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  1. How do you do this? I want to be prepared because if anything fishy is on the exam notes I want to submit some sort of complaint. I just sat there in shock and listened to what he had to say.
  2. Thanks for the pep talk. I'm hoping I win and don't need to do an appeal or anything. A higher level review may be in the works if I don't. I learned that the only thing between someone getting their condition service connected and not is giving up. If I didn't know any better I would have tapped out by now. After this exam I considered that, I was frustrated thinking what he said.
  3. Thanks for that. Honestly It was very hard for me to reach out in this community. I thought the support would be better. 3 of my own personal doctors who know my history diagnosed me. I didnt diagnose me. Also, the c and p examiner isn't my treating physician. He doesn't know my history like my doctor does. I have GERD, just because some crazy c and p doc said I don't doesn't mean I don't have it.
  4. Straight from mayo clinic.... "Your doctor might be able to diagnose GERD based on a physical examination and history of your signs and symptoms."
  5. I apologize if you think it's fraud for me to be told by 3 doctors that I have GERD without telling me you need a scope to get a proper diagnosis. 2 are private doctors and one is my freaking VA primary physician.
  6. I wasn't scared at first honestly. Mostly just in shock. I understand my neck claim is a bit of a stretch but it is winnable based on history and scholarly sources. I started getting somewhat worried when I realized he was basically saying 3 of my personal doctors are wrong about me having GERD. Thankfully I have a DBQ and solid chart notes and in IMO. He essentially was saying he approved it because he knew I would win anyway.
  7. Haha yes it's legal, but honestly he seemed pretty at home and just seemed to be in a hurry. I asked him why they don't do a scope and see if I have it if he thinks I dont. He said the VA quit doing them as part of c and p exams because of cost and liability. He literally told me they approve GERD claims based on symptoms and don't care about the veteran actually having GERD. It was very strange. He even read me his "at least as likely as not" statement and gave me an explanation that he would use my article to prove it, even though he thinks I have some other stomach condition related to NSAID use. I had a VES mental health one the other day too. The lady was super nice and showed me the portal and how they submit DBQs on their website. She told me to expect a large increase and that she would make statements claiming it effects my work. Seems like c and p examiners are getting more open with people...
  8. I will try to remember to update you on this. My vso who I only use for logistical purposes will get me a copy of the c and p when it's updated
  9. Oh I will! I gave up in 2017 when i lost for my back. I started back and as of now I'm 60% with mental health pending that could get me to the 100 schedular mark. The only way to lose a claim is give up, and I learned in 2017 that it was my mistake. I will get this rating.
  10. Personally 30% but if it's really severe you can get 60. Neck I know I can only get 10 for painful motion
  11. I will try to remember to update you on this thread of the outcome. With the speed of things it could be a few weeks. My supplemental for headaches took only 3 weeks from submitting... I should win the neck one anyway. I provided a very compelling nexus and there is no reason they should say no. If tie goes to the veteran I I'll win. I may have to do higher level but I will win
  12. Makes sense. He even told me if they deny GERD to appeal it. Then he said don't do anything else until they approve it. He told me "put this one on the shelf" and move on.
  13. Exactly! But in the end he wrote a favorable statement for me. I feel like he came in saying he was going to deny just so he could only need to grant one and leave me speechless with no fight. I even told him "last night I read some appeals that were granted for neck pain secondary to Tmd" and he basically said it didn't matter
  14. Yesterday I drove 87 miles over an unplowed pass in a blizzard at 530 in the morning to make a c & p exam. The appointment time was 8am, but I was determined to be early so I showed at 740. But the drive isnt the weird part... I was scheduled to get evaluated for neck pain and GERD. The nurse was nice and drew my blood quickly, the doctor arrived and it was the same doctor I had 8 months ago in another town and he actually gave me my first service connection at that time. He starts with neck pain, does very fast measurements and basically then tells me I have no strong claim. I was claiming it secondary to TMD and had provided with a nexus (which he read) 2 appeals that the board granted for this same issue. There was also 2 scholarly articles in the nexus letter. He shrugged it off and said he was going to deny it.... now it gets weird... He stated he "lastnight i made up my mind" and was going to deny both my conditions. But then he said this morning he changed his mind and decides to make a statement with my GERD at least as likely as not. He even read me the statement and told me he would use one of the articles provided in my claim. But then he tells me he was going to deny because he thinks I don't have GERD But another disease(just similar symptoms), AND he thinks my articles are bogus and flawed. I am claiming GERD secondary via NSAID over use. He basically explained to me the VA likes to play a game and that he realized I was a veteran who wanted to play back.... Also he said GERD needs to be confirmed and he told me not do have a scope until I'm service connected in case it's negative. Oh yeah, and he diagnosed me with GERD Isn't that weird as heck?????
  15. I think you misunderstood, I was asking a rhetorical question. I had a c and p yesterday, just gave that as an example of what I did. Thanks for the concern though
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