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  1. Ischemic Heart Disease, peripheral Arteries Disease, carotid Arteries Disease, aortic Aneurism, iliac Aneurism, quadrupled Open Heart Surgery, Glaucoma both Eyes, Hiatal Hernia, leaky Heart Valve, had High Blood Pressure since the 70’s, pending bypass Both Legs, PTSD since the 70’s , Prostate Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Melanoma Cancer, And various other Skin Cancers. I know have Something showing up in my Lungs. Had a stillborn Daughter at Camp Lejeune in the 70’s, severely Autisic 19 year Daughter, All thanks the Agent Orange in Vietnam and Camp Lejeune Water issues. I’m a Retired US Marine. Took me over 45 Years to get anything from the VA, Still waiting For the VA to approve High Blood Pressure, PAD,and CAD, to the Agent Orange
  2. Yes Boots on Ground, Vietnam 3/1 Marine Corps. August 11th 2016, date of permanent disability. I didn’t file for over 40 plus years. If they had not did Camp Lejeune then it would have automatically been agent Orange Vietnam
  3. But wouldn’t Vietnam have priority over Camp Lejeune , since it’s presumptive before Camp Lejeune as far as presumption goes. I don’t remember the date Camp Lejeune was approved but all my presumption for Vietnam Agent Orange go Back to when I retired July 1992
  4. I already get compensation for bladder cancer for Camp Lejeune Water issue, now that it is added to Agent Orange does it mean that the VA should pay me the difference between Camp Lejeune and 1992 when I retired from the Marine Corps or do I have to re-apply for it for Agent Orange, or will the VA look at at current cases already receiving bladder cancer compensation. I’m considered 100% Disabled Permanently
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