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  1. Michigander

    DBQ optional or not

    Hi @63SIERRA I filled a fully developed claim for PSTD secondary to MST and granted my SC claim without a DBQ. My VSO insisted I needed the DBQ and gave me a name of a civilian psyc doc that I could pay $400 as the office visit fee to write one based on the medical records they would review and give their opinion. That whole thing didn’t sit write with me so I told my VSO I will stand on what is in my records at the VA and to file my claim without it. In my case I had a PTSD dx from the VA that includes my mental health couseling notes at the VA, a police report and a letter from my adult daughter describing how she has watched me suffer over the years. My C&p examiner was a young female and the exam was over before I knew it and I even asked her if she was sure I didn’t need to go into any great details about the events I was there for and she responded she had everything she needed already in my paperwork. Obviously your wife’s situation is different and maybe my approval was the exception to the rule. I thank God everyday for His favor on my ruling for my claim.
  2. Hey there ...well my daughter bounced right back, but I have been in Physycsk therapy for almost 6 mo now after accident. My neck was pretty screwed up from whiplash and the concussion has caused complications and worsening of existing balance , tinnitus, memory and mood issues. Dark days to the point of just not wanting to go on, but once again God and God alone pulled me out of it at least to not wanting to end it and I’m back fighting everyday trying to deal with multiple physical and emotional issues. I’m trying my best to keep looking forward and not backward. How are things in your neck of the woods? Sounds like a bunch of h/a you have to face now with the rating.
  3. @Buck52 hi Buck, i did this therapy for 8-10 weeks and then quit all together. It must help some, but for me it only frustrates me and caused me more anxiey. So many questions didn’t apply to my situation or I just could never get how to answer them questioning my therapist over and again if I was doing it correctly. I would talk out he worksheets with my therapist and at the end when you are suppose to re-rate your feelings my feelings..fears etc didn’t really change and she kept saying back “well remember feelings arnt facts!” This was her end all answer to everything and I’m sorry but my feelings and panic attacks and irrational thoughts etc are “real” so my feelings are facts! Anyways I know there is methodology to the process but I ended up getting in a car accident and was pretty messed up and that alone prevented me from completing the cpt however I told them it wasn’t helping me anyways. Do you know who and how a person gets flagged to reduce their SC status. Is it something the therapist checks off that starts the re-evaluation process? I’m didn’t read why this happened to you or what caused it? im sorry you are going through this after it took you so long to even get approved. Guess I need to not be surprised when it happens to me because I made a few comments I wanted to get out of the house more often. It’s really a pipe dream but I shouldn’t have verbalized it to my therapist.
  4. Michigander

    Hadit Members In Michigan

    Hello there from Shelby Township Mi. I go to the VA Ann Arbor for 99% of my care. The VA there has been very good for the most part (exception of wait times) with mostly university of Michigan doctors doing rounds. I was in-patient there for 60 days after getting shingles that followed the nerve root into my brain and I was very ill and have multiple permanent deficits as a result . Many times in the ER there and again great care. The VA hosp stuck with me all the way after my hospital stay allowing me to rehab inpatient for many weeks post neurologic shingles (Ramsey Hunt Syndrome) . I served from84-87. The VA took care of me physically and emotionally and I am very grateful.
  5. Michigander

    What constitutes "minimal hygiene"?

