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  1. I got 30%. I do not have significant other statements as my husband was really tho only one I spoke to about it and we are separated.
  2. I think maybe my VSO filed that. But not too sure. I will ask her Monday
  3. When the C and P examiner filled out the form he skipped several of the symptoms I listed but did reference them in the criteria section. I’m sorry but I do not understand all of the acronyms. EED, CUE, HLR ???
  4. I filed a claim. Did a session with a private psychologist and was diagnosed with ptsd. Went to a c and p exam and the examiner did not accurately reflect all of my symptoms. Was given a low rating. Went back to the private psychologist who reviewed my c and p exam paperwork and concluded that one part was inconsistent with another part. He said that VSO scheduled another c and p exam. Just did that one. The va is calling it a request for increase rather than a dispute of the original claim. Below is the letter from the private psychologist after reviewing my case decision my questi
  5. I got my letter. It clearly stated 30% due to ptsd. My VSO read the c&p exam notes and sent me - with the notes - back to the private psychologist who initially diagnosed ptsd. He read the c&p notes and said that the criteria the examiner listed qualified for 100% but the symptoms list was missing a lot. Now waiting on his letter to take to the VSO. I believe I am more confused than ever.
  6. Thanks. This is all very very new to me. It has certainly been an ordeal. I did not know that I could even file a claim for this until about a year ago. Then it took me almost a year to even be able to walk into the VA office. This is something I’ve been dealing with for years. Do you think the rating will go up when they finish the MST decision? Is that possible?
  7. I submitted a claims for ptsd through the VA due to sexual assault in active duty. I was just informed by my VSO that I was awarded 30% for PTSD and the MST is deferred. What does this mean? Also she explained that I was only awarded 30% due to what boxes the C&P examiner checked. She read me the ones not checked and I know that several of them should have been according to the things we discussed in the exam. I am very new to all of this and it has taken me years to get to a point where I could talk about this enough to even file and no I feel as if my experience has just been minim
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