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  1. Status of Your Claim PREPARATION FOR NOTIFICATION Submitted: 11/20/2016 (Authorization Review) Estimated Completion: 03/15/2017 - 07/26/2017 Estimated Completion InfoTooltip with additional information Disabilities Claimed: Companion EP for COLA Adj Based on 800 Series WI (New) Representative for VA Claims: DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS Current Status: Preparation for Notification Current Status InfoTooltip with additional information
  2. Awarded

    Got Decision in mail today! IU from March 2009 to December 2015 when I had my C&P for IU. From December 2015 on 100% Scheduler P&T,
  3. Awarded

    I called today it is P&T!! It is going through a Quality Review also! Anyone know exactly what that means in frame of timeline.
  4. Awarded

    Actually I was so Happy I forgot to ask if it was P&T.
  5. Awarded

    Berta, My FERS disability took only about 3 weeks to be approved. My start date on FERS was March 21, 2009. So the EED of my TDIU is April 2009. The main reason it took me so long is that I filed a claim for Diabetes along with complications and TDIU at the same time. They denied the Diabetes even though the C&P examiner stated "More than Likely" which was in my favor. The rater stated in the SOC that the C&P doctors opinion had no probative value. Went in front of VLJ in D.C. for a BVA hearing in June 2012. He granted my Diabetes which then brought other issues in to play such as my Gastroperesis, Neuropathy etc.etc. The Judge remanded the IU and waited to get a C&P which I had last December. Never heard anything so I took the advice on here about calling the "(202)" number for really old claims. I did and Presto DAV called me today with the good news.
  6. Awarded

    Just got the call from my DAV Service Officer. Granted TDIU back to April 2009 when I retired on FERS Disability. I'ts been battle to the BVA in 2012 which ended in a remand and today the remand got completed. I am so relieved it i finally over. Never give up if you feel you have a valid claim. It took me almost 8 years to get this claim finalized. This site has helped me in so many ways! Thank You!

    Called 800 number to check on my remand that was "ready to Rate" and was told "decision made. It is with DRO but no letters have gone out yet" It was ready to rate the last time I called so hopefully it's getting closer. What does the DRO have left to do? I'm simply curious. Thanks

    Called the 1-800 number(Lady was nice) I asked since I couldn't track my remand on ebenefits could she tell me if it has went from the RO to the AMC yet. She said it was ready to rate on the 22nd of December and would not be returning to the AMC? Don't all remands go back to AMC for a decision?

    Thanks for the reply, I will take your advice and get it right back to BVA if they ignore their own examiner again.
  10. IMO TDIU

    Here is what the C&P examiner opined " AS NOTED IN THE DBQ'S. THE VETERAN'S S/C DM TYPE II RESIDUALS PRECLUDE GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT IS A FULL TIME TYPE SETTING IN ANY CAPACITY FOR 8 HOURS PER DAY FOR 5 DAYS FOR 40 HOURS." She also opined the same thing for My LLE S/C disability from my original IU claim filed in March 2009. So hopefully the EED will go back to the original filing since this was a remand.
  11. IMO TDIU

    I actually may end up 100% schedular according to title 38CFR. We will see.
  12. IMO TDIU

    Just had my C&P. Very knowledgeable to my conditions. In my surprise she found 3 other secondary conditions that I should be rated for. IBS, Genitourinary, and Neurological. Everything was in my favor including the TDIU.I was so surprised yet so appreciative that there are some genuine C&P doctors out there, I was told to give it about 8 weeks and if I did not here anything call my VSO. Feeling Good right now hopefully the rater will concur.
  13. IMO TDIU

    Thanks Broncovet! The one plus I do have in that it is a remand is that if it does get denied it will go back to the Judge after the SSOC.Gastone it didn't go to extrascheduler due to the fact my diabetes was on appeal along with the TDIU. The VLJ granted the Diabetes and remanded the TDIU based on what Broncovet said with "inextricably intertwined". I The DAV did an awesome job representing me in front of the Board in D.C.. I already went through the Voc Rehab and they did state they my diabetes caused to many vocational and occupational obstacles for Voc Rehab.
  14. IMO TDIU

    Broncovet I misread your post so please ignore my statement on what Autonomic Neuropathy is. Also you are so right I worked for the VA and saw it everyday some really good employees that care for VETS and some really crappy employees that just don't care at all. You know when they give bonuses for completed claims to those crappy employees you may as well say bonus for denials because that's what it equals to.