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  1. @kanewnut ok thanks for the info! I asked this question on Hadit before and the response were not supportive in getting SC for Fibro so I’m glad I’m hearing diff. I’m not familiar with the CFR code but I’m suffering from a TBI not service connected and I have bad memory issues so I keep having to start from scratch and re learn something I already did or new. I did a FDC for my PTSD and I want to try to do a FDC for the Fibro. I can’t remeber but can I do this without a VSO on e benefits..I can’t find a good VSO in my area and I do not have transportation to get anywhere among other issues..if I can do this from home the better. any advice?
  2. @kanewnut YES! Is this listed for a condition with the VA?? I mean is it something I could file a claim for??
  3. @Buck52 I hear ya well hopefully more info will be coming.
  4. @vetquest interesting article of VA awards for pain.. I hope my question makes sense but you know how you can look up the categories of sc disabilities the VA approves (ie ptsd, tinnitus) is there one for “pain” ? I’ve suffered with chronic pain for years secondary to fibromyalgia and my non VA doc even wrote a letter to give to my VA doc that she believes my chronic fibromyalgia is directly related to my in-service injury to help me get approved by the VA to get accupuncture as an alternative to pain meds for the fibro pain. My va doc approved the accupuncture but without even reading the letter from the non va doc basically saying he didn’t need to connect my fibromyalgia with my sc condition he would just approve the non va care fir accupuncture. My point is...I have been thinking for sometime to file a claim for the fibromyalgia specifically because of the chronic pain because that is the affect fibromyalgia has on a person. And there is medical backing that connects Fibromyalgia to traumatic events which I experienced in-service. So I guess I wonder if the condition like “fibromyalgia” or the “pain” from it can be rated even if it’s not on the list of va sc disabilities/conditions?
  5. It’s a tragedy.. what about all the vets who are in-patient unable to know if they are being fed the the wrong meds...I was in-patient for 45 days at my local VA and I caught them giving me incorrect meds three times!!! I have no idea what I may have been given during the time I was too sick to check...what about all the vets that are unable to see or unconscious or too sick to check!!! What can be done about this??
  6. @broncovet Hi, If you have any advice on the subject... I didn't fill out anything for my dependent at the time I filed my claim 7 months ago. I have a 23 y/o daughter who is attending college and living at home with me. Now that I am SC do you know if they would back pay for the dependent amount if I file the form now? Since she will be 24 in Jan. I wasn't sure if it's worth the hassle of filling out the form if it would just be for a few months if there is no back pay. From my understanding the benefit is only until age 23 year.
  7. @broncovet @Tbird I will definitely help another vet if I can and although everyone's experience can be slightly different (and have it's own nuances) the consensus seems to agree that VSOs and ROs can hurt a vet more than help...not the case here on Hadit.
  8. Hi I am a female Army vet and victim of MST. I had found out while at my local VA that I could file for SC for my PTSD secondary to MST. I initially sought out help for the RO Claim coordinator and let the office in a full blown panic attack and humiliated at how I was treated when asking just a few simple questions on how to go about filing a claim. I knew I would never ask another question again at the RO. I stumbled across Hadit while searching the topic on how to file a claim as I was totally clueless about the process and didn't know anyone I could ask. Even the VSO in my area was little to know help even telling me I needed to pay a psych doc. $400 that she recommended she knew and for me to go to and have a DBQ filled out to file my claim. I chose to ignore that advice and began reading up and asking questions on the Hadit site. With the help on Hadit and on the podcast I was able to educate myself and file my claim even as a FDC (Fully Developed Claim). From my date of the intent to file to my 70% SC award it was a total of 7 mos. I wonder if that is a record. In any case, I could not have done it without the help of this site and I am truly grateful there are so many veterans and families of veterans that care enough to give their time selfishly to help another fellow veteran through a very difficult process. God bless, Michigander
  9. Michigander

    MST Claim - I have started the journey

    @Andyman73 Thanks for the followup...just to let you know I was SC for 70%.
  10. Michigander

