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  1. they are moving, but moving back to the R.O. again... realize that the main issue was originally filed in 1996/1997. Denied.... then refiled with tons of new evidence in 2009. The evidence includes old and new, because they never reviewed the old evidence, that's why the judge is telling them they did not follow his orders, in this new remand. Definition of moving, is different when you have a fatal disease. Like I do. This is what the surgeons told me. Not making this up. One doctor told me I am the only person with this disease that hasn't died from it, yet.
  2. My VA rep and POA said the judge remanded it because the VA didn't explain their rational for denying me. I was also told that I may or may not have to go through (or repeat) more C&P exams. This remand is for the VA R.O. to clarify, and to use professionals for the specific health issues, and not general med doctors, and to explain and read al of the medical records, as the judge thinks the R.O. (VA Regional Office never read all of the pertinent medical records.) Apparently the BVA judge is sympathetic to my claims. So says my rep (Power of Attorney VA Representative). I can still submit additional evidence. My POA also said is suppose to be expedited, but does not know if it will be months or years for the remand to be done and back at the BVA.
  3. Here we go again, looks like another remand. The BVA judge says the VA R.O. did not follow directions. Maybe the BVA judge puts everything in perspective so they can fulfill the requests? Like bullet points on each subject and what the outlive of each is. It looks like the R.O. never looks at the evidence and the judge keeps telling them to read it and use it for their decisions. I really don't understand. I try to understand. I wish the judge would just make final rulings, and stop this charade with an incompetent VA R.O. Anyways, I received the letter on a Saturday, VA BVA dated this long large letter 08-09-17. I sent copied to my POA. Also a copy to John Dorle, to keep him up to date. Let's see if I can stay alive long enough to see this through to the end. I am housebound. I told the doctors that at the BVA. Even if I had the itch to go outside, I just need to come back in and lay down sick. The summer with the heat has been cruel. It is horrific to me. I need cold air to blow off fevers. The pancreas is again more hellish pain and swelling. The VA up in Portland is not following the surgical team plans and how to treat me. The blisters I have and had appear to be diabetic blisters, but the VA lied when I went to the VA doctors and emergency room. I have no confidence, as the necrotizing pancreatitis is very rare and these people are like shaman witchdoctors at the VA here. They have no clue and lie, and if you try to talk they treat you like you are clueless and they know all. It's all Hell. I appreciate the Hadit Forums and the good people and wisdom, and so many of us are put through hell because of the total incompetence of this so called fixed V.A. btw, one of the VA CPA exam doctors asked me, out of the blue, if I was going to kill myself. More abuse and no one to tell. Steven
  4. will the people be competent, or have a mission in life to call all vets liars.... yes cynical, but 100% of my experiences...
  5. just thought about a photo I took while at Tinker... I was just passing through.... I have a few long stories, crazy stuff.... Tinker is crazy hot in the summer,,,
  6. I understand you have concern, and want the best for us all. I am at the end of my Journey, I hope the BVA has my stuff, already saw them one, then had a remand, then back to BVA...I am awaiting the word.... the final word... (I have already been through all the crap they do to u,s for decades of abuse)...
  7. I am still awaiting for the BVA to make decisions,, my claims have already been returned from remand to the BVA. Awaiting...... my BVA hearing was March 2016.

    1. retiredat44


      MY original VA claim filing was in 1995-1997. Next group of filing 2009, after 6 month hospitalization.



