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  1. kbvet


    Thanks again for the guidance . Scheduled for complete removal of bladder and prostate at UNC Chapel-Hill .Salute to all my Vietnam Brothers and Sisters .
  2. kbvet


    Thanks Moderators for your replies .Will be in contact with NVLSP.Will cite Statute for reopen on 21-4138 . DAV was my POA.previous claims.
  3. kbvet


    By statute the HR 6395 NDAA for Fiscal year 2021 Sec. 9109 (I)Parkinsonism (J)Bladder Cancer (K)Hypothyroidism will added to the presumptive List. My question iis if filled previously and denied. Under Nehmer Footnote one will it be automatically awarded ?.
  4. Hope you feel better soon.I appreciate everything you and Jerrell do on behalf of veterans.Such a wealth of information derived from your podcast.

  5. Following.Many procedural barriers.
  6. kbvet


    Boots on the ground with bladder cancer.If the new presumptive of this cancer is added how does the Nehmer Rule effect come into play?
  7. Not a question but to go further . In your support for passing of the Blue Water issue you might want to reference the lack of movement on any new AO presumptives
  8. New member here Berta . I'm one of the many AO boots on the ground presumed vets. Waiting for bladder cancer news. danang 65-66 Tan Son Nhut 66-67. Seems like the Secretary has been pre- occupied with the OIG which to me is a shame.I look foward to all your postings very informative. 

    1. Berta


      I posted something in the main claims  forum as to bladder Cancer being service connectable to any Camp Lejeune vets-if they fall into the Camp LeJuene regulations.

      My husband was Danang 65-66 1st amphibious tractor battalion,USMC.

      I usually dont read stuff in my profile---yes Shulkin has been under a lot of heat lately----

      I will post in the main forum of any news I get re: any more presumptives to AO.



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