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  1. No it was not done through RAMP. I file through the traditional claim process. No
  2. Hello Berta, this is Air Force Vet. I want to thank you For the valuable information you provided concerning my TDIU claim. And to let you know I did receive my 100% disability rating. If you remember I filed my claim on April 16, 2018. I was awarded my unemployability on June 20, 2018. It only took 64 days to complete. I was very surprised. I just wanted to let you know and thank you once again. Thank you and God Bless you. Air Force Vet

  3. Hello Buck52, this is Air Force Vet. You gave me some valuable information concerning my claim for TDIU. I just want you to know I did receive my 100% disability award. If you remember I filed my claim on April 16, 2018. I received my award on June 20,  2018 it only took 64 days to complete. I was really surprised to get my award. Especially in the short time it took. Thank you so much my brother. God Bless you. 

    Air Force Vet

    1. Buck52


      Your more than welcome & A Big Congratulation on your Success. 

  4. I would like to thank everyone who provided me with such valuable information concerning my Individual unemployability claim. I did receive my 100% disability. I filed my claim on April 16, 2018 and my claim was awarded on June 20, 2018. It took only 64 days to complete. Thanking you all again for your help. God Bless you all. Air Force Vet
  5. Thank you Buck for your help. I did receive my 100% for my IU claim today June 20, 2018 and it is p&t. The claim only took 64 days. Thank you so much for your help.
  6. Thanks Berta for your help. I did receive my 100% today for my IU claim on 6/20/2018. It only took 64 days to complete and it is p&t. Thanks for your words of wisdom.
  7. I want to thank everyone who responded to my post and provided input. I just want everyone to know that I received my 100% disability on today for my IU claim and it is p&t. My claim only took 64 days to complete. Thank you all
  8. Thank you Berta, you and I are on the same page. I assumed EED would be the day I stopped work of 1/20/2017. Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer my questions.
  9. Berta I hope this helps I do not have access to a scanner but I am writing what was in the statement of case I was awarded 70% disability rating on 5/16/2016 filed for iu and denied. I filed a NOD on 8/29/16 New C&P exam on 2/28/2018 Received statement of Case concerning NOD on 3/23/2018. In it I was granted a 90% disability rating for my service connected disabilities but stilled denied iu. The reason for iu denied was. " An extraschedular evaluation was considered under the provion of 38 CFR 3.321 (b). The evidence does not show that this case presents such an exceptional or unusual disability picture with such related factors as marked interference with employment or frequent periods of hospitalization as to render impractical the application of the regular scheduler standards. You have appealed the denial of total compensation for unemployability because you indicate that your service connected disabilities make it hard for you to work. You and your employer both indicate that you are gainfully employed and paid consideration more than poverty level income. The benefit you seek is designed to compensate veterans who are not 100 percent disabled by their disabilities but cannot obtain or hold gainful employment. You are being compensated currently at the 90 percent rate based on the occupational impairment of your various service connected disabilities and you are able to work. Federal regulations do not allow a grant of individual unemployability if it is shown that the claimant is fully employed. There is no provision for extraschedular consideration for individual unemployability in your case. If you stop working you should reapply for the benefit since you meet the schedular requirements. Entitlement to individual unemployability is denied because the claimant has not been found unable to secure or follow a substantially gainful occupation as a result of service connected disabilities". I in turn filed a new claimed for iu on 4/16/2018. I do not get SSDI but I do receive social security payments I am 66 years old No I have not had any dealing with vocational rehab I have not worked since 1/20/2017.
  10. Good day to you Buck52. I was awarded a 70% disability rating on 4/16/2016 filed for iu and was denied. On 2/28/2018 I had another C&P exam and was awarded a 90% disability rating. On 4/16/2018 I filed for iu. Claim is presently in Gathering of evidence. With the statement I mentioned earlier of Date: not available, No longer needed, second signature. I have another C&P exam sheduled for 5/22/2018 for this filing for iu on 4/16/2018. My sc disabilities include: 1. Myofascial lumbar syndrome 40% 2. Left knee 40% 3. Right knee 10% 4. Plantar fasciitis 30% 5. Lower left extremity radiculopathy 20% 6. Lower right extremity radiculopathy 20% I hope this helps. Thanks for your time and patient.
  11. Thanks Buck52 I first filed a claim for iu on 5/16/2016 and was denied. Would they use this date as my effective date if awarded iu instead of 4/16/2018 when I filed my new claim. Is it not true that if a second signature is needed a retro payment of 25,000 or more is granted.
  12. I have read on this forum. That a second signature means a retro payment of 25,000 or more. Is this not true
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