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  1. Doc8482M8404

    Is this a CUE

    It was part of Navy records. I seen it the records other day the actual navy podiatrist that made my orthotics in service at Naval Hospital Okinawa Japan
  2. Doc8482M8404

    Is this a CUE

    Here’s a page out of the exam
  3. I was reviewing my feet C&P exam and I was made and discharged 7/03/1991 with orthotics so I feel that that rating should’ve been effective date of discharge. The problem is I did not know that I was eligible for benefits until 2014 and that’s when I filed. Also I am service-connected for my lumbar, on that same C&P exam it shows the CT exam I had bulging disc‘s L3 through S1 in service and then I had surgery in 1999 and that was the connecting factor to the service connection for the lumbar spine so I feel that that should’ve been service connected to date of back surgery if not date of discharge because the condition already existed.
  4. Yes I agree find out if your new machine have apps and install it so you can keep track for your self. Yes do not skip a night
  5. Thank you Berta!
  6. How can I go about “blowing the whistle and getting external review done of my VA hospital? I heard on the earlier podcast Sherman Howard said that if you call the presidential hotline all they do is call the facility and tell them your complaint so they can white wash it themselves. Any other suggestions?
  7. Doc8482M8404

    Records correction

    Thank you Broncovet!!
  8. Doc8482M8404

    Records correction

    I also ask my patient advocate if they could access the document that I submitted and they said they are not authorized to. So how can you advocate do anything for you if they can’t see what you want corrected
  9. Has anybody had situations where they have done a formal records request to have a correction placed? I recently did this in the privacy officer said that the correction is submitted to the provider and they do not know what happens to it after it is given to the provider to review. I asked if there was like a medical review from an external source or internal medical review board and the privacy officer did not know. Excuse me but if you’re claiming there is a wrong entry I think somebody besides the provider should be reviewing this especially when it’s totally wrong and fraudulent
  10. Hey Buck52, it was a specialist and we only have two in that department here and the other one is whom sent me to him because he didn’t do that portion of said specialty. And oh you can be seen in 30 days so we can’t Choice you out.
  11. Thanks, I’m new that’s why I asked
  12. I’m new but I’d like to throw out a question. Can we ask if anyone has experience with VA Dr. XYZ? And actually name them? because I have had two visits with dr xyz and as I left I was walking down the hall and made a comment to an employee. They did a great job of not busting a gut laughing and with their reaction I wasn’t the first to say something like that
  13. I’m serious I would like to know if anyone else has had any experience with a VA Doc and I want to name them
  14. Thanks, Vync I’v been to a private expert and they are writing a treatment plan, and the plus side to this is they are a Choice provider. What I'm looking for is the written guidelines And THANK YOU Berta!! I’m in contact with Dr Bash 😁😁😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻
  15. I have all that and PCP says we’ve done all we can, your not a candidate a better brace. But I sent my response from the company of the brace I want and they said I was a great candidate. So I'm waiting for a response from PCP

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