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  1. If it were not for Carle I would not be where I am today. I wondered why I hadn't heard from her for awhile and was worried. I will remember the 0200 phone calls, the laughs and plans to meet at the Beau Rivage. She will forever be in my heart and mind.....
  2. Well, she helped me with the "system" and I'm sure that is the biggest reason she is gone....that and the fact she is female. If, in fact, she directly participated in corruption then she deserves to be gone. However, when you look at the major corruption that has cost veteran's their lives, and those people were given a slap on the hand, if anything, situations need to be weighed. If one person is going to be terminated, then let's see them all gone....
  3. It took from1983 to 2015 to get my MST rated. Do not ever give up ! There was NO evidence of my rape in my file (surprise ), but the markers were there. Change in performance, loss of MOS, asking for psych help and lost time. Any of these can be used to help prove your claim. I felt as if I had been victimized by the VA for over 30 years. The regs have changed and it is now somewhat easier to win your claim. Goodluck!
  4. Old debts that just keep rolling to new collection agencies are called "Zombie Debts"......
  5. You are always welcome to "jump in" with questions and comments. I was a lurker for quite a while and when it looked like no one was going to laugh or be judgemental, I joined in and haven't looked back. So welcome, come join the chaos !
  6. Where do they find these jerks ???? I heard the same horror stories about Seattle........
  7. Mine were never posted. Had to go to med records at the VAMC to get copies. Was told that they are going to stop posting C&P's on MHV...
  8. Jaydog, my MST C&P that I had about 7 wks ago was never posted on My Healthy Vet but I was able to get it within a wk from the medical records dept. If you are close enough to your VAMC ck there.
  9. And I will die holding my breath...........
  10. Wow, the must be using the same 70% denial on everyone cause that's exactly what mine said also..
  11. Thank you so much for help . RIP. You will be sorely missed.... Love and healing thoughts to his family. .
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