    MST Claim - I have started the journey

    Update! Less than 7 mos. from my intent to file and less than three weeks from my C&P I received my SC award/decision.....wondering if this is a record for turnaround time?? I actually saw the back pay deposit in my account before getting the award letter. I am officially SC for 70% for PTSD secondary to MST. I only skimmed over my award letter but it said for PTSD and panic disorder. There is a lot of other info. on the award letter I have to read over as I'm not sure what a lot of it means. For anyone else that is filing I think that the quick turnaround time was due to filing my claim as a FDC (Fully Developed Claim). I received requests for additional information after I filed, but it stated if you file any additional info. it will take my claim out of the fast track FDC status so I ignored the requested because I felt confident what I submitted via the VSO was complete....thanks to the message boards and help from Hadit members here especially @Buck52 and a few others (I will keep their names private). My VSO was little to no help. I am so grateful I somehow stumbled upon this site ...I 'm sure that was God quite frankly.
  11. Michigander

    MST Claim - I have started the journey

    C&P was completed about 2 1/2 weeks ago below is a copy and paste below on what my status is now showing on e-benefits. It's probably too hard to figure out with how the fields changed when I copied and pasted it, but I guess I don't understand if I need to submit any other documents (unemployability form etc.) or if this is an optional request?? If you have any thoughts on the below comments let me know. I'm not sure why it's asking for supporting docs. because everything was uploaded at the time of my FDC (police report, personal statement with additional letter of how it has affected my life along with appropriate VA claim forms etc.). A VSO verified that all my doc. were uploaded at the time I submitted my claim, but she didn't know why it doesn't show the docs. on my end in e-benefits....I think she said don't worry about it. Submitted Type Status Updates Actions Table of Claims 08/30/2017 Compensation Gathering of evidence · Attention: Documents Needed from YouDocuments Needed from You · Attention: Development Letter SentDevelopment Letter Sent · Attention: Decision Notification SentDecision Notification Sent Upload Documents View Documents Optional Documents Please submit any supporting documents. Include any documents that we requested when you submitted your application for this claim. To see all uploaded documents associated to this claim, select the "All Uploaded Documents for this Claim" tab above. Note: Supporting documents uploaded before January 26, 2015 are not displayed. Upload Documents · Request 1 Due Date: 12/06/2017 Status: Needed You may be entitled to compensation at the 100 percent rate if you are unable to secure and follow a substantially gainful occupation because of your service-connected disabilities. If you believe you qualify, complete, sign, and return the enclosed VA Form 21-8940, Veterans Application for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability. Upload Documents · Request 2 Due Date: Not available Status: Initial Review Complete <VA Medical Facility>
  12. Michigander

    MST Claim - I have started the journey

    @Buck52 Nope I haven't got it and it wasn't posted in E-benefits yet it still show "gathering evidence" which is what it said before I was even notified of the C&P. So it seems the info. in e-benefits has not been updated to reflect my C&P was even ordered or done. I will post it and block out my personal info. once I get it.
  13. Michigander

    MST Claim - I have started the journey

    Thank you @Buck52 for posting the rating. Based on this schedule I think they might put me at 30%, but I have most of the 50% rating symptoms so I guess we will see.
  14. Michigander

    MST Claim - I have started the journey

    Thank you @Buck52 and @Andyman73 Yes it was contracted..the group was LHI (Logistics Health Inc. or Institute). I don't at all feel confident I would get that high of a rating only because she said I was very well articulated and when we talked about how it affected me on the job she made comments like "well it sounds like you did a good job adapting". I didn't get a chance to talk about periods of depression I have had and other symptoms I experience like getting highly agitated easily etc. It also came up that I had to stop my anxiety meds for three weeks per a neurologist order to see if it had any affect on my memory or concentration issues. Maybe that would be interpreted as I do not need to be on meds continuously and I know that is a rating question. Well it's wait and see, but I wouldn't be surprised if I had a low rating. If it's under 50 I might consider challenging it. I will call like you said to get a copy of the C&P and post it just to get some feedback and for others to see what it's all about since MST/PTSD doesn't seem to common of a topic on here from what I can see anyways. Even though I'm not sure I was able to express myself enough to get a rating I probably should, I still was more prepared than I every would have been had I not found this site...... and that I am very grateful!

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