    Try not to worry too much about the hygiene part. For my C&p for MST/PTSD I was dressed comfortably in somewhat plain attire with tennis shoes, jogging pants, jacket, hair pulled back, no make up and good hygiene. I was rated 70% for MST/PTSD. Yes, I do go most of my day to day without taking care of my appearance or hygiene at times due to my mental state but the examiner would not have known that just by looking at me nor am I aware it’s anything that would stand out in my mental health records (although I’m not sure). I don’t think you have to hit every single point on the rating schedule to get a high rating...maybe I’m wrong. I didn’t have any major breakdown during my exam although I did shed tears and was very anxious talking to the examiner. I understand your concern as I was too waiting for my rating, like you I had the police report, mental health record history and dx for PTSD. I think it’s hard to give a low rating when it’s clear you have had and still have a life of suffering from an event that affects almost all aspects of your life leaving you alive but not really living...if that makes sense. I’m sorry you have gone through this in the first place. It’s a hard and lonely journey. God bless!
  6. @kanewnut ok thanks for the info! I asked this question on Hadit before and the response were not supportive in getting SC for Fibro so I’m glad I’m hearing diff. I’m not familiar with the CFR code but I’m suffering from a TBI not service connected and I have bad memory issues so I keep having to start from scratch and re learn something I already did or new. I did a FDC for my PTSD and I want to try to do a FDC for the Fibro. I can’t remeber but can I do this without a VSO on e benefits..I can’t find a good VSO in my area and I do not have transportation to get anywhere among other issues..if I can do this from home the better. any advice?
  7. @kanewnut YES! Is this listed for a condition with the VA?? I mean is it something I could file a claim for??
  8. @Buck52 I hear ya well hopefully more info will be coming.
  9. @vetquest interesting article of VA awards for pain.. I hope my question makes sense but you know how you can look up the categories of sc disabilities the VA approves (ie ptsd, tinnitus) is there one for “pain” ? I’ve suffered with chronic pain for years secondary to fibromyalgia and my non VA doc even wrote a letter to give to my VA doc that she believes my chronic fibromyalgia is directly related to my in-service injury to help me get approved by the VA to get accupuncture as an alternative to pain meds for the fibro pain. My va doc approved the accupuncture but without even reading the letter from the non va doc basically saying he didn’t need to connect my fibromyalgia with my sc condition he would just approve the non va care fir accupuncture. My point is...I have been thinking for sometime to file a claim for the fibromyalgia specifically because of the chronic pain because that is the affect fibromyalgia has on a person. And there is medical backing that connects Fibromyalgia to traumatic events which I experienced in-service. So I guess I wonder if the condition like “fibromyalgia” or the “pain” from it can be rated even if it’s not on the list of va sc disabilities/conditions?
  10. It’s a tragedy.. what about all the vets who are in-patient unable to know if they are being fed the the wrong meds...I was in-patient for 45 days at my local VA and I caught them giving me incorrect meds three times!!! I have no idea what I may have been given during the time I was too sick to check...what about all the vets that are unable to see or unconscious or too sick to check!!! What can be done about this??
  11. @broncovet Hi, If you have any advice on the subject... I didn't fill out anything for my dependent at the time I filed my claim 7 months ago. I have a 23 y/o daughter who is attending college and living at home with me. Now that I am SC do you know if they would back pay for the dependent amount if I file the form now? Since she will be 24 in Jan. I wasn't sure if it's worth the hassle of filling out the form if it would just be for a few months if there is no back pay. From my understanding the benefit is only until age 23 year.
  12. @broncovet @Tbird I will definitely help another vet if I can and although everyone's experience can be slightly different (and have it's own nuances) the consensus seems to agree that VSOs and ROs can hurt a vet more than help...not the case here on Hadit.
  13. Hi I am a female Army vet and victim of MST. I had found out while at my local VA that I could file for SC for my PTSD secondary to MST. I initially sought out help for the RO Claim coordinator and let the office in a full blown panic attack and humiliated at how I was treated when asking just a few simple questions on how to go about filing a claim. I knew I would never ask another question again at the RO. I stumbled across Hadit while searching the topic on how to file a claim as I was totally clueless about the process and didn't know anyone I could ask. Even the VSO in my area was little to know help even telling me I needed to pay a psych doc. $400 that she recommended she knew and for me to go to and have a DBQ filled out to file my claim. I chose to ignore that advice and began reading up and asking questions on the Hadit site. With the help on Hadit and on the podcast I was able to educate myself and file my claim even as a FDC (Fully Developed Claim). From my date of the intent to file to my 70% SC award it was a total of 7 mos. I wonder if that is a record. In any case, I could not have done it without the help of this site and I am truly grateful there are so many veterans and families of veterans that care enough to give their time selfishly to help another fellow veteran through a very difficult process. God bless, Michigander
  14. Michigander

    MST Claim - I have started the journey

    @Andyman73 Thanks for the followup...just to let you know I was SC for 70%.

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