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  1. bva judge has it... it said (months ago) the status page said bva judge is making decision, then they changed that back to judge is getting info, sent something as a remand to the appeal management center, then it came back and I got a form saying before they make a decision, it asked me if I had anything to add and if I wanted to waive the 60 day wait... I told them make the decision and I waived the 60 day wait. So, again, the BVA judge is supposedly making the decision, and I waived any wait. But, there is no change in the status during this wait. So, the waiver for the 60 days is a joke, or they are making the decisions and are not updating that status. Can't be both. or can it.
  2. How up2date is VA.GOV, BVA appeal status page? or is it yet another mystery the VA gives us? I was wonder is it it weekly, or monthly, or? I was sent a form asking if wanted to submit more info, etc.. I submitted a statement, and checked waive the 60 days, do not send to RO. Decide my claim now. It appears they got back the remands and the AMC finished my remands and sent whatever it was back to the BVA Judge. Since I waived the 60 day wait, etc... almost a month has passed... So, that 60 day waiver is smoke and mirrors. Or the Status page hasn't been updated in 2 months. The status page says the judge is getting more information, which I take it was the info that the AMC had and returned. I know asking when is not something anyone can answer, but it is now going on 11 years for my claims, or at least my claims since the 1990's.
  3. no.. you don't put your address, it is like putting a pin in the map in the general area, but you can stop there,, no address need, unless someone wants to for like a meeting place, or event place, otherwise it would be like marking a city....
  4. is the Higher level review like the DRO ? different name? I tried that once and only came out of there angry and screwed.... treated badly by the dro... that was San Diego the building like a prison where they make you walk through metal detectors and yell at you if you don't walk through it properly or put your crap in the basket...
  5. me neither, I never saw a lane and looked for it many, many times over the years and months..
  6. I was 500 feet from this bomb blast. I was at my duty station at the fuel storage depot when the bomb went off 500 feet from me.. https://www.stripes.com/30th-anniversary-of-usafe-headquarters-bombing-1.153700?fbclid=IwAR2xLMVEgtGOaYYc5-tKuwfTK_-Ryy8tvxW3KB7vuFH0rbb0Z2a_zsdnx0I long story short, it blew us to the ground and across the room, only 2 of us that morning waiting for out shift to end. I was only one of 10 people who were in a group of volunteers to who volunteer work for several years, and this time we were the first group to enter the bombed building and make a report... Long story of who, where, why how,, etc.... how they picked that Nato building, and much more..
  7. like has been stated, the varo's didn't do their jobs and created this mess. No accountability for horrible varo's.
  8. VA achieves historic goal delivering more than 90,000 appeals decisions to Veterans in FY 2019 https://www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=5312 --- I call B.S. !
  9. I agree, they are inept, incompetent and playing doctor without any medical training or knowledge....
  10. claim from 2009, bva appeal hearing 2016, several remands, now sits with bva judge waiting for decisions. so 10 years in, and just crickets....
  11. Thank you VetQuest, you often spend the time to give me help... ! I see the usual patient advocates... which I do not hold in very high esteem from past experiences... I don't know how or where patient affairs is... I need to contact over phone or email first.... as whenever I go to try to find offices myself, it always turns out to be a waste of time, either a closed, out to lunch sign or only there one hour a day, or one day a month sign... and if the office of the place is open there is await 4 hours long of other pissed off vets.. pathetic... ... I tried to ask my doctor about how to get the change from him and his retirement to a new doctor, and never got a response on how to help with getting a new primary care. My guess is he doesn't have any input and the VA will do whatever they want to do. I do really need my disability claim to get through so my files can be updates with my health problems,,,, so they can see what my needs are. I caught them putting the wrong info in my files and the doctors were clueless on my needs because of the health problems not properly placed into my files. That is what the doctors look at when they start your health care, and if that is the wrong info, you cannot tell them to correct it, the VA's word is more important to them then the truth from your own words. if the records are screwed up, then you get screwed up care. I am not doing a 3 hours drive to get no where... am trying to find the proper offices at the VA here and get a real appointment. If the advocate is the affairs office then I am screwed. I am searching their website... https://www.portland.va.gov/contact/phone_directory.asp
  12. I got a call from the Salem clinic (20 miles from me) telling me I am still on the waiting list (going on 7 years), but they cannot tell me when I can go there for a primary clinic provider. They said there are others who waited 10 years so far. I tried to get an answer and tried shaking the trees. My doctor is retiring about now, and I am in deep crap if they try to give me the doctor who treated me horribly at that same clinic. This is a nightmare for me, when I spent one month puking green slime out of my lungs (bronchitis) this summer and the VA couldn't give me an appointment and I went to a community hospital. On top of pancreatic and liver diseases.
  13. Congrats! I would imagine it will be a much easier night of sleep from now on...
  14. We leased a couple times, then ended up buying the car.. it's a balloon payment at the end... upside down.. which is stupid mathematically... I can no longer work on cars so the car has to be pretty new so it isn't falling apart... have a Camry Hybrid,, wife works part time and drives it 99% of the time.
  15. GBArmy, I do believe you are right too, it is hard to draw the point so it is correct, but they did divide us into different classes and differently.... as far as processing claims, medical, and more.... i am talking about the age group, or era in time.... etc.... or as they say war time, peace time, vets... drafted vs volunteers, etc... it is on all the forms,,,, each sex , each race, each everything... many different class divisions....
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