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  1. misread the thread and thought you were addressing me ParadigmGuy. I have a similar situation in another thread. my bad.
  2. the hypocrisy is amazing among members of this site. The moderators, including you Buck, love to spew your political opinion but let someone disagree and you try and chasten them. I am not raving about anything. I am stating a fact and responding to very rude, obnoxious individuals spewing opinions that amount to "screw them I got mine". Since you are not chastening them it is apparent you agree with their sentiment. If members respond to me with stupidity, rudeness and down right incorrectness I will respond and i will tell them why their words are stupid, rude or incorrect. If you want to correct someone go after the guy in this thread who thinks the shutdown is a joke and if people suffer too bad for them. I have also seen your posts per this particular president and in your last your praise for him was because he claims to donate his salary to the VA. I would fact check that for several reasons. 1) Citizens, even the president, cannot DONATE money to the government except through their tax form. Nor can citizens direct or demand where money goes. There is specific law about this and it is why this gofundme page for the wall amounts to a grifting political stunt by a right wing anti-immigrant veteran who has made an enormous living ginning up hate and white supremacist anger. 2) the government cannot take money as donations. 3) designation of where money goes has to be made by Congress and a specific law passed to make the designation. that has not happened in the matter of Trump donating his salary to any government entity. 4) Trump's own charity was just shut down because of his lies and family using it as a piggy bank to avoid taxes and to make political donations. Besides which he never made a donation to his own family charity. 5) his children may end up in jail if NY takes them to trial 6) his in-campaign veterans charity donation that he claimed he was going ot make was never made 7) the second veterans charity during his campaign turned out to be one guy who never spent a dime on veterans and trump only gave him 20K....from his family charity that he, donald, never donated to in the first place 8 ) people like Linda McMahon, Erik Prince, Steve Minuchin, and Betsy DeVos did donate to the Trump family charity that is being shut down.. gee and what do those people do today?
  3. they have already adjourned for the evening. The government shuts down at midnight https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/21/us/politics/trump-shutdown-border-wall.html Trump may be stubborn, but Pelosi is the more experienced operator and Schumer has flat stated on the floor tonight that he will not get the wall this today, next week or on Jan 3rd when the D's take over the House. Trump has already tried to waffle on his claim that he would own the shutdown. He got goaded by Fox News Hosts and now is backed into a corner and owns the shutdown. it is wonderful for those of us with savings to last 6 months to be able to say that, but what of the veterans, active duty military and their families, and all the other government employees who don't have that option. He thinks it is okay to harm them to satisfy a campaign promise to what amounts to less than 30% of the U.S. population or 40% of people who voted. He lost the popular vote because dems did their usual and gave away the election. snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory as it were. D's have no reason to negotiate or give him anything, particularly with all the problems he uses DHS to cause. in fact SCOTUS just smacked down his policy of NOT letting people apply for asylum who did not enter at an official port. They will also smack down his falsely claimed agreement with Mexico to "house" those seeking asylum until their turn (Mexico said flat out, he did not ask us, he just said he was not letting them apply so we best figure out what to do with them until he does let them apply for asylum). DHS is the department running all of that, and they are the ones who will not get paid....let's see how long border patrol works for free. let's see how long the contractor who owns the kiddie prison Trump created will go without his Billion a month in government payments. He is looking for a way out and to try and save face. He changed saying "wall" to "steel slats" in an attempt to rebrand his boondoggle campaign promise. I am gonna bet Trump will crumble sometime in the next 14 days and still try and lie about that too!
