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  1. Berta, Where on the homepage can I find the info from Tbird on IMOs? Thank you. Frank89/Chacho
  2. Vetquest, Is there a procedure to go about and requesting my DBQs? The exam was done by LHI a sub contractor for the VA. Thank you guys for all your help, its a little overwhelming, so please bear with me if I come asking some simple questions that I dont know the answers to. Again, thank you. Chacho
  3. @GBArmyHere is the original approval rating papers for the 60%......see what you think of it. Thank you brother, you have been very helpful all the way around. Thx
  4. GHello Ruby, as for me I have had including this month (2 surgeries + they had to go back in to stop clotting). In 2015, 2 surgeries also. As for me next time I end up in the hospital it will be amputation. They can’t do anything medically anymore, just of bunch of blood thinners. I’m sorry to hear that, Good luck with everything.
  5. 10% Tinnitus, not really health related. I will upload a copy of the approval letter. Give me a sec, here doing therapy with the therapist at home. By the way, thank you very much! I will have it uploaded in about 5 minutes
  6. Hey GBArmy, Thank you for that quick research on the statins. Let me give everyone a quick run down on what is going on with the claim I submitted. I was approved on August 7, 2019 for PVD (60). When I got out f the hospital, I had submitted for temporary 100% because I am singva walker and a can at the moment When, I got my decision letter, they said that the RO who worked my first claim had given me the rating and approval by mistake, saying there was nothing in my SMR to warrant the rating. Now they are proposing to sever the 60% completely and just keep my 10%. I put in to have
  7. Hey paulstrgn, Yes sir, trust me, I have or am getting to be an expert on the PVD and still researching. I will keep you guys informed on my status with this claim. In another post, I will give you guys a more in-depth on what is going on and what happened on my claim. Thank you
  8. Hi Berta, I still haven't figured how to reply directly to responses for my question I asked.  I went and answered you response on the post that I posted.  Thank you.

    Chacho Cavazos

    Frank89- Username

  9. Hey GBArmy, The only meds I'm taking are the Atorvastatins for the cholestetol, plus every blood thinner you can think of.
  10. Hey guys, since I'm new here I don't see where I can reply to th answers you guys posted. Hopefully, u can see this, and I will reply to each question separately I guess. To answer Berta's response. I wasn't treated with statins or any other meds when diagnosed. I was PCSing back to the States when I was diagnosed during my physical coming back. After state side, I fell under the VSI/SSB downsizing, I missed E-5 by 3 points at the 10 year mark so when discharged, I was told at my exiting physical about my high cholesterol but by that time, I'm sure they could care less. I do have a copy of
  11. I have been dealing with Peripheral Vascular Disease for 5 years. When I was active duty in Naples, Italy, in 1993 during my physical exam coming back to the States, my doctor said that I had High Cholesterol. I was discharged from active duty in Oct 1995 and during my physical when leaving the military I was still diagnosed with High Cholesterol. I know that high cholesterol is not considered a disease but a lab finding. My question to everyone who might have an answer, here it goes. Can I claim my current PVD to my High Cholesterol as either a service-connection or as secondary to my Hi
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