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  1. How can you change facilities without moving? Or how can you become permanently Choiced out to the community?
  2. Hey televisions does anybody know if Sherman Howard is on this blog I would like to get in contact with them and talk about My VA medical center
  3. RHMC C&P exam area has moved. If anyone is going there and has trouble walking or breathing request a wheelchair. You have to go through the building then OUTSIDE down and a round a railed walkway then back in a building. Also the waiting area is about 78-80 degrees. A healthy person can probably walk it in 10 minutes. Also transporation leaves at 1500 sharp, if possible bring a driver so they can drop you off at door and pray they can find a parking spot before you done.
  4. Yes, I know it’s a hassle for private providers to get paid. I helped one get paid that told me he could not afford to do Vets any more.
  5. I know the VA is using chiropractic care for treatment! Awesome!! But does anyone know if we can get massage therapy to complement chiropractic care? Also can I get a 12v heating pad for my vehicle to relieve me back pain/injury?
  6. So the local VA facility is not responding to the local senators request. The sender’s representative says she’s turning it over to her director who will contact the facilities director directly. What else can I do to get relief and treatment? I’ve been trying to get care since early May 2018 Also how big of a Redmark will I end up with on my file?
  7. It was part of Navy records. I seen it the records other day the actual navy podiatrist that made my orthotics in service at Naval Hospital Okinawa Japan
  8. I was reviewing my feet C&P exam and I was made and discharged 7/03/1991 with orthotics so I feel that that rating should’ve been effective date of discharge. The problem is I did not know that I was eligible for benefits until 2014 and that’s when I filed. Also I am service-connected for my lumbar, on that same C&P exam it shows the CT exam I had bulging disc‘s L3 through S1 in service and then I had surgery in 1999 and that was the connecting factor to the service connection for the lumbar spine so I feel that that should’ve been service connected to date of back surgery if not date of discharge because the condition already existed.
  9. Yes I agree find out if your new machine have apps and install it so you can keep track for your self. Yes do not skip a night
  10. How can I go about “blowing the whistle and getting external review done of my VA hospital? I heard on the earlier podcast Sherman Howard said that if you call the presidential hotline all they do is call the facility and tell them your complaint so they can white wash it themselves. Any other suggestions?
  11. I also ask my patient advocate if they could access the document that I submitted and they said they are not authorized to. So how can you advocate do anything for you if they can’t see what you want corrected
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