  8. I just saw this post, or maybe the first time around I didn't understand... in any case, there is no doubt, no misunderstanding, it's all in my medical records... from active duty. The BVA judge acknowledged all that the R.O. ignored.... see the photos of my medical records... yes, that is only part of the records, there are more now... (see photo attached). What isn't going to cut what?
  9. I am still waiting for the BVA to continue, they told me that I had until March 2017 to include more evidence, then a 2nd time I had until June 2017 to add more evidence. The remands were returned back to the BVA from that R.O. Unless they remand it a 2nd time, hopefully the BVA judge will make a ruling. I can chat about how the C&P's were a farce, and rant about more, but no point. I did include more evidence, which I stated the VA was given from another doctor I saw for dental surgery, due to intestinal disease (1990's). The judge had asked if I ever put claims in for dental (I didn't because I was told I didn't qualify.). I had an emergency condition where the VA refused and told me to get out of that clinic, because I wasn't covered. So in the 1990's I had to go to a dental school to have my jaws operated on because of trauma and dental problems from melting teeth from the intestinal disease that took the enamel from my jaws and teeth. The BVA judge wanted to know if I had filed a claim about the dental, regarding Intestinal disease, The dental surgeons had written in my treatment 'due to intestinal disease. VA Claims refused to accept my intestinal disease claims in 1995, (denied for all but headaches from jet fuel) even though I was hospitalized on active duty for gastritis and chemicals. Fuels. Also, again the Judge acknowledged the VA refused to acknowledge all of the chemicals and left those out of my claim. I was so very happy with my BVA judge at the BVA hearing in 2016. But, he remanded it back to the original R.O. He also motioned he would move my claim dates because of my medical problems and hospitalizations. I wish the same judge would give me a decision, but after all of this time, who knows. As usual, I am just laying around sick, I hate the heat, miserable, very sick with necrotizing pancreatitis, and summer heat sucks bad! I want winter back! I need cool fresh air!
  10. I read the excellent and help and advice given, but am basically just waiting fore the BVA judge. I did include more evidence before the deadline, it was support through a form from a dental surgeon that agreed the teeth were destroyed by intestinal disease. I did not file a claim because they denied my claim for the intestinal disease in 1997. But I included the form from my records, although I had given the VA copies of those dental surgery records in 1997. The regional office kept saying there was no evidence of intestinal disease even though I was treated for chemical injuries and gastritis on active duty. So, even though it was in my VA medical records I added it to my claim when the remand was sent back to the BVA judge and they said include any additional evidence before that date. So my POA took my long letter I wrote and included the additional evidence, to the BVA judge, that did my BVA hearing and remand.. This was March 2017. Of course I have more evidence, that no one reads. They expect me to read boxes of medical documents and outline info for questions they only ask to try to trip me up. The VA regional office actually asked why it took me so long to file. I said I never delayed, I begged for help the whole time, and was denied care. My primary care doctor at the VA was well aware of what I needed, but he was of no help. I asked and begged and most office and clinics told me to get out and I didn't QUALIFY FOR MEDICAL HELP. It pisses me OFF when the claims office asks why I delayed my claims, when they refused me every step of the way. And every time I went to file a claim there was a 6 month wait to talk to someone, or that POA disappeared and would have to a start over with a new one that had no clue. I read these forums and really take the excellent advice and try to ask my POA, but I am at a stage in the process that I can still submit evidence. But,, I can never find the proper doctor to write a new IMO for my type of injuries. Short of a New IMO to add, I am still happy with the BVA judge hearing I had. of course I can't read minds. My wife asked if the same judge makes the decision that help the BVA hearing. I don't know, I don't remember if anyone ever said the same judge makes the decision. That would be nice, but realistically, I don't see how, people move and change when years tick by. Again, Thank all of you guys, and when I hear something, I will let you guys know!
  11. I am reading and see, but truthfully,,, I am so sick of this VA mess... I fee so horrible everyday, all day...I appreciate al of the help, I am just malaise in fog of pancreatic disease and morphine for pain. it al needs to end, the pain and disease were suppose to not last this long, the surgeons said that the next step is cancer, from necrotizing. And the hell of the claim process which is horrific on anyone. Again, thank you all. I wait for the end. eVERYDAY IS HELL OINA LOCKED CAGE. i MAKE THE BEST OF IT. i STIL TRY TO WALK, I TRY TO EAT. I thank al of you for your help. The end of the process should come while I am still alive. I don't know, everyday is hell. Thank wonderful people. You helped me try to get through this crooked rotten claims process with crooks running it. Guilty until proven innocent. Yes, I am so jaded that it probably looks horrible to anyone reading this. How much can a person take before they go insane. Waiting for the disability claim or the fatal disease to finish me first. Thank you, wonderful caring people. At least I made it this far, without giving up!
  12. BVA judge has had my documents back from the remand, for 3 months (March 2017), I also included a letter plus a copy of a document from medical treatment I received many years ago, showing the treatment and gastritis that I was treated for, on active duty USAF. was also part of the cause of tooth disease which caused a surgery done at a hospital a few years later to remove all teeth in one surgery because of the damage from intestinal disease. Of course those medical documents were all sent to the VA back then (20 years ago, during my first claim which was denied) and listed but the VA never looked and reviewed these documents. so I included another copy to the BVA judge.
  13. Ok, so, where it al stands, saw my POA. Wrote a letter, added more proof, evidence from the medical files. This evidence was never included, but was sent to the VA in the 1990's. This letter and additional medical evidence was sent back to the BVA judge before the 30 day deadline will be up.. The judge will now determine my fate. The C&P's were of no help. I also have more serious health problem, I had femoral artery balloon up in my leg and groin area a couple weeks ago. I am trying to get help for that, after a bogus and unhelpful emergency room visit, plus 2 more doctors. Plus photos of one more time when the other artery on the opposite leg bleed out into my groin. I have the partially blocked splenic vein. The emergency room totally lied on my visit forms. My primary doctor finally said he will take a second look at my leg, I had clots form when I was in the hospital bed for 6 months. He refused to send me to the proper clinic every other time I begged for help when I told him about the clots, and large lumps in my leg. The whole nightmare is unbelievable. I am convinced the VA , at least up here in Portland is rotten. The regional office (San Diego) only copied their last denial and sent that back to the BVA judge. I suppose sometime this year the BVA judge will rule. I am so disgusted, so sick, so pissed... My POA said the judge will decide. Period. I don't think anything I can say here will help anyone, I can only say thank you. Thank all for the help.
  14. Thank you, I am seeing this, but need to come back in a little while. I need to continue on my list for my next meeting with my POA. In next few days I will be back. This is so hard going through all this.. I am too sick... I have a very hard time thinking... thank you again for looking up more helpful information!