another month another year, or more... no clue. I guess it has no time frame at all, even after a bva hearing... my original claims were in 1997. My next set of claims 2009. BVA hearing was March 2016.
  8. well, my reps, a VSO and J.D. 'both' said hold on for now, let the process of the BVA go through.. But the contractor never sent me the' FedEx' package they said they were sending, and just nothing since that last communication about exams. Just dead silence, and I have no clue what's going on.. IMHO is that the surgeons who operating on me were from both the VA and U.C. San Diego, who were/are the top surgeons in the field of pancreas disease. Plus my Budd-Chiari disease is only 1:5,000,000 people, add the necrotizing pancreatitis and there are only a handful of people in the world with it and surgeons who work on it.. So Rare it is, they probably cannot find anyone else with that specialty. So, they have the medical documents form my 6 months as an inpatient from the best professionals available. They had deep chats with updates with me and my doctors every morning and after ever test and procedure, they asked me point blank dozens of times what I worked with when I got sick. They know my field of work on active duty was chemicals. They asked and I told them what I had contact with. It's written in stone. So, if they are just in a quandary trying to find experts, they already had them working on me that whole time and they wrote the reports. If they sent me to regular doctors then decided that was a mistake, like the BVA judge said, they sent me to the wrong doctors the first time my clams were denied and they left out all my records in the decisions. I am just waiting for them to send me to new exams again I guess. I don't really know because no one is talking.
  9. I still never received any FedEx package they said they are sending.. they were very specific saying they were sending the info out for the 3rd party contracting exams.. My VSO says oh well, let them do whatever...! just total B.S. I don't need this! I went to the last GI exams last week, for the pancreas and splenic vein disease, the nurse freaked out and said my heart rate was way too high... but the keep running me al over the place! My GI is getting my Cat Scan appointments ready, the surgeons need up to date Cat Scans.. to check the pancreas disease veins to my heart and the many cysts covering my pancreas..
  10. VA C&P Office called me. told me there are problems with my VA C&P Exams and they are not sending me to the correct doctors so they have to do them again She is going to call my VSO at the Salem Oregon VA office, to explain the problems. this is so bad! they do everything they can to ruin your chances of a good case! Incompetence on every level? I did let the lady who called me from the VA C&P I appreciate her getting back with me immediately! again, through look at my boxes of records, they had specialists working on me 6 months day and night, from the University medical Center and VA al working on me and have boxes and boxes of it all on paper.. The VA vendor who is making the appointments for the VA is sending me a FedEx package, and no one is sure if those are the right documents...
  11. So, I wrote my VA claims disability representatives asking what is going on with requests to repeated exams that I already repeated. The last repeat the doctor apologized to me for the repeat saying it was their mistake that caused me to repeat my exams. That was in July 2016. I am just going crazy, I am very sick, very tire tired, pissed, sick, and angry,... I have to go to the VA doctor 2x next weeks anyways... I have to drive a couple hundred miles to do so... eye doctor for glaucoma and cataracts. They are a year late! then the GI, pancreas doctors need to get more cat scans to follow the diseased pancreas and diseased arteries through my pancreas, liver, and to my heart. The VA surgeons left the VA explicit instructions on what must be done... as I am a walking dead man, a ticking time bomb for death. I was treated very good, then I moved and feel like they still lost me... then the BVA appeals judge told them they screwed up my claims and did the Remands. I did everything they asked, then they had to do repeat exams because they made mistakes... now I learn late on a Friday afternoon, when you cannot talk to anyone anywhere) they are asking for a 3rd round of retakes? I think there are huge screw-ups and that maybe my reps can find out who made the mistakes? I also don't like going to 3rd parties (outside the VA) because al of my care, all my files, except for kaiser and a dental surgeons are all VA. They spring insanity on you at the worst possible time, when you have no chance in hell of getting help with messes they create! **&&^^%^*%^&$%$%$%$%$%$ !!!!!!!
