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  1. Thank You Broncovet!! ill be working on that, we’re praying that I’ll get my TDIU also. May Gods blessings fill your your everyday dennis
  2. How would you estimate your backpay for a 30 month 50% back pay award? I was at 60% at time of claim but know im at 90% by skin of my teeth. I’m looking for a rough amount to know if we can start remodeling our mold infested bathroom thanks
  3. Yes social security disability (SSD) I’ve been paying into this for 40 years. and my wife says it’s past time to file because she doesn’t want to have a limp vegetable to push around in a wheel chair
  4. I’m currently 90% VA disabled but I have other issues that are not service connected. Basically from my waste down is service connected and my upper body is not. I’m have a SCD nerve stimulator implanted into my lumbar, post recovery the neurosurgeon said he would evaluate my neck, non service connected, for a second implant stimulator. I’m 53 is it time ?
  5. We came to Tennessee, Gatlinburg and pigeon Forge to get away and we asked a couple places about military/veteran discounts everyplace we’ve been to so far had some sort of a discount Ripleys aquarium gave us the best discount at 50% for myself 30% for all members living in the household. Every restaurant we’ve come to another attractions had some sort of discount. The Hatfields and McCoy show dinner theater was awesome and they substantial discount also. Its great to know an area loves the military and those that have served
  6. Tbird, How can we ask a question about something that was said on the Hadit podcast? 

    James Cribbs and Ray Cobb were talking about a Podiatrist that wrote a letter. Who is it? 

    Im 30% for my feet


  7. I believe that Alpha-Stim is sometimes helpful some but its not for everyone!! I have one and if I had nothing else to do it might work better but 30-60 minutes PER area od treatment and then 20-30 minutes for ears is not worth it to me.
  8. only because this post has both 8521 & 8522. Can you be rated for 8520, 8521, 8522, 8523, 8524 and 8525 and bilateral factor for some or all? My NEXUS only has 8520 @ 60% but i reading EMG I'm seeing that there are also other ratings that it seem like I should be rated foursome or all of them. thanks
  9. Is there a correct way to request to change VA facilities because you have a been abused neglected and lack of care and still receive mileage for driving the longer distance?
  10. How can you change facilities without moving? Or how can you become permanently Choiced out to the community?
  11. Hey televisions does anybody know if Sherman Howard is on this blog I would like to get in contact with them and talk about My VA medical center
  12. RHMC C&P exam area has moved. If anyone is going there and has trouble walking or breathing request a wheelchair. You have to go through the building then OUTSIDE down and a round a railed walkway then back in a building. Also the waiting area is about 78-80 degrees. A healthy person can probably walk it in 10 minutes. Also transporation leaves at 1500 sharp, if possible bring a driver so they can drop you off at door and pray they can find a parking spot before you done.
  13. Yes, I know it’s a hassle for private providers to get paid. I helped one get paid that told me he could not afford to do Vets any more.
  14. I know the VA is using chiropractic care for treatment! Awesome!! But does anyone know if we can get massage therapy to complement chiropractic care? Also can I get a 12v heating pad for my vehicle to relieve me back pain/injury?
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