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  1. who else had c&p doctor say a surgery was procedure not surgery. The c&p doctor argued and said that a Procedure is Not Surgery. Surgery for Pancreatic Cysts | Memorial Sloan Kettering ... https://www.mskcc.org/.../surgery-pancreatic-cysts Named after a surgeon who worked at MSK in the 1940s, the Whipple Procedure (also known as pancreatoduodenectomy) is used to remove cysts in the head of the pancreas. In this approach, surgeons remove not only the head of the pancreas but also part of the small intestine, the lower half of the bile duct, the surrounding lymph nodes, the gallbladder, and sometimes part of the stomach. a link, many links say: ================== This c&p was about my pancreas surgery that ended up being a 6 month month hospital stay ending with necrotizing pancreatitis and liver disease. They went with endoscope and cut the wrong thing. It took over a decade and the BVA and 1151 claim to fight these crooks. He insisted there was no surgery for his report. I call it another page of dirty tricks used by VA C&P ! IMHO I know this has been hashed over and while already adjudicated, well not quite done yet (still might have to file appeal, but my VA rep still tells me I have to wait until they get done denying me. I have until December 2020 to file a disagreement of their lowball 1151 percentage), but I have to live with it and constantly suffering thinking about all the B.S. the VA put me through for 20 years of the denied claims ! Yes ACCORDING TO 3 SOURCES Pancreatic Cyst Gastronomy Pancreatic cyst gastronomy is a drainage procedure that an advanced endoscopist or surgeon may use if a pancreatic pseudocyst—a fluid-filled sac—develops in the abdomen and causes symptoms such as pain, the sensation of a full stomach, or vomiting. Surgery & Endoscopic Procedures for Pancreatitis … nyulangone.org The Whipple Procedure (also known as a pancreatoduodenectomy) is used to remove cysts in the head of the pancreas. Surgeons remove the head of the pancreas; the duodenum, part of the small intestine; the lower half of the bile duct; the surrounding lymph nodes; the gallbladder, and, in some cases, the pylorus, part of the stomach. Surgical Oncology Program - Pancreatic Cysts surgicaloncology.surgery.ucsf.edu Surgery is often a good option for treating a pancreatic cyst. Young, healthy patients may prefer this option to draining, as it is often the most effective approach. It is also usually the preferred method if a biopsy indicates the cyst may become cancerous. What Is the Treatment for a Pancreatic Cyst? wisegeek.com https://www.mskcc.org/cancer-care/types/pancreatic-cysts/treatment/surgery-pancreatic-cysts
  2. totally exhausted and sick almost al the time still. Sleeping a lot,, need sleep a lot. Can't see doctors,t he VA quit seeing us, along time ago and with this virus stuff, no help at all. My legs suffering in severe pain, and sometimes for weeks at a time I have to sleep with my feet touching the floor or else I can't sleep and scream in agony. PAD? I begged them to help with my legs. That seemed to have started when I was in a hospital bed most of a year unable to eat, and on a feeding tube, and unable to walk for one year. One year ago, in the summer, I had severe bronchitis and green slime filling my airways and puking green slime with high fever, the va refused to see me, and went to a local hospital where they took xrays and found bronchitis. With this virus the va basically told us to stay away and not go there.

    1. Buck52


      Go your your local E.R...Once your there have someone with you call your vamc  or ask the office clerk to call them and let the VA know your at the E.R.  the person they talk with at the VA with will give the ok or they will send a VA Ambulance to come pick you up and take you to the VAMC

      So be sure you have your VAMC phone #

      Due to this coronavirus pandemic  this is all I know to tell you.  if your taking all your medications and keep warm and drink water and try to eat something that you can eat.. that's about all I know you can do,?

      ,if you have a fever take fever reduce meds and maybe take a wet damp cloth and place on your face/for-head.

      I am sorry to hear your sick.

    2. retiredat44


      for now I am just regular sick,,, last summer was the summer of sever bronchitis, and they would not see me.. other people go on summer vacation... I spend it sick in bed... just saying the va will not help, and with the virus thing,, they won't help at all.... My legs are a little better,,, but if they go back to the pad suffering....  I don't know if my legs need some meds to stop the blood from clotting... or severe muscle cramps that keep me from not being able to sleep... just that the va should be helping us, and not keeping up away and refusing to help... why punish us because of the virus... next bad episode I will not have time to beg for help... I go down and feel like the va is punishing us vets... like we are suppose to not get sicker until the virus is gone... which is crazy...I hope they get my benefits finished so they can pay my daughter's schooling before I die... once I get too sick and die my family will not be able fight for the last 10% which would fix the problems of her school costs the va never paid... or maybe there are clogs in the legs which means something will come up and give me a stroke.... it gets very bad... and excruciating... at least I have not gotten that virus.... in a very small town away from the big cities.. Thanx for caring...I will get up and go outside,,, for a few minutes... I will get very tired and come back in pretty soon,,, cya later...