  4. it has its moments that is true, the current politics and legislators who have been in charge for the last 10 years have made it more so to meet their political agendas for a very small slice of Americans. They are at this time. My point in all of this is that Treasury is NOT guaranteed and experience from previous shutdown is that many people don't get their money on time to meet their obligations. Hopefully not to many this time, but we won't know until it is over. again not sure where you got your numbers. Mandatory spending for this year is 64% of the budget, that includes SS. Veterans Benefits and the Military are in the Discretionary spending category as are Treasury and DHS. VA has been funded Treasury has not been funded. Whatever part of that you don't see as a problem I cannot make it any clearer for you. The median income across all Federal workers is just at the nation median income, approximately $36K. You seem to forget we have more Federal Janitors than we have Congressmen. Heck, the raters who decide our claims are only GS12's at the highest. go look up their income. So while yes that is a 'bigger problem" it is not the one you are trying to imply. It is that they don't get paid a lot and missing a check can mean the difference between feeding their kids or paying the rent. I believe you are serious but my impression stands. You are demonstrating, by your words, a complete indifference to Americans and Veterans who may not be as financially fortunate as you are. You can say and believe what you want, but when you show such contempt for those who are less fortunate than you are, you are broadcasting the worst possible you to the world.
  5. not sure the source of your information but would love to read it. people working for free and those affected by your 6.25% might not agree with your cavalier attitude over this. They want to eat and pay bills so to them it is a big deal and since Treasury is not funded there is potential delay for some or even many veterans and people on SS. how quaint that you feel that way and you apparently believe that if those negatively affected by not getting paid don't feel that way they should just suck it up. glad you are so fortunate to have available credit lines to do that, approximately 50 million people in the U.S. are unbankable. Across all American households the average household savings in $1000.00 and has held steady there for the last decade. The typical American working class family has $16,000.00 in credit card / credit line debt. Look up that states on census website, DOL website, and Fed Reserve website, if you don't believe it. The harsh reality is your words tell a tale of you only caring about you and screw the rest of the American Population, including elderly people and veterans. That is just sad.
  6. VA.gov has that as a banner notice before login. It still does not address any impact Treasury not being funded will have on processing checks out to all recipients, including our compensation and pension checks. I hope there is no delay, but past experience has shown that during shutdowns checks can be delayed for some people, including veterans. I hope that does not happen this time. On an additional note, The claim I was monitoring when I posted the Original thread went from pending approval to preparation for notification in the last 2 hours. The new estimated completion date is 1 Jan 2019 which would be 19 years to the day that I first discovered I had cancer and my life went sideways once again. I will see if this New Years brings good news to put a period of a long stretch of bad years and start a new chain of good years. Of course I have to wait, and I don't do that well so I will be antsy all during the holidays. Oh Well.
  7. in the event the government does get shutdown there are two very important points you glide past. The first is that military and all mandatory workers are made to work without pay. The second is there is no guarantee that back pay will be paid as the law does not make that a requirement. there was a huge political fight over that back pay the first time the R's shutdown the government and the workers nearly lost,. To me it is a sad thing your brothers think that depriving people of their paychecks, even for a week, is funny. As for the senate "falling"....it takes 60 votes to pass this bill in the Senate. Republicans don't have 60 seats and some of their members like Bob Corker of Tenn have already headed home. From his on air laughing on the subject of being called back to vote for a new bill, it is unlikely to happen. it is all great to say that people will 'eventually' get their pay, but as we all should know, many vets and people on SS, military people, government workers and retirees, live paycheck to paycheck. Some will face problems with their landlords if their rent is late over this shutdown. Some will not have the money to keep the lights on, some won't be able to buy gifts for the holidays...etc etc etc. there is nothing humorous about their lives being damaged by a government shutdown or delay. These people don't deserve to be pawns in a boondoggle that only serves the political promises of a individual who has no respect for the Law, Americans or the Military.
  8. as stated in the original post, Treasury has not been funded according to all the bills that have been passed, and in a previous shutdown one of the hangups that occurred for people expecting Treasury checks was that they were pared down to a skeleton crew. Checks eventually went out but that was no help to those on SS and Vets who relied on their checks being available on the 1st of the month. That is the crucial concern for many veterans and SS recipients, getting the check on time. It is conceivable that the administration will decide that the financial needs of the elderly, poor, and veterans who live on their checks is handled by 'essential' personnel , however considering the lack of humanity the current administration demonstrates daily i have doubts that decision is likely to occur. Further, the new house will never approve the wall funding and as of right now members of the current Senate don't have the votes for that money and in fact some like Bob Corker have left or are leaving soon for their home towns. They won't come back for a vote they cannot, by their own estimations, win.
