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  1. great! sounds like positive movements... hope it goes the best way possible for you
  2. it absolutely does, however the AMA process has superseded any RAMP process and some of the decisions on process for RAMP as a preview of AMA have changed. RAMP was always an interim process. A beta test in geek speak. The VA basically pushed out what they thought might work before they actually put the legal process requirements of AMA in place. They were extremely upfront about the fact the laws requirements were not being completely met by RAMP, and that they had not built out the systems and processes to fulling implement the law. The VA Secretary testified before the Senate that they could not meet the target implementation dates and officially asked for a waiver on hitting those dates. It is like the rollout of the "new" version of Choice they put out. Choice now says that vets can use certain civilian urgent care centers, yet as recently as yesterday the full list of UCC's was not in place across many states and political divisions. The VA does not have contracts fully in place for private providers, particularly in rural areas, that Vets can use instead of driving more than 30 minutes (or more) to a VA medical center. Few Private Doctors have had the paperwork training needed and access to the VA medical systems implemented, but according to the new Choice announcement Vets can start using that system now. Just like RAMP ended and AMA began this new Choice 2.0 will morph into Choice 2.5 or 3.0 at some near point in time and cause significant confusion when that next change happens. I am going to predict now that in a year or less vets and vets groups are going to be setting their hair on fire over the implementation of Choice and the ultimate financial impact on VAMC funding. For better or worse some veterans are still in legacy and Ramp. Theoretically those vets are going to be given a chance to get out of the older systems when they get their next SOC or SSOC. We will have to wait and see if that happens and how many vets take advantage of that option.
  3. please do. we all benefit from more information on what, how, and when the new processes trigger notifications.
  4. Thank you for posting that info. The data points I am trying to keep an eye on w/ these rapid notifications and the rapid rate of vets getting C&Ps is if there a correlation to an increase in denials on initial claims and also on claims the VA "infers" ? This may be the paranoid part of my mind, tiny though that is, but I suspect we will see an increase in denials on initial claims. I think we will see an increase in inferred claims but they will be denied. As I don't really subscribe to conspiracy theories in general, a business case can be made considering the push from the top to reduce hospital funding (moving it from mandatory to discretionary spending), pushing choice rollout even though the systems are not in-place and QA'd, the rapid hiring of Contractor Docs to perform C&P exams, and the massive number of Medical Positions that the VA is doing next to nothing to fill. I think we will hear that the VA is inferring more claims in an attempt to say they are being more efficient. That the denials will be cast aside as improper or unsupported claims despite being inferred and initiated by the VA. And the increase in NOD's to the various levels including to the BVA will buried in any public facing statements by the current VA officials. please keep posting data points and encouraging others to do so. The pending claims item on Ebenefits is a really good time-identification point. It did not use to be there in Legacy or RAMP. While i appreciate it, I feel we need to a handle on when it appears. In my case it was not there from the day I filed the claim. Then recently I had a 10 stint where I could not get into Ebennies, then yesterday I saw the Pending, and today Ebennies shows the denials. With a little collective tracking we can get a good idea of when vets need to start hawking Ebennies and VA.gov to see if our claims have been decided and if the C&P's should be available from the RO's.
  5. please do ! that is another of the very important paths we need to get a better handle on under the AMA. There is so much to learn about the new process steps and out comes and we all have a stake in getting a handle on every aspect of the changes.
  6. yeah this whole change over to AMA has a bunch of things confused and changed. Particularly since RAMP was definitely only appeal. The logic as far as I can tell is that now with AMA there is NO OTHER appeal process available to enter into. Folks in legacy or RAMP processes are supposed to get a chance to opt into AMA when they get an SOC or SSOC. So with that logic all claims filed after Feb 19, 2019 are in AMA, even Initial Claims. For example now we have the National Work Queue which is an offshoot of the AMA change. all new claims are in that NWQ. There are going to be more weirdnesses that are uncovered as AMA matures and as I mention in other posts, I personally believe that the new target time frames and rabid hiring attempts by VA contract C&P providers will just produce more denials in shorter times. That will put lipstick on the pig of VA initial claims processing times and shift that burden to the NOD process, DRO and or BVA processes. There are many things I don't like about AMA so far so we will see. On this note please please please track your times once you submit that claim. Time to C&P, Time until it appears on Ebennies/VA.gov Time until Ebennies / Disability Page shows "pending claim" under your other listed disabilities. Est. Time to Complete, how often that changes, and the actual time to complete. Please check ebennies the day VA.GOV says complete to see if your Disabilities page has an update to any pending disability entry (which is what prompted this particular thread for me). The more data points we get on those things under AMA the better informed we all are about the AMA process versus what VA claims in their press releases.
  7. Voiding Dysfunction itself is NOT a category that Ebenefits /VA.gov claim form default to allowing. If you have a rated GenitoUrinary Condition it would be secondary to that condition. You can type it in as voiding dysfunction but as my display shows the VA put it as secondary to my PTSD which is beyond me why. If you you have BPH I would be interested in you responding if the C&P includes an attempt to SC your BPH too. For some reason the VA letter to the C&P asked them to SC BPH and I cannot imagine how you would do that. I only put in this claim because my claim for ED awarded SMC(k) and the VA wrote in that decision that I might have a claim for Voiding dysfunction. Otherwise I never would have thought of filing for it. This was NOT a supplemental claim. It was an original claim via Ebenefits. If you have already been denied for Voiding Dysfunction then you would put in the Supplemental Claim.
  8. is there part of that website that says "only a VA DR or MSW can DIAGNOSE PTSD for VA to give a C&P exam? I suspect that will be a no but look forward to reading the site if you answer yes.
  9. that is accurate. every divorce in the U.S. involves a decree which is a court order. If the spouse does not ask for support/alimony the court won't automatically award it.
  10. the discussion is not about DBQ's it is about DIAGNOSE. DBQs don't diagnose anything. They are just a finding that the relevant facts support a finding of Service Connection.
  11. okay so you know the VA has gotten it and it is not "lost" in some mysterious black hole. nothing still on ebennies or va.gov I assume from your response. hate to say it but hurry up and wait may be in your future. Berta posted a link to a newly certified class action suit that may just add to the wait time for many vets claims like yours. sorry. I was hoping you had good news.
  12. is this a VA doctor that has changed the diagnosis? and based on what are they saying that the loss of control cannot be identified as to the cause?
  13. AMA was NEVER called RAMP. RAMP was an interim program that has been discontinued as of Feb 19, 2019 https://benefits.va.gov/benefits/appeals-ramp.asp Rapid Appeals Modernization Program (RAMP) What is RAMP? The Rapid Appeals Modernization Program (RAMP) was launched in November 2017. RAMP provided Veterans the opportunity to use the new review process in the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017. The Act, otherwise known as the Appeals Modernization Act, was signed into law on Aug. 23, 2017. RAMP was discontinued on February 15, 2019, ahead of full implementation of the Appeals Modernization Act.
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