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  1. . IC(claimed as bladder condition). Less likely than not (less than 50/ 50 probability) proximately due to or the result of the veteran's mental disorder. Most likely (greater than 50%probability), a comorbidity. 

       Berta, what does this mean? my mental disorder is PTSD.  i claimed it as secondary , but she came back with this on my bladder C&P.  Does this mean that this bladder condition will be added to my PTSD?? i am confused as to why she put Less likely, then put Most likely????

  2. Good morning Buck!

    I hope today finds you well. I am getting so confused with all these opinions.  First of all, I think Gastone is really negative and it is disturbing me.  My question is this in a nutshell.

    Gastone says that they may deny the PTSD/MST or they would have already rated it, and the bladder stuff is secondary to the PTSD/MST, so why are they even sending me for a bladder c&p if they are not gonna rate the PTSD/MST? I am also confused as to why they don't need any more info for the PTSD/MST and didn't rate it? is it possible that they did rate the PTSD/MST and they just want a clearer picture with the secondary bladder claim? I think if they were gonna deny the PTSD/MST, they would have done so already.  Gastone is so negative that he is getting inside my head. :(, I know there is no way to truly know but it seems to me that they would not have even bothered with the C&P for the bladder if they were gonna deny the PTSD because the bladder trauma is secondary? but......why cant they just give me a rating for the PTSD now? its so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you think they might deny the PTSD/MST?

    1. Buck52


      I understand,

      What you need to do is just wait  for the Bladder C&P  Report b/c they could add to the MST Claim depending on the out come of the examiner, you had a favorable MST C&P Exam, I believe they are sending you to the Bladder C&P for more medical information as to the systoms  you have for secondary ratings...if the out come is not in your favor so-to- speak  this may need you to NOD The decision.(Notice of Disagreement )...so just wait and see what the Bladder C&P Report says.

      let us know here on hadit..(when is this Bladder C&P?)

      I would take any medical evidence you have that is substantial to this claim to this Bladder C&P...If the examiner don't seem to be helping you with this claim and is negative  and don't mention some of your medical evidence  then you must point it out to him/her at this exam...if you have any private medical evidence as well as any VA Medical...take all copies to this exam....if the exam goes well and in your favor then you wont need to do this  but do take any evidence in case you need it.

      usually an inferred  claim is a lot better than a denied claim  its just that they want more medical evidence & systoms to make a rating.

      Some times the VA don't send all the evidence to the examiner, ask the examiner if he/she has your C-FILE And as read all your medical records , if not  then you can show him what evidence you have at the C&P.

      Gastone is trying to help   some times veterans get a little ahead of them self  but your case is unique with MST, We male veteran are not use to MST Claims..I know I 'm not,but the MST Claims should be treated fairly according the the CFR'S and under VA Laws

      Note:  it may help you if you take your hubby to this C&P usually you can ask the examiner if he/she minds your Hubby to be with you?..and they usually say sure yes mam.

      if your hubby being with you and  upsets you are makes you feel more uncomfortable  then go in by yourself...but hubby can wait in the waiting room.  just letting you know its your choice.

      So my Advise is to try to relax and go to this  BladderC&P and see how it goes  and get the report...if its VA C&P The you can get it 3 days after..if its contracted out  then it takes about 3 or 4 weeks to get the report  but you probably already know this?

    2. floridanurse


      will do! I think I am driving myself crazy..., but it seems to me if they were going to deny the PTSD/MST, then they would have done so already

  3. I hope you get 100% and if you do they should consider you for SMC  "S" which is housebound status.  More money!  I am old fart Vietnam vet living in Tampa.  I have been P&T for 15 years.   The VA is better than it was because in my day if you did not have direct combat with enemy no PTSD claim.  Only guys with PH or CIB or other combat medals or badges got PTSD and this was not until the 1980's.  Only since 9/11 have they diagnosed PTSD in realistic way, and it is still a game with right answers and wrong answers.

  4. Please contact me! I have a similar story and just started this process :)

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