  3. So, I am at 90%, have no gotten a final rating, after years of the BVA wait... asked for TDIU, many years ago (their excuse was I was below 70%), then again filled out forms 2014. Filled them out again a few weeks ago. My POA said don't do anything until after they make a decision and if I have to file disagreement to go from 90 to 100% with BVA, if they refuse to move it up for the final rating. I filled out the forms. I have not worked since 1995. Could not fill in employer because they no longer exist. VA sends me a letter asking me for the employers. POA says the VA was really messed up bad with this virus thing and POA's working form home, so they are extremely slow and behind. I just thought once more it shows the loony things the VA does.. asking again for a work record, with names and addresses from 30 years ago... and even so, I am not even in the same state from back then. btw, there are exceptions to that more than 70% rule and many others, it is a guideline. I was totally disabled by 1990. But they jerked me around until later. And still doing it. I know that many of you guys are in areas where that damned illness is hitting harder than where I am.... I am in a very small town away from the cities,, but still think of the ones affected by this crazy world, virus and all.
  4. Similar to mine, I had gastroenteritis, and hospitalized, and also other problems, sick from chemicals, a few times, all in my records, but they to this day refuse to link the gastroenteritis to anything including my ibs, and pancreas disease.. even though it is all documented by doctors. They will most likely fight you and you have to try to get IMO's, as they fight you.... and it is a really hard thing to get acknowledged, they fight you like they are getting a million dollars for every person they deny. I haven ' read anything else yet on your battles with the va.... I can say, through my experience, no one with the va will help you. At least in any significant way. YOu will have to take them on and unless you already see a win, start the long fight, and start looking for doctors who can back your story. Good luck! It will be a full time job.
  5. I sent a message using secure messaging to the eye clinic, they called me back, by phone, and they made sure I have my meds and told me they will re-schedule for about 2 months later... so, it was worth the secure messaging for the clinic to make sure I am not left out... I don't want to lose my eyesight too!
  6. I have more than pancreatic and liver diease, I have glucome and cataracts. The VA optometry cancelled my eye appointments with all these virus problems going on in the USA. The letter said if I have to reschedule. I have to see an eye doctor every three months because the damage was increasing for a while. Now what? is the VA cancelling ever vets appointment at the clinics? Are we screwed?
  7. Everyone in the service or at a base, etc needs to report contact with virus to doctors https://www.thedailybeast.com/coronavirus-outbreak-on-aircraft-carrier-sends-troops-scrambling?ref=scroll if they don't some day in the future the va will screw them and say they weren't affected... of course they don't know they will get screwed like most of us didn't know until we made a claim and found how vindictive and mean the va is
  8. I can only base it on my opinion, but in my experience, they do not go out of their way to help in any way, the 'duty to assist' maybe worded as to assist in help to get some records... but in no way are they accountable if they do not get records, read them, or anything else.... it is extremely misleading. You can read all of the experiences of those that were screwed over thinking that it meant one thing, but did not. I am sorry if you also fell victim, if you do go as far as the BVA, the judge can try to force the VA to look at whatever they missed or refused to look at. Of course that would probably be a very long time from now, I don't know where you are in this maze. Good Luck, let the truth prevail.
  9. I faxed my TDIU form this morning. After being screwed around constantly for decades, and at 90% and still not have my rating, and they keep doctor shopping sending me to more c&p's doctors claiming the ones they sent me to were the wrong doctors. (doctor shopping by the va ). I asked for TDIU for decades and no one would help. I put it in my claims too, never got an answer. No one would help me, so I downloaded them, filled them out and faxed them off. same thing happen with my 1151, everyone refused to help, and I did that on my own too. I was last able to work 1990. went on ssdi 1995. Worked in severe agony in tears while I lost my home and cars back then. See what happens. My POA with the state of Oregon for my BVA appeal does not answer my emails. What a huge mess!
