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  1. Hello all! just wanted to say thank you to all who have helped me in this VA disability thing. I just got my ID card at Hurlburt Field AFB and it feels good! I have continuing struggles and therapy, but otherwise, I am glad this is over. I just wanted to tell anyone that reads this and is struggling, if you have a good case, DO NOT GIVE UP. I have had ALL pleasant experiences with the VA and it was relatively easy to navigate this system and get to my 100% P&T rating for PTSD/MST. I will tell you that you must have your ducks in a row, if you are not in treatment, get there now! M
  2. my husband and i are just glad its over. We will save the money for sure. Money cannot replace the trauma i have survived. Just glad its over and i can go on with my life
  4. HELLO ALL! Almost finished. i will post a timeline and my journey to share to help others when this is over. Thanks for all of your advice and maybe i can help someone else in the process. Blessings to all
  5. , have you been following my posts? lol........the PTSD was deferred because they needed a restatement of a medical opinion which was given on Aug 24th............."more likely than not" and he said that the MST in service is the cause of the current PTSD....the bladder which was claimed as secondary will be added in with the PTSD. The coordinator said EVERYTHING is in my favor. I am not COUNTING on anything. I am not stupid. lol.........I will deal with whatever comes my way, but I must remain positive whether it is 100%, 70% or 50%, otherwise, my symptoms will become worse, causing more a
  6. oh, I plan on staying in therapy and seeing my doctor, I have done this for 5 years now! I also have SSDI so I must keep up with that as well
  7. yes! I am just hoping for at least 70%............but I will NOD that
  8. My struggle has been 27 yrs long. But the MST/PTSD claim has been since 01/07/2016...it has gone pretty fast , but I had tons of records ready for them
  9. Hello all! I am in prep for decision now, but have heard from the MST coordinator from St. Petersburg VARO where my claim is, and she said unofficial.......probably 100% P&T! I still am grateful for anything at this point. she said if they do 70%, all I do is turn around and NOD if for 100%, but she said everything is lined up in my favor for 100% P&T.........I feel blessed whatever the outcome, but I will let you all know when it comes in. She said to wait about 30 days and then call her personally, but she thinks it will come through in a week or so! fingers crossed!
  10. at this point, I am not worried about the bladder contention, I will NOD that. I just want the PTSD/MST done and over with
  11. @Andyman73.............awww! thank you so much! I am hoping for the best! I will keep you in my prayers as well
  12. I am still in gathering of evidence, but the VSO said that all the info has been loaded up and they are just waiting for the DRO to access it.....ugh! hopefully will be soon
  13. @Navy4life This is what I found under PTSD Department of Veteran's affairs.......I have the diagnosis interstitial cystitis listed on here that is a bladder condition It is important to recognize that certain types of chronic pain are more common in individuals who have experienced specific traumas. For example, adult survivors of physical, psychological, or sexual abuse tend to be more at risk for developing certain types of chronic pain later in their lives. The most common forms of chronic pain for survivors of these kinds of trauma involve: pain in the pelvis, lower back,
  14. @Navy4life yes. the C&P is back for the bladder and fully explained to my VSO by the VARO that they had so much information on the bladder that they wanted to do a direct service connection and a secondary medical opinion. The PA wrote in her notes that it is less than likely a direct service connection but more than likely (50% greater) secondary/comorbid. The PTSD was waiting on a restatement of opinion from the C&P pscychologist about whether The MST was the stressor for my current PTSD. He stated, "i have received and reviewed all records and I opine that MST (rape) IS the cause
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