  9. as I said in the original post, it is the Treasury that I am concerned about. They are not funded. Treasury is the agency between the VA and our banks. If they got to skeleton crew, or less, there are not enough people (from past shutdown experience) to authorize the transmission of batched checks and electronic payments. The impact TO VA is minimal, the potential impact TO VETS is considerable if they absolutely need their checks by the 1st of the month.
  10. The meeting with Ryan is over and Ryan went on camera and stated Trump refuses to sign the CR and will shut down the government if Congress does not give him $5 Billion for his wall. Think of the timing and factual logistics. It is, IMO, likely they will shut down. Senators have already voted and don't have the votes to approve the $5 B on a re-vote. Some have already left D.C. In the house, 30-35 R Reps have said they won't vote for any bill without trump explicitly saying he will sign it, and even though they have the majority right now, many R's don't want the wall. Only the Freedom Caucus is pushing this. right this minute several republican senators and representatives are on TV stating flat out there will be no wall funding. As for the troops in Syria, while I would like all our troops in the Middle East and those conflicts to come home, pulling troops and support for the Kurds out of Syria will guarantee our allies, the Kurds, will be attacked by the Syrian Despot that runs that country. Putin went on TV and cheered "donald" (his words) for doing the right thing which cedes all control of the Region to Putin and Iraq who both want to control the region and destroy the Kurds. Our allies, France, Germany, Britain and Australia are appalled by this move and will continue to question their arrangements with the U.S. when we are proving that we will abandon our allies against ISIS.
  11. right this minute the president is in a meeting with House republicans many of whom have publicly stated he should NOT sign the CR. that is why I am still curious. Trump stated last week he would be proud to shut down the government over his demand for a wall. we will see what happens when this meeting is over.
  12. So today my Vertigo claim status on Ebenefits moved to Pending Approval with an estimated completion range of Dec 28, 2018-Jan 8, 2019. As always these statuses mean squat as they can change. What I am monitoring will be the effects on the timeliness of our monthly checks and if the status extends past the dates listed. The VA is funded but the Treasury isn't and it is the Treasury that processes our checks out through the ACH to our banks and also prints any physical checks. In one of our past shutdowns I had a few days delay in a payment not related to the VA. The only department (involved in my payment) that was affected by that shutdown was the Treasury. They literally did not have enough people left to "push the button" on each of the transfer batches in their queues when the shutdown occurred. The money was pushed out about 3 days late if I remember correctly. Based on what I know and feel about the existing vertigo claim and what is in my cfile for the last 5 years on the subject, i suspect I will either be flat out denied (and have to fight) or be rated as Meniere's disease and at a high percent. Since I am already 100% on a single isssue, 60% or higher on Vertigo would/should move me to SMC S and if that happens the issue about the timing of our checks becomes more interesting. Personally I won't suffer if our checks are delay a few months, but so many other veterans will be harmed that even contemplating a negative effect of a shutdown is just disgusting. Once again "hurry up and wait" has affected my life and I can do nothing but find patience.
  13. This, IMO, is the correct way to view your situation for all the reasons you listed. IT will do you a world of good if you are able work and supplement your family income, teach your son by example, and support your wife who has been/is supportive of you. you must learn the ins and outs to become your own best advocate with the VA. IT is lot of information, history, and even abuse; systemic challenges exist. learn how to read 38 CFR and the MR21 adjudication manual. learn when a lawyer or vso is needed and when you can DIY. Read Chris Attig over at Veterans Law Blog Put that ego, training, backbone, and determination to work for yourself, your family and for other vets.
  14. that is great, but IMO you will still want the other stuff in the packet in the event you wish to NOD the rating or have other legal action. The three items I listed must display a close affinity to each other. In other words the request must state exactly what they are looking for, the dbq must address all of those things and the notes must support both. If there is a variance you might have an opportunity for a higher rating, earlier date, etc or if need be if the rater strays from the dbq and denies you will have proof of their not having read the files and results and or trying to find negative evidence instead of working to maximize you claim. IMO it is better to do this now than to wait, but you do what you feel is necessary.
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