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  1. Thanks everyone! I went to release of records an was told that starting next month you will not be able to get your c n p exam. Sounds crazy but you hear so many things. I will keep everyone posted when i find out my results.
  2. Hello Just an update, as of today the doctors have not finished with the results , taking a long time since the 9th of july. I also found out that Dr Dyal has 75 official compliants filed against her an was told she is still working there because they need doctors what a crock of shit!!!(sorry) will post results soon as I find out something. Thanks
  3. I had my c.n p exam July 9th an still there are no results. Is this a normal time frame? Last time four years ago they will posted the next day. I did inquire an they said the doctors was still working on them. Any input would be helpful
  4. I have filed a compliant Buck hope it doesn't get swept under the rug.
  5. My c n p exam has not been finished as of today, I will let everyone know the results as soon as I know. Once again thanks for everyone input!
  6. Thanks Notorius Kelly, I appreciate that! Ive been trying to open my files on myhealthvet but having a problem. Will let you know the results.
  7. Thanks I feel alot better, im struggling financially an hope they approve my tui. I will keep you posted.
  8. Doctor asked me durimg my exam is I got compensation for my workers comp claim, I told her yes. She said im going to report this an that they were going to take my money back! Injured right knee in military an 20 yrs later same knee was injured when I was working. Ive done nothing wrong how can she report that an they take back my money? Surgery was required because of the injury from work on the same knee (2010). Ive had to have another surgery last sept (2014) through Va an now have to have a total knee replacement. any thoughts on the what the doctor said an should I be worried about them taking money back? Any input will be helpful.
  9. Rootbeer22 Thanks for your response, what was crazy she just read about the avasical necrosis, an said how painful this condition was. I lifted my arm as much as I could but when she pushed my arm completely over my head I just was shocked, mad an in alot of pain. Also can you help me understand how she was going to report that I recieved money for a workers comp claim an they were going to start taking money back. What the hell, my right knee was injured in the military an 20 yrs later I hurt it again at work. How can she even make a call like that? Was really confused about everything.
  10. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the feedback. I will keep everyone posted !
  11. Everyone thanks for the input, ER doctor said it could be a pulled nuscle, they gave me a shot for pain an will send console to orthopedics. I will take action on this. How I get a hold of Allison Hicks? Will keep you updated. Thanks again
  12. Thanks Hamslice You are right but the worker comp part was related to the tui that I filed, last place of employment. (What happen n all that stuff) thats why the doctor saw it in my file.
  13. Thanks I'm heading there now, my shoulder pain is really bad.
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