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  1. I finally received my C-file, Its a link that I had to download a zip file. I briefly have gone through it and have found a few thing that caught my eye. But my question is : before I start this task of trying to put some kind of sense into how it was organized..........or not. Any suggestion would help so I organize it in a way that makes it a little easier to find possible issues. I was thinking of setting it up like the old detectives would with a full wall with push pins and string...many many pages going back to the 80's... I have my work cut out and honestly thinking of putting it into chronological order.....
  2. well I am not sure but I had 2 exam that have a nexus and then after those 2 they did a "higher level exam " just reviewing my records and that one was the one they used because it had less likely than not". Its like the VA shops for Dr's. or NP that will give them the outcome they want...
  3. talk about vague in not awarding migranes. Now I’m going to go back and refill for my neck…unreal SECTION IV - MEDICAL OPINION FOR SECONDARY SERVICE CONNECTION 4A. THE CLAIMED CONDITION IS AT LEAST AS LIKELY AS NOT (50 percent or greater probability) PROXIMATELY DUE TO OR THE RESULT OF THE VETERAN'S SERVICE CONNECTED CONDITION. PROVIDE RATIONALE IN SECTION C. x 4B. THE CLAIMED CONDITION IS LESS LIKELY THAN NOT (less than 50 percent probability) PROXIMATELY DUE TO OR THE RESULT OF THE VETERAN'S SERVICE CONNECTED CONDITION. PROVIDE RATIONALE IN SECTION C. 4C. RATIONALE: Review of the Veteran's medical treatment records does not support the claim of migraines that developed due to the Veteran's underlying psychiatric condition. Treatment records and Neurologic consults clearly have shown that the Veteran's migraines are multifactorial and not simply due to a particular etiology. Given the nature and response to varied treatment Veteran has been provided, this suggests that the Veteran's migraines/headaches are due to his underlying medical risk factors. Veteran has a history of hypertension, history of alcohol abuse , chronic opioid use, musculoskeletal pathology of the cervical spine. Therefore it is unlikely that the Veteran's PTSD is more likely the etiology of the Veteran's migraines/headaches.
  4. yes, MOS, 11B1P was stationed in Caserma Ederle, Vicenza Italy. We were the first Battalion Charlie co 509th, 3/325 to cohort from Bragg. I did have a few nasty jumps, the old T10's were just meant to get you to the ground. Knocked out and dragged through the fields of Germany, turkey, Berlin. - Literally. I have 2 buddy letters stating was knocked out on a few landings and our platoon chosen for SD to in a reenactment of a jump into Normandy and that came with a 100 road march to commemorate our brothers in Dday who landed 100 miles off the target. - so we practiced for months and months... full battle gear, rucks - I jumped and carried the radio with diagnosis for my neck and back issues. well back to Head/neck and.I am diagnosed with ICD-10-CM G43.719 Chronic migraine w/o aura, intractable, w/o stat migr with Provider Comments: Migraine (SCT 37796009) Spondylosis (ICD-9-CM 721.90), Chronic Low Back Pain (ICD-9-CM 724.2)M54.12 Cervical radiculopathy (SCT 54404000), M54.12 Cervical radiculopathy (SCT 54404000), M54.12 Cervical radiculopathy (SCT 54404000). but they won't service connect any of them... I am currently and for the last years been getting treatment = RUE pain with diclofenac gel, morphine sulfate 30mg qhs, oxycodone/acetaminophen 10mg qid, duloxetine, and cyclobenzaprine. I receive botox injections and trigger point for HAs and is prescribed carbamazepine and sumatriptan also tens unit for neck. Doc wrote degenerative disc disease at C5-C6 and C6-C7. There is straightening of the cervical curvature consistent with a degenerative disc disease... Here is 1 of my Nuero Dr's wrote in file "Headaches, chronicHx 2 TBI with few hours of LOC See Brain MRI. here is another a recent note from my Nuero and radiologist = not sure what it all means. "A focally pronounced region of patchy T2/FLAIR hyperintensity in the right corona radiata is nonspecific, and can be seen in the setting of chronic microangiopathic change, migraine or hypertension related change, demyelinating process, or sequelae of a previous inflammatory/vasculitic process. Short-term follow-up with contrast-enhanced MRI is recommended. Primary Diagnostic Code: Significant Abnormality; Attention Needed.. hmmmm
  5. make sure you let us know....don't ever stop
  6. Talk about PTSD and secondary migraines, I have 2 VA neurologist writing in my records that wrote in my records " migraines "are more likely that not service connected. The VA docs both wrote in "prostrating", I get Botox, nerve blocks and are on 3 prescriptions for migraines meds. I went to the 1st C&P. the NP did the DBQ, and even circled yes on prostrating. - they VA then went to a "Dr" that had 40 years experience it says and that Dr wrote that it was less likely than not.... that is what the VA claims agent used to deny me service connection. I guess I can do a HLR and also use the medical links... makes me think the VA has there go to Dr's as well to get the nexus's denied... hmmmm
  7. Berta thank you, I never noticed the DAV. but then again I never worked ( or heard from) with anyone from the DAV. now... I have the excitement of working trough over 500 pages of V records... do not even know where to start.
  8. Just received my FOIA Login and password. Have anybody ever seen this when requesting you own FOIA request?
  9. i did not post it but will, I get Botox every 3 months for the last few years. I also get pain blocks every 6 weeks for years. The pain clinic ( pain neurologist) wrote in my health records that I get 4-5 prostrating migraines that debilitate me for days. Exhaustion for a few days just to get over the migraine. I will post that from my blue button in myhealthevet .
  10. Berta, I don't understand either. I believe I can still do an HLR. I have never worked with anyone from the DAV. I have done everything myself. I am waiting for for my c-file and see what the (2) "DBQ" says. Like I said I am confused with this claim "migraines" I would like to post the denial letter prior to the one. It could put more context to my claims and all the denial for service connected - that's if you and other don't mind looking at it and provide me feedback. Again, I have not worked with anyone to help me with any of my claims, except this great site and all the help you and others have given me.
  11. Just t for more clarification. They denied me way back in 2013 for ptsd. They then in 2019.ptsd/mdd and somatic systems disorder. I have a few claims that my Danial decisions go pass the 1 year they give you.
  12. Yes Berta they supplied all the opioids. If you look at my list of disabilities, they also used the hypertension (which they denied for no service connection)the claim they already denied me for my spine as well. I am waiting on my c-file it supposed is confirmed that it shipped. I don’t know where they eat alcohol abuse. Was never an issue prior to this denied. I can post the earlier versions of denials letter.
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