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  1. I’m going directly to the point after this. Do I actually qualify for SMC’s1?? I have 100% PTSD P&T 50% Sleep Apnea 20%TMJ 20%Right Knee 10%Left Knee I know I’ve a 70% combined rating and 100% for single disability. The requirements for Statutory SMC is to be 100% for one single disability and another 60% for a disability or combination of disabilities independently evaluated at 60 or more. The issue here is if the 50% for sleep apnea secondary to my ptsd condition can qualify for that combination of ratings? Or not?
  2. Thanks GB just like you said It’s been a long journey! New language course not bad !! Yes you’re right with that about getting deserved benefits va sometimes make mistakes. I also gathered some info about SMC’s and If I’m not wrong I’ve highly probability to qualify for it let’s see what happens this week.
  3. Finally my claim was completed on September 5th 2019 almost 4 months after I came with the question. It’s been a long time not easy at all. After all it was worth waiting for so long! I get my 100% P&T for PTSD a single condition ‘not TDIU ‘ also have other conditions knees rated L10 and R20% TMJ 20% and APNEA at 50% also on ebenefits says they still working with the SMC’ s special monthly compensation it still on Waiting for Approval but dont know if I qualify for SMC’s having one single condition at 100% and the others in combination more than 60%! Dont know let’s see if I qualif
  4. Yes you may call sometimes to VES about the status of your exam if you see RO haven’t received for a time period. I called the RO they said they haven’t receive it at that time so I decided just to call VES to see if they already working on it. So there may be sometimes Analyst May help you getting the process more simple by sending you this kind of emails just telling you they done with the exam.
  5. Paulstrgn thanks for the answer the VES analyst sent me an email saying ( Your exam was sent on May 27 to RO). So great! Now I still waiting for the RO to at least review the exam and the rest of the evidence for my IU claim and PTSD increase! I still on gathering of evidence stage even With all the documents there already since May 1st 2019
  6. I was wondering how long it takes VES Veterans Evaluation Services to finally process my mental exam and send it to regional office? I had my examination on May 14, 2019. I called the regional office and they tell me that they have not received my examination yet. They currently take more time processing than VA .. Does anyone know from experience how long it can take?
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