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  1. Hello Berta,,, After being gone so long , it feels good to at least read some of the new dismal news about the VA. This article is excellent and shows how Monsanto and Dow are still up to their old tricks , while Veterans die from AO to the tune of about 300 per day. I was interested in trying to save the Russian Study that is shown as well as print it off but for some reason my computer will not print the study. If anyone can figure out how to save it and print it please do by all means. Hope your doing well Berta. Blessings to you . NEVER GIVE UP.....C.C.
  2. Hello Folks, I want to help post some new evidence showing that the Army Sm1a Nuclear Reactor at Fort Greely certainly had its problems and of course the Nuclear Waste from the Reactor with the Contaminated Soils. This document shows the State of Utah and its position of refusing to accept any of the Contaminated soil from Fort Greely, Alaska. This document can be used for those Veterans who have been diagnosed with Nuclear Radiation diseases and should be included in the Veterans Claims as part of the Evidence needed to prove those claims. I hope this will help those who are still alive and s
  3. Hello All, This is such a unique subject and one that is extremely rare because of children of Vietnam era Veterans. We have lots of great research from Asknod and Berta which is so helpful. Well here goes . According to the VA Spina Bifida is acknowledged for Vietnam boots on the ground Veterans whose child or children are diagnosed with it. There are several points I do want to address. 1. The VA says that it is a presumptive so that applies for incountry Vietnam veterans and can be filed on the presumptive basis. However,,,,,,, should the Veteran be agent orange exposu
  4. Hello All,,,,,yes great news indeed. Jerrel asked me to tell all of you thank you so much for the prayers. He said he knew that folks were praying for him. He was groggy when I talked to him but hopefully he will be doing better by next week. This is good news. What a blessing. NEVER GIVE UP. C.C.
  5. Hello All, After discussions with Tbird and Jbasser , I am asking for our members to please keep Jerrel Cook in your thoughts and your prayers. Many of you know Jerrel is the host for the SVR Hadit radio Program here and he has been relentless and unselfish in bringing shows and guests here to help our Veterans and Dependents as they try to work thru the Veterans Affairs claims process. Even though as we all know , Jerrel is sick himself. Jerrel took a bad fall yesterday and broke his hip and is scheduled for surgery today. Jerrel is one of the old timers here at Hadit and has always put
  6. Hello Andy, I am not boots on the ground Vietnam so all of the presumptives I had to claim as direct from Fort Greely Alaska , where Jerrel and I were at and some other members on the board here. I am service connected and awaiting more C and P for the direct exposure disease claims. Without question is the fact that AO was used extensively at Fort Greely while I was there and there are links in AO category at Hadit you can view. I am currently waiting on the official report in writing for my son and the xrays and scans. Once that happens then we are seeking another opinion. Her
  7. Hello Vync , ,,,,Yes I do because the Nuclear Radiation is still a problem. Also the Agent Orange was still there until 1984 when 50-70 barrels were found there. It is such a cesspool and is part of the Superfund. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent to clean up this post. He needs to watch carefully for tumors and lung , neurological bowel and heart issues Blessings, NEVER GIVE UP. C.C.
  8. Exactly correct Jerrel. The 3500 test involved in Project 112/Shad , have only resulted in roughly 20 of those test being declassified and brought forth by President George Bush in 2005 of which Jerrel was one of those participants. So why not release them all??? And only the early test were released??? Those in 1964 and 65 mostly. What about the test from 1968-1975??? The same year that Agent Orange was outlawed was also the end of Project 112/Shad. Now is that just a coinincidence??? I think not. If we as remnants from that era and especially from Fort Tumorville.....I mean Fort Greel
  9. Hello All,, Fort Greely part of the main part of Project 112 has plenty of sites and lots of folks , such as me and my fueler . I got sick in 1997 and heavy Doctors testing concluded I have Severe Peripheral Nueuropathy of both feet and legs arms and hands with and AO and Nuclear as the cause. Now I have Pulmonary Hypertension, COPD, Restricted Lung disease , Pulmonary Fibrosis, Granulomatosis on my right lobe. On Oxygen for life. I have Agent Orange IHD with a Heart Attack , Congestive Heart Failiure . Colitus /IBD......RA with auto immune disease, Dry Eys, Agent Orange Prostate Cancer stage
  10. I was so saddened to hear about Carlie. She was so good to me and when I ended up nearly dying in 2010 from an Agent Orange Ischemic Heart Attack , Carlie was checking in on me during my recovery to see how I was doing. She helped me a lot with claims issues and questions and was a well of Veteran information pertaining to claims. For those of you who maybe did not get a chance to know her or to benefit from her VA knowledge and resourcefulness and the way she tried to help our Veterans, we have lost a true friend to all Veterans , not just myself. Prayers are needed for her family and kindne
  11. Hello All,,,,, I have been reading some rather confusing statements by some concerning fees to be paid for by Veterans for legal representation. First it is illegal for any representative or agent to legally charge a Veteran for any work done on a claim before it is decided. So for our group , DO NOT pay for an attorney upfront. The 38 CFRs are very clear about this. The attorney/agent is to be paid out of the retro once the Veteran wins. If the Veteran does not win , then the attorney/agent receives no pay. Plain and simple. Also it is key to note that the attorney/agent is only allowed 20%
  12. Hello Gerard, I am sorry you have to go thru this. I know how taxing this is having try and fight with the VA on FTCA and Section 1151. I agree with Berta on what she is saying and want to add that the importance of an IMO or IME is key to your win. Your first objective is to get your SF 95 filed and like Bronco said within 2 years of the malpractice OR within 2 years of when you were made aware of it. Having the evidence to win or settle your claim is the key. Yes VA will try and settle with you for a very cheap amount at the local level. Meaning you VAMC center and that Justice Dept lawye
  13. Hello All, I agree with Buck , this is the first time I have read something derogatory with Dr. Bash. I am only going off of my use with him and on 3 imos or imes. I was successful in 2 of them and awaiting DRO review and shipping to BVA for other issues that will have to be awarded because of multiple medical issues that are service connected. First , I was told by many that one of my cases, involving FTCA would not be successful, that from one doctor I tried to hire , and an ex Deputy director of Justice Dept, who was my initial attorney, and others on Hadit. Thru my diligence and study,
  14. Hello All,,,,, First , If you have to worry about Dr. Bash then we need to shut this thing down and everybody needs to quit doing VA claims. He is one of the finest Dr.'s you will find. He is tireless , always thinking and using all of your medical records. His IME and IMOs are first class. Yes , he is expensive , but he also puts the others to shame with his knowledge and foremat on writing the Nexus. Dr. Bash has just done 3 for me over 8 years, including a FTCA malpractice. By the way I won that one but it took Dr Bash and 2 more IMEs to doit but I was one of only about 60 Veterans
  15. Hello All,, Your welcome Detel, To prove the Congressman and Senator route is fastest. I just received a call from My Congressmans rep and he emailed me the C and P that I wanted . It took one week. That is the second time and it came within one week on the first one. Hope this helps and blessings . Remember.....NEVER GIVE UP...>>>>C.C.
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