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  1. I am getting ready to file secondary sleep apnea. I plan to file secondary to my depression, weight gain caused by depression, and possibly GERD. Can I file all these at once? Am I allowed to claim multiple conditions caused or activated this, and how do I do that? Any advise on this is great, do i have a strong case or should I get a nexus letter just incase?
  2. Yeah I received a decision on some other issues and they missed my mental health claim completely. I literally had to tell them to fix it. They probably wanted to defer it but forgot? Idk it was very strange
  3. I just realized I looked at the evidence they say was reviewed on the decision and the DBQ I added in early Feb was not listed. Thankfully it doesn't change anything my decision was exactly what I was expecting. Hopefully it just flows back to prep decision this week
  4. My VSO has access to all documents. It is literally the rating decision with the seal on top. I'll try to get a copy redacted if I can figure that out
  5. I was requesting a copy of my DBQ and they called to let me know they emailed it and my rating decision that was decided that day 2/28/20. I have the decision which shows the rational and the code sheet showing it is a static condition and all my effective dates.
  6. Backstory: Mental health claim filed April 2019 July 2019 added DBQ with mental health diagnosis Dec 2019 decision didn't include mental health claim. Dec 2019 called and informed Va I didn't get a rating. Jan 2020 claim reopened Feb 16 2020 attend c and p Feb 21 2020 moved to prep for decision Feb 28 2020 moved back to review of evidence Feb 28 get a call from my vso telling me there is a rating decision in my file, but my claim still states review of evidence and my overall rating does not yet reflect the new decision. After finding out I
  7. Alright all, today I obtained the DBQ. here is it in a nut shell "Conclusion: Although examiner is uncomfortable with this conclusion , using the VA's loose and non verified diagnostic criteria for GERD claimant has a dx of GERD and it is at least as likely as not that claimants symptom and use of acid suppressing medication are related to chronic NSAID use related to his service connected TMJ disorder."
  8. Thanks for the info. Lots of good advice, now just a waiting game
  9. How do you do this? I want to be prepared because if anything fishy is on the exam notes I want to submit some sort of complaint. I just sat there in shock and listened to what he had to say.
  10. Thanks for the pep talk. I'm hoping I win and don't need to do an appeal or anything. A higher level review may be in the works if I don't. I learned that the only thing between someone getting their condition service connected and not is giving up. If I didn't know any better I would have tapped out by now. After this exam I considered that, I was frustrated thinking what he said.
  11. Thanks for that. Honestly It was very hard for me to reach out in this community. I thought the support would be better. 3 of my own personal doctors who know my history diagnosed me. I didnt diagnose me. Also, the c and p examiner isn't my treating physician. He doesn't know my history like my doctor does. I have GERD, just because some crazy c and p doc said I don't doesn't mean I don't have it.
  12. Straight from mayo clinic.... "Your doctor might be able to diagnose GERD based on a physical examination and history of your signs and symptoms."
  13. I apologize if you think it's fraud for me to be told by 3 doctors that I have GERD without telling me you need a scope to get a proper diagnosis. 2 are private doctors and one is my freaking VA primary physician.
  14. I wasn't scared at first honestly. Mostly just in shock. I understand my neck claim is a bit of a stretch but it is winnable based on history and scholarly sources. I started getting somewhat worried when I realized he was basically saying 3 of my personal doctors are wrong about me having GERD. Thankfully I have a DBQ and solid chart notes and in IMO. He essentially was saying he approved it because he knew I would win anyway.
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