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  1. Thank you all very much, the RO asked me on Tuesday to submit a letter requesting another rater to look at this decision and the effective date. They stoled three years from our family. Apparently, at the request of the RO, I put in a reconsideration and they rated me from Oct 2014, when the original date was November 2011 with no breaks in time. The reconsideration now (again), is for the effective date to go to November 2011 (corrected), instead of the 2014. Mr.>>>>> told me that it should be a quick decision, we'll see. I also have a appeal waiting so I can put these contingencies in incase. Unbelievable, how incompetent sometimes this thing can be.... I explained to Mr.... that how in hell can anyone in their right mind just throw three years worth of possible retro....
  2. Thank you NK, appreciate it. God Bless you all.....
  3. Sorry to hear that. Keep up with the NOD. Thanks, I will put the NOD right away, as soon as I get the letter. They are low balling three years, that crazy. The claim started in November 2011, they said because of a re-open or reconsideration that it will start in Oct 2014.... that nuts. I know that they cant legally do that. I called the Director of Dirty Waco RO and told her, since she was already aware of who I was. She told me that she was going to get the info to the appropriate people. I hope I can catch them before they finalize my claim, and revisit the effective date. She agreed that three years is "unfair to throw away".....
  4. First off, I want to thank you all for your help in the last few years. I just received my rating: 70% SC PTSD 10% SC Residual Scar 100% P/T IU The only thing that I need to ask you folks, and maybe Berta remembers, is that the RO called me, a VA rep and asked me to pull three contingencies from my appeal and do a re-open. So, I did and told her that I did not want to lose all of the years that I have waited without a break in time. My effective date is October 2014, they did not honor the November 2011 date that the VA rep told me that I would not lose. So, should I put a NOD for a reconsideration on the correct effective date, I also have in writing (fax) stating that the VA rep asked me to pull these contingencies? Thank you all and God Bless.... josef7070
  5. Yes, I downloaded the results, they should be in sleep apnea results. Thanks for all of your help. I also was rated 50 non service connected until all of the evidence came down. josef7070
  6. That is right, I am bitting nails; waiting for it to post on the letter section in bennies.. I am also curious what benefits come along with unemployability?
  7. Belated, but GREAT NEWS. CONGRATS!!!!!!
  8. Thank you, hoping three days will be the same here. God Bless
  10. True, it might be that I receive migraines SC and not Sleep Apnea, but I will keep posting the decision. I am biting nails, the VA rep called me after posting all of this and told me that I received unemployability and a favorable rating. I am on the preparing for notification stage, how much longer... thank you all josef7070
  11. OK, I will make sure to remove personal info in the future. Also, a VA liaison called me this morning after posting this online and he advised me that i received unemployability and a favorable rating. Im still in preparing for notificaiton josef7070
  12. Just downloaded my C P results for C P sleep apnea and migraines. hope someone can shed some light in what this means, hopefully positive news josef7070 C P Sleep Apnea 1.pdf C P Sleep Apnea 2.pdf
  13. I just received my PTSD and Sleep Apnea CP results, I am hoping that someone can shed some light on what this means, and my claim is pending decision approval as of yesterday. Thank for all of your help. josef7070 C P PTSD 1.pdf C P PTSD 2.pdf
  14. Hello, first and foremost, thanking your husband for his service, and you for your service to a veterans (spouse) , it commendable. I read your post and I agree with Berta's respond, (Ms. Berta was extremely helpful and critical to my favorable decision with PTSD and other Gulf War contingencies). As I read on, this also does not make to much sense to me either. If I may add, have you requested your husbands C-file and official deck logs or documented (official) military records of his whereabouts and his connections to the incidents. When I first submitted a claim, it was denied several times, even though I was in combat both in land and sea in the Gulf War. I also received 10% SC for a residual scar that was obtained by smashing my head on duty to a call for general quarters. So, even though there was an injury, either physical or mental, it seems that the burden of obtaining records, and a solid stressor letter is on the veteran, in my opinion. Once I received all of my medical records and finally wrote a solid stressor letter, with copies of buddy letters, my claim took a major turn around. Of course, I cant say that will happen to your husbands claim but I learned several things. One, is not to rely on the rater to gather all the informant. Secondly, the more compelling evidence you have with dates of the incident, the whereabouts of your husband connecting him to the incident, and the results of the incident, is critical in my opinion. I also added CFR's to alert the rater that it meet some type of regulation, even though they might know, it is nice to have them (VA) know, that you are also knowledgable of the contingencies and the laws around the what your husband is claiming. Another thing that I was learned because of this wonderful forum, was that I emailed (fax, mailed) the SECVA and other politicians, and even the director of the Waco Regional Office explaining the issues. I am not to familiar with medicinal cannibus, but I hope that this helps. I was told year ago that I was in good hand in Hadit, even though I was not promised miracles, it was still refreshing to lightly and respectfully vent and ask for opinions. Keep posing..... and good luck, God bless and God speed. josef7070
  15. josef7070


    I just had my pension finished today, sent notification. Will it also show on the EB8 letter? Or will it show if I was awarded anything somewhere else? It went from Claim received on April 08 to yesterday, when I checked this morning it sent to decision approval needed and two hours later Sent Notification. I was flagged hardship? I was awarded 10 CS, 50 and 30 NSC, and I am awaiting my current claim to be adjudicated by the end of next month? thank you all for the info, josef7070
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