  12. the company that said the exam is contracted out to, said the exam I am being sent to is for the pancreas.......which was part of the general med exam I had gone 2 x C&P plus repeat which the pancreas exam was part of at those 2x c&p exams at a va c&p office..... not counting the exams I have at the va every year, plus the annual cat scans.. I was hospitalized for gastritis on active duty (3 days in the hospital on a USAF base I was stationed at.). Plus had the severe skin issues from the chemicals which included severe swelling and bleeding. At one of the C&P's the doctor read to me that they noted in my medical records I was treated and hospitalized for gastritis on active duty. I do vividly remember being sick in the hospital with gastritis on active duty. then a few years later I had pancreas disease. then the operations started, gallbladder, then pancreas... ==================== They are sending me again which will make a total of Five C&P exams, which make 3x for the pancreas making it be a 3rd time repeat for same issues. other C&P's I went to were mental and neuro. ======================== They rushed the C&P exams in June/July/August and repeats. The doctors at the VA C&P told me they would send in the reports after writing them. Now, 3 months later they said they are sending me for same exam I went to 3 months ago. On top of that it is not a VA they are outsourcing this repeat. makes no sense why the repeat 3x ?
  13. I probably am not clear enough, just so fed up with the VA! The people called are contracted out by the VA to get people through the pipleline faster to clear the back cases. The C&P examiners already did their exams a few months ago and sent their reports back to the BVAQ appeals judge. The problem is that they finished with my Regardless who got them, they were all done, and even had a redo done on an exam. The BVA Judge told the VA R.O. to do it correct. That's what they did Last June, July August 2016. Now it is if they have duplicate orders and someone has me redoing them again 3x ! and what makes this suck more is every number they gave me to call gives me a clueless person !
  14. I sent the info to my VA claim reps.. not sure if they are of any help yet... who knows.. *sigh for those that don't know what it's like to be harranged, questioned, grilled, and have some inept intern jumping up and down on your stomach with pancreas disease is horrific pain, even with morphine.. it is very painful to talk... because the muscles you use for everything use muscles in the stomach area... moving walking breathing are all extremely painful... and they want you to explain what it's like to spend 1/2 your life in hell.... they write that down and send it to some clerk with no medical training... 3rd time around! why?? why?? why?? why?? the surgeons talked me everyday for 6 months as inpatient, boxes and boxes of va medical records, and a 3rd time at some clinic for questions and exam again, they can't see anything from outside the body! They can only interrogate me, and poke me!!! Every year they (VA) catscan the pancreas and disease cysts and diseased arteries to my liver and heart. the cysts are pre-cancerous that line my dying pancreas, necrotized pancreas. also have budd-chiari syndrome. Not enough blood gets through the liver to the heart because the arteries and veins are diseased. So, I am very limited on physical activity and the veins break and often lead to death if the wrong ones break. often, I pee straight blood, but if I vomit blood it means I am dying because of those veins can't stop the bleeding by the stomach. Was tube fed 6 months without the ability to eat or drink. isn't that enough?
  15. This is updated, (10-22-16) My first attempt failed when writing this I was exploding because of receiving crazy news... BVA appeal I went to my C&P exams, Jul and August 2016. The first time (3 exams), I went, then they said I had to repeat (I repeated one). I went back and repeated. Now today. , late in the day on a Friday they call me and tell me, through a 3rd party service they said the VA uses, that I have to go the exams. I tried telling them I completed them a few months ago. it didn't help, they gave me phone numbers. I tried those numbers and were worthless! absolutely worthless! They must have lost my exams, double booked, I don't know and no one I try to talk to can help! They are sending me new exam info via Fed-Ex. Has anyone gone through this much hell because of total incompetence! They told me I am going back for the same exams I complete 2x. Not counting spending 6 months as an inpatient at the VA. Where I had pancreatic surgery and major complications. They need more info? They want a better outcome for them?