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  1. Today I received a call from the GI clinic that did my pancreatitis (necrotizing Pancreatitis operation/procedure) Ja Lolla California, San Diego VA Hospital. I had written a letter to the doctor who was one of my GI doctors who took care of me during my six months as an inpatient after the pancreatic procedures that went wrong. He had left the USA last year. But the doctors in the GI clinic got my letter and wrote me an IMO (Independent Medical Opinion on my behalf). They told me they are mailing it today Yes, it is July 3, 2019, tomorrow is a holiday. I should have the letter by Saturday ? I will take this IMO and get it the BVA second I get it. I was told it was written properly with the correct IMO wording 'More than likely' is written into the IMO. I still have 2 weeks before my deadline is up for returning evidence. I thought I would post this in my thread, as I will give credit were credit is due.
  2. I did the in person BVA hearing with my POA in the room, and the video taping and recording equipment kept breaking down, so they kept stopping my hearing.... so, even with a live hearing, they will find a way to screw...... my judge was a good guy,,, he was just doing his job, but I fear they have been draggin it on for several years and by the time they finish he will have been long gone and someone that has no clue will take his place... no mind reader, but the first judge was good to me.... now they are spending year sin appeals and digging up medical opinions for the VA. Just paranoid.......
  3. from what I understand, lawyers will not help unless they are almost sure they will win. And Will not take cases that take a long time. At least that is what I went through.
  4. Nightmare.. so,, there is an, appeals POA (office that does appeals only), my POA sent me to help me finish with the BVA appeals... and I was trying to get a letter from one of my doctors that was working for both UC San Diego medical school and the VA as a Gastroenterologist. So, it looks like he just quit there recently, and looks like he is working in the Middle East at some medical University. So, it looks impossible to get in contact with him without looking like a stalker. He could have really helped with a letter about the causes of my health problems, as he was one of my doctors when I was an inpatient for 6 months. he was one who had linked the chemicals to the pancreatitis. he did on his own, as they interrogated me asking what I worked with before I got sick. Lucky me..... my doctor goes to the United Arab Emirates to probably get paid a fortune. So, no way to ask him for the letter. The VA revolving door bites us again. I don't remember the other doctor's names... even if I did it has been a long time and I would look like a stalker from trying to contact people from a long distance search. They could have written down the conversation where they kept asking me what I worked with and how they affected my health while on active duty. I thought the BVA would finally just help me, but now they are getting more opinions I guess. The VA really plays dirty. They will not stop until they try everything to stop me from getting full benefits. I still fee confident I can win but the extra time, and misery really hurts.
  5. I am getting positive and negative on whether this is good.... I sent a message to my surgeon from 10 years ago, waiting to see if he calls me back... I am going to see if he will write me a small IMO.
  6. I received a copy of the VA medical opinion on my 1151 for necrotizing pancreatitis (in my PO Box), and a notice that I have 60 days to submit additional evidence. copy of the letter, with private info blocked. I sent info to my POA. Doing this while really sick totally sucks. (sorry for injecting my own take).
  7. I really want to report some problems with the Oregon VA Hospital and doctors, but I need to wait for my claim to get through... I have a horrible story of abuse from them... but, I don't want anything to interfere with my claims.... I am not sure if it would affect them, but am afraid someone could screw me for talking about what they did and got a way with...
  8. I suggest, if you have a POA, having them fax it to the VA. that way there are records of it. Like it was said, proof of it being received. Then the issue of the va reading it, evidence, etc. IMHO
  9. After all these years of hell, suffering and more hell... I see progress in the updates for my BVA case.... but, this is the my news for this morning on va.gov I read the comments and encouragement, but I don't answer all. The last bit yesterday looked like it advanced a tidbit more...
  10. Current Status The judge is seeking more information before making a decision The Board of Veterans’ Appeals is seeking evidence or an outside opinion from a legal, medical, or other professional in order to make a decision about your appeal.
  11. I didn't type this clear, answer... this happened many years ago.... and learned never to try it again, using an outside source...… nothing today from outside sources...
  12. short answer, yes, the judge asked me too if I asked for hardship and homebound. The POA never helped with any requests like that I had to ask for hardship.. also at the c%p for homebound. My life has either been tied to the bathroom or bedroom. Since the claim is moving along, I am not going to call those hotlines, it hurts thinking about it all. Like they said, if you don't have mental issues going in, you will coming out.
  13. I had very bad experiences with outside care and billing,,, had bad experience with Kaiser before that.... no sure about al that, yes, maybe, but for now to sick,, in agony,,, can't think..... too much to bear...
  14. I am curious,,,, how far behind is the action taken in the remand and the time it takes for them to show it on va.gov. Is from action taken days, weeks, or months ago? how up to date it? if known, of course,, a guesstimate? others,, it looks to me like they used the TCE chemicals for the decisions for my claims, not as much as the Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Diesel. Or maybe they used some of all but most TCE. Complicated, but I was exposed and sick on active duty from the fuels first, then the doctors told my command not more then the next command I was assigned to had me working with TCE, and then I got sick again, and the doctors again said no more contact. My BVA judge was good to me in my live hearing. I felt good about the hearing by the time it was over. I have no clue if he is still on my case, since a few years is passing by. Of course I have questions about why some things are addressed in some ways, but to me it looks like al is going pretty good. The thing that sucks, is even though he asked the BA to speed up my case because of illness hardship, the remands are taking years. if I don't answer things correctly here in the forum, I am sorry, I am doing the best I can without posting my life story and private details. I am being forthright as I can. And, the last, I have not been through the BVA before, so this is new to me, and am giving the BVA wide breach, as they look to have my interests in their motives for how they are doing this. If something is missing or not included, there must be a reason. I feel so sick, I feel horrific and the fight is killing me as much as the diseases. Maybe it is being worked on so I get the best benefits. Like scheduler 100% PT plus SMC (for the needing homecare and home bound? I don't know.) maybe if they do it the wrong way I will miss out or it will drag on past what life I have left yes, that is stupid, no one know how long I have left. I sound like drama queen, but through my experience, the surgeons talked to me about lifespan, and I went past what they thought I had. I spend almost al my time sick out of my mind and horrible, and thinking is very difficult
  15. oh, yeah,, they called me back after a month, they said they messed up the exams and told me I had to come back and repeat some. I did. Imagine going back again being treated like garbage with necrotizing pancreatitis, liver disease, and Parkinsons. When I was an inpatient I did everything they asked of me. When I was an outpatient for 20 years I did everything they asked of me. Same with the other doctors and hospitals before then. (I was called mentally ill and a drug seeker, and according to them nothing was wrong. I am just bad, and liar when I said I had intestinal disease. A drug seeker. Had enough yet? How much longer? How much suffering must I take?
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