  10. Honestly I don't know what is going on, all my reps, or the legal advice I got was to wait until the c&p's are finished, as they left me with 90% (It maybe like 94% or such. I yet to receive the statement on the ratings, so I don't know.), but my claims have not been finished yet, the c&p's I think were the last part to finish the remaining claims. I asked for TDUI a long time ago, never heard a word back about that issue. When they decide the remaining issues, I will find out what steps I have left open. You would think since I last worked in 1995, they would have given me the tdiu, but they refused every time I asked. There may already be decisions in the pipeline that can be looked up, but I am just waiting for official documents. I think I was lowballed with the 1151, but I can't be sure until I get the documents. The necrotizing pancreatitis alone should have put me over. They actually sent me for c&p's (a few weeks ago) for the IBS I filed for in 1997, when they denied me back then. That was before it turned into pancreatic disease. or the same time. They are untangling a web of screwups. If they don't address all the issues I will have to file a disagreement again. I wish I could explain this better, but in a nutshell, I am waiting for official documents to see where I stand in regards to issues, ratings, decisions. Then I have to get my bva vso (this vso specializing in only working with bva appeals) to help me some more, or another rep I have on retainer to help me figure out what to do. Personally, and it hurts to say this, but I don't think can deal with all these legal issues and clearly any longer, al these years of this have left me in a daze and too sick... I appreciate you insights and thoughts.... I kind of put them in the back of my mind so I can get some peace, and numb the pain.
  11. I had won an 1151 for my necrotizing pancreatitis (the hospitalization and surgery was screwed up by the va and they admitted they made bad mistakes, so the BVA judge approved my 1151), and also have liver disease, neurological disease (symptoms of Parkinsons or others), and other diseases. Some diseases go back to when I was on active duty, the edema and swelling of my limbs, which continue, and I was hospitalized with gastroenteritis on active duty too. And I have had intestinal disease and esophagus and gastroenteritis. So, I still have what I had on active duty plus it spread and got worse, and the c&p examiner/doctor saw the diseases. The VA low balled me with my 1151 win and my necrotizing pancreatitis, and left the claims open until they decide what to do with the unresolved issues and the c&p exams results. Not sure when the BVA will finalize my results and see if they stop fighting me and give me the full 100%, as I have been totally disabled for 35 years. Or will leave me short of the 100% at 90%. My left side of my chest is disfigured with severe swelling from liver disease and swollen lymph nodes. The doctors knew about this when I was living in the hospital 6 months, but it is much worse now and loosing the use of my right side and arm. My legs constantly swell with edema and skin flakes of and bleeds.. mY skin is paper thin around my ankles and thick and full of liquid above my ankles. Walking is extremely painful and hurts like hells, I also have the splenic and hepatic veins partially blocked to my heart and through my liver and spleen. Yet, they left that out of my diagnosis when they rated me. These issues were diagnosed many times while at the va for 3 years. They continue to fight me. Not sure when they will finish this charade and rip off. They just don't want to pay the full benefits, my daughter never got benefits while growing up, she paid for here schooling with student loans, and just earned 21 masters degrees. My wife never got any medical benefits. I spent 30 years mostly laying in bed sick. This is the crap I am hoping they will finally finish and stop the stalling of benefits. I first filed in 1997 with the va, but got sick on active duty in the 1970's. I guess they though I would have died by now, the surgeons told me most people die of the pancreatic disease after just a couple years. Still here, still going through this.
  12. I am saying this out of experience,,, duty to assist is fraud.... they actually don't mean what the dictionary says it means..... liars, conniving crooks... I could give tons of proof to back it al up, but I will die spending my last few days or years listing al the lies,, instead of getting the much needed rest.... if there were lawyer or attorney, paid or pro bono, or someone that cared, they could prove this, but no one can take the time and resources to fight the deep pockets of the crooks... you are on your own.... no one will fight for your rights,,,,, only you.....
  13. I still had some remands, and had a C&P for several issues January 2020, some issues going back to claims from the 1990's. I haven't wrote anything down in the forms, comments, because I don't know anything, yet.

