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  1. I have a c&p on Tuesday, for “neuropathy hand”, and “peripheral nerves”. I have attached a letter from one of my Dr for service connection and description of diag.. My PCP is asking me for exact codes (dx)that he can input to help with diagnosis to put in my file. I am trying to get loss of use for left hand, I am already SC for loss of use for my right. So SMC comes into place as well. I have attached a letter for any DX codes that will help.2021-02-25_092138.pdf
  2. I have a right hand loss of use with SMC K, I also have a claim for left hand neuropathy. When I looked into va.gov they have “Paralysis of lower Radicular group” Would someone give me your opinion on what that is? I am also going for SMC M. thank you
  3. I think I see what your saying....I could or might should expect that Backpay as well it’s been long enough what’s another 2 months or so... correct?
  4. Pacmanx1, much appreciated, I was talking about the SMC. In my original post I tried to show what I was seeing with SMC k and the difference between effective date and rating date. It has been 30+ years and I tried the best I could with looking at the payment and that “to me” showed I was not paid the SMC till 10/30/2020... everything that I can see ..I was not paid until then.
  5. With that said.... I am going for it -and you know what? I damn deserve it. stand up.. hook up and..... get the f’ out of the door. thank you and Merry Christmas!
  6. Tbird, broncovet, all, Very much appreciated! I was thinking of requesting and audit but was always a little concerned as the VA sometimes seems like they don’t want to go the extra mile for us and if they have to..... we’ll anyone’s guess. I might wait till the “deferred” Gets rated or not so it does not take the current claim out of the FDC ave. I have already went through the C&P about 3 weeks ago plus it was all in one sitting with an outsourced company for 2+ hours. I was hoping that they might take a look at 100% P&T. I am a young gun at 53.- I was told you should not
  7. Hello All, Brand-new to this great community. I was in the service from 1985-1989. I was honorably and medically retired with a disability for loss of use (right arm). 60 percent with a few scar disabilities. 60 percent loss of use 10/10/10 for scars. Last year I filed for PTSD/MDD/Somatic and was awarded 70%. But.... I was reviewing my disabilities in ebenefits and found that from 1988-2020 I was not getting the SMC (k) it was just awarded this benefit. - any thoughts - I tried to review all the payments but the information is limited I.e the payments are in ebenefits but
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