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  1. Thank you. 80% is based on PTSD and Diabetes Type 2. No relation to the cancer. SO said she would submit!
  2. Thanks for the quick response. So I will let everyone know what she is entitled to.
  3. I am currently in the negotiation stage of a divorce. I was under the impression that my soon to be ex spouse can not touch my Service Connected Comp. My Attorney says she can have a portion for what he calls "Maintenance. " Any feed back appreciated.
  4. I am currently at 80 % and unemployability P&T being paid at 100% rate. I have been recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Since I'm all ready being paid at the 100% rate is it even worth submitting a claim? Thanks Bill
  5. I have been told by various people in the know that one has nothing to do with the other. My example: I am currently classified as Unemployable 80 % Service connected for PTSD and Diabetes Type 2. P&T. My SSDI is paying me at the maximum due just for PTSD. The two agencies do not look at what the other is doing. Just my 38 cents. Have a good one
  6. I have been told that they are two different animals so it really doesn't matter. BUT and there's always a but with the VA if you are granted SSDI based on the same claim for IU your chances increase. I was 70% PTSD and 10 % for Diabetes. I was granted SSDI based on my mental situation that included PTSD. I was recently received IU Total and Permanent with no further examinations. Hope I didn't confuse you more.
  7. My SO has told me not to work any job that creates a W2. Also to be careful of Volunteer work that shows a steady improvement. Her reasoning is that should the Government/VA decide to cut Benefits they would go after those working with a paper trail.
  8. The wait and see attitude paid off. I am P&T at 100%. Thank you all for your feed back! The sun continues to shine.
  9. My SSD is based on mental, PTSD. P&T was important due to the benefit of health insurance for wife and educational benefits for daughter. It does not say aanything concerning CH 35, but does say that Basic eligibility to Dependents Educational Assistance is established from November 13, 2012 My retro was based on 100% The claim is not now nor ever listed on ebenifits. Thanks all I am taking a wait and see attitude.
  10. My awards letter for IU dated May 8th states: We have assigned a permanent 100% disability evaluation for service connected disabilities effective November 13, 2012. No examination will be scheduled in the future for your total and permanent disabilities. I met with the Regional Rep. today for my Commissary Letter. The computer states that I am 80% being paid at the 100% rate and that an examination would be scheduled for 2016. WHAT THE ####!!!!!!! We had just met with my SO on Friday last and she went over all the new benefits. Gave me a list of things that my wife and I neede
  11. Thanks again all and yes New York has property tax exemptions and I do have SSD Benefits.YOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!
  12. I just received notification from the VA that I have been awarded a permanent 100% disability evaluation effective November 2012 under IU. It states that no future examination will be scheduled in the future for your permanent and total disabilities. I am grateful to all that answered my questions and motivated me to stick with it and put up with some whining about the system. If I can be of help to anyone in the future please don't hesitate to ask. I am not an expert, but I can tell you what they required and how it was done. Thanks to all again! The sun is finally shinning over
  13. I just received retro for my daughter going to school. This was attached to my unempoloyability claim. Does this mean I was turned down for unempoloylabilty? Also the amount for the retro seems low as it was for two years. I know I receive almost $300.00 for my son.
  14. I am pretty much in the same situation you are. I also have SSDI for PTSD/ Mental problems. 80% total 70% for PTSD and 10% Diabetes. My package for IU has been in the system since last April. Everything they have is positive including my C&P exam. Letters from employer, pastor, friends, etc. Everyone I've spoken to says it looks great, BUT it's the VA so nothing is for sure until that paper is in hand or the back pay shows up in my bank account.. I will keep in touch with you through the Forum on anything I get. Welcome to the Forum. Great group of people here. Also I am a 13EC.
  15. Thank you for the update. I am still waiting for my outcome. Maybe they are waiting for me to turn 67. I would lol here but you never know!
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