    1. retiredat44


      the va sent me an ssoc for the remaining issues, as they doctor shopped and kept sending me to c&p's until they got the answers they wanted.. like 10 c&p's over the last few years asking the same questions. the BVA would not answer my email about my new ssoc, and they finally answered saying they are all screwed up because of the virus and cannot respond yet, they are tying to get the employees to do some work from home. I sent in the tdiu, as I stated in my other thread from a couple days ago. the same tdiu I have asked them about and put ion my forms and begged for help over the decades, and did it myself,,, no more waiting for help. And faxed it to I guess it is in Wisconsin on the address and fax number on the official form. They are so invested in stopping me from getting full benefits they are trying every dirty trick.

  14. I have so many questions, but it looks like the VA/BVA is sending me to some more C%P exams. At this point they rated me at 90% 1- My Necrotizing pancreatitis is the worst version, the only version worse is cancer. I know this because my doctors told me many times over the condition of my pancreas and other surround organs. Also have the portal and splenic veins from the liver tot he heart partially blocked. Plus liver disease. Much more. But, to me it looks like the BVA or whoever cheating on the rating, that should have been 100%. it is permanent, inoperable, and have spent 1/2 my life in constant suffering. I am not sure, but if I was at 60% and added (the pancreas disease alone should have been 100% for the 1151 win) for pancreas I should be at 100% . I don't have the documents yet, but I think they lowballed me. -------------- http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/thedigestivesystem.html Code 7347: Pancreatitis is the swelling of the pancreas that occurs because the enzymes it produces become active while still in the pancreas. If diabetes and pancreatitis are both present, both cannot be rated. Rate only the one that gives the highest rating. If the whole or part of the pancreas is surgically removed, then rate any continuing symptoms on the following ratings, with the minimum rating of 30%. Ratings: If there are seriously disabling attacks of stomach pain with very few pain-free periods, significant amounts of fat in the feces, the inability of the small intestine to absorb the necessary nutrients, diarrhea, and severe malnutrition, it is rated 100%. If there are frequent attacks of disabling stomach pain, weight loss (lower than the average weight weighed over the last year), and other symptoms like diarrhea or significant amounts of fat in the feces, it is rated 60%. If there are at least 4 to 7 attacks of disabling stomach pain each year, it is rated 30%. If there is at least 1 attack of disabling stomach pain each year, it is rated 10%. ========= I also have swelling, but it is different, sometimes the legs swell more, other times it is my right chest, or my arms are puffy. Everyday it is different. (they may C&P me for the skins issues, and swelling too, the excema is different different types of skins issues, with dark, scabby, or dark, or red like blisters, swollen lymph nodes, etc.) Not sure if these will be on the C&P. The liver disease causes lots of skins and limb problems. 2-They never ever gave me TDIU, I asked many years ago. I had to stop working in the early 1990's (SSDI in 1995). 3.I suffer from Parkinsons (the doctors saw me suffer with it for 6 months in the hospital and the home care nurses the va gave me for a few months at my home watched as I had no control over my body for a couple months., they are trying to say my father had it, who was a Navy veteran during Korea. He haver had a Neurological disorder, he died of COPD 20 years ago. Many more, but these VA are liars, crooks and no matter what they make you fight and fight. I have lots of documents, I gave them documents, but believe they never read any of them. I guess I have to bring documents to the C&P exams for the doctors, I am sick to death of explaining everything to these lying morons. (sorry, but all they do it continue to make me angry)(they thrive on being crooked lying bad people). There should be penalties for government employees who are lying treacherous dirtbags. I know i should be happy for some wins, but as usual was shortchanged by them. spending 1/2 your life in bed sick no chance of getting better, suffering is severe pain. Constant fevers. i was hoping so bad this nightmare would be over. C&P exams coming supposedly, and I am usually very sick and angry by the time I see these doctors, and they don't disappoint (sarcasm). So, this is partially where i am at. I did list intestinal disease in the 1990's, and had been trying t get help from Kaiser hospital in the late 1980's and early 1990's. They said I had gastritis, and ibs, and was a drug seeker, and also had to have a spinal disc removed, they refused to mri it and when they did after 6 months it broke while they screwed me around and left me crippled. Kaiser removed my gallbladder, but it did not help. I gave the documents tot he va, and I bet they never read those. If they try to go back and look at a c&p for that ibs I will find those in my boxes and bring them. But, Like I said I gave the VA copied in 1997. I also gave them copies of the paperwork from the dental surgeons who said on the documents the loss of my teeth was from intestinal disease. (lack of nutrients, caused them to melt away very fast). I am not sure what al the C&P will be for, until they send me the appointments, and often they don't tell me, they just says I have an exam. I have had them send me to 4 exams in one day and repeat some. So, No clue what's going on. My wife is going with me. They better speak English fluently without an accent. My ears cannot understand anything else. Thanx for listening.
  15. I don't have my ratings yet,, so I can't answer lots of questions...
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